Hot russian natasha entertained before hard fuck

Hot russian natasha entertained before hard fuck
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For the next couple of weeks Janet was having an amazing time. She would have sex at work with either Clyde or Earl, and sometimes both every couple of days, and then she would go home and have sex with Robert as well. She was having more sex than she had ever had in her life, and she loved the attention.

Clyde and Earl kept trying to convince Janet to spend a whole night with them, but for the first few weeks, no sara jay is a big titty hooker presented themselves. Finally, Robert had to go away for work for two weeks, and Janet decided that this would be her chance to spend more time with Clyde and Earl.

Janet made arrangements for Hailey to spend the weekend at a friend's house, and then she worked out the details with Clyde. They would go to Clyde's house on Friday after work, and she would stay there until Sunday afternoon. Friday afternoon she got the call from Robert that he had arrived in Seattle, and was on his way to his hotel.

She was already wet just thinking about the weekend. When she reached the parking lot, she saw Clyde sitting in his car waiting for her.

She looked around to see who may be still in the parking lot as she slid into the passenger seat of Clyde's car. He smiled as he started the car and left work. As they were driving, Clyde told Janet to suck his cock on the way. She smiled and reached down, undoing his pants and pulling his cock free. She then leaned down and took his cock into her mouth, sucking hungrily as he drove.

As Clyde pulled into his driveway, he held down Janet's head as he came down her throat. Janet wiped her mouth as she walked with Clyde up to the house. As they entered the house, Janet was surprised to find two black women in the living room. One looked to be about Clyde's age, while the other looked like she was in her late teens or early twenties.

The older one stood up and introduced herself as Clarice, and seeing the shocked look on Janet's face, explained that she was okay with anything Janet and Clyde were doing, and made sure it would be okay with Janet if Clarice was around. The younger woman stood up, looked Janet up and down and made some monster bbc banging bbw red boned redwaters p about "daddy's new white whore", then said she had a date and went to her room to get ready.

Janet and Clarice sat down and started chatting as Clyde went to get some drinks. As the three sat and chatted for a bit, letting their drinks kick in, the door bell rang. Clarice answered, and there was a young black man that Clarice hugged and had come in.

He smiled knowingly as he saw Janet sitting there. Clarice asked him if everything was ready for tomorrow night, and he told her that it was. Clarice looked back at Busty looking good teen masturbates pussy on webcam and smiled knowingly.

A few minutes later the young woman, apparently Clarice and Clyde's daughter, was saying her goodbye's and leaving with the young man. Clyde told Janet that Earl was on his way, and they could get started as soon as he arrived. Not too long after that, the doorbell rang again, and again Clarice went to answer it. Janet saw Earl as the door opened. Then, she was shocked to see Clarice pull Earl into a deep kiss as he came in the door.

They came over and sat on the couch with Clyde and Janet, putting Janet in between Clyde and Earl, and Clarice sat next to Earl. Clyde pulled Janet to him and started kissing her as Clarice and Earl did the same.

The next thing Janet remembered seeing was Clarice on her knees in front of Earl with his big cock in her mouth. Clyde had his hand up under Janet's skirt fingering her.

He spread her legs, pulling her skirt up as he did so, exposing her to the others.

She closed her eyes as Clyde rubbed her clit, starting to moan softly. Suddenly, she felt a warm wet tongue licking her pussy. She opened her eyes, looking down, shocked to see Clarice looking up at her. She had never been touched by another woman, but with the drinks and Clyde and Earl now sucking on her tits, she really didn't care.

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After she had cum from Clarice's tongue, Clyde told her to start sucking Earl's cock. Janet leaned down and began hungrily sucking on Earl's big cock, as Clyde moved xxx sex sony story hb story a position where he could slide his big cock into her dripping wet pussy.

Janet moaned loudly as Clarice reached up and started rubbing Janet's clit and sucking and biting her nipples. After a bit, Earl moved off the couch, and Clyde pulled Janet around, causing her to be facing away from him, straddling him as he pushed deep into her. Earl positioned Clarice so her face was at Janet's pussy again. Earl pushed hard into Clarice, pushing her face into Janet's pussy.

It wasn't long until both Janet and Clyde were cumming hard. Clyde let his cock slip from Janet's cum filled pussy, and Clarice began hungrily licking the cum from Janet's pussy.

Janet came one more time before Clarice moved away. Once Clarice had moved, and Clyde sat Janet next to him on the couch, Earl moved up and pushed his cock deep into Janet's pussy. He began pumping into her very hard, until he too shot his load deep into her pussy.

After that they moved to the bedroom and continued though out most of the night. The next morning, Janet woke feeling very sticky. She checked her phone, answered the texts from Robert and Hailey, and then took a quick shower.

Throughout the first part of the day, the guys only did little things throughout the day, and she got the feeling they were teasing her. What she didn't know is they had big plans for that evening. Late in the afternoon Janet began looking around for her purse. When Clarice asked her what she needed, Janet told her that she needed to take her birth control pill for the day. Clarice smiled sweetly and told her she would get it for her.

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She came back with a bisexual guys nailing hot black girl tube porn pill and a cup of water. Janet didn't even look at the pill before popping it into her mouth and swallowing it with a gulp of water. Clarice smiled as Janet swallowed it down. About that time, the door bell rang, and Clarice welcomed in a couple of younger guys, that looked about the same age as her daughter.

They sat down next to Janet and Clarice and started chatting. Janet wasn't sure where Clyde and Earl had gone, and she wasn't sure what was going on with these younger guys. She was trying to think about what was going on, but things started to get fuzzier the harder she tried to think about it. About then, one of the guys slid his hand up Janet's thigh and under her skirt. She gently tried to push him away, but he began to get more insistent.

As she started to fight a bit harder, the young guys looked at Clarice, who smiled and nodded her head at them. It was at this point that Janet lost all control of the situation. One of the guys grabbed Janet's hands and pulled them up over her head. He pulled her back over the back of the couch, arching her back slightly, while the other guy shoved his fingers forcefully into Janet's pussy.

She tried to wriggle free, but the two men were just too strong. After just a few short minutes, the guy fingering Janet moved in between her legs, pulling down his pants and shorts and rammed into Janet's pussy very hard. She cried out as he began to take her hard, the other guy holding her hands with one hand while reaching down and playing with her tits with the other.

After a little bit, the guy between her legs took hold of her and turned them over, with him sitting on the couch and her straddling him.

The other guy moved behind her, still holding her hands, but now behind her back. She felt the mom and son sexy viodeo of the guy hija adolescente con la madre y el her against her ass, and she cried out, telling him not to fuck her ass.

The guys laughed and said something about a white slut wife didn't have a say, or something to that effect. She begged them to stop, and this just seemed to push them farther into it. She cried out, begging them to stop. She felt a cold almost liquid substance hit her ass and very quickly after that she felt a cock push into her ass. She cried out in pain as the young man pushed his cock all the way into her ass. He began pushing slowly in and out of her ass, and she could feel the cock in her pussy sliding back and forth as the other guy fucked her ass.

She wasn't sure what was going on, but she couldn't seem to think straight, and she was starting to get light headed and dizzy. The next thing she knew the guy behind her was pushing his cock deep into her ass as he came. Very quickly after that, the guy below her in her pussy started pumping his cum deep inside her as well. She could feel someone help her stand, looking up to see two more guys helping her into the bed room.

Once in the bedroom she was laid on the bed where one of the two men moved to sit so she could suck his cock, as the other entered her from behind. She didn't know who the guy was, but was feeling so odd that she didn't really care anymore. She started to suck the guy's cock as the other slid into her cum filled pussy from behind. From that point on, Janet really didn't remember much of the details of the night. She did remember one point where Clarice was in a 69 with her, cum dripping from Clarice's pussy into Janet's mouth as they licked each others cum filled pussy's.

Then, a cock slid into Clarice as Janet was licking her, until it started to cum, pulling out and cumming all over Janet's face.

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The rest of the night went much the same way, with Janet in a daze. She knew she had been fucked by multiple men all night, but she didn't know how many, or who any of them were.

The next afternoon, being tired, sore, and still feeling extremely odd, she went to take her pill again before she left. But, the pill for the day was already gone. She asked Clarice about it, and Clarice explained to her that she had taken it a couple of hours earlier.

Since she couldn't clearly remember all she had done, she figured since the pill was gone, this must have been the case. Clarice smiled knowingly as Clyde took Janet out to the car to take her home. Work for the rest of that week was pretty normal.

Clyde and Earl, as usual, continued to use her as they wanted, and they arranged for another weekend together. Janet was trying to get out of the weekend, when Earl sent her an email with an attached picture. When she opened the picture, she was shocked to see that it was a picture of her, straddling one guy as the other was fucking her in the ass. And, it was very obvious to anyone who would see the picture that it new girl first time in webcam rom masturbate beautygirl her.

She knew then that she had no choice but to go to Clydes again for the weekend. The following week, before Robert came home again, Janet realized it had been a long time since she had her last period. She picked up a pregnancy test on the way home from work. She wasn't sure what she was going to do when it turned up positive. When Robert returned home, she told him that she was pregnant. He seemed shocked, but happy, so she didn't share any of her concerns with him.

Clyde and Earl continued to have sex with her at work, but she was too tired with the pregnancy to have sex with Robert by the time she got home. So, their sex life went back to the way it was before she started her affairs with Clyde and Earl. A few months later, Hailey was telling Janet and Robert about a classmate that was pregnant and was getting kicked out of her house with no where to go. Janet thought it would be nice to have two babies running around the house that could play together, and reminded Robert that they had the little apartment over the garage.

After some debate, Janet finally convinced Robert to allow the girl, Heidi, to move into the apartment. A couple of weeks later, Hailey and Janet left for a babyshower that Janet's family was putting on for her.

They had a wonderful time at the shower, and came home to find that Robert and Heidi were finally getting along okay. Robert seemed to be happier over the next few weeks, and Janet had forgotten her concerns about her pregnancy. They had found out along the way that Janet was going to have twins. After a very a very long and intense labor the first baby finally arrived. She was a very pale and blond baby girl, and Robert seemed so excited. As Robert took the little girl, the doctor prepared to deliver the second girls going naughty on live cam sessions. After about another hour of labor, the second baby was born.

The nurse seemed reluctant to let Robert see the little girl, but finally had to give in to the excited and expectant father. It was quite a shock to Robert to see a very dark skinned little girl, with very dark curly hair.