Attractive bombshell is showing her opened spread cunt in closeup

Attractive bombshell is showing her opened spread cunt in closeup
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Jon and I were best friends all through our youth. Inseparable. But times change. After university we made new lives in different cities. We both had long-term girlfriends and busy schedules so didn't talk much or even email. We'd still see each other at holidays though, when we visited our folks in the old home town. When we got together it was like we were picking up from a conversation five minutes ago.

He called one day a few months ago to tell me he was getting married and ask if I'd be his best man. Well sure. I'd be pissed if he asked anyone else. He told me what he wanted to do for a stag do: Weekend in Vegas, Baby!

Great, that would be a blast. I wanted to know who to invite, but Jon didn't have any names. "Truth is Pete, I don't caught my sexy sister on camera fucking have friends here.

Most of my work colleagues are hard-right redneck racist yahoos." "Well, Texas." "I know. I'm already looking to get out of here. Maybe out your way." "Well, I'd be glad of that, if it ever happens.

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So what about some guys from back home?" "Naaah I didn't keep in touch. There were some friends in college. I'll send you a list." I mailed the guys on Jon's list but everyone was busy or broke and couldn't make a trip to Nevada.

When I told Jon he was OK with it. "Just us two, then. Like the good old days. We'll have a great time." I figured since it was just us two now, I could pay for the whole trip if we shared a room. I booked The Wynn. A high room overlooking their ridiculously overpriced golf course. I got there first and got us checked in. At the desk the guy upgraded us, which was nice.

I got squared away and called Jon to tell him what room we were in. His flight was delayed a couple of hours so I figured I could go down and play some cards. In the end I just hit a bar. I was people-watching and getting a little buzz on. A couple of girls, Marti and Susan, were at the table next to me and we got to talking. They were on a stag weekend as well.

As with me and Jon, all their friends had flaked on them. They'd just come back from some Chippendale's type of place and they weren't into it. "You don't like big, ripped naked guys?" Marti said "Not always. " she winked and Susan blushed. I thought I could see the dynamic. Marti was working on seducing the bride-to-be before she got married. Susan was curious but shy. My phone rang. Jon was in the lobby. I told him where we were and ordered him a drink. Got another for me and the two girls while I was at it.

He showed up and we hugged a greeting. Very pleased to see each other. I'd told the girls why we were there and how Jon and I were best friends since forever so it was no surprise we wouldn't just shake hands. Marti still said it was nice to see guys not ashamed to show affection for each other. "Like us two." she said, and gave Susan a big hug. Susan went along with it - quite stiffly, I thought. When Marti gave her a peck on the cheek Susan blushed again.

Jon the wife loves it up the ass his eyebrows at me and I shrugged and grinned. We seemed to be watching a lesbian seduction. We chatted for a while, and finished the drinks. Jon wanted to get up to his room and clean up after his extended flight. Marti said "we might as well leave, too" took Susan's hand in hers and dragged her out of her seat. "Come on Susan!" she said, angelica raven is a master dick sucker. Susan sheepishly rose.

Letting herself be led to the elevator bank. Jon and I followed. "I think Marti's going to try it on with her, don't you?" he whispered. "Give her a little of that sapphic pleasuring." Maybe a little too loudly. Marti turned to him and winked. "Pleasuring. that's what friends are for." Wow. Susan was clearly embarrassed. "Martiiiiii. shhh." "Sorry sweetie, they're cool though. Right guys?" "Go for it." "Totally" we said, simultaneously.

The elevator came. I pressed for our floor. Marti was on the same one. We got on. Just the four of us. When the doors closed Marti grabbed Susan and stage-whispered "I'm going to make you feel good, little girl." Her hands went up to Susan's cheeks, holding her there and she kissed her friend on the mouth.

Hard and deep. They broke off and Marti smiled. We two were excited to be seeing it unfolding. "Come on you two.

What about a little show of affection?" I was just a little buzzed. Jon was too.

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We looked at each other for a second, Jon gave me a 'why not?' kind of look. I leaned in. our lips met. I was kissing my best friend. Just for a gag, but even so. I was about to break off when Jon's hand went to the back of my neck and he held me there. Then his other hand was on my ass. pulling me tight against him. He rubbed himself against me for a second and then let go and we separated.

"How was that?" he asked the girls. "Wild!" was Marti's response. Susan just said "that was hot" in a quiet voice. Her hand found Marti's. I thought we'd helped Marti in her seduction. The elevator arrived at our high floor and we found that we were staying in rooms that were facing each other across the hall. "Well, if we don't see you again, have a great weekend." I told them as we entered our room.

We got inside and I turned right on Jon. "What the fuck was that?" "What?" "In the elevator." "Just a kiss, like they'd let us see them. It was only fair." "But it wasn't just a quick, peck, buddy!" "So. You're my best friend in the world. What's the harm." "None I guess. did you do stuff like that at college?" "Fuck no. Never." "Nor live fingering pussy with blonde babe camdotnet. Well.

I've thought about it sometimes." "I bet everybody thinks about it." We just smiled. It was cool. Jon started unpacking his case and then said he'd have a quick turnaround in the shower and we could go out to eat. I hadn't really planned any events, we were just going to play it by ear.

As I sat listening to Jon showering, I started thinking about that kiss in the elevator. We'd never done anything like that growing up. The closest we'd ever come amateur girlfriends share a cock in a horny threesome fuck intimacy was dating the same girl.

That girl had thought she was playing us, but really we'd been aware of her deal the whole time. When she found out we knew she got mad, for some reason. Jon tried to talk her into a three-way with us but she said that was unacceptable behavior and dumped us both. Go figure a woman's mind. So we'd never all been together at the same time but once I'd fucked her one night and Jon had fucked her the following day.

We'd always joked that since it was within 24 hours it counted as a three-way. But now I wasn't thinking about sharing a woman, I was thinking about that kiss.

I'd liked it, I think. Thinking about feeling him holding me against him. Had I liked it? It happened so fast. I didn't hate it. I hadn't pushed him away. And remembering the thoughts I had about men. My curiosity. And he'd said he'd had similar thoughts. I don't know. booze, Vegas, hotel room, privacy, trust. it all combined in me, then. I stripped off my clothes and tossed them on the chair and walked into the bathroom. He couldn't hear me with the water running.

I hesitated for a second. what was I thinking?. but even if this was a wrong move I knew Jon would be OK. I opened the shower door and stepped inside. That was when he heard me.

His back was towards me and he didn't turn. "Hello buddy. do you want to get my back for me?" he passed me the hotel soap bar. I said "Sure." like this was perfectly normal and started getting a nice lather on my hands before rubbing soap up and down his back. The soap made everything smooth and slippery and I enjoyed feeling his skin under my hands and his taut muscles under that skin. He bent over slightly and I moved my hands lower.

Moving my soapy palms all over his tight ass. Feeling him clench his buttocks as I rubbed them. He stood straight again and I moved closer to him, intending on soaping up his chest and abdomen. But as our bodies got closer I realized that I had an erection. It bumped against his bottom. I moved away.

But he backed up against me. I pulled him tight, my cock rubbing the top of his ass. Nestling in the cleft of his bum. My hands went round his body and I soaped his smooth pecs and abs. My body was tight against his soapy back. Slippery, frictionless, rubbing. my hands explored his nipples. lower. then I felt his hand on mine moving my attentions downwards. I felt his pubic hair under my finger tips. He moved my hand lower. Murmured. "Do it. you want to. I want you to." I reached down and could feel his erect penis.

I took it into my hand. The lather and warm water made it easy for me to stroke his cock. I began humping myself against his body in time with my strokes on his hard stiff cock. It felt great.

Then Jon turned around. We stood facing each other under the spray, soaking wet, the soap rinsing off our glistening bodies. My hard cock was rubbing against his. He looked at me and holding my face the way Marti had held Susan's he put his mouth back on mine as he had in the elevator. My arms went around him this time. My hand went to the nape of his neck. We embraced and kissed deeply. His hand on my bare ass, my hand on his. our legs slightly apart so that our thighs could be between.

Locked in a tight embrace under the warm shower. It was intense and I didn't want it to stop. But we had to get out of the shower eventually.

Our mouths parted and we looked at each other. Now both my hands were on his bum. Pinoy m2m gay sex scandal hard penis measuring its length against his. "Now what?" "I don't know." He turned off the shower and I stepped out onto the bath mat. I grabbed a towel and handed it to Jon, then grabbed one for myself.

We watched each other drying off. We both had monster erections that weren't going away. I was very turned on by how I had been touching his body. By how his hands on my ass had felt. How the weight of his cock in my hand had felt. I wanted more. Jon couldn't read minds but it was clear that he knew what I was thinking.

"Me too." he said. Did he mean 'me too' it was nice. 'me too'. I want to carry on. what? Well, the former implied the latter and from the latter you could infer the former. All good. I told him so there was no confusion. "I want to carry on. I want to go to bed with you." He smiled at me. The room came with two towel robes; long and soft and plush. I pulled one on and Jon did the same.

So we were enveloped in a sensuous comfort, both naked beneath. The recent memory of our shower and the anticipation of what was to come kept me at a heightened level of arousal. My erection was hard and fat and throbbing. The head of my penis was rubbing against the toweling robe. I felt like the mere touch of the cloth might make me cum by then, so I allowed my cock to poke out where the robe came together.

Jon didn't bother to do his robe up. It hung open and I stared without shame at his fine, fit body and his hard cock. He reached for the belt tie on my robe and undid it so that I was similarly exposed to his view. I wanted to jerk him off but couldn't let him touch me. If he touched me too soon I would cum, so instead I dropped to my knees in front of him and took his cock in my fist, opening my mouth. about to take him into my mouth. And there was a knock at the door. Oh for fucks sake.

I kept his cock in my hand, an inch from my open mouth. Jon asked "Did you order room service?" "No. And I know you didn't" "Fuck" then he called out "Who is it?" The answer came back. "It's Susan, from the bar?. from across the way?" Jon looked down at me, on my knees holding his erect penis. I know he wanted me to suck it. "Um. what to do want?" "Can I come in? Please?" He whispered to me. "what do you think?" I leaned forward and took his cock into my mouth. Looking up at him.

Sucking his cock. Jon called out "Can you come back later?" "No it's now or never." The sensation of having a man's penis in my mouth for the first time was wonderful. Everything I'd imagined. The firmness the texture. The brain activity, knowing the taboo nature of what I was doing. all incredibly exciting. but. 'now or never.' I was intrigued. I looked up from my knees. Jon was definitely liking having his cock in my mouth. His hand had gone to the back of my head and he was gently moving his hips in time with my sucking.

His cock was going in and out desperate lilly hall kneels down and sucks pawndudes cock my mouth, wet and slippery. but I could see from his face that he was intrigued too. I took my lips away from his glistening erection and stood. Went to the door and looked through the peephole. Susan was there in a robe like the ones we were wearing. She must have seen the light change through the eye-hole and knew someone was looking out.

She quickly untied the belt of her robe and held it open. She was naked. "One sec." I motioned for Jon to do up his robe and quickly tied mine. I opened the door wide and welcomed her inside our room. She walked in briskly.

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Her robe flapped open, showing us the goods. Jon gave her a surprised and welcoming "well, hello.". As I began to close the door the one opposite burst open and Marti, also dressed in a robe charged through. She brushed past me and into our room. "Well excuse me." Marti composed herself. "Oh, I'm sorry. Sue and me had a little disagreement and I wanted to make up." Susan stood in the middle of the room with her hands in the pockets of her open robe making no effort to cover herself.

"There you are sweetie" "Yes, here I am. You've got me all wrong, Marti." "I'm sorry if I came on too strong. I just want you to enjoy your last days of freedom and make sure you try things you might not get the opportunity for in future." Neither of us spoke, we just listened in on Marti and Susan's conversation.

It was loaded with potential. "I'm a bit more experienced than you think, Marti. You don't know what I've done OR what I want to do." "I guess not. I've always wanted to be with you Suse. I thought this was my last best chance." "You don't get it do you." Susan moved towards Marti, marched her backwards and pressed her against the wall.

One hand went to Marti's neck, holding her tightly, pinning her, while her other went down, parted Marti's toweling robe and probed between her legs. Susan whispered hoarsely into Marti's ear.

"I want you too, Marti, but I want to lead. I want fuck YOU, not the other way around." "Oh god yes. Oh yes. Do me. Take me Suse." Susan's hand was covered from view by the robe, but the rhythmic movements of her arm made it obvious that she was rubbing Marti's bare pussy.

When Marti caught her breath and turned her head this way and that, it was clear that Susan was finding the right places down there. Then Marti faced amarna miller fucked in her bushy twat for a few bucks pornstars european friend.

"Kiss me, sweetie. Kiss me while you finger me." Susan bowed her head and locked lips with Marti. crushed her lips against Marti's.

Kissing her with fervor and a hint of aggression. The hand she had held round Marti's neck now ran into her friend's hair and grasped a bunch of it tightly. This was not the loving lesbian seduction I was used to imagining, this was something a whole lot more like violation.

But Marti was loving it. I was stroking my hard cock now, while Susan finger-fucked her friend. A quick look over to Jon told me he was hot redhead wide open for black dick the same.

Damn, they could have done this in their own room. What a nice gesture to put on a show for us. Marti's robe had fallen open by now. We could see Susan's hand reaching between her friend's legs. Susan was sucking on Marti's neck. Her palm was flat against Marti's body and clearly her fingers were curled up inside Marti's cunt. Her hand moved fast and hard, making Marti moan and bite her lip. Susan moved her hand from Marti's hair to her shoulder and slipped the robe off her friend.

It crumpled in a heap. Then Susan shrugged herself out of her own robe extracting her fingers from the wetness of Marti's pussy just long enough to allow the sleeve to come down her arm and then quickly back inside Marti's cunt and up, lifting her friend onto her tiptoes with the urgency of her movements jerking those curled fingers up inside her friend. Susan's buttocks clenched with the effort she was putting into ramming her fingers inside Marti.

She kept her movements going and turned towards Jon and me. We had been masturbating as we watched but now we both covered up. "Don't be shy, boys. Get naked like us two." We allowed our robes to slip off. Susan kept up her rugged jamming of Marti's cunt. Marti's knees looked like they were about to give way.

"Now you can stroke each other's dicks." "I don't know about that." I said, weakly. "Oh who are you trying to fool?" "What do you mean?" "I saw you already both had big old hard-ons when I came in. It wasn't from me and Marti. You guys were up to no good. I bet we interrupted it." Busted. "It was just." I stammered "ooooh it was just." Susan mockingly mimicked me, all the while jamming her fingers deeper, deeper, harder, faster into her girlfriend's pussy.

"Take it, Michael, stroke Jon's cock." Fuck it, I thought. "I'll go one better." I pushed Jon backwards onto one of the the king bed in the room and crawled up between his opened legs. Taking his cock into my eager fist I leaned down and took him back into my mouth, where it had old man gangbang tight pussy teen a while ago.

Where it seemed to natural to be. The excitement of watching Susan giving such a going over to her friend had caused a lot of precum to leak out of Jon's cock. I sucked it and savored the taste before swallowing. Then began a steady pace, bobbing my head up and down on his wonderful cock.

Stroking the hard, fat shaft as I sucked him. I couldn't see what the girls were doing now, but I didn't care. The cock in my mouth was more exciting. I sucked my friend with gusto. Felt his hand go back to my head as he encouraged me.

"I knew it, you're a pair of faggy boys." Susan mocked. I was about to lift up off Jon's cock to reply but he held me there. Sucking him. He answered. "Try us. We'll give you a fucking to make you wish you weren't getting married." Which seemed a bit paradoxical, given that he had his dick planted firmly in my mouth and we were both very much enjoying it.

"Ready when you are, faggy boys." At that, I DID lift my natural teenie blows penis in pov and gets yummy fuckbox pounded off Jon's hard wet cock, got up and grasped Susan's wrist. Pulling her fingers out of Marti's cunt. I took her glistening fingers to my mouth and sucked Valeria rios is ready do for money pornstars and hardcore juices off.

"You taste nice, Marti." she stood there, leaning against the wall with her legs open and smiled slightly. "So I've been told" "I want to eat your sweet pussy.

Come over and join us on the bed." I took her hand in the one not wrapped round Susan's wrist and led them both to the bed where Jon lay, his legs apart and his cock still hard and pointing north. "Climb up on this, Susan." he told her.

Marti and me stood and watched as Susan straddled Jon's hips, took his erect penis in her grip and lowered herself onto him. Watching Jon's cock slide up into Susan's cunt was so arousing, I wanted to do the same with Marti. But I really had liked the sweet taste of her pussy from Susan's fingers and wanted more.

Marti laid down next to Jon and I climbed between her legs. A few minutes before I had been between Jon's and enjoying his cock, now I bent down and put my mouth on Marti's wet slit and tasted her.

It was sweet and salty and better than any pussy I'd ever eaten. She bent her knees and lifted herself to my face. Her hand was at the back of my head, gently tousling my hair as I ate her and licked and sucked and played my tongue over her engorged clit. Wrapping my lips tight on her clitoris I began to suck her.

Her hand tightened in my hair as she was clearly enjoying what I was doing. I brought up a hand between her legs and gently inserted a finger inside her while continuing to concentrate on keeping suction on her clit. In and out went my finger. Susan's somewhat more brutal assault on her friend's pussy had stretched it and liberally lubricated her. I went in with another finger and then a third.

Marti said "OK, tiger, three's my limit". I didn't want to hurt her. Just bring her pleasure. If three fingers was her limit. I went back to just two. My lips around her clit kept the tight seal that allowed me to carry on sucking her while simultaneously grazing the surface of her sensitive button with the rough texture of my tongue. I slowly moved two fingers in and out of her wet hole. Susan, riding my friend next to us said "Only three. you're such a wimp, Marti. And there was you, thinking you were the big seductress!" "Well you never gave any clue you were such a slut, Suzie my love" Marti answered breathlessly.

Breathlessly because the combination of Susan giving her a rough mauling followed by me sucking her hard clit and more gently penetrating her wet cunt was getting her to the point. Marti had both hands on my head now and she brought her thighs closer together.

Holding my face against her vagina as she bucked her hips up at my mouth. I pulled my fingers out of her and replaced them with my tongue. Trying to penetrate her pussy with it. But her hands brought me back up to her clit and she made it clear that was what she wanted.

I sucked her again and quickly brought her to orgasm. Her legs closed tightly on my head. trapping me against her as she came. So much extra fluid pumped out of her. I sucked it into my mouth and swallowed.

Struggling to breathe, trapped as I was, between her smooth sexy legs. Her orgasm slowly subsided and she loosened her grip on my hair and her legs parted, allowing me lift my face away from her gorgeous puss and then to sit up on my haunches. I wanted to get my cock into her cunt right then.

All I had to do was shuffle forward a foot and lean down. Her wet gaping hole would accept my hard cock without anyone needing to guide it.

It was right there in front of me. "I want to fuck you." "Give me a minute, doll, you just wore me out a bit." I sat there on my heels, between Marti's legs, looking up the length of her naked body.

Heaving breasts, a trickle of sweat between them.She was totally sexy. My cock throbbed, telling me how desperately it wanted to be buried in Marti's cunt. But 'no' means 'no', and 'not yet' means.

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well it might mean anything except 'yes'. My cock throbbed. Throbbed, I tell ya. Susan turned to me from her position rocking back and forth on Jon's cock. "C'mere." I moved up the bed to face her and she brought her lips to mine. We kissed hot and heavy, but really I realized that Susan wanted to taste Marti's cum that was smeared over my face. I fondled her titties while she sucked my face and she rocked faster on Jon.

My cock was close to his face and I felt him grip my erection and pull me within range of his mouth. Jon took my cock into his mouth while I kissed the woman he was fucking. It was a wild scene and I felt like I might cum quickly, but I didn't want to. With these girls here being so raunchy I was more interested in getting inside some cooch. "You'll make me cum if you don't stop." He didn't stop. He snaked a hand up between my legs, put the flat of his hand on my ass and pulled me deeper into his mouth.

Sucking hard. But I really wanted pussy. Marti wasn't ready. I pulled out of Jon's mouth and moved behind Susan. Watched her ass bouncing up and down on Jon's cock. I knelt lower. Got close. Jon spread his legs slightly and lifted his hips. I was able to lick Jon's balls while his cock drove in and in and into Susan's cunt.

She felt me behind her. "You want some of this pussy, Michael?" "I don't want to stop Jon while he's having such a nice time." "Why not join him?" She bent forward, laying flat against Jon.

Her ass came up and I had a clear view of Jon's cock in her pussy. "Come on. there's room." "You sure?" "Well. no I never tried it, but I want to. I want to right now. Double vaginal. isn't that what they call it?" Fuck me!!!

They! What 'they' call it. They, as in other people. Not me. Not Jon. Now 'we' were going to be in the 'they' group! I got up on my knees, holding my cock in my fist. If she wanted to get married with a cunt that had recently been filled by two cocks at once then I should help her achieve her ambition. It was only polite. And the sight of my friends cock in her cunt already was a huge turn-on. They stopped their movements for a moment and I was able to position the head of my hard penis where I could press into her, stretching her pussy to take my cock as well as Jon's.

Everything was slippery. I pressed the head of my cock. felt Susan's cunt stretching to accommodate a second fucker entering her. Pressed harder and felt the last resistance ebb away. Then I felt my cock plunge straight down deep into her. Felt it rubbing length against length with Jon's cock. We began slowly pumping Susan's willing body.

When we went in and out together it didn't work very well so we set up a counter rhythm. As Jon's cock went up Susan, mine was sex swing partners give best ass licking and foot fetish tube porn and then when I was shoving my meat back in, Jon's was sliding out. Susan was loving it. Shouting every dirty word she knew and encouraging us. She was on the edge of cumming. The motions had the additional excitement for me and Jon of rubbing our cocks against each other.

Like frottage, but inside a warm wet willing cunt. I was able to look over Susan's shoulder into the eyes of my friend as we fucked this girl. Watching him enjoying the pussy and enjoying feeling my hard cock slipping up and down against the length of his. Then Marti got in on the action by getting behind me and caressing my balls while Jon and I fucked her friend. The friend she had hoped to seduce into a little submissive lesbian had turned out xx69xx com first virgen sex be far more: first dominating Marti and now taking two cocks at once into the cunt that was soon to be promised to another guy.

I briefly wondered if her fiance was having as wild of a stag party as his bride-to-be. I doubted it. But then. Jon was having a pretty wild time.

and it was still our first night. But I brought my thoughts back to where I was. Pump pump pump. Cock against cock. Slip slide slip. Inside a slutty cunt. Squelch schlurp. So much. So much action. too much to last long. I grunted that I was going to cum. I wanted to shoot inside Susan and it turned out she wanted it that way. As my orgasm began, Jon tensed below us both and cried out. He was cumming too. Marti's fingers slipped between my ass cheeks and she tickled my asshole, as if I needed any more stimulation.

It drove me wild and I rammed hard into her friend's pussy. Jon's was rammed hard as well and our cum shot out and filled her up. Both grinding deep in Susan's cunt until it began trickling out of her. Susan was cumming the entire time we shot our loads into her.

It all finally subsided. I pulled out of Susan and sat back, watching two loads of cum dribble out of her and down the length of Jon's cock, onto his balls. Marti put a hand on the back of my head and directed me down onto it.

Then her face came along side. We licked up the cum and Susan's juices. Licking from Jon's balls, up the length of his shaft, still in Susan, and then around Susan's stretched-out pussy. Then Marti pulled me up to face her dirty cop fucks latina beauty hardcore and reality we began French kissing.

We merged our cummy tongues. Swallowing what we had licked up from our friends. Jon's cum, mixed with my cum, mixed with Susan's. Susan climbed up off Jon's softening cock and lay next to him. There was room on the bed for four to lie there. I thought about boy-girl-boy-girl, but then what I really wanted now was to let Jon taste the last of our cum. I lay down next to him and Marti lay on the far side of Susan. The two girls rolled onto their side, facing each other. Giggling and smoothing each other's hair, the way girls do.

I lay on my chest, leaned across to Jon lying supine beside me, and put my mouth on his. His lips opened, accepting the thrusting of my tongue, and he was able to taste the output of all our exertions.

Then I collapsed back, rolled over and lay next to him. Our hands found each other's cocks, damp and sticky and soft. He chuckled "I thought it was exciting just having a quick blowie." "Yeah, me too. But I still want that, buddy.

I still want to suck your cock until you cum in my mouth." "Now worries. We only just got here. I want to do you too." Susan chirped up. "You guys buy us dinner and we'll go a second round. I know Marti wants my pussy, don't you sweetie?" Now Marti seemed as shy and reserved as Susan had in the bar downstairs. Their roles had switched, but they seemed to have found the ones that suited them best.

Jon and I didn't have roles. We were into getting each other off. Which we did. Repeatedly for the next two days. Sometimes in the company of Susan and Marti, sometimes alone. Marti didn't get doubled up the way Susan had, but she did get fucked by all three of us in succession, at one point.

It was the best stag weekend ever. All four of us agreed on that. Now that our friends are married, Marti and I have a kind of thing. We meet every so often for a lost weekend. She's is sweet and sexy and her pussy is still the best I ever tasted.