More than a rubdown bubble butt brunette

More than a rubdown bubble butt brunette
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I am a 18 year old now in college, and my story begins when I was 17 and got my license. Brunette hair slots sucking dick striptease hardcore was allowed to drive with a group of friends and two supervising teachers to a Habitat for Humanity Trip they had set up for the needy down in South Carolina.

On that day, we drove 4 different cars, and I drove my Dad's minivan (not exactly glamourous) but I had 2 girls in the back and a teacher sitting in front giving me directions.

We would switch every 3 hours on the 12 hour drive down from New York. Well I got to know the teacher by talking a lot with her, she had a Master's in forensic science, and was one of those nerdy but hot white girls. I could tell she partied, and was secretly a sex fiend or something. I didn't let my fantasies get to me.

She had glasses and was almost a whole foot shorter than my 6 foot stature. We talked with the two Asian girls in the back. It was sort of weird me and the two girls all being Asian and the teacher was a white girl, but we were all cool and that didn't bother us. That night we decided we would stay in the same room together. I was really excited because all three females were dresses down in their jammies, they had on the sexiest cotton pants.

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I could tell the teacher was wearing regular panties, but the two girls (Candice and Jenny) were both wearing some type of thong. They might have caught me starting once or twice. I could smell all three of these fine ladies from my bunk and I the feminine smells of shampoo and lotions just gave me the biggest boner ever. That night I jerked off big time! Well the next day we worked on the house with the other people on the trip.

The teacher female strippers raped on stage. D) would ask if we wanted water, check to see our projects, and occasionally give us a hand. I was really sweating by noon. The dry wall was going up slowly, but I had a hard time with the two girls not being able to lift much.

We took a lunch break with Ms.

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D who had packed us sandwiches. The girls went off to eat in the shade, and me and the teacher sat on a ramp by a church that let us use the restroom. The house we were working on didn't have plumbing yet, so we would use the church's. After some awkward silence Ms. D went into the church and I tried to clean myself off with garden hose, I needed to pee after and I found myself in a dark hallway of the church. I could hear feint singing in the back, and I felt pretty good walking to the bathroom in my work boots.

I felt like a man! I pushed the door open without thinking. "oh my god! I'm sorry I'm sorry." "Wwwhat?!' Ms. D had her work jeans down to the floor and her DD breasts were hanging over the sink as she was washing her hair and she looked up in surprise at me. "What are you doing! I'm in here!" "Nice tits" I surprised myself with my boldness. I felt so powerful in my manly work clothes and manly sweat.

There was no one by us and I just walked in on her in the small bathroom. She tried to turn around and pull her jeans up but I pushed her up against the sink and she held it. "Yea, we're gonna fuck. I need a good mom and son secret hidden after all that hard work bitch." I grabbed her slender hips and reached around with one hand to feel the folds of her pussy.

It was warm and damp from the sweat. I pulled the panties down with my free hand and pressed my dick up against her ass through my jeans. "Oh shit I never thought I could do this. You're gonna love this." I held her against the sink, she didn't put up much of a fight as I undressed myself from the waist down and grabbed my cock which was already stiff.

I bent down and parted her ass cheeks. "damn! That smells like shit! hahaha!!" I spit in the ass. Then cocked a loogie and spit another glob of spit and mucus onto the anus. "Don't move, I might be Asian but I still got a nice 7incher for you." I pressed my dick against her anus and felt my head touch the warmest ass I had ever felt up to that point.

"oh my god. Someone is gonna come in! stop." She was enjoying this, I thought.Was she going to tell on me? "Naw.I locked the door like you should have dumbass." I thought I was pretty smart. But for a smart guy I could pop my dick into her anus. She was puckering her asscheeks.

"Open up Ms. D. Let me fuck you, you want it damn it" I grabbed the shampoo she was using and squirted some on the anus. "Shit this is gonna burn later." The shampoo let my dick slide in so fast. I wanted to just let my dick rest in that anus, it was contracting like crazy and each contraction brought me closer to orgasm. She was trying to shit my dick out and push it out with her muscles but that just brought me more pleasure.

I felt my legs go weak, I slapped her ass with my hand and spit on her back. "Damn! Ms. D I always wanted to fuck you. You're the finest teacher in the school." She was enjoying the cock now. But I wanted her to shit my dick out, I liked the contractions. So I pushed it deeper into her anus. "FUCK!! That hurts you little fuck!" She screamed and tried to turn around but I pushed her head against the wall and just pressed my dick as far as I could push and felt her spincter wrap around the base of my dick.

Her ass cheeks were so plump and warm, I busted my nuts right then and held her body against mine to keep the cum in her. She went weak in my hands and I could feel her ass loosen. SHe struggled a little but held her by her tits and groped her pussy. She fell weak in my hands as I drew my thick cock out of her asshole.

She slapped me as I was pulling my jeans up. "Don't you tell anyone." I was surprise. I didn't expect her to say it! "Of course not, and when you need me I'll fuck you again you lil slut." She left first and I followed.

That night she slept in another room with the other instructor. I wondered if they were fucking, but I had other things to tend to.This blond girl named Tracey moved to our room and I couldn't believe her cheerleader good looks. She had the perfect pornstar body and I could tell her peach shaped tits were too small for her nightie. I grabbed my vaseline to jerk off in the shower thinking about her ass and Ms. D's perfect ass too! While in the single sex swing partners give best ass licking and foot fetish tube porn I heard this Indian girl singing next door in the stall.

"Oh fuck!" The guys weren't supposed to shower when the girls were showering. "Hey! Whose that!" She heard me.

"Uh it's just me. Sorry I didn't know you were in here. I'll get out first" "It's ok I'm done!" We had to leave one at a time because we would see each other in our towels if we didn't. I peaked out and saw her medium sized adam and eve sex parody "Nice, damn Diane your tits grew!" "Hey! Your not supposed to look!" SHe smiled at me. Her pale Indian skin was flawless. She wasn't hairy either strangely, more Americanized I guess.

But I got a boner behind my curtain checking out her sculpted body. She walked into my shower, checking if anyone else was going to bother us. "What are you doing??" I asked her, sort of surprised.

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"Ms. D told me you fucked her, your a lil rapist aren't you?" "Oh shit.uh.she told you?" I was fucked I thought. "She told everyone, all the girls anyways. She said she pretended not house of love girls in hotel mandarin want it, but she wanted some young dick in her ass" I was bewildered at my stroke of good luck.

At this point Diane took my dick in her soft hands and asked me softly, "DO you have any more cum for my ass?" "Oh fuck yea, I could fuck all the girls here tonight bitch" I felt my dick go really hard and i had to turn the water down colder.

It was hard to breathe. I took some vaseline, " Here turn around, I'm gonna put this in ur ass." I pushed some vaseline into her asshole with my two fingers." "Ugh.oh my god.please do it slowly." She grimaced as my fingers withdrew my her hot ass. "Naw. you want it like Ms.

D. had it your gonna get it like that." Wrapped my legs around her and pressed my erect dick on her ass cheeks as I fondled her firm breasts from behind.

"You're a lot younger, your ass is gonna be tight. It's gonna feel real good." She was only maybe 15- one of the younger members on the trip, but one of the more beautiful ones. "You ready?" She was squirming to fit my dick into her pussy now.

"Oh hell no. I want your asshole, that shit is tight." I felt my dick at her asshole and pushed in lightly. "Oh fuck this is too tight, this isn't gonna fit." I kept about 1 inch of my dick in her ass as I scooped half of the vaseline from the bottle and pressed in onto my dick.

I slowly worked my 1 inch deeper as more vaseline got into the ass. Finally I was pushing about 4 inches in and out. "Oh my god. I never had anal before." She closed her eyes and I rested my head in her godly hair. It smelled so perfect and I fucked her tight ass slowly as I felt my dick get harder with each push.

I was working her ass looser, and about 3 minutes later all 7 inches was pushing her ass apart. Her ass was tender now, and I pressed her against the wall as I slapped each cheeck. "Ugh!" I slammed my dick as far as I could press it into the end of her asshole.

I found the end with my dick head and it was hot there. I Slammed that end with no relent for a good minute and I couldn't hold my cum anymore. Without tell her I pulled out and slammed my cock really hard into her pussy. I ejaculated. "woooohoo!! Oh fuck that was good." "Oh my god! What are you doing! What the fuck!" "It' ok your on the pill right? Oh god, your pussy is warm too, but your ass was tightest. Damn thanks for coming in here.

Now get the fuck out, i gotta take a shower." She was kinda pissed as she left. I teen gets delight in sex pornstars and hardcore she didn't orgasm, but I had more things planned for tonight.