Cock hungry slut satisfies two hard cocks at once

Cock hungry slut satisfies two hard cocks at once
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This is my first story on this site and it is likely loaded with tense errors (I'm much better at writing in past-tense). Throughout this series I will attempt to cover a wide variety of themes from basic romance to a light degree of bondage and even some action in the later parts. I'm not a very experienced author so don't expect the best story ever. Remember, this is a preface and was made to begin the story, so don't expect much plot development just yet.

Constructive criticism is always welcome. Enjoy! =========== The Importance of Sophie: Preface by SmokingMan =========== I let out a massive sigh of relief as I flop down on my bed.

Despite not being physically tired I'm mentally destroyed; senior year of high school is supposed to be smooth sailing; most kids usually end up booking all their hard classes into Junior year. And it would be easy, if it weren't for the calculus and physics. I pride myself on my intelligence but sometimes it can be more of a bane than a boon. I can hear the muffled sounds of my father and younger sister Hannah arguing about some asinine thing coming from downstairs.

Probably about who is going to take out the trash today or something equally as pointless. My parents got divorced when I was around seven, and there was rigid shared custody for a while, but that eventually dissolved into us mostly living with our father and visiting our mother whenever we felt like it.

My father, sister and I all have a fairly solid relationship with each other, but the two of them can get heated at times. My sister has been a troublemaker for quite a while now. The usual running away and smoking weed, that kind of thing, and it has strained her relationship with both of our parents. Even though she's my sister, I've still noticed that she's filled out quite well as she's gotten older; a short and thin girl around 5'4, with long brown hair and eyes. Her boobs match her stature, and are a small B-cup but her round butt more than makes up for it.

I've often had to bate back sexual feelings towards her but the absence of a girlfriend for me means I check her out whenever I can. Nothing more than an ass-grab when I was younger and confused has ever happened between us and I hope for my straining sanity that nothing ever does. A few hours go by, dinner comes and goes and still I lie on my bed, staring at the ceiling and enjoying the peace and quiet, letting my mind wander.

Until. "David?" My sister calls from downstairs. She likely wants me very tight blonde woman dped by black dudes on the bed get her something from the kitchen.

The thing she's best at (aside from having sex and causing trouble) isn't even something you can be skilled at: she is one of the laziest people I know, often calling on me or my father to perform basic functions that would take her seconds. Even the fatasses at school pick themselves up to get another bag of chips. She won't even sit up to grab a drink sitting two feet away, and it's no small miracle that she's as skinny as she is.

"Daaayvid," She calls again, clearly impatient. "Whatever it is, get it yourself this time." I shout back down. A reluctant "fine" can be wicked centerfold gets cum load on her face eating all the jizm from below as I resume my delightfully melancholy thoughts. Eventually it starts to get dark and I begin preparing for bed. I consider masturbating, but discard the thought as I don't want to break the "Zen state" that has become so hard to come by these days.

I slowly drift off. **** I wake up to a moderately lit room; my bedside lamp is on. That's strange, I think to myself, I could have sworn I turned it off last night. I never leave the lights o-- All thoughts cease as the brass doorknob to the left of my bed slowly begins to turn.

I freeze, still lying prone on my back, staring with wide eyes at the door. Who could it be? Everyone in my family always knocks before entering, and I could always hear them approaching. The door slides open and a head pops in through the-- holy fuck! Is that who I think it is? Is this what I'm seeing? Standing before me, now sliding fully through the small gap between the door and the wall is Alexis Texas, world renowned triple-X model and chief deity in the pantheon of my porn folder.

I immediately sit bolt upright in bed, my eyes widening to their fullest extent, looking on in disbelief. Okay, I have to be dreaming. There's no way this can be happening for real.

For confirmation I reach out and touch my nightstand. I can feel the slightly cool wood beneath my fingers, even its grain. "No need to check. this is real, baby." She says in a quiet yet seductive tone. She has closed the door behind her, and is slowly starting to undress, sensually working around the bottom of her shirt. "I'm here for you tonight," is the last thing she says before pulling it up over her head, her blonde hair falling back down in disarray after being drawn through the collar.

She isn't wearing a bra, and I can now see her perfectly formed tits, lightly framed by the hair that has fallen in front. Holy perfect nipples, Batman, this is some next level shit.

I fling off the sheets and turn my body so that my legs are hanging over the side of my bed, facing her. There is one last thing I can try.

I empty my lungs of air, close my mouth and plug my nose. In a dream, you can still breath even if you're underwater, or if your nose xxx hot fast time story plugged. I attempt to inhale deeply, and much as I suspected, I can do it. Despite my fingers pinching my nose. I'm dreaming. It's not real but it's just about the next best thing; what is about to happen will have no real world repercussions, I can do anything that I want. By this time, Alexis has already shimmied out of the neon leggings she was wearing, and is in the process of removing a lacy red thong.

I can feel my cock swelling in anticipation. I stand up, removing clothing items as quickly as possible. I don't want to wake up in the middle of this. After I strip completely, we both stand naked in front of each other. Her, a porn star known the world over and me, some nobody highschooler. My thin, 155lb self doesn't have much over her 130, but at 6-foot even, I practically tower over her.

My dick now stands at its full 7 inches, angled perpendicular to my body, curving upward slightly. Pointing towards the sex goddess before me, begging for release. It's nothing monstrous, but I have always been satisfied with my length. Besides, I have plenty of girth. But since this was a dream, a simple flick of the wrist gives me a gargantuan 10-inch schlong that would make even the loosest girl cream.

Now that I am properly prepared, I look Ms. Texas up and down, wondering what to do first. In all honesty, I have no idea. I've had a few girlfriends and gotten a few bj's, but I've never gone "all the way" with any of them. I have no real-world experience. But I have seen a hell of a lot of porn, so I know what it's supposed to look like. As if reading my mind (because she is my mind, after all), she says "how 'bout we start out with this" and pushes me back onto my bed.

She immediately attacks my cock, sucking on it as though her very life depends on it. Because of my enormous length, she is only able to go down about halfway before the head hits the back of her throat, so she uses her right hand to stroke the bottom half, massaging my balls with her left.

Damn, she really knows what she's doing! This is probably the best blowjob I've ever received, and it isn't even real! I'd have to remember to thank me later for this. Every now and then, she comes up for air, removing her mouth from my cock (making a quite satisfying popping sound, I might add) so she can breathe. During these times, she begins stroking my full length with both hands.

She often takes advantage of her open airways to say something dirty, keeping me excited. Simple things like "Oh my god, your dick is so big" and I'm only be able half respond with something dumb like "you should've seen it a minute ago".

She didn't seem to care for the humor, but she returns her mouth to my dick nonetheless. I have to put all my effort into not cumming as soon as her salivating mouth envelopes my tip. If I did that, I'd have to watch my jizz shoot all over her face. Then she'd probably start licking it off. No! Don't think about that! Pull yourself together. You don't want her thinking you're-- Wait a minute. This is a dream. I can cum as many times as I want.

And as much as I want! With these thoughts in mind, I return my attention to the masterwork being performed on my dick. I quickly get that feeling from deep down, slowly coming up, getting faster and faster until… "Oh god, I'm cumming!" She reacts instantly, pulling my dream-world dong out of her mouth just in time.

She squeals in delight as my first rope of steamy seed shoots out, lining her face from chin to forehead. It's followed shortly after by another and another and five and ten more after that! Her face is soon covered in a mask of my creamy cum, and there's still more pouring out so she takes the head into her mouth and furiously jerks my dick while moving her tongue in little circles around the tip, forcing an even more powerful orgasm as my last three jets shoot down her throat.

As expected, she gleefully swallows it as fast as it's shot out. When my balls have finally been drained, my head falls back onto my bed and I stare at the ceiling in complete bliss. A soft "wow" is all I can muster. "Come on, get up! We aren't done yet, it's my turn." I lift my head and look down the length of my body to the face that's hovering next to my now softening dick, wiping large scoops of cum off her face and shoving them greedily into her mouth.

I feel a sudden burst of energy as I remember that I have no reason to be tired: physical energy isn't a problem in the Dreamscape. She positions herself to my right, legs hanging off the end of my bed. My bed. Mine! I still can't believe this is happening to me; Alexis Texas in my room! Well, sort of. I get up off the bed and walk around to her, preparing for an epic round of pussy-eating.

I take my eyes off her for just a second as I round the bedpost and when they return… "What the hell?" I exclaim and jump back. The form of my sister has taken the place of the porn prodigy, laying in the same spot and position, naked and spreading her pussy lips, smiling up at me.

"Are you ready?" She asks seductively. Damn it, my dream shifted, the only downside to dream sex; the unpredictability of the subconscious mind. As much as I'm sure you'd like to read about me banging my sister, it is not to be. A simple snap removes her and returned Alexis to my bed. I get down on my knees and position my head between her legs, trying to drown out young stud takes on milf raylene young old and brunette thought of my naked sister in the aroma of Alexis' cunt.

I know. Sounds kinda ironic when you say it out loud. Anyway, back to the task at hand. I start in rough, sucking my lips around her folds like a suction cup, lightly pulling her into my mouth as I lap at her slit. Immediate moans of pleasure confirm that I'm on the right track. Damn, she likes it fast and hard.

I remove my lips and change tactics, taking my tongue in slow licks starting almost at her asshole, moving up a little more each time, before returning back to the bottom after each pass, creating increasingly lengthening licks up the entire extent of her cunt.

Her moans get louder as I approach her clit, so I slow my assent, dragging each swipe out to an unbearable extent. "Just lick my clit -uhh- make me cum!" She shouts out, the desire in her voice almost kinky girl swallow his cum after she got fucked camfree and sucking. I smile slightly at the effect I'm having on her, and continue up towards that magic spot.

I keep moving up, up her lips until finally, I reach the clit. As soon as I touch it Alexis lets out a moan to wake the dead, and I start going hard as a motherfucker, man, I mean all out. An instant latter I shove two fingers deep into her nearly dripping pussy.

All the pent up desire comes rushing out in a sea of lust and within seconds her thighs lock my head in place and her cunt tightens down on my fingers as she dives into one hell of an orgasm. While her lower half is rigid and immobile, from the waist up I can see she's completely animate, writhing around on the bed, clenching large fistfuls of sheets in both hands while her back arches to its fullest extent. I begin drawing in deep breaths, absorbing the smell of her pleasure into me.

Eventually, though, the pressure on the wife riding my dick doggystyle hot fuck enjoy see her squirting of my head becomes annoying, and I wiggle my hand out of her tightened cunt and pry her legs open myself.

I stand up, my cock now fully ready for another round. She lays there, sexy as all hell, still recovering from her orgasm. Her perky tits rising and falling rythmicly. I don't bother asking if she's ready, it doesn't matter either way. I grab her legs from behind the knees, pushing them out to the sides before shoving my ten-incher deep into her pussy. The tightness is intense, I almost expected not to fit but I do, despite my doubts. Regardless, we both let out long moans of pleasure the moment I enter her.

I fall forward and catch myself on outstretched arms. I now sit dominatingly above her, staring into her lust-filled eyes. I begin pumping in and out. Slowly at first but quickly picking up speed. As you can imagine, my full length doesn't quite fit into her love hole, and about a quarter sticks out when I smash into her cervix.

She doesn't seem to be feeling any pain from this, but I still nod my head and deepen her pussy so I can go balls-deep. She's so wet that my dick slides in and out effortlessly, giving me levels of pleasure I had never thought possible and likely giving her her first true fuck in a long time. I reach out and grab her right tit in my hand, mashing it and working it around, feeling its soft, round surface. I pinch the nipple and Alexis lets out a high pitched cry that's oh so sexy.

I can't resist the urge and drop my mouth down onto her other beautiful mound, swirling my tongue around her areola and sucking so hard she'd've probably been bruised in the real world. "Oh god, fuck me harder!" She moans out. I oblige and increase my speed, her pussy is now making loud squelching sounds with each pump. I can feel that familiar feeling starting down low, coming slower hot girl wants a cock after a shower time.

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I move my focus from her well worked tit to her mouth, kissing the woman of my dreams passionately, our tongues intertwining in a mad attempt to heighten our conjoined pleasure. She ends our embrace; "Fuck! Your dick is so good!" She exclaims amidst gasps. She clasps her legs around my body, locking me in. She continues, looking me straight in the eyes this time, "Fuck my hot cunt harder daddy." Oh shit.

My mind went into overdrive. I have a serious thing for the daddy kink, and this was the final piece I needed. I go into a frenzy, shoving my massive cock into her dripping cunt as hard and fast as I can, and it's not long before-- "I'm gonna cum," Big tits latina girlfriend bangs big dick shout out.

"Do it inside, give me all your hot, sticky jizz." is the last thing I hear before I begin shooting load after load deep into her carnal furnace. I can tell that she can feel it by the look of joy in her eyes, the massive 'o' face in front of me is something I know I'll remember forever. My balls aren't done yet, and I'm still pumping cum directly into her womb, which is now nearing capacity. I can feel my cream seeping between my cock and the walls of her pussy, and not long after some begins to drip out past her lips.

"Holly shit! I've never had anyone fill me up like that before. You really are good at this." I pull out my now softening schlong and it's not long before a torrential wave of cum flows out of her gaping vagina. "Oh," she coos, "What a waste." There's a long pause as I just sit above her, breathing heavily, taking in everything and recovering from my second extreme orgasm.

"Hey, what are you waiting for? You still have to make me cream!" She says, unwrapping her legs from me and sliding out from underneath. She flips over onto all fours then turns to face me. I'm still frozen, hanging in the same position. I look up and meet her deep blue-grey eyes.

She smiles and makes an intentionally obvious look down at my dick. I return the smile as I feel it begin to harden again. She turns around and reminds me why she is the queen of porn.

Her ass is perfect. It's not the biggest (most would say that title belongs to Victoria Cakes, and rightly so) but it's still massive, with a flawless roundness that is sure to get any man hard, even if demure sweetheart is moaning wildly as stud licks her sweetheart pot isn't into butts.

You won't need Viagra when she comes around. And now this amazingness is sitting not five inches from my face. I'm instantly revitalised, breaking from my post-orgasmic trance, standing back up fully. She looks back over her shoulder and quickly wiggles into place.

To say that I'm mesmerized by the sight is an understatement, the skin is impossibly perfect; free from any defect or color difference. Not the slightest hint of a tan line, not even a freckle. The complete lack of cellulite is remarkable. The inverted heart shape before me shakes back and forth.

"Are you gonna just stare at it or are you gonna fuck me senseless?" I come back to reality and snap right into action.

I grab a handful of ass with one hand and my dick with the other. Spreading her cheek I rub the tip of my cock up and down her pussy lips a few times before shoving it straight in. She gasps, once again shocked by the feeling of me expanding her insides.

The pleasure begins again. I now grab hold of her with both hands, pulling myself into her, increasing the force and causing us to create a wonderful slapping sound with each of my thrusts.

Once again, it's all I can do to not cum right then and there, but I push on. I lean forward, putting my chest to her back, my head next to hers. I grab one of her tits, massaging it and whisper in her ear "you like that? You like it when I fuck you like that? Do you like my big, ten-inch dick sliding in and out of you?" I sit back up, pounding her a little faster now. God damn, her ass is huge!

I start pulling my cock almost all the way out, then slamming it back in. The way it jiggles at every impact only makes it better. She begins to moan. I move in close to her ear again.

"I asked you a question," I say, trying to muster up an authoritative tone, "Do you like the way I pound your warm, dripping pussy?" Still nothing but breathy moans. I pull my dick out and step back. The reaction is immediate. "No, please! Don't stop! I love your cock, I'll do anything for it just put it back in!" Looking over her shoulder, she pushes her ass back towards me but I only move back further. If I want her to cum, I'm going to have to build up her desire. "Hmm, Darcy and ashlynn share a big boner not sure.

I don't know if you mean it," I respond. I could probably get her to beg for it if I wanted. Not this time, though. "Yes, yes I mean it! It's the best thing I've ever had before in my life!" Her voice is straining, she turns around and reaches out toward my cock, which was now begging to be returned to her love hole. I move back again, just out of reach, I can't keep this up for much longer.

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I want to return to her as much as she wants me blonde curly sweetie teases pussy with monster dildo, each second away is a battle between my pleasure and hers. "Ok, I believe you. But if you want this back," I grab hold of the object of her supreme desire and start jerking it, "you're going to have to do the work yourself." I move back to the bed and lay down on it.

She understands. "Yes, whatever you want, I'll do it," And she climbs on my towering cock, facing me. She slides down, up to the hilt. The time away from her has increased my sensitivity and she is no doubt experiencing the same thing, her whole face lights up and she just sits there for a few seconds, absorbing the sensation.

This has been my fantasy for a long time, years, to fuck Alexis Texas, and now it has come true. Just one thing is missing. "Hey Alexis, how 'bout you turn around? I want to see that phat ass when I make you cum" she obeys without protest, sliding around without ever coming off of me.

When she plops down again, I'm treated to an image that could've made me cum instantly if I let it, but I resist. She begins sliding up and down, very slowly. Going up from the base stud is amazed with a big ass almost letting the tip pop out each time.

She continues this for a while, before I decide to change things up by thrusting into her as she is descending, smashing into her halfway down and catching her off guard. She cries out exquisitely and falters, falling forward and catching herself on her elbows. I take the opportunity to begin fucking her from below, thrusting my dick up into her.

The pace is slow because of her weight on my legs. All of a sudden, I stop. "Remember what I said, you have to earn this yourself." She doesn't move. She's breathing heavily, still overwhelmed by the sudden burst of pleasure. But she eventually stirs, and sits back up. The riding resumes more slowly this time, but soon speeds up as her mind clears and the goal hoves into sight. I can tell by the increasing pressure on my cock that she's nearing orgasm.

"I want you to cum with me!" She says in a breathy voice, "Cum with me! What made you do it last time? It was something I said, wasn't it?" I could see her working it out, she looks back over her shoulder at me. Seeing the desire in my eyes, it clicks. "Daddy! Cum for me daddy, fill me up master! Impregnate me, shoot your load into my pussy!" She is now saying anything she can to get me to cum, and boy is it working.

I grab her waist and begin thrusting into her again. I pull my legs in to get more leverage, and start pounding her as hard as I can. "Ooohh fuck!" She screams, "Oh god yes daddy, make me creeeammm!" I can feel my balls tightening as my orgasm approaches. "Aaaaaahhhhhh!!" She cries as her third and final orgasm racks her body. The tightening of her cunt is too much and I cry out as well, shooting her full of cum. The simultaneous orgasms seem to draw power from each other, combining the individual experiences into one massive bout of sensation.

It's so powerful I can actually feel myself falling. Wait. I pms slut fucked with no mercy facial cumshot and balls licking am falling! Through the bed, into an abyss below, the sexy form of Alexis still on my dick, but she begins fading fast.

Soon it's just me and the stomach churning feeling of falling, falling in inky blackness. Before I know it, it's over. I'm on solid ground again.

I'm no longer in my room. I stand up, still naked, dick still hard with the slightest trace of cum along it's length. It's normal size again. I look around. I'm in a hallway of some kind, maybe fifteen feet wide.

I look up, the ceiling hangs at least thirty feet above me. The whole place is made of some ancient stone of a dark tan color and roughly hewn with round edges rather than corners. There are no bricks in the walls and floors, just one massive piece.

As though the passage had been carved through a mountain. But not by and normal tool; it's too irregular. Another dreamshift? I snap my fingers. Nothing. This is real. Or at least, real to my subconscious. The hallway is lit poorly, and I have xxxksi story full he dwinlod desi strain my eyes to see ahead. About six feet in front of me, all light ceases into pure darkness, and the same about three feet behind me.

I step forward to see if I can glimpse anything through the abyss, but when I move, the blackness moves with me. Whatever this is, it's sole purpose is to limit my vision. The only thing I can do is continue forward. I begin slowly advancing, my penis softening as the memory of my time with Ms. Texas fades. The only thing that can tell me of what is ahead is sound, so I strain my ears to try and pick up any noise that may be present. The only thing I can hear is the quiet pit pat of my bare feet on the cold stone, and the increasingly loud beating of my heart.

It feels like I've been moving for an hour, but I've probably only gone about a hundred feet. A sound appears at the lowest perceptual level, faint but distinct.

A sound like a rain stick, you know, those wooden tubes full of small beads that clatter down the internal passages and sounds like rain on a rooftop. It was like that, but it was different, more… organic. Almost like insects. As I continue forward, the sound becomes louder.

I'm nearing the source. My options are limited, either go back into a hundred feet of explored passage, then uncertainty, or follow the sound into more uncertainty. Something told me that forward was the way to go. The wall of darkness is still in front of me, never having gotten closer than its original six foot distance. The wall behind me is still there as well. Finding the source of the sound is now my only thought.

I continue on for another fifty feet before I notice a change. The stone walls are smoother and now have carvings on them, extremely detailed symbols like nothing I have ever seen before. I must not have noticed them for a while, as they now cover the entire length of my nine-foot section of visibility. A few more steps reveal the first color I have seen since my bedroom. The end of a red carpet peaks out from the bottom of the darkness.

It's thin, and faded into a dark maroon color. There are threads of gold running through it making an elaborate pattern. It's full of holes, like the ones moths chew in old clothing, and coated in a thin layer of bone dry dirt in places.

I step forward to see she squirts and stops the massage hilarious asian student real amateur of it, but the wall doesn't move.

I can now approach it. I reach out to touch it, but as my hand nears, it disappears entirely, giving me an unrestricted view of the hallway which is no longer a hallway: The darkness had stopped at the edge of a massive round chamber, the other wall of which is at least 300 feet away. Here the floor drops down sharply from my level, forming a deep pit whose bottom is unseeable. The ceiling stretches up into a dome well over a hundred feet above.

A bridge of stone the width of the hallway stretches out from my position to a platform atop a stone pillar at the center of the room. The carpet stretches the bridge's length. I can see two more bridges connecting other hallways to the platform. The three are equally distant from each other, each coming one third of the way around the room. The one to the right of the pillar is broken. Atop the platform is a shiny black sphere about eight feet in diameter, attached to the stone at the base.

Wrapping around its surface are a few rings of a bronze colored metal about six inches wide and protruding a few inches from the inky surface. It appears that there are at least three rings that are offset seemingly at random, but creating an unobstructed 'gap' relatively in the middle of the sphere from my position.

Whatever this thing is, it's where the sound is coming from. I begin walking the length of the bridge. The more I listen to the sound, the more fear I feel. It's just not natural, not right. This whole place is subtly seeping with latent horror.

It isn't meant for me. I get the distinct feeling of eyes looking at me. I'm not alone. I return my attention to the sphere, and become mesmerized by its otherworldly nature. Whatever it is, it seems to have been revered, perhaps even prayed to by the inhabitants of this place.

Why else would they make it the focal point of this massive room and perhaps even the whole structure? But to what or to whom its origin can be traced to I do not know.

It's like nothing I've ever seen, drawing no similarities to any culture that I know of. I reach the bottom of the platform. There are a few steps leading up to the sphere. I climb them. Looking at the sphere again, I see something that cannot be.

Within the sphere is a person, facing me at an angle and looking down. The sphere has lost its glossy sheen and is now absorbing all light except the light on the person, appearing as a black void. The person within is a girl, about my age, with mid length brown hair and wearing a flowing dress of a dull red color.

Both her hair and the dress are blowing about as though in a breeze, but none is present. The dress is nearly transparent, and i can almost glimpse the form of her breasts beneath. Suddenly, she looks up and locks eyes with me. I can't believe what I'm seeing: the girl within the sphere is my real world crush, Sophie. Her expression is solemn, as though she is hiding a great pain behind her eyes.

I immediately understand that there is something very important about this place, and Sophie. Something terrible, on such a cosmic scale that I have no hope of understanding it fully. No words can properly describe the feeling, but I know it to be true.

I reach out and touch the surface of the sphere. It's hard and smooth, but colder than anything I've felt before. I feel the coldness seeping into my hand and progressing up my arm. I pull it off quickly and return my gaze to Sophie. Not long after I look back, her image fades away and is replaced by another girl, who is then replaced by another and another.

All told, the images of nine girls and Sophie appear, all of which I know are vital to whatever terrible purpose is connected to this place and me. The sphere returns to its original light-reflecting form. I see my distorted form on its surface. I recognize all of the girls, they are all from my school, most are seniors like me.

All are people I have been greatly attracted to at some time or another. Why these people are so important is not being revealed to me, and I feel frustration because of this. Why reveal all this information without the answers?

Why can't they just come out and say what they mean? Whoever they are. They must have searched my mind, choosing those I find attractive, but big boob colt 45 big boobs what reason or purpose I don't have the faintest idea.

I feel a presence and whirl around, my dick flopping around from the sudden motion. Before me is Alexis Texas again, naked as well. There's still some remnants of my cum seeping from her pussy. I understand. Sort of. Sex is somehow the key to whatever this is. The images of the charmful lesbians keena and kristen loves sucking nipples nine girls flash in my mind: The first girl to appear after Sophie was Elizabeth, a short and shy girl, with dusty blond hair.

I originally became attracted to her because she always seemed pure and innocent, free from the corruption of the world. She's also Russian, and I've always had a thing for Russian girls, though she unfortunately lacks the accent. She has small boobs and a tight ass, she's the smallest of the group. After her was Jasmine, slightly heavy set, but in no way fat, not even chubby, more… thick.

She has some pretty decent curves, medium-sized boobs and a big butt. She's a full figured girl. If sex was the goal of this… whatever this is, then she will be difficult; she's currently dating a guy named Brent, who isn't too tough, I could beat him in a fight if I first time xxx story 15ag to.

They've been together since middle school. Next was Alexandra, most just call her Alex. She's Sophie's best friend, the two are inseparable. Her figure is surprisingly similar to Sophie's; she's tall, thin and somewhat fit. The long blond hair that flows most of the way down her back is usually tied in double braids that extend up the back of her head, in a rather unique way.

Her boobs are a small A-cup. But her hips are very wide, making for a great ass. If you can't tell by now, I'm an ass guy (though that's probably the most obvious thing you've read this week). She's also dating a guy, and he's a lot more intimidating than Brent, so I'll have to do my best to avoid him.

Then came Dawn. She's quite short, probably about 5'5. Like Jasmine, she's not rail thin, but not fat, more chubby, but in the best possible way. Then comes the main attraction: her massive boobs. I mean, holy shit, you won't find bigger boobs on someone so small. At least double-D's. And of course, a bubbly ass to match. She's fairly shy and solitary, so coaxing her into sex will be difficult.

The next girl to appear in the sphere was Dakota. She was my first real crush, all the way back in middle school. Even then, she was known as a massive slut, so convincing her to fuck me won't be a problem. She has good sized tits and a tight little ass that everyone was chasing back then.

Imagine Piper Perry but with bigger tits and brown hair. Most guys wanted to date her, and a lot of them did. I never saw much of her during my years in high school, but she's likely fucked the whole football team (I wouldn't be surprised if it was all at once, either).

Then came Ashley. A somewhat athletic girl who is quite tall, almost matching my height, with long brown hair and tan skin. Her boobs are a large B, and of course, her ass is top pornstar riley fucked and filled pornstars and hardcore. The seventh girl on our list is Nicole. The main feature of this girl is (surprisingly) not her ass. That being said, it's still pretty nice. Anyway, her boobs are much more important than that, and may well be the biggest of them all.

They have to be an unheard of E-cup, which is impressive even for a grown woman. And with the biggest boobs comes (somewhat ironically) the biggest brain; Nicole is well on her way to Valedictorian and many a scholarship. She will be extremely difficult to win over.

After xnxx com sex phimhotjav com is the second slut on our list, Victoria. Also known as Old and young anal with hairy granny youngandold older women (and the phat-V behind her back). A total blond, somewhat dim-witted, but still one of the sexiest people in the school. Her ample boobs and round ass make her the curviest of the ten, and she has been the focus of many of my fantasies.

She will no doubt be very easy. And then there was Valentine. Yes, like the holiday (and the saint, but everyone forgets about him). Another intellectual, not quite on the level of Nicole but still much smarter than many of the others. I became attracted to her because of her pseudo-goth fashion style. Oh yeah, and her tits. They're amazing. For some reason, I've always seen her as big. Not like fat, like, big. Like a giant. But that's probably because she's a year older than me. In reality she's actually a few inches shorter than I am.

Regardless she's still a big person, with a large frame (which means a large ass, too) she easily outweighs the other nine. Then, finally, there's Sophie, the key and most important of them all. As I've already mentioned, her build is very similar to Alex's except for two major things including the reason why I like her more; her boobs are smaller, not by much but a noticeable amount, and her ass (surprise, surprise) is the pinnacle of creation.

The way I see it, there are two types of thick, thick girls with wide asses, and thick girls with round asses. Alex and Sophie are both prime examples of wide and round asses respectively. I prefer the roundness, and goddamn is she round. It's so round and perfect, it almost looks fake, but it can't be because she's had that perfect ass since I first saw her in middle school, and no sane person would give an 8th grader butt injections.

I mean, god, if only you could see it, you'd understand. There are many other asses out there that are bigger, but none are as perfect as Sophie's. I could go on and on about her, but you want action, you want something to happen. You've had enough of me describing people. Fine, I understand, but you'll have to wait. After considering and memorizing each of the ten girls, I return my thoughts to this room I'm in, the sphere, and Alexis Texas, who's still there, still naked, and still looking at me.

She appears to be eyeing me longingly. She's connected to this too, I just know it. I turn around and face the sphere again. Sophie is within once more. God, she looks sexy in that dress (well of course she does, I can see her boobs through it). She holds out her right hand, palm up, fist clenched lightly as if holding something delicate. She opens her hand, and within is the tiny form of a person, one of the other nine. The one who is to be first.

You can tell me that's confusing, but that's the thought that came to my mind, like it was placed there so I could understand. It's Vickie. As soon as I realize who it is, I begin falling again. Down into the darkness. When I stop falling, I'm in my bed again. My lamp is off, light is filtering in through the window.

This is real. What does it all mean? Whatever that was it was all real. Or, sort of real. That much I know.

Why are those girls so important? What does sex have to do with it? I have so many questions that just can't be answered.

The only thing I know is Dude bangs ebony gf while she studying need to have sex with Vickie. Maybe. =========== Author's note: I hope the ending wasn't too confusing and that it doesn't put you off from reading the next part, but it will get more interesting, and questions will be answered. If the ending felt rushed or sudden, it's supposed to be like that, to leave you wanting more.

The next part will be coming out as soon as I finish it, but I have no idea how long that will take (probably about a month) so check my page frequently for updates. Be on the lookout for The Importance of Sophie, Part 1: Vickie