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Beautiful young shaved pussy and cute boobs
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Not happy with this way this chapter came out but I had some requests for this kind of chapter i.e. more sex. I would work on it more but it seems to get worse the more I do.

Apologies for the crapiness in advance. It worked out because now I got something more for another chapter. Thanks for reading. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Alisha and Michele stood next to Daniel's bed.

They were checking the readings again. They were the same each time they tried them. Even Amy had stopped by to see if there was any change. "There is nothing. Every test we know and there is no physical reason for you not to have your sight." Alisha was exasperated as she busty floozy craves for cruel fuck naturaltits and hardcore. "It's possible that there is something that we don't know about." "There is also the unknown ." Michele started.

"I don't see how Michele. There wasn't any near his head or eyes." "It's in his blood. We have to start considering it." "Enough," Daniel yelled "Every one of your doctors have ben alluding to something since I woke up in darkness. I've let you keep it secret because you all felt you had to. I've done every test every request for every possible sample you asked for. Despite it all your still you have nothing. I can deal with all that. What I can't deal with is the problems that it seems to be causing elsewhere.

So I am done. Everyone needs to leave now. Its late and I want to be alone." Alisha shifted on her feet as she looked at Michele.

"You can't…" "Actually I can. Physically there is nothing wrong with me. I have voluntarily stayed here so you and the others can try to fix this. Since it is not a matter of life and death, I can end this whenever I choose. Now as much as being here is making me nuts, I am just exercising my right to be left alone.

Now the three of you have spent way to much time here. As much as I have enjoyed some of that time, you all need to lose the focus on me and focus on yourselves. For the last time this is not the fault of either of you. So stop feeling as if you need to cater to me and try to get back the life that you had before I intruded. Now please go before I exercise my right to just leave and never look back." He heard them moving around and out the door.

They came back a minute later. "Alright Daniel, we'll come back tomorrow." Michele was on his right picking up test reports and moving equipment. "Don't think you got over on us because you haven't." Alisha said from his left as she dropped some tablets on the equipment carrier. "We'll be back in the afternoon. Amy will be in as usual with your breakfast. I'm telling the nursing station that we are on call.

Anything changes we are a call away. We'll close the door so you'll have more quiet." He nodded and sighed as he sat up and readjusted the pillows behind him. He heard the door close and Michele whispering a good night.

Alisha and Michele passed the carriers off to an orderly. They stood talking to the nurse a few minutes waiting to see if their trick worked. When Amy didn't come out after ten minutes, they figured it had. Michele was just as unhappy about the situation as Alisha was.

They walked out of the Med Center and towards the nearest tram station. She was thinking of the tings Daniel had said. She looked at the woman she had married as they walked. They had a great time in the beginning.

Their family made sure that they were certain that it was what they wanted. They built to fuck first time this is our most extraordinary case file to date folks everyone they were in love and that was the only reason they were getting married. Of course, the tax breaks married people got was a nice side benefit. They had been together dating for over two years before hand. Huge titted chicks demand a hard dicking tonight couldn't think of anyone else she wanted to be with.

She remembered reading about a time when such a relationship wasn't possible in places. Today same sex marriages were commonplace. Just about everyone they knew was happy for them. The few that weren't were the guys that had been trying to get them in bed. However, they were more like disappointed than unhappy.

They even attended the wedding and all through the reception tried to get them to talk about the plans they had for the first night of marriage. She smiled as she remembered their wedding night. Her mind flooded with every memory that led up to it and she stopped suddenly. Alisha had been talking and suddenly Michele wasn't next to her.

A moment of panic set in as she turned around and breathed a little more easily seeing her standing there starting at her. She hesitated a moment until her partner smiled and held out her open arms.

Alisha laughed and slid into them quickly. The two just held each other and felt the emotions they feared may have been gone. They were struggling even before Daniel came in the picture. They had been at the food court to talk about where things were going between them when the chaos that brought him to them happened. They had been living apart for a few weeks by then. The whole life and death thing got them back together.

They were still having issues but they agreed being separated wasn't going to solve them. Their little exercises with Daniel gave them both even more to start worrying about. They were developing interest in men. "For a blind man he sees things pretty well." Alisha spoke the thought they both had.

"We are supposed to be helping him. And somehow he manages to help us again." "We have some work to do, aunt nephew incest sex movies yes I think he managed to save us again." Michele took her hand and kissed her right there.

Their lips parted and their tongues slipped between the others lips. They took each other's hands and looked their fingers together. They pressed closer as people passed them, a few men making a comment about a threesome. Older people awesome cutie rayna get fucks by her boyfriend big dick about the inappropriate behavior of professions.

Others chided them saying they should get out of public when doing that kind of thing. Michele pulled away from Alisha's lips and looked deep in her eyes when the last one said that. "I think they are right. I need to get you home." They hadn't made it a minute into the door before the clothing started to come off. Alisha pooped the buttons on her shirt as she grabbed Michele's arm and pulled her to the bathroom.

They helped each other with the remainder of their clothing taking a few extra seconds to caress the bare skin. The got in the shower as the hot water ran down their bodies they embraced and caressed each other. Neither could remember the last time they had done that. Alisha was the first to move to a more sensitive spot when she started kissing down Michele's neck and then across her breasts.

She flicked the nipple with her tongue and grinned as Michele sighed. She flicked her tongue around and then pressed her lips over it. She knew Michele's nipples were sensitive.

She had to wear special shirts to keep them from being rubbed through the day. She continues to attack one with her mouth and then the other with her hand. Not to be out done, Michele reached down, slid her hand between Alisha's legs and started working her clit. She pushed it side to side and then let it unfold feeling the tiny button in her fingers as her love groaned on her breasts.

She slid her hand back and forth slipping a finger between pussy lips. Alisha's eyes rolled a little. Michel continued rubbing harder against her clit and her finger slipped inside. Alisha moaned and cried out with delight as she leaned against Michele and rode through the orgasm clutching her lover.

Michele caressed her back as she came down and kissed her neck. She missed this. She started again moving her finger in and out of Alisha.

Vary vary young girls sexs made sure that she hit the spot each time she moved. Sometimes being a gynecologist was very helpful. She had "examined" Alisha several times looking for that spot and spent each time they were together trying to find the way to hit it each time.

"Ohhhh yes dam you," Alisha hissed. "It's not fair." Michele laughed as she pushed her over the top. "All is fair in love my dear." Alisha moaned as her pussy clenched at Michele's finger and she came again.

She stumbled back and from Michele's attending hand and gasped for air. As she recovered, she grabbed Michele arm. " Is that so," she laughed and pulled her from the shower to the bed and straddled her. She let her body move around grinding on Michele's. She laid on top of her wife and kissed her starting at her fore head then down to her lips.

She spent a few minutes there passionately kissing her moaning as she moved her hips and pressed her crotch into Michele's stomach.

She kissed her cheeks and then her ear. She made her way all the way down moving so she could spread her legs. Alisha kissed her loves clit and then pulled it in sucking it between her teeth. She gently rolled it in her lips as her tongue flicked across it. Michele wasn't able to hold in her sounds of delight for long as she twisted under her and arched her back. She gripped her breasts and kneaded them as Alisha's tongue worked its magic.

Alisha took that as her cue she moved down just enough. She was in a prime spot as Michele lifted her legs and gave her full access. Alisha dove in remembering just how well she liked the taste of her wife. She started licking her outer lips as she spread them, and dipped in her tongue she let her hand paly with Michele's clit. The two of them continued and started to feel what they once had.

They took turns pleasuring each other or just laid in each other's arms. Daniel tried to get comfortable on the bed. The doctors had been gone a short time. He sat up and searched for the remote. He laid back as he tried to remember the remotes layout. His fingers always managed to hit the wrong ones anyway. He knew where the buttons were, just his fingers didn't press the ones he needed. It took a moment to find. He heaved a sigh as he turned his head sideways and shook his head. "Amy I appreciate the effort.

It's not possible to sit there totally silent and unmoving.

Even if you were to manage it you would be in pain in the morning." Amy didn't move. She waited hoping he would think he was wrong and ignore any sounds he might hear. "Amy I can hear your breathing and even your heart beating faster.

You gave it a shot and it didn't work. I do enjoy your company and I'm not petite jenny ferri just turned yo and fucking with teddy bear carlos you forever. This is supposed to be your day off, and this is not the way to spend it. I fail to understand why you're not out with friends, family or anywhere but here. Now I'm guessing the Doctors are waiting outside to see if I caught on.

If they are tell them that there are better ways to distract a man." Amy let out a little cooing sound as she thought about it. Her mind relieved the times they shared, the gentleness he shown her. Mostly it was that he never did anything unless she wanted it. She thought about what she had been meaning to discuss with him. Her eyes went to his crotch. Would it be the same way if she gave him everything? Could it be different?

She had to shake the imagery out of her mind before she could stand. She got up and slowly walked over to the side of the bed. She looked at him and leaned down kissing his cheek. "Can't blame a girl for trying." Daniel grinned. How many times he had wanted to tell her not to do that. Each time she did the temptation was increasing.

He took a breath and the aroma emanating from her was more intoxicating and gave hem second doubts of sending her away. Perhaps there was something wrong with him. Seven years he went without a woman. Now there were three that he could have at a moment's notice.

Amy's reason was the only one he couldn't figure out. Amy left reluctantly. She lived on the first habitat level with her parents and brother. Her mother would be at work, so that left her home alone with her father and brother. She had told them she was being called in to clear up a matter with a patient she attended. She wanted to tell him the reasons she spent so much time there. Amy got home and walked in slowly. No one else was home. She started breathing normally and made her way back to her room.

She fell on her bed rolling over on her back she had her eyes closed as she tried to forget where she was. She relived the moments she and Daniel had and the ones she shared with Michele and Alisha. She could feel the tenderness in their touches. She had reached between her legs, her skirt hiked up and her panties were soaking wet.

"I knew it, you fucking little slut.

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You were out with a boy," a gruff male voice shattered her illusion. "Look at you." Amy panicked as she scrambled up on her bed and balled up. " I was at work Daddy, honest. I wasn't with any boys." Her father stood in her door and glared. "Like hell. I heard you calling out to him just now. Little lying piece of shit. I told you what I would do." He pulled his belt and stomped into the room. Amy screamed and held her arms in defense. The big man just grab hold and pulled her from the bed.

She fell to her knees as she dragged her from the room and into the bigger living area. He threw her against the wall as he grabbed her ass and squeezed. "I told you for years that you are mine. You and that piece of crap mother of yours. I made you, you are mine to use, not some nerd boy." He tore her panties off and then the skirt and held her wrists as he again dragged her. He sat on a natural nympho gives head in pov and gets tight pussy banged amateur and babe and threw her over his legs like she weighed nothing.

He grabbed her ass again and squeezed mauling her cheeks repeatedly. Amy screamed, "Daddy no that hurts, I didn't do anything." He growled and his hand rose up and slammed down between her legs and he jammed a finger inside. "You never get this fucking wet bitch, you had to be doing something." He grabbed his belt and smacked it across her ass and back. She screamed with each slash.

He hit her numerous times before pushing her off to the floor. He got up and kicked her in the side. "I'm going to teach you even if I have to kill you to do it." He kicked her again as she balled up and cried. He pulled off his pants and grabbed her by the hair. "Let's go slut, you want to get fucked, you're getting fucked." He held her with one hand and proceeded to remove the rest of her clothing with the other. He grabbed her breasts and dug his fingers in hard. She whined as the pain shot through her.

"You have the worse fucking body, how the fuck is it that any boy would even want you." He pinched both nipples before tossing her around and grabbing her hips. "I should have put you in servant's school when I had the chance. At least then, you would have a use." He rammed his cock into her as she wailed and tears streamed down her face.

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He wasn't huge but the girth in her tight body he felt like he was splitting her in two. He just laughed as he continued to plunge in and out. "Yeah that's it, like that don't you slut. Like all this cock in your pussy. You're not getting that from any boy." Amy cried harder as he sunny leone xxx3 her canal porn back to mauling her breasts and made her crotch raw.

Every so often he would let go of one breast and slap her across her ass cheeks. She didn't know how long it had been but he had continued to fuck her harder and harder.

He had rolled her over and had her on her back once. He laid on top and grunted. Amy gasped for air as his huge body nearly crushed her. He quickly got tired of that and returned her to her hands and knees. She heard the door open and in came her mother and brother.

At sixteen, her brother was just as big as their father was and he sat there laughing as he watched. Her mother just lowered her head. "Your slut daughter's been fucking around caught the bitch fingering herself and dreaming about some boy named Daniel.

Fucking pussy is worthless can't even get off its so fucking wet. Junior get in here and fuck the sluts mouth." Amy's mother gasped but dropped her head again when he glared at her. "Get my dam dinner ready, you will get yours later." Junior was already there with hairy cock disappears in a blonde babe cock out.

He wasn't big either, but for a sixteen year old, he managed to fill her mouth. Her teeth brushed the head as he forced it in her mouth and h cracked her across the face. "Easy bitch. Do that again and I'll choke you with it." It took a whole five minutes before her father growled and pulled out. He went back and grabbed his belt.

"Useless twat." He slapped the belt down across her exposed and raw pussy. She tried to scream in agony but junior buried his cock in her throat. He continues to whip her mound as her brother laughed and impaled her mouth. Each scream her throat closed tight on his cock.

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He father stopped and dropped the belt. He rammed two fingers in her and pulled them out slightly bloody. He wiped it on her ass and got back in behind her. "Since your cunt is useless I'm going to need to get off somewhere else. You let that boy fuck you here too slut he laughed and shoved in as he entered her ass. She went wide-eyed and screamed. He sound made junior's cock shake with pleasure and he started to cum down her throat.

"Drink it slut drink it all because that's all your getting for dinner." Her father roared as he rammed her ass again. He finally rammed it all the way, as he started cumming. By then her mother was there liza in hard suck with ads down at the floor.

"Get her cleaned up. Make sure you use the right treatments this time. I don't need anyone at that job of hers getting any ideas and asking the wrong questions." "Junior she's yours for the night. Fuck her good and hard but don't leave any marks. Do and you will find yourself in the servant market." He kicked Amy between the legs and squatted down. "I even catch you near this Daniel boy I will beat you to an inch of your life as he watches. And just before you pass out, I will cut his throat so you can watch him die." He gave her one last kick, getting snicker from Junior as he followed him to the kitchen for dinner.

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Amy's mother rushed over and helped her up. She would get her into the bath and let her soak. Her husband was a well-connected man and had purchased high-end medical supplies to help cover up his brutality. By morning, there wouldn't be a visible sign anything happened. Junior didn't have much stamina and only managed to cum once before passing out on her bed.

She heard her mother screaming as her father started his nightly session with her. She closed her eyes and tried to sleep.

Amy left early for work. She had checked everywhere to be sure there was nothing that would make anyone ask any questions. The last time it caused more trouble. The security investigator that came was her father's friend. Her father just gave her to him, and he was worse. She was fourteen at the time. She brought his breakfast and sighed, as he was asleep. She sat down in her chair and waited. She had been assigned s his sitter for the day so she had no other patients.

She wanted to wake him, to talk to him. She just wanted to hear a kind man's voice. She didn't though. She sat in the chair, waited and watched as he slept peacefully. The monitors indicated a rem sleep. He was dreaming about something and she envied him the pleasantness of that dream. Her problems invaded her dreams and made them nightmares. Time went sensual tranny jizzed on by her horny lover tube porn and she picked up the breakfast tray and checked the readings.

She would go out to get his lunch tray and leave him to his dream.