Xxx story sey an mail black guy

Xxx story sey an mail black guy
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First Time Prologue I make my way up the long flight of steps from the dock toward the house where Cija waits for me.

I speak into the entry phone, feeling a thrill at the sound of her voice telling me to come on up, the door swinging open for me. I adjust my collar, run my fingers through my hair and reflect for a moment.

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When we first met, she was gauche and awkward although pretty. I can already see the change in her since we started 'accidentally' meeting over the last few weeks, becoming more confident and well groomed, almost glowing. I chuckle to myself if only she knew how hard I have worked to bump into her, how I have craved these meetings.

I resolve to just take the evening as it comes, not rush things along and let her take it where she will. I have boldly invited him over to my place this evening, hoping that what we started on the dancefloor the night before will continue. I was too shy to invite him over straight after the party, and my heart seems to leap into my throat mom son fuck wek up sleep I wonder what this night will bring.

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I hear his step on the stairs, and arrange myself demurely but invitingly on the sofa, and my breathing quickens. He enters the room and I smile calmly although my stomach is turning over, and greet him.

He looks around the room approvingly, eyes seemingly unwilling to meet mine 'Nice place' he says, and I stand to greet him properly, unsteady on my legs and narrowly missing barking my shins on the coffee table. We embrace briefly and he kisses me on the cheek. I wonder if he can hear my heart hammering, it seems so loud to me. Already I am disappointed that our lips do not meet, but the night is young. 'Thankyou, I'm glad you like it' - I reply, my voice a little shaky.

I have set the scene, the music is soft and the lights dim. Sleeping brother and sister xnxx com avoiding my eyes, he turns and looks outside to the patio and the pool. 'It's warm outside' he says 'why don't we go out and look at the view?' 'There's not much to see' I say 'Just the sea', but he smiles and takes me by the hand, and we walk outside. Now he looks me in the eye and my heart skips a beat 'I like the music' he says 'so much better than last night shall we dance?' and he puts one hand lightly on my shoulder, the other on my waist, but he keeps his distance so this is the only contact we have.

We move easily and smoothly in time to the music, and the tune changes to the one I have been listening to lately and thinking of him. 'Oh, this is a beautiful tune' I say, and he nods in approval. I swallow and gather my courage together. 'Do you know' I say 'I find you very attractive', and I cannot say more as my throat tightens. His pace falters and he flushes deeply. 'You do?' he says unsteadily and boldly I find the courage to go on 'I was hoping you felt the same way about me' I say.

He stops dancing and again looks me in the eye 'From the first time I saw you, Cija' is his reply, and my happiness is complete, it is my turn to blush 'Oohh' I breathe, and we embrace deeply, but he pulls away a little, laughing and blushing again 'I should have worn baggier pants' he jokes, and I can see that he does indeed find me very attractive, the bulge in his trousers obvious.

We dance again, a little closer than before, and we exchange stories of when and where we have met over the last two weeks. We have been at the same parties, seeing each other at first across crowded dance floors, each time finding ourselves closer together, and we remember the night when I tried disastrously to flirt and he was the only one of my friends who did not laugh at me.

The oiled hourglass body riding reverse cowgirl with eye contact after I apologised and he said it was ok, and after that we always danced together. Last night we had met on the streets on the way to the same club, he wearing that spectacular red jacket and carrying it off so well, I wearing that tight black dress, new that day.

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We had stayed close all night, even when others tried to dance with one or the other of us, and we ended up dancing very close, laughing at the antics of others and putting up a front, as if we were a couple. Now here we are, dancing alone with the whole evening before us. I want him closer to me, and I ask for him to put his hands on my hips. Unusually, he moves to stand behind me, saying that he wants to watch me dancing, so I continue and he does gently place his hands where I asked.

It feels strange, but then I feel his lips on my neck, which sends delicious shivers through me. 'Oh, that's nice' I breathe, and his hands wander up over my belly and gently cup my breasts. 'Are you cold?' he asks 'Your nipples are hard', hardcore anal action with delicious michelle avanti cumshots teen I laugh nervously, saying it's not cold but passion that is causing it.

He is obviously teasing me, and his hands go low again, pulling my hips closer to his, so I can feel it is not only my nipples that are hard, but his cock that presses into my lower back. His whole body is now pressed to my back, and he kisses and teases my neck with his tongue; I feel his hot breath and moan in appreciation. Now he turns me around so we are face to face and kisses me on the lips, softly at first, and I feel his heart hammering like my own.

My legs have gone to jelly and I have to hang on to him so that they do not buckle underneath me. As our kisses become deeper, tongues exploring each others' mouths, his hands slide under my dress and he puts his hands on my buttocks, pulling me closer to his hardness.

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I have to keep my arms around his neck to stop from sliding to the floor as waves of pleasure wash over me, and I feel the wetness of my arousal between my thighs. 'I want you so much' he says hoarsely, and all I can do is nod in agreement and breathe a single word of assent. I am afraid to tell him that I have never gone all the way before, and it is too late now, I know that nothing can stop us. He bends and slides an arm under my knees as I hold tightly to his neck, and he lifts me effortlessly.

I realise that earlier when he looked around the room, he had spotted the stairs leading up to the bed on the upstairs balcony, and that is where he now carries me, showing little sign of strain although I am not a light weight. As he puts me down by the bed I feel suddenly shy and flush a little, and melanie jagger aka filthy whore scene x traordinary pictures falter, standing looking at each other.

I cannot think of anything to do other than step out of my shoes, and he follows suit, taking his socks off also. 'Did you know I have a belly ring?' I ask stupidly, not sure what else to say, but he smiles reassuringly, sensing my nervousness, and asks to see it. I realise that this means I will have to take off my dress, and I attempt to pull it over my head smoothly. He watches, undoing the buttons on his shirt and dropping it to the floor.

All does not go well and I get a little tangled, but he smiles indulgently as I wrestle my way out of it, finally standing wearing only bra and panties, black and lacy. He is stepping out of his trousers now, revealing boxer shorts straining over his erection he does so effortlessly as if it is the most casual thing in the world.

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He steps forward and kneels in front of me, his hands on my waist, and explores my navel and its ring with his tongue. This is more than I can bear, and I sit on the bed, unable to stand upright any more. As I sit, he follows me on his knees and looks up at me as he encircles me with his arms, and I feel the fastenings of my bra come loose. He pulls it gently off my shoulders, and I shudder as he cups my breasts, watching me intently as his thumbs circle my nipples without touching them.

I lie back on the bed dizzy with desire and he follows smoothly, so that we end up lying on the bed together, I on my back and he at my side still stroking my breasts and belly for a while.

He rolls over, putting one knee between my legs, his hands either side of my body, leaning down to kiss me deeply. Passion blurs my senses and I can feel his mouth moving down over my neck, working lower to my breasts, his tongue gently teasing my nipples.

I am too overwhelmed, too weak with passion to move and his mouth moves lower, again teasing my navel, lower and lower and he gently pulls my panties off, moving further down the bed. He strokes my thighs and pushes them gently apart and I am lost in new sensations, moaning my appreciation. He gently lifts my knees and pushes them further apart, my most private places open to him, his fingers, mouth, tongue - I am not sure what he is doing any more but it feels delicious and he teases and holds me on the edge for what seems like an age.

Beautiful girl xxx sex stories storys is not as if I have never had an orgasm before, I have explored my body thoroughly, and I have been close with others, but still I am technically a virgin. I do not want to tell him this and I am a little ashamed. Now he shifts his body so that he is between my legs, again kissing my mouth his is hot and tastes strange, and I feel the hardness of his cock against the soft wetness of my pussy at some time he has slipped out of his boxer shorts and I realise I have not seen him totally naked.

The head of his cock nudges my clitoris and I shudder I want him inside me now and try to pull him onto me, but he pushes my hands aside, teasing. He slides his cock over my clitoris, spreading the wetness from lower down, back and forth in a delicious delirious rhythm so that I am gasping with pleasure. He chooses the moment at which he starts to slide inside me, I am a little tight - he stops and tells me to relax and I do, and he is more careful now.

Ct naked milf pov handjob big dick and big cock wonder if he has realised yet, he looks a little thoughtful as he works his way further inside me, and there is briefly a sharp pain, but it is not long before he is all the way in, his groin against mine, my juices more than adequate to make everything easy.

He starts to pull out and slide in again, just a little at first, watching me intensely to see my pleasure. He starts to move faster, and it is as if I am on fire, trembling on the edge of satisfaction, and soon he is moving fast and deep, fucking me hard and pulling my hips up to go deeper. I hold back as long as I can until I can no longer wait, and the first wave of my orgasm starts to build, I cry out his name and he answers me with mine as his orgasm also starts to shudder though him.

Wave after wave follows, we are lost together and at last we are still again, lying spent and gasping, bathed in sweat. We separate, I lie on my back breathing hard and feeling my hammering heart start to slow again, he lying exhausted by my side, his hand lying across my belly. When our breathing has slowed he asks me how it was I reply that it was glorious, perfect. He swallows and says 'That was amazing who would have thought you were a virgin?

Are you sure I didn't hurt you?' 'No my love, you didn't you were so considerate' I reply, and we nuzzle into each other, drawing the bedclothes over our naked bodies and drifting off into a deep sleep. Epilogue I feel a pang of guilt as I leave Cija the next morning. I did tell her that I am leaving on a business trip tomorrow, but not that I am expecting promotion if I perform well. There is a slight chance that it will mean a lot more work and more time away, but competition is fierce and I am not hopeful.

I will call her while I am away, and will be looking forward to getting back to her. I am a little shaken that she was a virgin I would have been a lot more careful if I had known. Chances are she will get very attached to me very quickly but is that such a bad thing? She is sweet and pretty and shows promise; I'm sure she would look good on my arm at business functions, and I am rather attached myself.

I shake my head to clear it, telling myself all will be well. All I can do for now is to prepare thoroughly for the trip and hope for the best.