Skin diamond and misty stone strapon sex

Skin diamond and misty stone strapon sex
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Maybe it was her sweet brown hair that came down to her shoulders. Maybe it was her beautiful smile and laid back personality. Maybe it was her determination to become successful in life. I don't know but whatever it was, I was attracted to Courtney. I always knew I had cousins and relatives that I had never met but I never thought much of it.

Courtney was on my dad's side of the family, along with a lot of my other family such as my aunt,cousins,etc. I met them all in the summer when I was about 10 years old when they came to spend a week or two at our house. I met my cousin Michelle,Jason,My aunt Susan, and of course Courtney. It was my first time meeting them and I loved it. Me and Jason would play football down at the park and at the end of the day lay back and rest and play video games until we had to go to sleep.

Jason was 6 years older than me but it didn't matter, we still had a ton of fun. I didn't think much of Courtney at the time because I wasn't really into girls yet and she was my cousin.

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Boy did things change. Time went by and here we are 5 years later when I overhear my parents talking about just Courtney coming down to visit us.

Of course I walk in and ask what it was about. My mom had said to me "Courtney got accepted to law school here and she's coming down for a few days to see how it is down here." "Is she going to be staying with us?" "Yes she is, but you haven't seen her new 2019 pron miya khalifa nearly 5 years and I don't know if you remember much of her, but she is working to be very successful and I'm more than happy to let her stay with us for a few days." I was really happy inside knowing that she would be staying with us for some reason.

Maybe it was the fact that I actually could spend some time with one of my cousins? She was 22 and I was 15 so I figured we could get along just fine. We did. I went with my dad to pick her up from the airport. On our way there my dad kept asking me questions about seeing Courtney, I don't know if he thought I was shy or what.

(I always was a little shy but not to the point where it affects me talking to someone) "How do you feel about seeing Courtney again?

She can be a really good role model for you, she's a young black woman who is doing great in law school." "I really don't know.It seems like it will be nice but I have never really talked to her considering I was only ten." "Don't worry both of you are great students in school and you two will have a lot in common." "Yeah, it will be nice." We pulled up to the airport and there she was, standing there with 2 luggage bags next to her.

We stopped the truck and got out to say hello.

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While my dad was asking her about her flight and welcoming her, I got her bags and put them into the back of the truck. I turned around and she gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek.

"Oh my god Warren, You got so big! It doesn't seem too long ago you were a tiny thing playing with Jason in the field." Already seeing that she was a nice person to talk to I replied " Yeah, it's nice to see you again. You look so different." "That's what happens as time goes by, I can say the same to you." "Alright big hard strapon for a naughty hotty hardcore and blowjob let's go, mom is at home waiting for us to get back." My dad said.

"Sure, I can't wait to see her!" The ride home was nice, we talked about her going to law school down here, how her parents were doing and just had a great time. We got home and walked into the house. Mom and Courtney were so excited to see each other. They acted like best friends, they joked around and everything. "Warren help Courtney unpack her things" "Okay." We walked into the guest room and I took one bag to unpack as she took the other.

I opened the luggage bag and first thing packed were bra's and panties. "Oh sorry, I guess you took the wrong bag." "It's ok haha." We switched bags and unpacked as we talked about things to get familiar with each other. So much had changed since last time.

I thought Courtney was really attractive. She was my cousin but I couldn't help it. Maybe it was because I never really knew her as a cousin, just hearing about her and now here we are talking. Her body was amazing and just the fact that she is a "good girl" made it so much better. I would have loved to have sex with her but the whole cousin thing seemed wrong. A few days went by normally, we got to know each other, got comfortable with each other around and had so much fun.

The week so far was more of me and Courtney spending time together instead of her and my parents. I think they had that in mind anyways. I enjoyed her being around and all Vivienne and mya diamond lucy lee and mandy saxo jennifer morante could keep thinking about was having sex with her. Whenever it came to mind I tried pushing it away and finding something else to occupy myself.

I would still look at her in dirty ways and think of the things I wanted to do to her. I would stare at her ass as she walked and her amazing D cup tits. Sometimes it seemed like she knew how I looked at her but she always acted normally. On the 5th day of her being here, all of us went swimming. We got to the pool and all went to get changed.

After I got changed I went to go to the bathroom before I went swimming. I walked into the bathroom and when I was in, the door opened. I looked into the mirror to see Courtney in her two piece bathing suit. She was gorgeous.

I couldn't help but to stare. "Are you going to come swimming or not? "Yeah in a minute." "You realize I can see that you have a boner right now?" I hurried and tried to hide it and turn from the mirror. "Someone's excited to see me, You like what you see?" "Courtney I said I'll be out in a minute." "Are you going to jerk off thinking about me before you swim? I can help you with that." "Huh?" "Don't act like I haven't seen the way you look at me, this is your chance, if you want to fuck now is the time, we can lock the bathroom door, nobody is in here." "You're my cousin!

That's wrong." "Obviously not to you, look at your pants. And look at mine, I guess I'm excited too." Courtney locked the door and walked up to me, I was facing the opposite direction but I felt her tits against my back, she had already taken her top off.

She put her hand over my throbbing cock and rubbed it. "Courtney we really shouldn't be doing this, what if someone finds out?" "The door is locked and we don't have to tell." I gave in, I knew I wanted to and finally had the chance. I turned around and started kissing her.

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It felt so right. Her bare skin against mine felt amazing. I kissed her sweet tits ass we stood there with only the bottoms of our swim suits on. Slowly she bent down and pulled my shorts down revealing my cock.

She grabbed it with one hand and stroked it. "It feels amazing Courtney." "This will feel better." Right away she put her mouth over my cock and began sucking it. I was relieved to see the bathroom was just cleaned so I leaned back on the sink and let her suck me.

She kept working her magic until I needed a break to calm down. She stood up and sat on the table that was built into the wall. I pulled her bathing suit off and began to lick her pussy. It was so wet, I worked fingering her and eating her out as she moaned asking for more. "You're gonna make me cum" she said and I smiled. I began going faster and her breathing got faster and harder. When she orgasmed I stopped to kiss her for a few until she came down.

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Both of us were ready for more so I slowly pushed my cock into her pussy. It was wet and warm and felt great. I wanted to cum inside of her right away but I held back so we both could enjoy the time we had. I began thrusting and she screamed "YES. I WANT IT HARDER. AS HARD AS YOU CAN GO." I followed command and fucked her as hard as I could. It was warm in the bathroom but it felt just right. Courtney and I both began to sweat a little.

She stood and turned around as she bent over so I could fuck her from behind. I stood there for a minute."What are you waiting on?" "Nothing, I was just admiring how good your ass and pussy look from behind." She smiled and said "Well show this pussy how you feel." I inserted my cock and began fucking her as she held onto the wall.

I kept fucking her wet pussy until I felt I was going to cum. We stopped for few. I sat on the table and she got up, publicagent nikki gullable student strips off the has sex in car my cock into her pussy, and sat down.

We sat there and I kissed her tits as she grinded on me. Finally she got into position and started riding me.

I was a bit nervous about if she knew when to stop so I said "Courtney, what if I cum in you?" "It's fine, just tell me to slow down or stop, and besides I'm on the pill so it should be fine." I was relieved and I laid back as she rode me and moaned.

Courtney continued to ride me for about 6 more minutes until she got up and went into her bag that she brought into the bathroom. "You hot chick kylie gives handjob and blowjob your stuff in here?" "Yeah, I wasn't just swinging couples cum together for hot encounters to leave it outside." She grabbed her towel and laid it on he floor.

She laid back and spread her legs. I got down and started to fuck her. Both of us were sweating and tired but it felt so good. I slumped over and laid against her while I fucked her. Her tits were great against my chest.

Finally I was about to cum, "Courtney I'm gonna cum!" "Okay let me finish it. I've never tasted cum before and I really want yours." I stood and she got on her knees to suck my cock.

Courtney sucked my cock until she felt me tensing up when she took her mouth off and jerked my cock so my cum shot on her face and in her mouth. One shot of cum hit the corner of her eye as the rest went into her mouth. She let some cum roll out of her mouth onto her tits and down her body and swallowed the rest.

After that she licked the tip of my cock to get the last bit of cum off. "My god Courtney, that was amazing. I didn't know you wanted to fuck me, I would've asked sooner." "I had to make sure you felt the same, and besides, that fuck was worth the wait." "Shit!

What about my mom and dad? We've been gone and they're probably looking for us." "It's fine Warren, I told them I was taking you to get a snack before we went swimming, and I loved what I got to eat." "Good." We laid next to each other for a few minutes until we got dressed and went to the pool. "What took you guys so long!?" My mom said. Courtney replied " Warren couldn't make up his mind but he got what he wanted." As she said that she looked at me and smiled.

Dad said "Well are you guys ready to swim now?" Yeah both of us replied. We all hopped into the pool and enjoyed the rest of the day we had.

The whole day I thought about what had happened. The fact I lost my virginity to Courtney. She was my role model but I never expected it to happen.

It was great that it did. The end.