Switzerland school teacher ducking with students

Switzerland school teacher ducking with students
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At the weekend I received another message from Sarah asking me to come swimming at a leisure centre about 20 miles out of town, I agreed remembering the place had an excellent spa with saunas and jacuzzi all off limits to the screaming teenagers and kids that splashed in the main pool.

When I arrived I saw Sarah waiting in the snack bar, I walked up to her and we kissed softly, as I turned to sit I heard; "Jon!!!" as Millie threw her arms around me, "Hello there" I replied "I didn't realise you'd be here too" "Just our little surprise" Sarah said, smiling. "I thought we'd have some time in the spa" I said weakly, "Of course you can" Sarah replied " we're going to do some of the mother and daughter activities, we'll meet up in about an hour for a swim in the main pool?" I spent the next hour relaxing in the saunas and hot tubs, after that I met with Sarah and Millie.

Sarah was wearing a pink bikini which showed some beautiful cleavage without looking too slutty, Millie wore a bikini too with a flowery pattern on it. We spent some time riding the slides into the main pool, playing with the water cannons and lifting Millie out the water, only to throw her back in as she giggled ( this stopped eventually as the man with the whistle told us off) we walked back screwing a naughty beaver hardcore and big dick the changing rooms still laughing, looking like an average young family, we got our stuff out of the lockers and found a well sized family changing room, complete with shower.

I latched the door and unpacked my towel from my bag.

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I turned to see Sarah sliding out of her bikini and stepping under the warm shower, Millie also stripped off and joined her mother under the water. Seeing the pair of them soaping themselves made my cock start to grow hard, I removed my shorts and sat watching them. Sarah looked at me with a devilish smile and started to soap her boobs in a seductive way, she also let one hand trail down and rub her shaven pussy.

Millie looked at me with a smile too and beckoned me over to join them.

I stood and walked the couple of paces to step under the warm water, there wasn't really enough space for three of us so Sarah stepped out the flow while I soaped my chest and Xxx pakitani full sex stories xxx started rubbing the lather into my legs and onto my now rock hard cock, Sarah stepped close to me and I felt her wet nipples hard brush against my arm, she leant in to kiss me and as I closed my eyes I felt Millie's warm mouth close round my cock.

"Are you helping out today " I asked as me and Sarah continued kissing, "No" Sarah replied "Millie wants it all to herself today, after I told her what happened at the gig on Thursday, she insisted" I tensed as Millie continued sucking, her technique seemed better today, I wondered I Sarah had been giving her tips. I pulled down the seat in the shower (usually used for the disabled) and sat down still under the stream of hot water.

Millie dropped down to her knees and continued sucking, I almost came on the spot when she looked up at me and licked slowly round the head like it was an ice lolly.

She smiled at my reaction and carried on sucking. I looked up and saw Sarah sat opposite with her legs wide open. she was stroking a single finger up and down her slit, circling on her clit for a few seconds, then down into her wet pussy then back up to her clit, she looked straight at me as she did it and the look in her eyes was pure lust.

With the combination of Millie's wet mouth on my cock and Sarah's little display, I felt myself starting to cum, the first spurt took Millie by surprise and she pulled back off my cock just long enough for the second spurt to catch her on her cheek.

she smiled and lowered her mouth back down to swallow the rest, she stood up with cheeky grin and walked over to her mother, who leaned over and licked the cum from her daughters cheek and swallowed it with delight.

I stood back up under the shower and put my head back curvy slut barbie sins has her pussy slammed enjoy the warm water. When I turned back round I saw Millie knelt down between Sarah's legs, running her tongue slowly up her mothers pussy, Sarah was stroking Millie's hair and looking down at her adoringly, I continued washing myself and watching them.

I soaped up my wilting erection and it started to become hard again, I stroked it gently and waited for Sarah to make eye contact, she knew what I wanted from the moment our eyes met, she leant down and planted a wet kiss on Millie's lips, then she stood and laid a towel on the floor, she indicated for me to lay down. I stepped out from under the water, leaving it running. as I laid down on the hard ground, Sarah knelt between my legs and lowered her wet mouth over my cock, after one or two wet sucks she straddled me and lined up her pussy to slide down over my cock, as she leant back onto my cock I felt her wetness engulf me and my full length push into Sarah's beautiful pussy.

She gave a gentle gasp and started to slide up and down, sometimes only lifting by an inch, other times lifting high enough that I cold see the ridge of my helmet just inside her pussy.

I laid back and enjoyed the sensation, I looked over to Millie and said "Come and join in" Millie smiled and walked over, as she stood over me, facing her mother I pulled her down so she was sat on my face.

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I held onto her hips as my tongue darted across her bare smooth pussy and moved up to find her pre-teen clit, she giggled as I tickled it with my tongue. I heard Sarah's granny wanks on the cock "Give Jon your toy" she said and I felt Millie twist and heard her unzip her bag.

She lifted herself from my face and passed me a tiny vibrator, not much bigger than a marker pen "Use this" she said "it feels SO good!" I twisted it to switch it on and felt a light buzzing, I ran it over her clit and between her lips, it slid straight inside, she was very wet (like her mother).

All this time Sarah was bouncing on my cock, I turned my head and could six pude coda xxxx com her reflection in the mirror, she was holding her bouncing boobs and pinching her nipples, I watched as Millie leant over to suck a nipple and she would occasionally let out a gasp as I hit the spot with her vibrator.

I pushed the vibrator all the way inside Millie's tight little pussy and started working my tongue on her clit again. She obviously enjoyed this as she started to ground her hips down onto me. I felt her warm juices dripping onto my tongue, they were sweet and delicious.

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After a couple of minutes I felt a shudder go through Millie's body and a barely stifled moan, (luckily the noise from the shower stopped anyone outside wondering what was going on.) Millie came hard and continued to grind down onto me, I turned off the vibrator but left it slid inside her, I slowed down my tongue and lazily licked the full length of her pussy. I was now close to coming too, this whole situation was just to much of a turn on, I whispered to Sarah that I was nearly coming, I expected her to stop but she kept on sliding up and down on my cock, I looked to the side and saw she had a devilish smile on her face again.

She kissed Millie and whispered something to her, Millie whispered back nodding.

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With a final thrust upward I felt my cum, explode from my cock, filling Sarah's pussy, she stopped moving up and down and stayed completely still as she enjoyed the feeling of my warm spunk inside her. Millie jumped up and went behind her mum so I could not see her, Sarah lifted herself off my now deflating cock and moved down to take it in her mouth, she licked our combined juices from it and gently pulled my sunny levine first time saxe story back to run her tongue round the ridge of my cock, I lifted my head up and saw Millie laying under her mums pussy, catching in her mouth, drops of my cum dripping from Sarah's just fucked slit and using her finger to taste as much as possible.

She really was as much of a sex maniac as her mum and she was only eleven!! Imagine what shed be like once she was into her teens!