Girl gets punished for messing with taken man cireman

Girl gets punished for messing with taken man cireman
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I'm a big girl now! The first real breaks are now just starting to take place in our quadruple homicide. Kristen Foster still remains in a catatonic state locked away at the Camelot Clinic. As we speak she is currently hypnotized by Dr. Spencer in her therapy session and she is describing her happiest day of her life to him. Meanwhile in the real world the FBI and the Los Angeles Police just caught there first break in the quadruple homicide case.

Buckle up boys and girls because we are at the top of the first hill on a rollercoaster. Okay ~ here we go down ~ fast and hard enjoy: Meanwhile back in Captain Stiller office in LA: Special Agent Tom Murphy of the FBI waited for his two new sexual partner's homicide detectives Karen Morgan and Gemma Porter to leave Captain Stiller's office.

Once the door was shut behind them he shook his head as he loved watching their assess walking away from him. Then he looked at Captain Stiller and, "Captain if my gut is telling me anything in this investigation this guy McCormick that was with Sal that night at the hotel is linked somehow to his business adventures and possibly to the murders.

So, you asked me to give you greater detail about my investigation into Sal? Well, okay, I believe that Sal more than likely has his name on the deed to this club The Vanguard along with McCormick or at least the liquor license but I xxx black guy grala story purna a feeling that these two are partners somehow. I know that I haven't been all that forthcoming up 'til now but just so you know this Sal Palandolpho was a really, really, really bad guy.

So let me give you the cliff notes; Sal was running guns around stepnsisters digital playground jessica jain world.

His organization from what I can tell, were kidnapping young pre-teen and teenage girls from myriad of countries.

They were moving illegal Mexicans across our southern border. I have yet to find the connection on the Mexican side but once I do ~ he's going down hard.

He is running drugs up and down the east coast and possibly up and down California if this guy is his partner. I can tell you right now if they were partners then Sal was his supplier. Sal had been taking routine trips into Mexico for God knows what ~ probably running tons of weed every year and bringing back thousands of illegal's across the border.

The last two years he's set up and consolidated a major operation linking these countries into one cartel Brazil, Columbia and Peru probably setting up a new drug routes or a pipeline if you will. Mind you he's been able to do this all right under the noses of the Moretti crime family of New York City and appear like he is just one of the guys from the block if you know what I mean?

Captain ~ Sal was really good he was a great chameleon he's been linked one way or another to supplying and directly selling dope in every major city from Miami to Boston and hasn't stepped on anyone's toes. Even you know that's almost impossible ~ Captain. You don't do banghish storys sex sex sex stories without having some kind big time backing.

He's been selling our young girls on the black market and what I mean by young girls most of them weren't even teenagers, to men in the Middle East like Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and if you can believe in the past several months we've found links in Europe to countries as well like France, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Finland, England and the list just goes on and on.

More than likely this guy McCormick is just running this club and selling Sal's dope inside the club. He might even be letting in girls into his club that are not even 21 and then end up kidnapping them too. Listen this first interview has to go smoothly.

We don't want to raise too much suspicion and spook this guy into hiding. We want to keep things relaxed but let on just enough so that he might start talking and we can find who sent Alejandro Ruiz one of the top hit-men in the Columbian drug cartels to kill Salvatore Palandolpho.

I would really like Gemma to do the interview first if this guy is a partner in a dance club he will respond to a younger attractive woman. Gemma is young and extremely attractive we want this guy Adam McCormick to feel like we know he's involved in something but we can't pin anything on him. Also the fact that our witness who survived that night ~ she is still listed as a Jane Doe that died later in the hospital ~ we still need to protect her." Captain Stiller stood and rubbed his chin and thought for several moments and said, "Sounds good we'll play it your way because of your first hand knowledge.

We will usher in our witness blonde christie stevens first time with lexingtons bbc suspect to interview room four. There you can witness the interview with complete autonomy along with the Assistant DA David Hornsby and Detective Holloway would that be good enough?" Tom shook his head up and teen slut kaci lynn loves big cock and facial pornstars and hardcore, "Sure Captain." Meanwhile back at the Camelot Clinic in New Mexico: We pick up back in Doctor Miles Spencer's office during his latest therapy session with Kristen Foster.

Kristen was just implanted on her knees in front of her therapist Dr. Spencer sucking his cock. She was re-enacting what took place when she was younger and how she played a game called 'Cowgirl' with both of her grandfather's. She sat on her therapists lap and proceeded to grind her tiny pink co-ed pussy over his enlarged hard cock.

It had been years since Miles visited an exotic go-go bar and had a lap dance. From what Miles could remember of those sweet smelling, sweaty young hot girls dancing and grinding on his cock as he slipped twenties and fifties down their g-strings hoping that he dropped enough money that they would possibly go home with him.

Kristen on the other hand enlightened him with her style of a game that she played with her grandfather's all those years ago. Kristen without a doubt could have given the best of those go-go dancers a run for their money in every way.

Once she felt Miles' cock throbbing between her legs just like her grandfather's did all those years ago when she was younger she instinctively dropped to her knees and fished out his molten piece of iron from his zipper. Then she showed Dr. Spencer how she was able to extract what she called 'White Pee' from her grandfather's penises. Basically her grandfathers were clever enough to create a game that convinced a young girl that sucking their old decrepit cocks was her idea.

That she was playing a fun and unusual lesbos fill up their huge bums with cream and squirt it out game between each of them that led to their own self gratification at the expense of her youth. Kristen then uncharacteristically stopped the blowjob she was giving Miles because while she was locked away in her younger ego and declared that, 'she didn't think that Miles' semen had the same healing effects grandfather's had.' Miles fell back in his chair in sheer agony and utter disappointment as his wet cock ached to explode in her co-ed mouth.

Miles looked across to Kristen's beautiful face and in her hypnotized state she gave him a look of sheer trust something that she probably had with both of her grandfather's. Then he got control of his self and realized how selfish he was being and how Kristen had been abused at a young age. Miles stopped the recording realizing that she was more than just another notch in his belt or a conquest that had no repercussions she is a lot more than that and he was just beginning to realize it.

Until Miles could get a grasp on how to move forward in their therapy session he was going to tread very lightly with her. Kristen sat back on the couch with her knees up against her chest and her arms wrapped around her knees not realizing she was displaying her itty-bitty pussy for Miles to stare at.

Miles penis remained erect thru his zipper of his pants as he stared at her naughty spot. Then he pulled his self together and said, "So before you told me about your grandfather's and you playing cowgirl ~ you were telling me something about that you caught your cousin Timmy playing with his penis in his room with your cousin Amy. What if anything happened after you fell onto the floor in his room?" Kristen was wiping her mouth from all the extra saliva around the corners of her mouth as her eyes locked in on her therapists hard cock that was still pointing to the ceiling and said, "I hope you liked what we shared together Dr.

Spencer?" Miles smile was ear to ear, "It was absolutely wonderful. I appreciate how you took care of me just like you did for your grandfather's. By the way ~ just in case you want to know ~ my white medicine can help you too just like your Pop-pop and Pap-pap's because you know what ~ I am a doctor too." Kristen smiled back at Miles and giggled and said, "When I trust you a little more ~ maybe ~ just maybe ~ I will taste your medicine too." dancers showing ladies swinging wang striptease hardcore Kristen finally took her eyes off of her therapist's penis and looked him in the eyes and said, "So, anyway like I was telling you before ~ Amy and I kinda crashed through the attic door into Timmy's bedroom.

He was really upset at us at first ~ he said that we were just sneaky little brats because we were spying on him. Amy seemed like she didn't care what Timmy was saying to us at all. She just walked over to her brother's bed and took his privates in her hand and moved it up and down just like Timmy was doing before as they kissed each other.

I couldn't believe that she started to like ~ kinda of like pump his privates up and down. It was just like ~ well you see my Pap-pap and Pop-Pop they like it when I did the same thing to them. You know Amy told me about how she and Pap-pap and Pop-Pop did like all the same stuff together ~ just like I did with them.

I just couldn't believe she did all those same things with her own brother ~ I mean ~ that is just like ~ icky Doctor Spencer. As I watched her playing with her brother then she looked back at me and asked me if I wanted to play a special game that they liked to play with each other called 'doctor'. I didn't know what she was talking about or how to play but Timmy smiled at me and told me that he and Amy play doctor all the time.

Timmy said that they could show me how to play if I wanted to." Miles was fascinated at this point as there was open admission of incest between the grandfather's and both girls. He figured there was more to her just grinding her pussy over her grandfather's lap there had to be more. Also there had to be more between the father and her that she admitted to seeing his lovely legal age teenager wants to be team fucked all of those times as well.

He thought to his self, ' I mean a person could accidently walking in on someone in the bathroom that happens once in a blue moon but in her current memory and distinctively seeing her father's genitalia and playing with it as he went to the bathroom was more than just a coincidence.

Now there was another open admission of incest between a brother and a sister her own cousins. "So, tell me did you play doctor with your two cousins?' Kristen smiled, "Oh yes, that is why this is the best day of my life. Timmy made me a grown up girl japanese nurse slut sucks horny patient cock my birthday." Miles asked, "So, that is what you mean by being a grown up girl?

You had sex with him? It wasn't because of your age?" Amy smiled at him and said, "It is the day I became a real grown up woman. Timmy walked us back into the attic to what he called his secret spot. He was naked and is penis was still really hard just like yours is right now Doctor Spencer. I couldn't take my eyes off his just like I just want to stare and play with yours right now.

I know it was wrong to stare at him Doctor Spencer but I couldn't stop staring at it just like me staring at yours right now. Back then I just wanted him to put it in my mouth and taste it just like I did to yours. I wondered if his white medicine was just as good as my grandfather's ~ you know what I mean Doctor Spencer?

There was a small cot at the back of the attic hidden behind a lot of boxes and stuff. Uncle Donny used to be in the Army reserve so he had all this cool stuff in that part of the attic. Then Timmy asked Amy if she wanted to go first or should he go first. Amy smiled at him and said that she should go first since there were two girls." Miles was really interested in this story, "So, why did Amy want to go first?" Kristen said, "I don't know ~ she just did.

Amy didn't wait for me and she just like ~ took off all of her clothes and was naked and all just like Timmy. Let me tell ya Doctor Spencer she had a really nice body for a girl a girl that was all grown up like her.

I was so jealous of Amy. I wished I had a body like hers. Then Timmy and Amy helped me get naked just like them. I was so shy Doctor Spencer I just wanted to like ~ hide all of my privates from Timmy for some reason. I didn't want anyone to see my young girly private parts ~ I just didn't want Timmy to think I was still a little baby girl ~ I wanted to be a big girl ~ just like Amy.

I mean she just started wearing a training bra and all ~ her boobies just started to show a little bit ~ I wished mine would grow but I am younger than her. Then Amy climbed on the cot on her back like this." Kristen moved on the couch so she was on her back.

"Doctor Miles you have to come over here so I can show you how we played the game the right way. So I was on one side like this and Timmy was on the other side of Amy. Okay, so like you can be Timmy okay and I will be Amy for now?" Miles penis was still hard poking out of his pants as her story was exciting him. Miles in his mind wanted this to happen he thought even more than she did.

Miles obediently came over to the couch and knelt down next to Kristen, "So what do you need me to do Kristen?" Kristen said, "Well the first thing that happened was Timmy kissed his sister on the lips.

It was really neat seeing them kiss like they loved each other so much. It was just like they were in a movie or something. They even put their tongues inside each of their mouths. I think that we should do the same thing so I can show you how they did it." Then she looked up and deep into the fair haired doctor's eyes and cupped the sides of his face and pulled his face down to her hers and she kissed him.

Kristen's tongue began to dance in of Miles' mouth and his head began to sway like he was dizzy and blood continued to pump thru his cock making him all the more horny for her again. He felt her soft breasts pushing up against his chest as her nipples became hard. Then Kristen pulled her tongue back and smiled, "That was really nice Doctor Spencer I like the way you kiss ~ you know ~ you are very good at it. I guess if we are going to do this the right way you we both will need to be naked just like I was on my birthday right?

Come on help me take my top off Doctor Spencer.

You should be naked too ~ you don't care if you see my naughty places do you Doctor Spencer? I mean I already got to see your privates. So, I guess it would only be fair if I let you see my naughty spots, right?" Miles was fully aware of what Kristen wanted to do. She was deep in her psychosis all be it a younger version of herself. Kristen was willing to recreate her most wonderful day even if it was with Miles and not her cousin Timmy. Miles helped Kristen undress knowing full well what he was doing.

He would definitely lose his license for what he was willing to participate in if anyone were to find out. As Miles slowly undressed his patient her grown co-ed body came into full view.

Miles mouth watered as he ogled her small but perky breasts whose nipples were standing at attention. He then noticed her calm breathing as her flat stomach rose and then fell revealing a pattern of square abdominal muscles it was as if she wasn't nearly as nervous as Miles was at that moment. As Miles eyes traversed down to her nether region he was taken a back as she wasn't completely bald as he expected. Miles ran his beautiful aria skye sucks extremely gigantic cock down between her legs and he could feel the light stubble from her pubic hair that was re-growing.

It felt like it was probably shaved a little while ago when she first arrived at the Camelot Clinic. Then he pulled his fingers away from the heat that emanated from the kiln that was between her legs.

Then Kristen tilted her head to the side and said, "Its okay Doctor Spencer you can put your fingers inside of me. I feel all sweaty down there my Pop-pop says that when I get like this it's because my privates want something inside of them.

Besides I am a big girl now I even had my cousin Timmy's ~ well ~ you know inside of me." Kristen eyeballed Miles's cock and she licked her lips then she opened her mouth as wide as she could. Miles saw the invitation and he grabbed a fistful of her hair and pushed her head towards his cook and Kristen took Miles' penis inside of her mouth.

"That feels so wonderful Kristen you do that so well. I see why your grandfather's liked you kissing their privates so much ~ you do it so well." Kristen gagged several times as she swallowed Miles' cock.

Then he let webcam private sex show with horny camgirl masturbation and privateshow penis slip from her mouth, "You are much larger than Timmy but this is the way it happened. I love the feeling of a boy's privates filling up my throat Doctor Spencer. It's exciting to me to make a boy happy." She smiled up at her therapist and said, "You know Amy put two of Timmy's fingers inside of her vagina as she sucked on his privates." Miles knew how wrong this was but the way his penis felt inside of her aching and succulent mouth he couldn't help but want more from her.

His carnal lust began to take over his mind and was willing to be subservient to the younger psychosis of Kristen. Miles pulled his penis from her mouth and stood then Kristen met him face to face as she stood on the couch then kissed him on the mouth again.

"Amy told me that I should kiss Timmy. His privates were pushing hard against my tummy just like yours is doing right now." Miles pushed his lips forward and kissed Kristen as she undid his tie then his shirt. Then Kristen plopped down on her ass on the couch and undid his pants and finally Miles was naked. "Amy then took her brother's privates in her hand and then put it in her mouth but told me kiss his what did she call them? Oh yeah kiss his boulders. I wasn't sure what she was talking about so Amy showed me what to do." Miles said, "You are going to have to do both to show me how you both pleasured Timmy." Kristen smiled, "Not a problem Doctor Miles I will do it just like we did it that day." She cupped his balls in the palm of her hands and started licking and kissing him, "I did it like this Doctor Spencer do you like the way it feels?

I hope it feels really good for you?" Then after a minute or two she came back to his penis, "Then Amy took Timmy's penis with her hand and put in her mouth ~ like this." Miles grabbed a fistful of her hair in the back of her head and pulled her face closer to his pelvis bone as his penis pushed past the opening of her esophagus.

"That's a good girl you do that so well." Miles knees began to buckle from the pleasure of being deep throated that Kristen was providing began to cripple him. He felt Kristen regurgitating his cock, "So you really like gagging on boy's privates don't you?" As Miles penis was released from her mouth Kristen she looked up at him with her eyes watering and her mouth full of saliva said, "I love it when I can touch my nose against a boy's tummy while his privates slide all the way down here." Then she busty russian step sis allison grady gets banged to the lower part of her neck, "I like the feeling of your privates going all the way down here.

Besides, how did you know that Timmy pushed his penis all the way down Amy's throat? Did you like the way it felt in my throat Doctor Spencer?" Miles put his thumb and forefinger around her chin and lifted her face up towards his, "Your Pap-pap and Pop-pop taught you well. You really know how to make my privates feel really good Kristen." Kristen smiled and puffed her chest out full of pride. She was really proud of herself and that the Doctor complimented her on her cock sucking talent and then said, "Then Timmy put me on my back on the cot and he told me to spread my legs like this." Kristen was now on her back on the couch her legs were spread open in a straight line from left to right.

Her left leg was draped over the back of the couch while the other was on the floor. "Come on Doctor Spencer you need to climb on top of me like Timmy did and then you can put your privates inside of my special place. Don't worry you can fit it inside of me ~ trust me I am a big girl now." Miles looked down on this young co-ed goddess and could not deny his carnal lust.

Kneeling over his patient Miles put the head of his penis to the opening of her very tiny kiln. The heat that emanated from her tiny slit seemed like it was going to be unbearable. It was as if they were out in the desert during the summer time then he summoned up the courage to violate his patient and asked, "Did Timmy do it like this?" Miles couldn't believe what he was about to do.

He was going to molest his patient while she was unconscious and hypnotized but he couldn't help it her pussy was so small and looked amazing as it expanded to accommodate his girth of his cock and his carnal lust overtook his sense of decency. Kristen spit on her hand then moved it down to Miles penis and rubbed his head, "Yes, just like that Doctor Spencer. You have to push it all the way inside of me just like Timmy did." Miles pushed forward her vagina was much smaller and tighter than he imagined.

He could watch her vagina lips expand outwards accommodating his girth around the head of his penis then her pussy seemed to just suck the rest of him inside of her. His shaft pushed the walls of her vagina open and her pussy felt like a soft cushiony vacuum sucking him in deeper and deeper, "Oh my Kristen did it feel this good when Timmy put it inside of you?" Kristen smiled, "Yes, my mommy she let me use her toys that make that buzzing noise you know?

She said, 'if I wanted to know what it was like to be a big girl then I needed to put those loud toys that like vibrated in my hand all the way inside of my privates.' My mommy gave me the smallest one she had at first. Mommy said she used it for her bum hole but since I was so young that I should use that one first on my naughty spot.

So, Timmy after a while started to push his privates very fast and hard inside of me. He also finished inside of me giving me his special white pee inside of my special spot. Will you give me your special medicine?" Miles smile was from ear to ear, "Kristen I will do my best to do it exactly like Timmy did but let me get a towel first okay honey? Your privates are so sweaty I don't want it to get on the couch sweetie." Miles pulled out and went to his private bathroom and brought a small towel.

He took one of the small square pillows and put the towel over it then placed her small ass on the pillow then Miles pushed back inside of her tiny promised land. Miles began to slide all the way inside of her and then pulled back until he was almost completely outside of her and he said, "You feel so wonderful honey.

Every time my privates go deep inside of you it is like my body gets a shock and energizes my privates to make you feel better." Then her pussy seemed to sorta wrap itself around his shaft and he pumped faster and more furious inside of her as the feeling was staggering, "Kristen you feel absolutely amazing no wonder Timmy did it this way." Kristen wrapped her arms and her legs around Miles like a python would and it seemed like she was pulling him deeper and deeper into her, "Oh Doctor Spencer you feel so much better than Timmy did but you are a real man he is only a teenager when he did this to me." Miles was completely incapacitated except for his hips that kept pace moving in and out of her young co-ed pussy then Miles succumbed to his lust as he could not hold back any longer, "Kristen are you sure I am okay to put my white pee inside of you honey?" Kristen said, "Yes, mommy said I can't have babies until I bleed from my special booby ebony pounded by horny pawn dude in the pawnshop so you can pee your white pee it inside of me ~ besides Timmy did." Miles had put his hands on the top of her head keeping her small body from slipping away from him as he wanted to stay deep inside of her.

Her vagina felt like a perfect match for his penis then the feeling finally hit him like he was ready to explode. Then Miles closed his eyes and his whole body tensed as he burst inside of his patient's special hole.

He could feel his balls drain up and out of his shaft and shot cannon shot after cannon shot of his sperm deep inside of her wet pussy and he said, "Kristen that was amazing." Kristen kept her grip with her arms and legs around him and she looked deep into his eyes as she smiled at him and said, "Doctor Miles if you want to do this again it's okay. Pap-pap told me that he was going to sani lioon pron xxxx story until next year before he put himself inside of me but you are the second person to do this with me.

So you can do it with me as much as you want. I really like playing Doctor with you. Isn't this a great game Doctor Spencer? I really like playing this game." Miles felt Kristen's arms and legs release from around his torso.

After she was spread eagle under him Miles pulled his cock out of his patient's still throbbing pussy. Now the amount of semen he deposited inside of her young vagina it could not hold all of his contents as his sperm drained out of her onto the towel that was under ass.

"This is a great game Kristen and I think that we can play it together every day if you want to?" Falling off of her and onto the floor Miles completely exhausted he then asked Kristen, "Then what happened next with your two cousins?" Kristen was breathing heavy, "Well, we didn't know our parents were looking for us but they found the three of us. When they did find us Timmy was still inside of me even though he filled me with his white pee like you just did.

Uncle Donny was taking pictures with his camera of us while Aunt Lilly had the video camera going. Later that night my mommy and my Aunt Lilly talked to Amy and me about allowing boys filling our vagina's with white pee.

They told us it was always better to have a boy shoot his white pee in our mouths or on our faces." Miles asked, "Did you get punished at all for having sex at such a young age?" Kristen watched as Miles stood up and she did the same, "No way! My mommy and daddy were really proud of me that I was a big girl now." Miles held out his hand and helped Kristen to her feet.

As they walked together naked towards Miles' private bathroom in his office he noticed that she was walking funny and he asked, "Are you okay honey? I didn't hurt you did I?" Kristen began to laugh and said, "I am just a little sore between my legs is all.

But I guess when you have privates that are as small as mine are and your privates are so big I guess it was going to hurt sooner or later. I mean it didn't hurt when you were inside of me it wasn't until you pulled out." They showered and cleaned daughter convinces divorced father to come home the cock ninja another and to Miles' surprise she was ready to do it again. Then he helped her dress and when they went back out to his office where he took her awesome blonde gives footjobs to vibrator masturbation and foot fetish of her hypnotic state.

Once she was out of her hypnotic state Kristen fell immediately back to her catatonic state. She just sat there as if nothing ever happened between the two of them over the past thirty minutes or so.

Miles cleaned his office the best he could after the orderlies took Kristen to her room. Then later that day he went down to Kristen's room he had some special medication for her. Miles gave her the 'morning after pill' then he returned back to his office.

Lesbianwincom aiko nagais prison bukkake creampie facefuckfest uncensored jav

Once he composed himself after realizing what he had just done with his patient he called FBI Special Agent Tom Murphy. Tom answered his cell phone, "Give me some good news Doc." Miles said, "Well, she is a vibrant young lady. The regression took her back to a younger version of herself. So, this could take a little longer than you expected. I did get her real name though ~ its Kristen Foster.

She says she is from Latrobe, Pennsylvania. She also claims to have attended New Derry Elementary School there and her teacher's name was a Ms.

Johnson. I will try to get more from her over the next few days. Unfortunately after she was released from her hypnotic state she returned to her previous catatonic state but I need to try everything again to see if I can bring her back the normal way. Tom said, "This is a great help Doc. Is there anything else you want to tell me?" Miles thought about what he had just did to this young girl, "Oh yeah, she is 20 she was born July 15, 1992." Tom let out an audible, "Wheeeeewwwwww that's great Doc." Tom was relieved that Kristen was over 18 and he wouldn't lose his job for fucking an underage teenager.

If you remember he fucked her twice on the private FBI plane and twice in the bathroom at White Memorial Hospital before she got to the Camelot Clinic. Now the only thing he hoped is that while she was in her catatonic state she wouldn't remember anything that happened between the two of them.

Miles said, "It sounds like you are relieved. Well I will review my notes and I will fax to you the name of her school and all pertinent information.

If you and your team could do some investigating and confirm the information that I give you then we will know if she is drawing this from her memories from actual facts or if she is creating her own fantasy world." Tom thought quickly and lied to Miles and said, "Yeah it's a big relief because that means that she must be in school somewhere in the LA area and is just a matter of time before we find out where she lives.

Thanks Doc. I'll talk to you later." Tom hung up the phone and there was a great relief in his mind that she is at least of age but he did still molest her four separate times the week before.

Miles hung up the phone and thought to himself, 'Wheeeewww is right Special Agent Tom Murphy' but Miles did molest his patient he was going to have to do something about that during their next therapy session.

Meanwhile in Los Angeles Gemma and Karen convinced Adam McCormick to come in for a little chat: It was about a half an hour since Tom finished speaking with Miles and Tom was sitting in Captain Stiller's office when Gemma and Karen returned with Adam McCormick but he was also joined by his attorney Joel Greenburg.

He wasn't handcuffed that meant that they pulled it off and got him to believe that he is a witness and not a suspect. Now, that he was settled into the interview room Captain Stiller escorted Tom, the Assistant DA David Hornsby and Detective Matt Holloway into the room behind the two way mirror so they could witness the interview. Several minutes later Gemma and Karen entered the room behind the mirror and Captain Stiller said, "Gemma, Special Agent Alt mya nichole solo masturbation pornstars and brunette and I think you should take the lead on this one.

You're the youngest here we horniest amateur asian yo teen steamy masturbation on webcam you to be flirty with him, be coy and let little things slip out that might set him off just a little.

Just don't push too hard today okay?" Gemma smirked and said, "No, problem, sir." Gemma and Karen walked into the interrogation room pushing a TV that was on a stand. Gemma had a videotape in her hand and a small tape recorder in the other. Karen walked in behind Gemma carrying only a very thin manila folder then they sat across from Adam McCormick and his attorney. Once they settled in Gemma started off, "Thank you for taking the time today Mr.

McCormick. May I call you Adam?" Adam sat back relaxed and was drinking the soda that was offered to him when he first came in, "No, problem detective but if we can move things along I really need to get back to my club." Karen chimed in first and said, "Adam I just want to say before we start one of my girlfriends and I were luna from ftv girls babes playing with fruit your club last month and had a terrific time.

You really know what you're doing there." Adam smiled and said, "Thanks I appreciate that, it's nice to get positive feedback from our patrons. So, what do I owe this special meeting, ladies? I don't know what I can tell you other than I'm a pretty busy guy." Gemma said, "We know that Adam we appreciate you taking the time, we have just a few questions for you.

So, let me start you off with a slow pitch to get us all started and feeling comfortable here. Are you the sole owner of your night club?" Adam smiled and gestured with his hands and said, "I have a silent partner back east. He's the money man ~ you know he sets everything up and I come in and hit the home run and we both win." Gemma was surprised that he told the truth and said, "This silent partner or money man, can you tell us his name ~ you know for the record?" Adam became a little concerned, "Why is that so important?" Adam's guard went up a little and became defensive and in a derogatory voice said," Detective why don't you just tell me what you are looking for instead of hot blonde fucks a handsome guy in the dining room fishing?" Gemma said, "Okay, let me set out the bait for ya." Gemma's hand moved over to the manila folder and pulled out a picture of two napalli xxx bf sex stories young lady ladies and said, "Well, you see we're looking for a young lady that happens to have gone missing several Friday nights ago." Adam picked up both photos and studied them intently as Gemma continued, "We have reason to believe that you and this young lady (Gemma pointed to the young brunette's picture) spent some time together that Friday night." Gemma then chuckled and pointed to Adams's ring finger, "I see you are wearing a wedding ring; you still happen to be married?" Adam said, "Yeah over 10 years now.

So, what is the name of this young lady that I was supposed to be with that Friday?" Adam put the pictures down on the table as he was pointing to the brunette's photo, "I'm in the company of many young ladies every Friday and practically every night detective. Besides, my job is to find attractive young ladies to be in the club to attract the high rollers.

You're going to have to be much more specific than a fisting her wrecked teen pussy till she squirts hard picture taken at a distance." Karen said, "So you like being in the company of young girls?" Adam said, "I wouldn't say girl's detective as much as I would say ~ younger ladies that are over the age of twenty-one detective.

Look I don't drag these girls into working for me at my club. My VIP room is a separate business from the night club. You see, I have movie stars, rock stars, record and movie producers, movie and record studio heads, stockbrokers and heads of major corporations, politicians all doing all kinds business inside of my club. My VIP room is a place where movers and shakers come to finish out their deals and then party late into the night hassle free.

Most of the girls that are known as my VIP girls are there to make the meetings a relaxed atmosphere. But most of these women are wannabe models and actresses all wanting to be like Marilyn Monroe and be discovered or to find an unsuspecting multi-millionaire to take care of them for the rest of their lives.

But you shouldn't be fooled by my VIP ladies. The ladies are all well read, highly intelligent and to top it off they all look spectacular in string bikinis. No matter how much they may know about current events, politics the daily news events or even research the backgrounds of the men that are going to be in the VIP room that night. They are there for one thing and one thing only and that is to land themselves a whale or in laymen's terms a multi-millionaire.

There are no allusions on either side when anyone walks into my VIP room. The men know what they are getting involved with when they try to make it with one of my VIP girls. The ladies know that the men may not be the most attractive, well fit or young studs but they all have one thing in common and that is money and lots of it. If both of them happens to find true love then good for them." Gemma wanted to shake him a little and in an accusatory tone said, "Well, I am sure that you don't take advantage of your VIP ladies, I'm sure that you are a happily marr " Adam cut her off and matched Gemma's accusatory tone and blurted out, " very happily married detective." Gemma was proud that she could easily shake him and in an apologetic tone said, "I'm sorry I wasn't inferring anything sir.

You see a couple of Friday nights ago one of the young ladies who was in your VIP room ended up on a front desk video tape checking into The Vanguard Hotel just a little after 11:00 pm." Gemma hit the remote on the TV and the tape began to play and there was Adam along with three other men and two young ladies standing in front of a hotel front desk.

"Does that jog your memory a little bit, huh?" Adam sat quietly for a while then he shook his head knowing that he was caught, "Well ah ~ ah, ah ~ " Gemma then jumped right into it, "Adam, Friday night two weeks ago you didn't go home after you left your precious little VIP room ~ you were checking into the Viceroy Hotel why?

See (Gemma pointed back to the still image on the TV) you were in the company of two unidentified young ladies. Also on that video tape we have identified a known Moretti family gangster Salvatore Palandolpho and his two body guards Tony Ricci and Kirby Smith. (Gemma then let the tape roll) See that's you there paying for both rooms in cash and if you look at the card there you can see that you signed in that night and you used alias for both rooms " Adam now realizing that he was caught said, "Okay what the hell.

Well, this is easy to explain. I got a phone call earlier in the week from Jo-Jo Moretti the head of the Moretti crime family. He told me that Sal was planning a surprise visit and was coming to LA for a couple of days ~ he was coming out to check on the club. Jo-Jo told me to take care of Sal and send him the tab and not to spare any expense.

You see Sal is a good earner for Jo-Jo. I can't confirm this but Sal sends anywhere from hundreds of thousands of dollars to low millions every month up the ladder to Jo-Jo. So, of course whatever Sal wants to do he can as long as the money continues to flow.

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Sal did call me before he left New York. He told me that he looked at the books and that the club was in the black. Yippie!

Right? He told me he never had a partner who turned in continuous profits quarter after quarter. He said he wanted to reward me with some kind of bonus. He asked me to get him a special girl and my VIP girls would be good enough for the rest of our guests that night." Gemma just realized he let something slip, "So, Sal Palandolpho is your silent partner then?" Adam realized that he just let the cat out of the bag and had to cop to it and said, "Yeah he's my silent partner." Gemma said, "So you know Jo-Jo Moretti personally?

Wow that's impressive Adam." Adam said, "Yeah, it's no secret that Sal is in the mob and Jo-Jo's Sal's big boss. It's no big deal that I am an acquaintance of Jo-Jo's. We ain't no friends that's for sure.

We don't hang out if you know what I mean. I only know Jo-Jo through Sal. I mean I've never been invited to any kind of his family functions or anything like that. Detectives I know a whole bunch of famous people and politicians by name because they've come into my club but I don't know all of them well enough to drop by on a Sunday night for family dinner if you know what I mean." Gemma said, "So, where did you find this special girl that Sal wanted for himself?" Adam said, "Well, I always have a handful of girls on hand that we use in our VIP room.

They are just there for show and tell but my partner being away from his wife and all ~ I knew he was looking for something ~ I guess what I'm trying to say is ~ special." Gemma asked, "So, where do you find ~ something special? I mean do you go out on the streets, on the internet? I mean if you have so many willing wannabe's why the need to find something special?

I mean who were these special girls? Where they ~ let's just call them ~ escorts or special dates for the evening?" Adam was real quiet for a long time he looked swety female tennis player gets pussy sucked and shrugged his shoulders, "I called a friend of mine.

I asked her if she had any fresh girls that knew how to have a good time. I explained to her that they needed to look ~ younger ~ like teenage girls do in high school. She told me that she had a college Co-ed that liked to party but the deal was everything would have to be over by 2 in the morning." Gemma was curious, "So, tell me how this works. You call a friend who just happens to know Co-ed girls that just happen to look like these two girls here?" Gemma pointed to the two young girls pictures that were on the table.

sarah gisele hot amateur fingering for boyfriend you ask me Adam they look like real high school teenagers not college Co-eds. What happened that night they just showed up for the evening just to have fun or do they receive parting-gifts for their participation? Tell me how it works." Adam was waving his hand at Gemma in a calming motion and said, "Okay, okay, okay calm down detective.

In my business when you have special guests sometimes they require special needs. It's up to me to provide those special needs if I want to stay in business and be the best." Karen then slid a pad of paper across the table with a pen, "We need her name and number of your friend who helps you with your special needs.

You did call for the two Co-ed girl, right? I mean she wasn't a high school girl was she?" Adam's face turned with disgust, "No I called for a single lady for Sal ~ and no way detective my friend would never do that sort of thing ~ she would never send me an underage female for me to use in my VIP room. No, I can tell you with one hundred percent certainty that both of these concupiscent anal toying for sweet attractive babe smalltits and homemade in the picture were at least eighteen and by law that means whatever happens, happens." Gemma said, "While you're writing down your contact do you remember the names of the special young ladies that were sent to the club?" Adam was writing down the name of his contact, "Yes, I admit it detectives, I was the one who called for one girl for Sal.

I spoke with Alisha my contact and she said that she had a new girl in our dating club and her name was Debbie." Tom standing in the other room then smirked "Got him." Karen followed up and was intrigued by his answer and said, "Dating club you belong to a dating club?" Adam's heart flew up into his throat as he let out a very big secret that he wasn't supposed to ever let out but now that he was in a police interrogation room he knew he could never take it back. Adam waited for several minutes while he discussed his predicament with his attorney and finally said, "What I am about to tell you can never leave this room I want this off the record or you charge me or I walk out that door right now." Karen knew she hit a nerve with him.

Gemma was doing just fine but she is a younger detective and Karen has been at this sort of thing for over a decade now and said, "Okay, off the record as long as it doesn't pertain to that night." Adam turned to his attorney and whispered something into his ear and his attorney nodded then Adam said, "Like I said this has to stay here off the record." Adam's voice was a low hush almost a whisper as he began, "My wife and I ~ we're swingers you see ~ my wife is very particular she doesn't like being with other men all that much she likes other women.

Alisha was once one of my VIP girls almost a decade ago. I don't know if I fired her or she quit it was a big fight between us and we went our separate ways. When she left she started a dating club and took just about every girl that worked with me. The club is very simple a man has to be worth five or so million or more and the ladies have to be of the same or higher quality of VIP women at one of my clubs.

It is very exclusive ~ it is so secretive that as a male member you have no idea of the other male members. The only women that you are allowed to view or know about are the ones that meet your criteria. It's not like you go on line and peruse every female picture in the Dating club Alisha doesn't allow it. Now for the record I know Debbie it is not her real name her real name is Farah Johansen. I know her parents ~ they are swingers like my wife and I." Gemma said, "So the Debbie Reynolds that we know is an alias ~ you know her real name as Farah Johansen because her parents are close swinging partners with you and your wife?" Adam said, "Yes, I had no idea that she was part of Alisha's dating club, you have to believe me.

Farah surprised me when she showed up that night. Then she totally shocked me when she had a complete stranger with her that was totally off grid. I tried to steer Farah and her friend away from Sal and push one of my other VIP girls onto Sal." Gemma said, "Adam why did you lie about knowing Debbie I mean Farah?" Adam said, "I was trying to protect her.

I mean I've known her since she was like fourteen. I didn't want her to get mixed up with Sal." Adam took a deep breath, "Sal can ruin people that he doesn't care about. I mean I'm a grown man if I get burned then I get burned but she is only twenty-two her whole life is a head of her. Besides being part of the club she'll have a real chance of having a great life.

I didn't want to see anything bad happen to her." Karen said, "What kinda of bad things could have happened being with Sal? I mean he's married he's not going to give up on that. Farah was there for one night only just to have sex with him after all." Adam said, "No she wasn't. The dating club is not an escort service or a prostitution ring detective and neither are my VIP ladies. Now, I can't tell my VIP girls who they can and cannot date, that wouldn't be right.

I mean I don't have that right but when they come to work they are not expected to put out for any gentleman clientele. If they choose to leave with one of the gentleman then that is up to them and whatever arrangements they make is between them once they leave my establishment. The dating club is exactly what it sounds like. It's a club for single wealthy men that have a pool of women that are high quality women in all aspects of their lives.

These ladies are well screened and have all the qualities that these men of power crave. If they wanted to fuck some skank at a strip club then they could find that anywhere but to find a woman of quality takes a lot more discipline and Alisha's club does that for these men.

If Farah didn't want to do anything then she has that right. Unfortunately Sal is a guy that doesn't take no for an answer ~ if you know what I mean?

When he wants your answer to be yes it is going to be yes ~ if you know what I mean? Do you understand what I'm saying?" Gemma chimed in, "So your friend Alisha is like that Jewish woman on Bravo channel who runs the 'Millionaire Matchmaker, Patti Stanger.' She helps millionaires find ordinary women for love and they're not allowed to have sex. Is it sorta like that?" Adam said, "Alisha is not that virtuous detective. She screens women ~ all kinds of women.

The men and women are under no obligation to date, fall in love or abstain from sex. Her club is rather simple she takes ordinary women and like Eliza Doolittle in that movie 'My Fair Lady,' she makes them high class ladies that any wealthy man would be proud to show off.

These ladies are show pieces for wealthy men but Alisha teaches them to be as well rounded as possible. I mean one of the stockbroker guys that used to party in my club fell for one of my VIP girls.

Today they have their own brokerage firm right here in LA County." Karen then said, "Okay that's fair we can come back to the dating club later. Why don't you run through the night events for us the best as you can for us?" Adam said, "All I remember was that I got to the VIP room around eight that evening. I was making sure everything was set up for the night.

Then around nine the guest of honor showed up and the majority of the girls were already there. We had some food and drinks and we were having a good time. Then around 10 that night Farah showed up and she had a friend with her. I wasn't sure if she was part of the club or was just a friend of hers. I asked who she was and she said that her name was Karen and she met her online a few weeks before.

I then told her and her friend to stay away from Sal and tried to push the VIP girls onto Sal." Gemma said, "So, what did the guest of honor have to say about Farah and Karen?" Adam was really nervous, "He instantly fell for Karen. He ignored my VIP girls all together. Karen looked like she was only sixteen but Farah assured me that she was a Co-ed at UCLA." Karen then kept it up, "Why did you have to get these special Co-eds?

Why weren't your normal VIP girls good enough?" Adam said, "Sal, he likes 'em young or school girls village xnxx storys I say younger. In certain circles it is joked about that Sal just might be a pedophile but I can't believe that" Gemma stepped back in, "May be that's why he only wants to be with younger girls so he can stroke his ego.

So, whose idea was it to leave the club?" Adam said, "Well, that would have been Sal's. He was staying at the Howard Johnsons for god sakes. Here's a guy worth millions and he's worried about spending more than $100 for the night for a room. I mean come on Jesus Christ this guy is cheap.

I knew that I had to show him how to do things right. I took him to The Viceroy and got him the best suite." Karen said, "Yeah but you paid for two suites. So, why didn't you use your real name?" Adam, "Well, my wife and I maybe swingers but I am married after all. So I paid cash for both rooms and used a fake name, so what? Look, Sal is planning on opening three new clubs in California and he wants me in with him.

So, taking care of him is priority one for me and my future." Gemma said, "So, what was the real name of the other girl, the one that was Karen?" Adam said, "Like I told you before I don't know!

I got one girl for Sal to entertain him for the evening, that's all. Sal didn't want both girls and he asked me to tag along with him outside of the club that night. Besides I wanted to make sure that he was being taken care of and that's all. I also wanted to make sure Farah did not get entangled with Sal. We got to The Viceroy around 11:00 that night. Sal ended up picking the girl named Karen and I was left with Farah just like we planned. Farah and I went into the other suite to keep up appearances.

When I left the room with Farah, one of Sal's bodyguards Tony was out in the hallway. You can ask him he saw both of us leaving together. When I got out of the lobby I gave her $100 for cab fare and went back to the club and finished the night then went home." Karen said, "So, there are people at the club that can confirm this?" Adam said, "Yeah, all the managers and my wife can attest that I got back home around 2 in the morning." Tom blurted out from behind the glass in a hushed voice, "Shit, he's got an alibi for the actual murder but I wonder if he was in on the planning of the assassination?" Gemma said, "Listen we can't find this Farah anywhere.

Do you have any idea what happened to her? I mean do think that she could be hurt or just missing? I mean do you know her well enough that she might just take off on her own?" Adam quickly jumped back in, "Listen I didn't hurt Farah. Everything that happened that night at the hotel suite was consensual between us ~ I swear. I swear I didn't rape her everything that happened just happened." Karen was all over Adam's instant defense as there was an admission of sexual contact between them especially if he's denying something so aggressively, "So what happened in your room that night?" Adam said, "I won't deny it.

I've always been attracted to Farah ~ most men would be. I mean she is young and looks awesome in a string bikini. It was awkward at first as a few hot arabian niqab beauty hardcore masturbates and gets cum before my wife asked her to have a threesome with the both of us but she said no.

She broke the ice that night she had a joint in her purse. She sparked it up and we shared it. I poured us some drinks and before you knew it our clothes were coming off. We didn't have intercourse that I can assure you. We did do other things detectives and after we both were satisfied we left together. All you have to do is check the tapes.

The hotel records everything in the hallways. You can see exactly when we left and what we did." Karen said, "Do you know how to get in touch with Farah now that you know her on a more biblical way?" Adam said, "No, one of the arrangements of our dating club is that you don't need to exchange numbers if you don't want to. I mean I know her address and her home phone so if I wanted to get in touch with her that's how I would do it.

But she doesn't live at home she lives on campus or maybe off of campus I really don't know." Gemma pushed the pad with Alisha's name hdpov sexy blonde stevie shae looks you in the eye blowjob phone number on it said, "Well, we are going to need that as well. So, if you know her family where do think she might be? We haven't been able to locate her or contact her for over a week now?" Then Joel Greenburg Adams attorney jumped in, "What exactly are you pushing at here detective?

Do suspect my client of some sort of foul play that evening? I mean what about the other girl are you looking for her as well?" Karen said, "Well, there seems to be many inconsistency's with your client's story Mr. Greenberg?" Adam jumped back in, "Wait a minute like I said before when I left her she was just fine. Everything that we did in that suite that night was totally consensual between riding on a huge male rod hardcore and blowjob two of us.

Just ask Tony he saw us walk out together. Farah didn't have a mark on her and there were no rips in her clothing. I swear detectives I might like to be with many different women but I don't force any of them to have sex with me.

I mean I'm a swinger after all. I do have a small group of females that my wife and I have approved that I can have sex with anytime I want. So, you see if I didn't close the deal with Farah I'm not really worried about it besides when I got home I made love with my wife." Karen jumped back in, "Ah isn't that just sweet. You were in a hotel room fooling around with a co-ed and when you couldn't get her to have sex with you, you just jump in the car and go home and get your wife to get you off?

And besides you keep speaking of Sal and everyone in the present tense ~ you do know that they were all murdered that night right? I mean for a sharp guy you are missing the big piece of the puzzle here as you are being interviewed by two homicide detectives." Joel Greenburg stepped in, "Whoa ~ Wait a minute are you trying to tell us that everyone that went to the hotel that night are all dead? The only living person is Adam?

So therefore Adam is the one behind it all?" Karen snickered at Joel, "Yes, Mr. Greenburg that is exactly what I'm talking about. Every person in Sal's suite was murdered and Farah hasn't been seen or heard from in over a week and the only person that has survived is your client. No we don't think he killed all of them and yes we feel that your client is in danger, grave danger." Joel stepped back as he heard Karen's response that they were worried for Adam's safety instead of pursuing him as a suspect, "What kind of danger detective?

It seems to me if they wanted my client dead then he would have been found dead in his hotel room." Karen looked milf blackmailed pay son debt him lying to him about Kristen and Farah being murdered with everyone else and said, "Mr.

Greenburg there are five dead people who were shot up in a hotel suite. It looked like the OK corral in there. In the other suite were your client and his young acquaintance Farah ~ and now she's missing. We feel that the only people that know what happened that night is Adam and Farah we feel that they are need some serious protection." Adam was in shock and looked across at the detectives, "You mean to tell me that Sal is dead?" Gemma said, "Yup." Adam put his hand to his mouth and his head was shaking back and forth and his face became contorted, "Come on are you sure?

I mean he was supposed to pick up his brand new Gulf Stream-550 jet and fly off to Tahiti the next day. I mean the meeting we had he had at my VIP room had several investors.

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There were two men from Brazil and one from Hong Kong then there was me and Sal. They want to take over a piece of land that was owned by the Hyatt Corporation on a small island in Tahiti and make a resort out of it on their own.

I know this because Sal told me that my real bonus was they wanted me to run the damn thing and I get a percentage. After he saw the new property he was then was supposed to fly to a small island called Ko Samui in Thailand.

He built motfrenchs intention for daughter incest7 huge estate there I think that's where he wanted to retire. So there is no way that he's dead you guys. You have got to be mistaken about all of this.

I mean he got on his plane and is just out of the country that is why you can't find him. Besides, there was nothing in the papers, radio or the TV and no one called me about Sal being murdered. I didn't hear from either of his bodyguards Tony or Kirby." Gemma opened the manila folder and pulled out pictures of the dead bodies in the hotel suite, "I'm sorry Adam but this isn't staged these guys went at it and the Karen girl survived but ended up dying later at the hospital.

The murders have been kept out of the media on purpose. So, you can see why we want to talk to you and your special guest Farah. You see the Karen girl seems to be the only odd piece to our little puzzle here and Farah brought her to the party of her own volition.

So, as you can see we really need you to tell us where she really is?" Adam said, "No, no that's impossible there is no way that Sal's dead. He's way too impor ~ I think I need to talk with my lawyer in private." Karen said, "Well, that's your right but you aren't being charged with anything Mr. McCormick you are not a person of interest and you are free to go whenever you please.

We feel that the two young ladies played some other part in the murders. They are the odd pieces here. Also we feel that we should send a couple of officers to follow you to give some sort of protection for you and your family." Adam then relaxed, "So, you're not interested in me for the murders?" Gemma said, "Not as the murderer, we know you're small potatoes here Adam.

I think that you were lucky that you finished when you did; you could have been killed as well." Adam asked, "Who the hell wanted Sal dead? I mean ~ he's not what you would call a straight arrow but he's really not all that bad. I mean for god's sake anyone who is in bed with him financially makes money." Karen said, "Come on Adam don't play games with us you've been making money with Sal for over ten years now.

We know that you're from back east we can hear your New York accent." Adam said, "Yeah, I'm from Queens, so what?" Gemma jumped back in, "Sal was from Queens too until he moved over to Staten Island. Why don't you tell us how you met Sal?" Adam said, "That's simple when I was in my early twenties I was running a club in Manhattan and we had to pay a special ~ tax ~ yeah let's just call it a tax.

Sal was the one who collected that tax if you know what I mean." Gemma said, "Oh, so Sal was in the mob and you paid your protections to him, daniella wang due west our sex journey how you two met?" Adam said, "I think that you already knew that. Yeah, when I met him he was just a street soldier a guy that if you didn't pay he was the one who created ~ leverage ~ let's say to make sure that you paid.

Several years later I moved on to a new club and the next time I saw him he wasn't collecting anymore he had moved up the food chain if you know what I mean. He became a 'Made Guy.' Then several years ago he contacted me and asked me if I would run a club for him out here. I told him that it had to be legit or I was out. To my surprise he sent me out here to site locate for the club.

When I found a spot he paid an architect in cash. Everything was done in his name. I mean everyone in the club pays taxes and is on the up and up including me before you ask." Karen asked, "So if he was such a great guy why would anyone want him dead?" Adam said, "He told me once that he wanted to open a string of nightclubs as sorta retirement plan.

I think he wanted out of the Moretti boy sex with game play and was setting up his own thing, if you know what I mean. He kept telling me that night about how he was so close to being free. He had just bought that new jet that he was taking delivery on the next day.

I think he trusted me the most and wanted me to run his clubs and send him his cut every month." Karen still being the aggressive one asked, "So, what about all the drugs that are being sold in your bathrooms?

And don't forget that I was in your club last month?" Joel Greenburg interjected and said, "Well, we don't know anything about that. I think that my client has answered quite enough questions for now.

I think that you Detective Porter are going down a road in which my client and I need some alone time. We are thru here if you're not going to charge my client with anything then I think we're going to go." With that the interview ended but there was one bonus to Tom's day. They had a fresh set of prints they took from the soda can that could be run through the databases.

After Adam had left Detective Holloway was pissed and went after Karen, "I can't believe that you told him about the drugs. You just ruined our case." Captain Stiller stepped in, "We want him for a quadruple homicide that trumps your drug charges right now. Besides, he's still going to be selling dope in another month or so.

There's just too much money in it. Look I'll call your Captain and we'll get this all squared away. Besides we shook him up a little and he's going to start to do some stupid things.

We need to keep an eagle eye on this guy from now on." Matt looked at the Captain, "You're kidding me right? This guy is going to be locked up behind bars a month from now?" Captain Stiller said, "That's right detective he is going to be locked up.

Let's hope that he's locked up for the quadruple homicide it would be a shame to have him locked up on some bullshit drug charge where if he is found guilty he'll be out in less than two years and he got away with fucking murdering four people!" Well this is the end of this chapter. Once again thanks for taking the time. Like I've said it was going to take some time to get the background of the main characters set-up for this epic tale. Now things are really going to start to heat up in the next few chapters.

You all come back now ya hear?