Mom loves both ally companions daughters krissy lynn in the sinful stepmother

Mom loves both ally companions daughters krissy lynn in the sinful stepmother
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I stood there with my heart racing peering over the window that ran across the top of my bedroom wall, just on the other side was my daddy's room and I had the best viewing spot in the house.

Below me I watched as my bad fucked his fling of the night. His broad muscular shoulders had a pair on long tan legs wrapped around them his face buried in between them and the girl with a look of pure real reap force sxe storys she was arching and moaning running her fingers through his hair.

I slipped a hand into my panties to feel my aching pussy it was slick and wet. I wish it was my legs daddy had his face between. I daydreamed about daddy all the time, then Down below I noticed my father had flipped the girl onto her stomach her face in the pillow and her ass in the air and I watched as he shoved his huge cock into her and she let out a scream.

A loud slap rang out as his hand landed on her firm ass cheek " hush. My little girl is sleeping right next door" he whispered only daddy didn't know i wasn't. Trying my best to be quiet and not get caught I rummaged through my bedside drawer and took out the dildo I had bought a few weeks prior I had never used one and was sort of nervous.

The only thing that has ever entered my tight cunt were my own fingers.

I lay back and took my panties to my ankles turning the dildo on low it began to vibrate and twist I pushed it against my clitoris and I let out a gasp. It felt so good, my pussy was instant soaking wet being a little more brave I slid it down my pussy to the little opening,Applying light pressure I pushed the long black dildo in just a little bit.

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It stung but the twisting vibration had my breathless. I kept easing it in until I couldn't take it anymore it felt like it was against my stomach. I had never felt so filled before the thick smooth dildo filled every inch of my virgin Pussy and my juices leaked out around it.

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I was a virgin and besides me masturbating the Only thing that had even went inside me was this so I turned it up a bit and was barley able to conceal my moan the walls here were paper thin and daddy heard everything but so did I. It sounded as if things were going very well.

I could hear her moaning and gasping I just had to look daddys balls slapped against her pussy his dick driving deep into her over and over.

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I turned it up even more and began stroking the large dildo it in and out, no wonder she was moaning I was in pure bliss. Daddy and this slut were really going at it now she was screaming but it sounded a bit muffled I guess daddy didn't care I heard him pounding her over and over I looked down again daddy had her on her hands and knees and had a pair of red silk panties stuffed in her mouth his hand wrapped in her hair his hips slamming in gorgeous sex kitten is presenting her opened soft slit in close up out of her.

She was trembling and daddy had is head back his mouth slack jawed and finally with a few more strokes daddy pulled out his thick white cum shooting out all over her back, her long black hair and those firm little ass cheeks. I was still playing with my new toy my body jerking my tight little pussy pulsing and dripping wet, being brave i turned it to full speed and nearly let out a scream my pussy clenched around the spinning dildo I was on the verge of an orgasam and to my disappointment Daddy slumped and let her hair go, she removed the panties from her mouth and turned to him she ran a finger across her ass cheek gathering some cum she put it to her mouth and sucked it off.

Then she went to daddies dick to do the same. Now it was daddies turn to moan she licked and sucked all of the cum off his dick and with a kiss on the hand from daddy she gathered her clothing and left. I guess I would have to use my imagination to finish this one. I closed my eyes and pictured that being me with daddy, his long cock going in and out of my pussy, his hand coming down hard on my ass when i was a bad girl, it was just me and my daddy for as long as j could remember.

We did everything together even took showers together until I was about 15 one day while bathing I had reached up and took daddies dick in my hand out of curiosity I began stroking it, daddy gasped in shock and stood there for a minute suddenly rock hard he seemed to like it so I began to rub it for a second he rocked his hips in tandem with my hand but then suddenly he bolted from the shower and into his room.

I got out and peered over our adjoining window daddy was completely naked on his bed his head in his hands muttering, then he sat up I thought I was caught but instead daddy laid back and began Jacking off he kept muttering something and then he picked up his bedside picture of me it was from the summer at the beach.

I was in a bikini the first one daddy had ever let newest it was pink and simple it did well to cover all that it could my butt had began to fill and you could see the outline of my ass against mom makes him blow his load after a hard fuck kirsten cumshot waves and my breast had just began to grow forming two small round mounds under the top barley anything to cover really he gazed at it continually jacking off and moaning quietly finally he came all over picture and his bed.

Coming out of my daydream I was still playing with the dildo my pussy soaking and tight and Then it happened my body went rigid, my muscles tense my vision blurry as my body experienced its first real orgasam it felt like it lasted forever but it still wasn't long enough i collapsed in my bed my dildo laying next to me still vibrating, i saw a flash of light across my face and I opened my eyes scrambling to cover myself and hide my toy I yelled "daddy!

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I'm naked" and then the door closed behind the tall silhouette. To be continued