Seductive teen blonde hottie hitchhikes and gets pounded pornstars hardcore

Seductive teen blonde hottie hitchhikes and gets pounded pornstars hardcore
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TAMERA By: x1021 Dallas, TX This is my first story, so please leave feedback. Try not to be too hard on me, but I can accept constructive criticism. This is also a true story, and the only thing I really had to "fabricate" was the dialogue because I can't, of course, remember everything that was said between us that fateful day… Tamera by x1021- Dallas, TX Anal, Consensual Sex, Creampie, First Time, Male/Teen Female, Oral Sex, Teen, Virginity, Young Me Dan (20) My Half-Brother Ron (44) Ron's Stepdaughter Tamera (15) One of the sexiest encounters of my life occurred about 3 years ago with my half-niece, Tamera.

We're technically not related (it's my half-brother's stepdaughter) but it was still very hot! She had just turned 15 and I was about 20. One day my brother called me and asked me to go to his house and fix his laptop for him. He said he had borrowed it from his ex-wife and needed to return it soon but he had managed to get viruses on it (probably from downloading porn).

He told me he wouldn't be home but Tamera, his stepdaughter, would be there to let me in. I had known her for almost 10 years and even when I was younger I had a thing for her. She met me at the door in a very short pair of shorts and a low cut T shirt, normal attire for her.

As I worked on my brother's computer she and I chatted about this and that, more or less making small talk. Somehow we got on the topic of relationships and she told me how her (ex)boyfriend had cheated on her. I told her how stupid anyone would be to cheat on a girl as busty hentai slut gets ass fucked lesbians hardcore as she was, and how if she wasn't my half-brothers stepdaughter I'd be trying to get with her.

To my surprise she said, "Technically we're not related so you shouldn't let that stop you. Besides, I've wondered what it would be like to fuck you before." I was stunned. Her words encouraged me to go for it, and suddenly I felt really ballsy. I leaned over and landed a deep kiss on her lips. The kiss lasted a good 30 seconds to a minute and during that time my hands wandered to her waistline and up her shirt to feel the bare skin of her stomach.

She told me to wait a minute while she called her dad to see when he'd be home. She pretended that she wanted him to bring some dinner home. Finding out that he was a good hour and a half from home and occupied, she laid down on the couch and we proceeded to make out for a few more minutes.

I got more brave and finally moved up her shirt to play with her small, size B tits. After another few minutes of this she shed her shirt and I tried going a little further. I rubbed around on her crotch outside her shorts and even played with her panties through the bottom of her shorts. She didn't object, and actually seemed to enjoy my teasing.

She soon began grinding against my hand encouraging me to proceed. Her shorts were tight and I was barely able to squeeze a couple fingers under her panties to feel the soft patch of hair beneath.

"Sorry Honey, but these have got to come off", I said almost playfully. I got on my knees beside the couch and she allowed me to remove her shorts and panties.

SHE WAS SOAKED. I fingered and licked her pussy until my tongue was sore. She guided me as I figured out exactly what she personally liked and what it took to make her orgasm. After what seemed like an eternity, she began to writhe and shiver as she came. It was a powerful orgasm and although it wasn't the biggest I've seen she squirted one nice spurt of love juice right at the climax of her orgasm. I asked her if she always squirted when she came, and she told me twwomen and one men xxx vedio was only when she was very turned on, so I felt like I was doing a pretty damn good job.

I licked her clean of her juice and slid my hand down to unbutton my jeans. As you could imagine my dick was hard as a rock and pre-cum had already began to stain the front of my pants. I freed my cock and she immediately began stroking it. I told her I wanted to lick her some more and I lay down on the couch motioning for her to sit on my face.

I continued licking her pussy and even let my tongue wander up to her sexy little rosebud of an asshole. She sucked and jacked my cock and even though I'm normally not much for head, I have to admit that was the best dick sucking I have ever had. After a few minutes I felt the tell-tale pressure building in my balls and stopped her. I had other plans. I wanted to fuck her pussy. She dismounted my face and I started to position myself between her legs when she stopped me.

She asked if I had a condom because she wasn't on the pill. "Just my fucking luck!" I thought to myself, "The one chance I get to fuck this girl and I don't have a condom!" I hadn't brought any because I wasn't really expecting to find myself in this situation. I asked her if I could just be careful and pull out, but she didn't want to take any chances.

It was understandable. Even pre-cum can get you pregnant. And, if she did get pregnant how would we explain it shane diesel vs sara jay our family? Hell, I'd probably even go to jail! I then suggested that we try anal sex.

She was reluctant, because she said her ex had tried it with her before and it hurt. I told her that he probably didn't know what he was doing and she should let me at least give it a try, and if it hurt I would stop. She agreed, but insisted that I "…immediately stop if she said it was hurting her." She positioned herself in a doggy style position and I first began to lick her asshole.

First just around the outside to get her to relax, then I began probing deeper with my tongue. After a few minutes I slowly started working my finger into her ass.

I told her to play with her pussy to take her mind off it, and it seemed to work. Before long I was easily sliding my finger in and out of her ass without problem. I told her I had one little trick that make anal sex a lot easier and less painful. I was actually telling the truth about making it easier and less painful but really I just had a kinky fetish I wanted to explore.

I spread her ass cheeks and placed my lips firmly around her freshly fingered asshole forming an airtight seal. I then proceeded to blow a large amount of air into her ass, as though I were blowing up a balloon. "Now push all the air out. Doing this a couple times will loosen your asshole and stretch the inside out a bit before we start. I'll press my tongue up against your ass so it has to stretch a bit more to get out." She seemed skeptical, but followed my instructions.

Bending over, she spread her ass wide and I inserted my tongue up her asshole. A long thunderous fart erupted from her asshole. She moaned a little. "That felt so weird" she said, "but it was kinda hot at the same time. It's definitely kinky as hell but I love kinky." Again I blew air into her ass, and again she pushed it back into my mouth as my tongue probed her asshole.

This time my tongue was so far up her ass that I could feel what I am sure was the edge of a piece of shit in her ass. It was solid so it's not really got any in my mouth.

I'm not really into scat fetishes but I do enjoy fingering a girl's asshole when she has a big hard piece of poop in her ass.

I suppose it's just something to play with up in there, or maybe it's because I know that it's kinda taboo. So I did just that. I inserted one, then two fingers up her ass and rolled it around between my fingers and using it to probe deeper than I could with fingers alone.

I withdrew my fingers which we're surprisingly clean (like I said it was very firm poop) and blew air into her ass one last time. "Hold itin for just a moment this time. Don't push it out until I start to insert my cock." She nodded and smiled. I used a small amount of vegetable oil from the kitchen to lube up her asshole and anal canal.

I also used some to lube head of my cock that I had now positioned at her backdoor entrance. I slowly began to press the head of my cock into her anal ring. "Now.", I said gently in an almost whispered voice as I concentrated on not hurting her. She tried to push the air from her ass, but my cockhead was partially blocking the flow. This caused her asshole to open a bit wider than it would have for a normal fart. This was the opportunity to make some progress in getting her loosened up.

As the fart escaped her rectum, my cock slowly pushed further inside her.

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"How does it feel so far?" I asked her. "Surprisingly, it's not hurting this time. But, as of now can't really say I enjoy it either." she said with a look of disappointment and indifference. "That's okay sweetheart. I'm not really even half way in yet. The worst of it is over. When I get you loose enough to actually 'FUCK" you, you might change your mind." I said with a smile. For the next 4 to 5 minutes I did just that. I slowly inserted an inch more, and pulled out all but the head of my cock before and then reinserting it, going just a bit deeper each time.

Finally I was buried balls deep in her ass and by now she was making small whimpers each time I bottomed out in her ass. I withdrew my cock and once again lubricated her asshole. I was even able to pour a bit of the vegetable oil into her gaping asshole before it closed up. My cock was still fairly lubricated and I resumed my position behind her with my cock against her asshole.

I guided my cock back into her asshole with one slow but firm thrust. She let out another moan as she spoke, "Okay, this is starting to feel better. You can go a little faster if you want." It was the moment of truth. I began to pump away, slowly at first, and then speeding up ever so slightly. "Oh Fuck! Dan! Yes baby! Fuck my asshole. Fuck it. Fuck it.

Fuck it!" She begged. She was going wild. I increased my pace to 'Full-On-Fuck-Speed', as her pleading and moaning became even more intense. "You like my dirty little asshole baby? Do you like fucking my tight virgin ass? Deeper! Deeper! Fuck my fifteen year-old ass! Make me your nasty little anal whore!" I was amazed at how filthy she talked, but I assumed it was just from watching porn.

It was still incredibly hot. I raised myself into a standing position so I could increase the angle downward as I fucked her. She seemed to like this so I was that much more motivated to keep going. I began pulling completely out and looking at her gaping asshole. The first time I did this I couldn't busty chick knows how to pay men but stick my tongue back up her ass before she quickly told me to stop licking and keep fucking.

Each time I pulled out and re-inserted, her ass queefed and farted loudly. The sounds of her anal fuck-farts alongside the moaning and dirty talk made me hornier than I had ever been before. Every few minutes I would stop and let my cock soften a bit in her asshole, then start pumping again to make it last longer. Once during the 60 minute ordeal my brother called to say he was headed back and would be home in a little over an hour, and I kept fucking her slowly while she talked to him.

After nearly an hour total of hot anal sex in almost every position a person could be assfucked, I felt that tingling start to build up and I knew I was going to cum. I had drawn it out for an hour, at which I'm still amazed considering how horny I was.

At this point in our anal-fuckathon, she was laying on her back with her legs pushed back so far that she could have licked her toes. I was bottoming out inside her ass, and she was moaning and squealing with each thrust. "Oh my god! I can feel your cock getting fatter! Are you about to cum baby?" she asked as she looked up at me. Her moans were getting louder as I felt myself heading toward the point of no return.

"Yes baby. I'm going to fill your asshole with my sperm. I bet I'm going to cum a gallon!" I said in a breathless voice. "Oh yes Tamera! UH! UUHH! -grunt- I'M CUMMING! OH FUCK BABY! YEEAHHHHH!" At the same time, Tamera was also moaning loudly and begging for me to give her all I could. "Oh Dan! I can feel it squirting inside me! Yes baby!

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Make my asshole wet with your cum. Fill me up baby! Give me all that cum! It's so hot inside my ass baby! Ooooooohhhhhhh… That's it… Yes baby…" I was blowing my load inside Tamera's tight ass. Ropes of cum erupted from my cock. Spurt after spurt. I can honestly say it was the longest orgasm I can ever remember having.

It's not like I time them or anything, but I literally came for a solid 20-30 seconds, and I kept ejaculating for about half that time. It had to be the most cum I've ever produced in one orgasm. As soon as I withdrew there was some that spurted as if her ass was filled over capacity. She was lying on her back on the couch with me holding her ankles when stepmom offers young guy her great handjob finished.

After pulling out I inspected her gaping little asshole. My cum was oozing down the crack of her ass in a steady stream. I came so fucking much, had I taken a picture, people would have sworn it was from a gangbang. Finally her ass closed up and she pushed hard one last time, farting one more bubbling gob of cum out of her ass.

I played with her pussy a minute or so, and got one last taste of my 'half-step-niece's' pussy before calling it quits. We dressed and joked a bit as we straightened up the living room, and made ourselves look like we hadn't been fucking for an hour straight. "So how did you like getting your ass fucked? Aren't you glad you let me try anal now?" I asked her with a smirk. She didn't say a word at first. She simply pulled me toward her and kissed me passionately, almost sticking her tongue down my throat.

Pulling away from me she replied with a "faux-innocent, little girl look" and replied "I loved it! Thank you for taking your time and being gentle. I really enjoyed myself and we can do it again whenever we can get the chance. Next time you have to at least fuck my pussy some, so don't forget protection!

But afterward you can cum in my ass again." About 20 minutes later my brother came back and thanked me for fixing his computer.

All it had needed was a virus scan, and the scan had been running the whole time. He offered to pay me, but I refused. I didn't tell him double xnx sex storys woman course, but I had already gotten all the payment I needed. Afterward the realization hit me that I had just fucked my brother's 15 year old step-daughter, and I felt guilty about it for all of 15 minutes.

She was very mature, and the on;y thing that wasn't 100% grown-up was her age, and even then it was only by 3 years. I was only 5 years older than her, so what we did might have gotten us in trouble but biologically it was no indication of an unusual perversion. She never told anyone about it as far as I know. I've joked with her about it before and she always blushes when I briefly bring it up.

I think she'd be down for it again. She is 18 now so we could meet anywhere… Writing this account has really made me start thinking about it again. Hell I could probably call her right now and ask her to swing by after work. I think I might actually do that! I'll let you guys know how it goes, and this time I DO have a condom.