Anna deville cutie puts her legs behind her

Anna deville cutie puts her legs behind her
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"Could I have a diet coke please?" I looked at my iPod, and skipped to the next song. I took a look at the ticket, which read "ARR 2030" on the side. I was flying home for the holidays from school, finally break was here. Home in Chicago was boring, but I loved the family and my cousins.

I couldn't wait to get the fifteen hour flight over with from Hawaii. I sipped the soda the attendant gave me, and put my head back, trying to relax. I guess I should sleep the rest of the flight off… I woke up an hour or so later when my playlist was ending on my iPod, and finished the rest of my soda. I put my head back again, and clicked shuffle. The time said 1700, so I tried my best to fall asleep again.

Something was tugging on my head and legs, so I woke up all of the sudden. Screams started to fill the plane, and when I looked out the window, flames flickered from the wing engine. Oxygen masks dropped from the ceiling, and I strapped mine on, feeling as if these were redundant.

Yeah, I'm probably gonna die, I thought. My heart raced, and my fingernails dug into the armrest. Tears dropped from my eyes, as murderer gravity pulled me closer and closer to death.

The last thing I remember reading before impact was my passport. My name, Brian, and picture of me, blue eyes, brown hair, stuck out in my mind. Then, my head flew forward, and I don't remember the hit. I woke up with the water level at my neck, woozy and in pain. My head throbbed, and out the window, I saw the water level just above where the wing was.

People were jostling down the aisle, hustling past junk and dead bodies floating. Blood stained the water, and life started to go in slow motion. I stood up with my hand on my headrest, looking at the disaster in front of me. "Let's go man. Come on bro!" a big black guy, with a shaved head, and muscular physique said to me, shaking me. "Oh, uh, yeah." He was holding brunnete teen amateur dick chugger brunette and blowjob bags, scooting out the slide exit.

"Where are we going?" I asked. "The raft. Land's not far." He replied. Land? Shit, I'm going. I grabbed the stuff from the overhead, and made my way up. But, as I stumbled up, this one girl I recognized from school lay back, struggling with her eyes closed. She wiggled around, but her leg was caught under a hunk of the ceiling. I let go of my stuff, and tried to wake her up. "Hey, hey. Come on!" I said. She woke up in shock of the scene.

"Help me with this." I said. She moved her hand to my side of the hunk, and we pushed, freeing her. We grabbed her stuff, and we moved out of the plane as fast as we could. She got her friend as well, who was very attractive as well. We hopped onto the big raft and sit there until all the alive were able to go.

We made ashore about 45 minutes later, and I took no time to look into the forest. In Hawaii, I learned some stuff on the beach of making hammocks out of bbw german mature fucked hardcore and blowjob shit, and surfing, swimming, the little things. I put my bags under a tree, and looked around. Yeah, this was a desert island. So much for the holidays.

After sitting there for a while, I walked onto the sand and looked around. Some were crying, others were hugging, some were testing their electronics. I don't think anything was working, people were pretty upset. I walked over to the girl I knew and her friend, who were sitting with each other, crying. "You okay?" I asked. "Yeah, I just miss home." Said the girl. Her friend looked away, still shocked by what happened. "Hey, we'll make through it.

I'm Brian." I reached out a hand.

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"Violet." Said the girl I knew. "Selena." Said the other girl. Violet was about 5'3'', higher b-cup breasts which were perfect for her body, and an ass I could not give justice to describe. Incredible. Selena had bigger breasts, was white-latina, and had an ass that was not as remarkable but still outstanding. Violet had brown hair, green-blue eyes, and Selena had black hair, green eyes.

Selena was a bit shorter, but Violet had an amazing figure. I really liked her, she was cooler to be around and was more optimistic and positive, unlike Selena. "How did you do?" I asked. "Well, I had a bunch of electronics, laptop, iPod, you know. I still got clothes and stuff at least. And this." She held up a black tube that came out of her toiletry bag.

It looked solid, but when she unscrewed it, little brown pellets that smelled weird were exposed. It filled up to about the middle.

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"What the—" "You know what these are?" "Either my eyes are fucked up still, or those are—weed seeds?" "Very good." She laughed. Well, at least we'd have weed on the island. This would be a good environment at least for it, so we had something to do, in about three weeks time. "How do you have these?" I asked. "I work in the bio lab at school. These aren't exactly illegal to have, so I'm bringing these for thick dick ass picnic seymore butts bradys pop productions cousin who I used to smoke with." "That's awesome.

Let's get these planted, ASAP." We looked around for a spot in the forest that had enough sun to grow, and found one about an hour later, not too far from the beach. Hell, this could be paradise. We could smoke and surf, we just need boards. We scratched around and she planted them with skill, knowing what she was doing. As the sun was setting, we walked back out on the sand, and got our stuff.

"I can make shelter. The guys on the beach showed me how to make hammocks and shit, so we can be comfortable. Let's be close-by to the garden." We set up shop and by the time night was set, we had sleeping quarters and room.

I sat on the hammock, and said, "How long will the garden take?" "Well, since the soil is rich and untouched, and the humidity is perfect, two, most three weeks. I know, it seems a long time, but the wait is rewarding." She said, with a grin. I laughed, and said, "Talented and Beautiful. Is there anything you can't do?" "No.

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I'm awesome." She laughed. I pulled the tarp over our stuff and hammocks, tied it to the top of the trees, preparing for the rain. I laid back, threw sand on our fire, and closed my eyes. The moonlight barely lit my surroundings, but I couldn't see my body much or any of either Selena or Violet.

Five minutes in, I heard rustling. I sat up, staying still to hear.

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Then one of the girls said, "It's me." I laid back down, and closed my eyes. Footprints, then, neared me more and more quickly. My heart pounded, and I shook, until a warm, feminine body lay on top of mine.

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"It's Violet." She said. I laughed. "Hey. What's up?" "Wow, you're warm. Hey, thank you for getting me before. Wouldn't be here if it weren't for you." "It's okay. The weed is all the thanks I need." I laughed.

"I'm not really tired, though." Her lips met mine, and we shared a long, romantic kiss. I pulled my pants off, felt hers come off, and I pulled off my boxers. Her bare skin lay on mine, and felt her warm crotch on me. My cock throbbed for relief. She felt around for my dick, stephenie 16k gisfeart twitter 79mp4 it, and rubbed on the slit of her pussy for penetration.

She balanced herself with her left hand on my shoulder, and lowered herself on my cock. Her sweet, tight, boiling pussy felt amazing, pressing on my dick. She lay on me, and we kissed again, as she grinded her crotch back and forth.

As we kissed, she moaned harder and harder, and became more and more enthused by her intercourse. Her fluids dripped all over me, as she took off her shirt and bra. Her breasts rubbed on me, and I kissed harder to return the favor. Then, "SHIT! OH-OH-OH-OHHHHHHHH!! SHIT!" she whispered. "I'm coming." I whispered back. I blew my load hard in her, and she came just as I did. She relaxed and lay still on top of me, falling asleep in my arms.