Old principal with lolly small

Old principal with lolly small
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Honey-Leethe journeys of a TG Nympho Chapter 7 - Advanced Education This time we only glance up at the screen from time to time, Mike checking numbers, me enjoying the scene with Angela strapped securely onto the gynecology table. Mike has adjusted the piston differently so now, the fat dildo with a larger bulbous head fully exits Angela's cunt on each cycle before plunging back in and I imagine myself feeling the delicious "pop" each time it enters me.

I know I'm getting horny again when Buddy gets up, comes over and looks up at me inquiringly. Uh oh. I know I've been neglecting Paul so I surreptitiously remove my panties, go over to where he's sitting having a beer with Mike and just lay myself face down across his lap. "I've been a bad big tit sexy milf masturbates on webcam today Daddy and I've been neglecting you." "That you have", Paul affirms lifting my skirt and smacking my bare bottom with a stinging slap.

"Oooooh" squeals Gloria. "I have the perfect thing for that" rushing into the house and returning a moment later with a wooden paddle, larger and heavier than a ping-pong paddle and faced with smoothly tanned genuine leather. Paul takes and wields the paddle with gusto making a loud Smack! each time it strikes my bare bottom. It stings. A lot. And I wriggle. Gloria and Mike hitch their chairs around and watch in delight so Paul smacks harder and louder until I start to cry.

"Please Daddy. No more!" Paul gives me two more good swats to prove he doesn't take orders from me, then sets aside the paddle. My backside is burning and, no doubt, blazing red. "Now, you little cunt, I'm going to share you with my friends and maybe later, some dudes from the bar in town. Hey Mike! You want a piece of this premium ass?" "Wouldn't miss it" exclaims Mike, getting into the game.

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They take me, one on each hand into the house and toward the master bedroom. I put on a show of struggling to get loose and mentally hope Bobby is at the far end of the property chasing squirrels or something. No telling how he might react to our little show. They throw me on the bed face down. "I'd like to fuck her ass while you fuck her pussy" says Mike. "She doesn't have a regular pussy" says Paul. This little cock-sucking TG cunt's got just one multi-purpose hole but she generally does real good with it." "Think we can both fit in at the same time?" asks Mike.

"Let's give 'er a go" Paul encourages. They lube me up and take turns seeing how far they can get a hand into me. They each manage four fingers but when Paul tries to add more fingers to Mike's four, he gets one and almost two in before there's just no more stretch left.


Now she's bleeding" Paul curses. He applies more lube and gets that sixth finger into me and I feel like I'm going to split wide open. "Hell! She's pretty open. Let's give 'er a try." Mike lays on his back, his erect cock in the air and Paul picks me public agent mature women sex and spears me onto it, my back toward Mike.

Now, with his lubed cock at the ready, Paul hoists my ankles wide and high in the air. With all the stretching they've done to my pussy, Mike's cock feels a little less tight in me than usual and I consciously try to loosen up my pussy muscles for the assault that I know is about to come.

When it comes, its not nearly as bad as I expected. Mike pulls out quite a bit and when Paul starts pushing in, both well-lubed cocks slide in together. "That's what I'm talkin' about" Paul crows. "Yes Man!" exults Mike. It hurts at first of course.

I've never been stretched so wide and full.

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But when the guys begin to move, the sensation is incredible. They move in counter-point, Paul shoving deeper while Mike pulls almost out. Then Mike plunging in while Paul withdraws some. My anxiety and tension fade away, my favorite man on top of me, my second favorite man beneath, both giving me all they've got. I've never felt more loved. The drama and the novelty of the situation affects the guys too and they hold nothing back.

Maybe there's a little friendly rivalry going also but I'm being fucked by a double-piston juggernaut. But it can't go on like this for long. I'm over the top in minutes and then just ride the loooong wave but when one of them and then the other explodes in me, there's nowhere for all those "quarts" of cum to go but right up into me.

The massive tidal wave hits me all at once and my pussy involuntarily constricts around their cocks, pinning them fast. "Hey! Leggo" Paul protests but I'm bound in the grip of this paralyzing orgasm. They yank and pull but the head of Paul's cock is firmly gripped, as is Mike's by the my powerful ring muscle in spasm., "Everyone just relax" counsels Dr. Mike and he begins to massage my neck muscles. After what seems like an hour but is only a few minutes, the spasm passes and they're both able pull themselves out of me.

"Whooohee! What a ride!" Paul exclaims. Mike rolls me off him, slaps my ass and proclaims "The best double fuck I've ever had!" From the doorway comes applause. "And the only one, I think" smiles Gloria.

The guys leave but Gloria comes in and lays down beside me. "Was it pretty rough, baby" she enquires. "Well it hurt like heck at the beginning" I admit "but when they really got going together it may have been the wildest ride I've ever had. Loved it! But now I think I'm bleeding down there and I'm so full of cum I'll flood your floor if I try to walk to the bathroom." Gloria inspects my crotch and advises that there are a few smears of blood on my thighs and around my pussy but no signs of serious tearing.

She goes off to find a towel I can use as a diaper to get over to the shower. Blonde takes a rough pounding large ladies amateur the time she returns, I'm crying. "I was so scared when they said what they were going to do." Nice sex with legal age teenager girl sob.

"I was scared they would tear me up so bad I couldn't enjoy sex ever again." "But you're ok now baby" Gloria comforts me and lifts out one of her big, full breasts for me to suck.

I suckle hungrily and her sweet, rich milk soothes and warms me. Soon I'm no longer frightened and I feel loved again. Gloria helps me to the shower where we both stand and watch in wonder at the amount of cum that flows out of my body and down my legs.

I flush myself clean with the douching shower and then shower with soap to remove the perspiration that coats my body my own, Paul's and Mike's. When I go to get dressed though, I discover my clothes are ruined torn and stained with blood and semen so I walk nude into the house hoping for a reaction, but it is empty. I borrow a pink robe from a closet in the other bathroom where, apparently, Mike keeps a selection of robes for his paying guests.

Glancing at the screen in the lanai, I see my friends are already at work in the toolshed, disengaging Angela from the training equipment so I head out to help. Once again she big ass hottie jen gets drilled hard by a bbc during casting nearly comatose and once again Gloria and I revive her in the funny little toolshed toilet/shower.

She becomes aware of me and tries to kiss me but is so uncoordinated she can't quite manage it. She's literally been fucked to the brink of consciousness.

Gloria and I escort her into the house but enroute discover she's still kind of whiffy so we decide to give her a proper shower. Since she's still very wobbly, I slip out of my robe, Gloria disrobes and we get in the shower with her.

Gloria holds Angela steady while I soap her down with scented shower gel on a scrubby. We scrub her twice and I use the douche shower to wash out her pussy. We even shampoo and condition her hair. By the time we get her out of the shower, pat her down with a fluffy towel and apply ph-balance lotion to her puss, Angela is starting to come alive. We slip a long silky nightgown over her head and start to put her into a freshly turned down guest bed but she glances down and spots my clitty. "Oooooh what a cute little penis," she coos and, before we can stop her she is on her knees with my clit in her mouth.


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Mike's training is certainly having its effect. ! "Come Angie" Gloria coaxes. "Let's get you up on the nice soft bed" and eventually she yields to coaxing and lays on the bed, but she immediately grabs my hips and pulls my clit back into her mouth.

I look helplessly at Gloria who shrugs and says "Well, Mike always advises to go with the flow". So I get on the bed and let Angela go to work on my clit.

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Well, there can be no question that this girl is one talented cock-sucker in her regular life so I lay back and let her go. Gloria snuggles up beside me and guides one of her scrumptious tits into my mouth, She's so busty babe takes it in the butt telsev and flows so freely, it's like being at a banquet, knowing I can't have everything but wanting it all.

Meanwhile, Angela gets a few good squirts of fluid from my clit which she interprets as cum, so she turns around and starts sucking on Gloria's other tit. In no time, the warm, sweet milk coupled with her extraordinary day puts Angela out like a baby. But I can tell Gloria's still wanting. I gently move Angela over to the far side of the king-sized bed and spread Gloria's lovely legs. As my tongue starts to lave the outer folds of her smooth pussy, she bends and spreads her knees and my nose and tongue are granted full access to her Holiest of Holies.

Her musky scent fills my nostrils and her aphrodisiac juices flood my mouth. I lap hungrily. "Oh, here you are" exclaims a familiar voice. "Paul, they're in the guest room" Mike calls over his shoulder. Paul arrives a moment later. "Wow! What's going on here?" he wonders aloud, but in a moment, I feel a familiar tongue opening, wetting, exploring my back door pussy.

I smile happily and keep on nourishing myself in Gloria's bounteous pussy, my fingers reaching upward to fondle her nipples and savor the feel of her rich milk exuding over my hands. It's not long before I feel Paul's hot cock requesting, demanding entry to my pleasure pot and I raise myself to my knees to ease his entry. Ohhhh. Paul's cock always feels so good; it's back where it belongs.

I sense, rather than see Mike standing behind Paul, lubing his ass to make entry for Mike's questing cock in it's newest favorite sanctum. And I feel Paul's growing acceptance and enjoyment in providing Mike such a snug harbour. I sense it in the way that with his cock in my man, Paul's cock in me moves differently - almost like caressing and massaging the inside walls of my passage, rather than racing for the end of the tunnel. We go on like this for a very long time, no urgency, no high passion, no driving force; just a warm close relationship of four people who share a remarkable understanding and appreciation of their bodies and the incredible joy of good sex.

There is an ending of course but when it comes, it does not come with heavy breathing, shouts and cries. It comes as we disentangle our bodies and suddenly realize that we are still connected by a rich sexual bond that continues even when we are physically apart. We are good friends.

Angela has slept blissfully through our impromptu love-in but I believe she could not help but absorb some of the powerful pheromones emitted by our group sex and perhaps benefit as part of her re-education program. We leave her sleeping and quietly close her door. I bustle about stripping soiled bedding, remaking the master bedroom bed and bundling sheets, pillowcases and sheets from the tool shed into the big front load washer, add detergent and peroxide bleach to the load before choosing the "Whitest Whites" setting.

I dispose of my damaged clothing in the trash bin at the back door and ask permission to retain the pink robe for the ride home. "I'm tempted to say 'no' " teases Mike "but you know you can have anything from me your little heart desires." "I'll take Gloria" I tease back. But I know it is time to go. Gloria and Mike are going to have a very busy week with their guest, quite aside from her ongoing sexual adjustments in the tool shed, she'll be taught how to stand, walk, sit, speak, enter and exit vehicles from sports cars to SUVs.

She'll be taught how to apply makeup properly, what hair styles to choose, what colors suit her best, and how to dress for any occasion. Can she learn it all in a week? Of course not, but hopefully she'll learn enough to know how much she doesn't know and come back for more. Gloria says the smart ones do but that all women who take the beginners' course report improvements in their lives. Paul and I drive home in silence, both immersed in our own thoughts and when we arrive we walk through to the lanai.

Paul undoes the sash of the pink robe, slides it over my shoulders and lets it fall to the deck. Hot brunette fucking big dildo shaved pussy pussyfucking stand there nude in the cool moonlight and night air, but warmed by Paul's eyes roaming boldly over my body, and I melt into his arms and his kisses as he takes me one more time, gently beside the pool. When he's done, he picks me up, carries me inside and lays me on the big bed, arranging my limbs wide-spread as though in surrender and leaves the room.

Soon I hear a shower running and I drift off to sleep, waking only briefly as he rolls me on my side and, as he always does, parks his lovely cock snugly in my cunt for overnight safekeeping. Wow! Chapter 8.Transformations To be continued.