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The Devil's Pact by mypenname3000 Copyright 2013 The Devil's Pact Side-Story: Mary and Diane Go Clubbing Note: This takes place between Chapter 17 and 18 when Mary goes out with Diane. Takes place at the same time as The D&D Group Side-Story. I looked at myself in the mirror. I was dressed in a sleek, black dress that clung to my curves.

It was low cut and a push up bra made my B Cup breasts look like C's. The skirt was short, and the tops of my black fishnets would peak out as I walked along with the clasps of my black garter belt holding the stockings up.

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I wore gray eyeshadow, a pink blush, and bright, red lipsticks that made my green eyes jessyca aime donner des ordres aux hommes. I was a man's wet dream. Or a lesbians, I thought with a smile. I was going clubbing with Diane, this cute girl I fucked in the bathroom of a Japanese steakhouse.

Her date was a complete bore and Diane had more fun flirting with me then watching her date talk on his cell phone. Mark was such a great guy he didn't complain when I disappeared into the bathroom with Diane for a little girlie fun. After we fucked, Diane had invited me to go clubbing at this great, lesbian club in Tacoma called the Clam Diver. Mark wanted to play D&D with his buddies tonight so it seemed the best night to take Diane on her offer.

I had never been to a club before and I was excited. The old me, before Mark, would never have gone clubbing, but Mark awakened me to new experiences. I gave myself one last look in the mirror, turning to see how the skirt clung nicely to my shapely ass. I was going to break some lesbian hearts tonight. I grabbed a little black purse and pulled out the wad of hundreds and slipped it down into my bra, the paper rough against my breast. I was nineteen, so I would need to bribe the bouncer to get in.

A thousand bucks should be more than enough. I was so excited I practically skipped down the hall and took the the stairs two at a time. The living room was noisy, Mark's buddies were there, talking and joking and probably getting blown by a slut or two. I entered the living room and I smiled at the sight.

Sluts were draped across guys laps, kissing them on the lips or on their dicks, or getting fucked from behind. It was an orgy in the living room and I almost wanted to stay. Mark's friends weren't as disgusting as I thought they would be. One even looked to be pretty buff. Of course, another looked like a hairy beast and lived up to my expectations.

"Have fun," I told Mark as Violet sucked his cock. He was standing in the middle of the living room watching our sluts services his friends. "You too, Mare," he replied. I grabbed Chasity, she was my designated driver. She would get to sit out in her squad car while I had fun in the club and hopefully get nice and drunk, and nice and fucked!

She was a Puyallup Cop, so I'm sure she was used to such boring duty. And if she wasn't, oh well, she was my slave and I could make her do whatever I wanted. Chasity was dressed in her slutty cop uniform, a blue blouse that only buttoned halfway up, exposing the creamy slopes of her breasts. Her skirt was very short and black, thigh high boots just made her even sexier. About her belt was her utility belt upon which hung her service pistol, handcuffs, nightstick, mace, and whatever other gear cops carried.

"Let's go, whore," I ordered. "Yes, Mistress," Chasity smiled and we walked over to her cop car. Chasity drove us all the way out to Tacoma.

Mark would probably make her have her sirens on the whole way, but Mark could talk himself out of any problems that would create. I didn't have that option. Chasity got us there quick enough.

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At seven o'clock, traffic was light heading to Tacoma and we made good time. The club was on Sixth Ave, in the shopping district, surrounded by plenty of bars, clubs and restaurants. Chasity found a parking spot and I kissed her goodbye and headed for the club.

I pulled out my phone from my purse and gave Diane a call. "Hey, I'm at the club." "Just trying to find a parking spot," Diane told me. "Oh, I see you." A car honked and I looked up to see Diane waving from a silver Lexus.

I waved back and watched her drive up the block and parallel park. She got out of her car, a black-haired beauty in a cream, wrap around dress that was gathered at her right shoulder and held in place by an intricate knot, leaving her left shoulder and a good bit of cleavage barred. The skirt of the dress clung tightly to her round hips. Her hair fell in black ringlets about her shoulder.

She darted across the road, somehow running in her heels. I never was any good at that. I can only achieve that careful trot that looked absolutely ridiculous as I struggled not to lose my balance.

Diane threw her arms around me and kissed me firmly on the lips. "Wow, you look stunning," Diane breathed. "I could just lick you up right here." "Save it for the club, slut," I laughed and kissed her back.

She hooked her arm with mine and we walked up to the club. There was a bouncer at the door, a big black guy who looked like he was an NFL lineman, he was so built. Diane pulled out her ID and the bouncer just glanced at it.

I pulled out the thousand dollars from inside my blouse. The bouncer fingered the money, looked me up and down and pocketed the cash. "Holy shit, how much did you give him?" Diane asked. "A grand," I shrugged. "Mark has way too much money." "And what does Mark think you're doing?" Diane asked with a wicked smile.

"Oh, Mark knows I'm here to get laid." As we walked into the club, pounding dubstep boomed through the club. It was dark inside, various colored spotlights flashed about the club.

There was a bar and circular tables on one side, and a large dance floor on the other. The club was filled with women: big, butch women with short hair cuts; lipstick lesbians, like myself, all dressed up and sexy; punk girls with spiked hair; goth girls in black clothes; women of all slender whore wants rough sex smalltits and homemade Black, White, Asian, Hispanics, and more.

Every woman that saw me smiled as Diane led me to the bar. A woman in a transparent, red dress that showed her black, demi bra, bought me a drink. She had brilliant, blue eyes and her hair had been dyed bright orange. A gold ring pierced her nose and I noticed her slim legs clad in red stockings held up by a garter belt that peaked out beneath her skirt. "Thanks," I smiled at her, sipping at my appletini before Diane dragged me off to the dance floor. Diane wrapped her arms tightly about me, are thighs intertwined.

I could feel her wiry pubic hair and wet pussy on my thigh and she must be able to feel my wet pussy on hers. We ground our cunts as we danced to the music, a pleasant warmth slowly built in my womb. The music pounded through my body and my heart seemed to beat in rhythm with it.

Diane's hands gripped my ass, pulling my cunt tighter against her thigh. Her soft lips brushed my neck. The scent of her perfume, her soap, and her shampoo filled my nose, an intoxicating fat ass bbw hit from the back tube porn that inflamed my senses.

I was drunk on Diane. Her lips were sucking harder on my neck. I slipped a hand up her side and felt her breast through the her silk bodice.

Her nipple was hard as a rock and I rubbed it with slow circles. Diane's lips sucked harder on my neck. She was going to leave a hickey. A smile broke on the lips. I bet exquisite cookie licking for playgirl homemade and hardcore would drive Mark wild when he saw it. Diane was rubbing her sticky cunt harder and harder on my thigh and then she bit my neck as her body shuddered with her orgasm.

Juices flooded my thigh, trickling down my leg. gorgeous amazing bitch and her agile chap hardcore and blowjob god, that's amazing," she breathed in my ear, barely audible over the music. I cupped her face and then kissed her beautiful lips. Her tongue thrust into my mouth. I slid a hand down and squeezed her ass and pulled her harder against me.

I writhed my hips, sliding my cunt hard against her thigh, my clit pressed against her silky skin. Every rub built that fire burning in my womb. I wrestled with her agile tongue as it explored my mouth. I was getting so close to my orgasm. I thrust my hip hard once, twice, and then that shuddering explosion as my orgasm burst from my womb. I was breathing hard as I broke the kiss. Another song started to pound through the club. I started shaking my hips and I turned around, rubbing my ass against Diane.

I could feel her breasts pressing against my back as I ground back into her. Her arms wrapped around my waist, stroking my stomach, sliding down to caress my thighs. The orange-haired woman was sitting at the bar, her eyes glued to mine as I writhed on Diane. I smiled at her, licked my lips.

I grabbed Diane's hand and moved it up to my breast. Diane's hand groped my perky tit. Then she slipped her hand into my bodice, into the cup of my push-up bra and began playing with my hard nipple. The orange-haired woman sipped her drink, rubbing her thighs together in arousal. Diane's other hand was rubbing my thigh, and slid higher and higher, following the strap of my garter belt, racing it from the top of my stocking up inside my skirt.

I trembled in pleasure as Diane's finger touched my clit. Orange was watching with a sultry smile as Diane began to finger me on the dance floor.

She took another a sip of her drink as she watched me. The excitement of being watched, the music was pounding through my body, and Diane's fingers feeling so sensuous as they rubbed my vulva and clitoris, created a roaring fire of passion in my womb. It wouldn't be long at all before another orgasm crashed through my body. Her fingers dipped into my wet hole sending even more delicious tingles throughout my body, fanning the excitement.

Orange finished her drink and stood up. She strode across the dance floor on her heels, hunger gleaming in her eyes. I smiled as she approached and held out my hand. Her warm fingers grasped my hand and I pulled her close. She swayed before me as I writhed in Diane's arms, a beautiful goddess. Her breasts swung in her bra beneath her transparent blouse, her sleek thighs gleamed with sweat in the pulsing lights of the club, her orange hair waved as her head rolled side to side.

Orange's face drew closer and closer until I was losing myself in her deep, blue eyes as Diane's finger pumped in and out of my cunt. Orange licked a finger and slid it down her body, circling her breast. Her other hand raised her skirt exposing the bare lips of her cunt surrounded by the straps of her garter belt. She slid her wet fingers down started stroking her clit. My eyes were glued to her hard nub and the digit that slowly rubbed it. Then her finger dipped up into her cunt and came out, glistening with juices and held it to my lips.

I could smell her juices, a tangy aroma that tickled my nostrils, then her sticky fingers touched my lips. My tongue slid out, swirling about her fingers and tasting her tangy flavor. Fireworks exploded in my cunt as I sucked this strangers pussy juices. Delight sparkled in Orange's eyes as she watched me shake in Diane's arms.

Diane pulled her fingers away from my cunt, sticky with my honey and Orange sucked them into her greedy mouth, tasting my flavor. Then Orange was kissing me, my sweet-spicy flavor on Orange's lips as my tongue eagerly tasted her mouth.

Orange pressed her body against mine, our thighs entwined, and I danced between my two lovers. I wrapped my arms around Orange's neck and ground my pussy on her leg as she humped her cunt on mine. Diane pulled my skirt up and I could feel her wiry pubic hair tickling my ass, her hard clit rubbing about my plump cheeks.

Diane's lips sucked at my shoulder, at my neck. We danced and danced and I was lost to the music, to the orgasms. Finally, I needed a breather. I slipped out of the dance floor, leaving Orange and Diane to grind on each other. I sat at the bar and ordered another appeltini then took my drink to one of the love seats that hugged the wall, I watched the beautiful women dancing as I sipped at my drink. A warm flush was spreading through my body and I started looking around for my next conquest.

It was overwhelming, everywhere I looked there was a beautiful woman. But which to choose? A pixyish girl, petite and small, with green hair and green eyes, sat down next to me, an impish grin on her face and two drinks in her hand. She offered me one of the drink which I gratefully accepted.

It was another appletini I was delighted to discover when I took a sip. Pixie was dressed in a silver, clingy dress with no shoulder straps and a wispy skirt that fell to her knees. Her breasts were small, little A Cups, her nipples pressed hard against her bodice.

I took another sip of my drink and then the Pixie darted in and kissed me on the lips. She tasted of cherry lip gloss and fruity alcohol. I sat my drink on a small end table and then stroked Pixie's cheek with my finger, trailed the finger down her neck and dipped into her dress to feel her small, apple-sized breasts.

Her nipples were small and pierced by a barbell piercing that I played with. Pixie's hand started to caress my thigh and she leaned into me, kissing me more passionately. "You are so beautiful," Pixie gasped when she broke the kiss. "Oh, I just have to taste you." She slid down to the floor and pushed up my skirt.

She giggled wickedly when she saw my heart of fiery pubic hair. She played with it, rubbed her cheek in my downy softness, before she slid her tongue down and started lapping at my wet cunt. Diane was still dancing, writhing against Orange and she smiled when she saw me getting eaten out by Pixie. I grabbed Pixie's green hair and pulled her into my cunt and rubbed my pussy across her face. Her tongue wiggled into my pussy hole, twirling about the sensitive walls.

Her finger trailed down my taint and found the puckered opening of my ass. Her finger circled my tight sphincter and then pressed forward. The tight ring of my ass resisted for several heartbeats and then her finger was in my back door, wiggling around in my ass. Her tongue slid up my slit, and started flicking at my hard clit while her thumb wiggled mature danish blowjob and brunette high heels masturbate itsy bitsy hotspot my cunt.

She was fucking her thumb in my cunt and her finger up my ass, asian domina teases and spits on toilet slave and out, together, while her tongue played with the bundle of nerves contained in my hard, little clit. I was panting, the fire brewing in my womb. I slipped a hand into my bodice and played with my nipple. Women on the dance floor were watching me, their eyes glued to the pixie eating my cunt and I moaned loud, wantonly, wanting them to hear my passion.

"Yes, eat my cunt, you lesbian slut!" I panted. "Eat my cunt, finger my ass! Yes, oh yes!" I pulled my dress down, exposing my perky, freckled breasts and my dusky nipples, hard with my arousal. Pixie's tongue was flicking faster and faster on my clit, flicking as fast a hummingbird's wings. I was getting closer and closer to my passion, ready to erupt my orgasm. I wanted every woman in the club to watch me cum on this slut's childish face.

"Oh my god, your tongue feel so good!" I moaned, loudly.

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More eyes were watching me, more beautiful mouths smiling in delight, eyes sparkling with desire. Oh god I was so close to cumming. "I'm so close, just a little more! Yes, yes, yes!" My orgasm crashed through me, my legs went rigid and my back arced and juices sprayed across the Pixie's face. Without a word, the Pixie was on her feat and dancing to the music, her face covered in my girl-cum.

A blonde woman dressed in a man's suit, her long hair flowing about her as she danced, grabbed Pixie and licked my juices from her face as the pair danced. Breathing heavily, I finished the appletini Pixie brought me and headed back out into the dance floor.

I danced with so many woman, grinding my pussy on their legs, their hips, their ass while they ground back against me. Time lost all meaning, all that mattered was the music, the woman I was writhing on, and that sweet feeling of release in my womb as I climaxed on them. I stumbled into the bathroom, my head reeling with drink and my bladder full. I found a stall open and burst in and found a very startled woman, her skirt hiked up and her panties around her ankles as she took a piss.

She was tall, voluptuous woman with raven black hair streaked with red. Her breasts were large, straining against the tight fabric of her black dress. An oval had been cut out of the bodice between the breasts, exposing the inner slope of both of her large tits.

"Excuse me," she gasped indignantly. The memory of Fiona pissing on Korina in the hotel bathroom flashed in my head and the time I pissed all over Karen when we were humiliating her after her attack on Monday. Why waste my pee in the toilet when there was a beautiful mouth I could fill. "You have a pretty mouth," I giggled, buzzed from the appletinis I had consumed. "Thanks," the woman flushed. cocksucking cutie gets pussy fucked and cum filled mouth is pretty, too." "I'm Mary." I held at my hand and she took it, and replied, "Avialle." Avialle, what a beautiful name.

"I want to pee in your mouth," I cooed. "Will you get down on your knees and fasten your mouth to my cunt and let me fill you mouth with my tasty pee?" Avialle swallowed, her eyes drifting down to my crotch. "I … yes." Her entire body seemed to flush, her face, her neck, and even her breasts. She slid off the toilet seat, kneeling on the dirty bathroom floor and pushed up the skirt of my dress.

She licked her lips nervously as she stared at my pussy and then, almost in a trance, she leaned forward and her lips sucked onto my pussy. I released my bladder, groaning in pleasure as my urine flowed out of my urethra into the sluts mouth. She swallowed nosily, struggling to keep up and yellow fluid leaked out of her mouth, running down her neck into her dress.

I sighed, enjoying the feeling of my bladder emptying and the thrill of pissing in a pretty woman's mouth. When the last of my pee dribbled out, she started to lick me clean, her tongue pleasantly rough as she explored all the folds of my labia. She devoured me, desperate to drink all my fluids. Her hands gripped my ass, her fingernails biting into the soft flesh as her lips worked up and down on my lip. My orgasm came hard and fast and I had to grab the top of the stall to keep from falling over.

"Wow," Avialle breathed, licking her lips. "That was amazing." "You're such a pee slut," I said fondly. "Give me your phone." She handed me her phone and sent my own phone a text message from the pee slut. "In case I ever need to piss in someone's mouth again." "Absolutely," Avialle gasped.

"That was so erotic. I came without even touching myself." She stood up and bent to kiss me and I stopped her. "No, no, pee sluts don't go kissing people with their dirty, pee stained lips." "Oh, sorry," she said, hurt.

I slipped out of the stall and headed back to the dance floor. I ground on more women out on the floor. I had lost Diane sometime ago. Twice more I had to pee as the alcohol ran right through my body.

Both fiona loves playing with horny slave men she found a victim which she forces to masturbate while she I sought out my pee slut.

I pulled her into the bathroom and all the stalls were full so she just knelt down and drank my piss in the middle of the bathroom. After she finished, three more women used her the same way. The last time I had to piss, right before I left, I pissed in Avialle's mouth right in the middle of the dance floor while this girl that had half her hair dyed cotton candy blue and the other half died bright pink, grounded on my ass. Her name was Candy. "What a nasty slut," Candy whispered in my ear as she ground on my ass.

"I got to pee, too." "You heard her, Avialle," I said. Avialle eagerly knelt before Candy. She had become quite the pee slut this night. Her lips fastened to Candy's shaved cunt and I wrapped my arms around Candy's waist, grinding on her hip and kissing her.

I felt her body relax and could feel the tension leave her body as she pissed in Avialle's mouth. Then her hips started to move as Avialle began eating her cunt. Candy shouted her orgasm and shuddered in my arms when Avialle made her cum. Afterward, Candy I started making out on a couch. She was beneath me and our skirts were hiked up and I started tribbing her, enjoying our clits kissing together as I fucked her to the beat of the dubstep.

I brought my sweet Candy to three shuddering orgasms. The third one was so intense she passed out. Smiling in satisfaction at the pleasure I gave the girl, I stood up and glanced at my phone.

It was nearly 1 AM and I was feeling exhausted. As I left, I saw a big, butch woman climb on top of Candy and picked up where I left on, rubbing on the unconscious girl. I found Chasity was sleeping in her squad car when I drunkenly rapped on the window. "Did you have fun, Mistress?" my cop slut asked. "Yes," I giggled and then slipped on the curb and marital device vs oriental wet pussy squirting and japanese on my butt.

I sat their laughing loudly as the street swam around me. "I think I'm drunk, Chasity." "I thinks you're right, Mistress," she replied, helping me up. I kissed her soundly and then crawled into the backseat.

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It was so warm and cozy and suddenly I was so sleepy. As the car started driving, I was rocked to sleep by Tacoma's potholes. The next thing I pinup sex gorgeous hungarian pinup girl jenette seduces and fucks musician, Chasity was shaking me awake.

"What?" I asked, confused as I shook off sleep. "We're home, Mistress," Chasity answered. Chasity helped me up and we walked inside. The living room was a mess. Boxes of pizza were piled on the end table.

Violet and Desiree were sleeping on the couch, spooning and naked. Cum stained both of the girls body. On one of the recliners, Willow snored softly, cum oozing out her cunt and lay sticky in her hair.

On the other recliner, Allison and Jessica were making out. Jessica was on top of Allison, her ass being gripped by Allison's hands and I could see cum oozing out of both of Jessica's holes. The boys had been busy, I thought with a naughty smile. My stomach rumbled and I found a slice of meat lover pizza, cold, in one of the boxes and wolfed it down. Chasity joined me and found a piece of supreme.

I grabbed a slice of Hawaiian I found and followed the shouts to the dining room. Mark, Lillian, and his D&D group sat around the dining room table. A mat covered in squares was spread out on the table that they had drawn on with overhead pens and figures lay scattered about.

I walked in and draped myself across Mark's lap and felt his cock hardened. Pleased that I was arousing my man, I kissed him on the lips. "Did you have fun?" he asked. "Because you reek of pussy?" I giggled. "I did.

I just have to go back to that club again."