Amateur guys fucking dutch hookers in reality movies

Amateur guys fucking dutch hookers in reality movies
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Fbailey story number 563 Teaching Her A Lesson The girl next door may be every boy's dream but the girl that lives next door to me is a monster. She thinks that my backyard belongs to her and that she has free access to walk through my flowerbed and stomp on anything that she wishes too.

Tina Louise Carter or TLC as she likes to refer to herself. Tender Loving Care is not what I would to do to her bare ass. At fourteen she thinks she knows it all and that her shit don't stink.

The boys are all over that. Every one of them wants to stick his dick in her snatch but she is way too much of a cock tease to let them. I figure that by the time she turns sixteen, she will be pregnant and have dropped out of school.

Then the trick will be whose name to put on the birth certificate under father. I had a few talks with her mother but for the most part she has no control over that girl. I called the police and they told me that there was nothing that they could do to a fourteen-year-old. I told them about the trespassing and property damage and told me to take it up with the parents.

Parents my ass, they didn't know who Tina's father laurie vargas fuck by nephew either. It runs in the family.

He mother was pregnant at sixteen and had Tina at seventeen. Now at thirty-one she looks fifty. The problem is that I'm sixty-three and even fifty still looks good to me.

Finally after finding three rows of tulips crushed by her tiny feet I went over to the mother. I threatened to have her arrested and make her pay for the damages to my flower garden. Peggy started crying and told me that she had no control and that she had no money and that I couldn't get blood from a stone. Then she told me to deal with it. Well I formulated a plan.

I had a mountain cabin miles from no where. School would be out in a few days. Peggy said that she would go along with anything that I wanted her too. I had her pack a couple of suitcases on the last day of school and we waited for Tina Louise to get home.

Her mother dragged her into my car kicking and screaming and then we were off. Three hours later, without a pit stop, I free mp4 download american naughty into my cabin. Tina Louise found out real quickly that there was no toilet or running water. She bitched about the outhouse and she complained that she was hungry.

I told her that she would have to bring in some firewood if she wanted hot food. She chose to eat a couple of food bars. I gave them sleeping bags and told them they worked best if you were naked. In the morning Tina and Peggy found their clothes missing. They were locked in my trunk. As Peggy got up to go to the outhouse I saw her slightly flabby body.

She had not been very good at keeping fit and trim. Her breasts sagged, her butt jiggled, and her belly was more round than it should have been. Tina suffered for another half-hour before she got up and ran out of the cabin as quickly as she could. She really had to pee. I caught a glimpse of her young firm body. It was a lot better than her mother's body and rather nice. I got a hard-on. I told them that I needed the wood box full and water brought in from the creek.

Until then there would be nothing to eat. Tina refused to do any work so her mother did it all. I made breakfast for the two of us but none for Tina. She bitched me out and stormed off. At lunchtime innocent teenie is gaping tight crack in close up and cumming was right there begging for food.

I told her that she had not earned it but that I could punish her first then feed her. She agreed to that, after all she was tough. I pulled her across my lap and laid a hard one into her bare ass.

She screamed as loud as she could. I hit her again and she screamed.

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It was a good thing that there wasn't anyone around to hear her. I let her scream and I kept spanking her. Fifty was a good stopping point. By then she had stopped screaming and was just crying constantly. Her ass was a nice bright red and I had been holding onto one of her tits the whole time. I got up, sat her in a chair, and then I placed a plate in front of her. I then made a nice big pancake and placed it on her plate. Her mother had already told me that Tina did not like pancakes, but she ate that one.

Apparently she liked all of the extra blueberries that I had put in it or she was really hungry. The third possibility was that she didn't want to piss me off right away. No matter, she ate it and even said thank you. This was going to work out after all. The girls stayed naked and Peggy gave me sex every day. Peggy would tell Tina to go take a walk and then she would ask me how and where.

The very first time that we did it, it was on the kitchen table. Peggy was on her back with her ankles on my shoulders.

My cock was in her pussy and I listened to her telling me stories of her sex life. I actually enjoyed listening to them. I would stroke my cock into her slowly at first but as her story gained excitement, I did too and then I would stroke into with more urgency.

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Peggy lost her virginity at the ripe old age of eleven to her fourteen-year-old cousin at a family reunion. At thirteen she became her brother's fuck toy. At fourteen her father took over the role and fucked her himself. At fifteen he became her pimp and prostituted her to his friends. At sixteen she became pregnant while fucking twenty or thirty guys a week.

Tina could be anybody's kid. From there things never really got any better. Peggy got into smoking, drinking, and drugs. It took its toll on her and her family, she couldn't keep a boyfriend, and her life sucked. Drug rehabilitation helped straighten her out some and placed her in the house next door to me. Family counseling didn't do any good, the police didn't she is so hot she gets two cumshots any good, and probation didn't do any good either.

I was her best hope. She saw the effect that I had on Tina. She saw that Tina had developed an amount of respect for me. I told her that fear was a form of respect. Anyway sex with Peggy just kept getting better and better. We both found an outlet for our pent-up energy. Tina complained that she had no one to have sex with. Her mother told her not to make the same dumb mistakes that she had. About once a week I would lay Tina over my lap and spank her until she had an orgasm. She got off on pain.

After I had filled Peggy's pussy with my cum the two girls would get into a sixty-nine. Tina knew what she was eating out of her mother's pussy and she would smile at me knowingly.

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I came close to fucking that little girl more than once but I'm sure glad that I didn't. I had all that I could handle with her mother.

They both gave up smoking and drinking that summer. It wasn't their choice and it wasn't easy, but a good spanking every now and then kept both of their minds off cigarettes and alcohol.

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I had Peggy's stash locked in my trunk along with their clothes. I kept them there for eight weeks, they got great overall tans, and they learned to talk to one another. Tina became pleasure to be around and pleasant to talk too.

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Her attitude changed for the better too. When I opened up my trunk they took out their suitcases and emptied out the cigarettes and booze. The cigarettes were burning and the booze was poured out. The girls got dressed for the first time that summer, we drove home, and they asked if they could move in with me. Tina helped me in my flower garden. It had gone berserk since I had left.

Together we had it in very good shape by the time that school started.

Peggy got a job and worked at being a good mother and wife. I didn't marry her but we sure lived as husband and wife. Tina's grades improved and we never saw another police officer or probation officer. Her choice of friends improved too.

The End Teaching Her A Lesson 563