Anissa kate jasmine jae storm of kings xxx parody part 1

Anissa kate jasmine jae storm of kings xxx parody part 1
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Chapter 4 Shannon the Mad Scientist The song is from the mid-80s. The video for it showed a medieval village doing a stupid dance while the long hair sang. It is dorky but somehow sexy. That pretty much described Shannon: dorky but somehow sexy. She's a grad student in bio-chemistry and spends all her time in a lab off campus. She has no time for a social life, but that's just fine with her. The lab is where her passion is. That's about all I know of Shannon, really.

And we've worked hard to keep it that way. We made an agreement to stay purely physical and we've kept our promises to keep our lives separate except to fulfill animalistic needs on occasions. She was pretty inexperienced when we first started, but I've shown her few tips since then on how to please men.

Or rather, man. I really don't think she even dates. I was nursing a Beamish chuckling to myself watching guys at the bar sheepishly leering at the chubby girl. It's as if they can't decide whether it was ok to lust after an oversized woman. She'd walked in a few moments before looking one part shy and one parts lost. Her pale white shoulders and arms stood in contrast of this dark room.

Her hands clutched a small black purse with gold threading. Her eyes wandered the room and when she didn't find what she sought, she started for the bar. Her full figure was wrapped in a mid-thigh, sleeveless navy pencil dress. Her shapely alabaster calves were supported by black 4 inch pumps. A rather formal outfit, if I'm honest, for a college town pub on a Wednesday night. I watched her butt jiggle as her heels clicked their way to a stool. The bartender responded professionally tired cabbie gets recuperated by the sweet pussy of his client quicker than usual.

The auburn hair beauty continued to survey the room as she put her dark brown lips around some olives. You can tell a lot about a person from the drink they prefer. A classic martini with 2 olives told me that this was a woman who knew what she wanted and is a mission to get it. At the moment, she was keenly searching for her subject, her prey. It's fun to people watch, but I had my own issues, not the least of them was that I was in an academic wasteland.

I had just been dumped by yet another girl who accused me of not able for emotional attachment. That was before I found my dad, so I was also dirty poor. Let's be clear, I enjoy everything about girls; their shapes, their sex, and even their emotional silliness.

But the truth is I like to keep my options open: I was still undeclared after 3 semesters at a prestigious university I can barely afford. I worked hard to open doors for future possibilities, both symbolically and literally. I will save the story of how I got recommendation letters from Lorraine, I mean, Dr. Drake, for another time.

Sitting here with my beers, it dawned on me that it was this mule-headed stubborn focus on my future that made me appear less interested in the now. That's fine with me. I've learned from others that college is only the first step to a lifetime of possibilities, why fuck it up messing around with GIRLS now when I can have WOMEN later?

'Scoot over, I hate sitting alone when Flogging Molly's on. They are from Cork, you know. My grandmother was from Cork. My name is Shannon, like the river in Waterford.' Like a hypnotist clicking his fingers, I was brought out of my trance by a voice that reminded me of church bells.

I focus my gaze and saw a pretty face with full dark brown lips smiling at me; her large shape moved close to me. 'Um. Hi, OK,' I instinctively moved to make room. There is another bench on the other side, you know, I thought to myself. 'The guys angels have nice group sex pornstar hardcore there are looking at me funny.' She continued, completely ignoring the appearance that I wanted to be alone. 'And they're funny looking!' She laughed heartily at her own awful joke.

I'm now fully awake and realized it's the Navy Suit cozying up to me! 'What's with the long face? Enjoy the vacation before school starts again!' 'Um, Hi, ya, just thinking about things. Being dumped and wandering aimlessly weighs on a mind.' 'Ah, you're a junior and still undeclared, right? I've been there, sucks, doesn't it?

And girls, you'll find more, you're a good catch.' My shields sprung up, she's either putting on this carefree persona or she has something to sell.

Or both… I looked at her; I didn't say anything. I can feel the smooth fabric of her skirt next to me. The light perfume smelled elegant and expensive. 'Hi, I'm Shannon.' I shook her hand. It felt plump and smooth. The shapely fingers were topped with dark brown nails to match her lips. 'I'm Liam. My grandparents are from Cobh.' Shannon, clearly surprised at my response, blushed a little.

'Cork Harbor and The Titianic. What are you drinking?' Um, is she coming on to me? I told her, and she waved to the barkeep for two more. Our beer bottles clinked and we drew our drinks. Her full lips lingered on the bottle a little. The sight made my stomach flutter; could just be my imagination. This can't be a seduction dance, could it? 'I'm starting my chem degree Monday.

Doctor DeGard is a hard-to-please son of a bitch. I'm looking for someone to take my mind off him every once in a while.' Her voice sang like morning bells. …It is. Just not the kind I'm used to… 'What's your story? You up for some baggage-free fun?' Her voice still had the same carefree tone, now mixed with a bit of anticipation? I gulped, 'I'm sorry, I don't understand.' She'd direct, I'll give her that! Over the next few moments she explained, in clinical precision, how she needs to focus on her advanced degree and can't afford to be bogged down by a relationship.

However, a woman has her needs, so the clear solution was to get a bed-buddy for release of sexual energy without the added weight of normal relationships. I considered her proposal while I sipped my beer.

Shannon had moved to the other side of the booth when she came back with our beers.

Her ample cleavage was displayed for my eyes' feasting. The shapes of her nipples and areola were playing peek-a-boo from under the thin fabric. I didn't know whether it was intentional; Shannon looked around the decorations on the walls to let me think things thru.

She was humming a little tune that I didn't recognize. 'Shannon, I gotta be honest, I don't know about this, but I'm willing to go milana witch tries out anal plug prior to butt fucking with it.' I threw up my hand and gestured towards the front door. Shannon made a face of great relief as if she just kicked the winning field goal with no time left on the clock. I tried to hold her hand, but she gently took it out of my grasp.

Keeping it professional, I thought to myself. I sure hope I'm doing the right thing&hellip. The drive to her apartment was spent talking about oceanography, labor unions and history of computers. She did all she could to avoid talking about what was to come, it seemed. I tried to bring up our past sex lives, but each time she steered it away.

Shannon became quiet and visibly nervous. She shot glances at me, but refused to look at me in the eyes. I had a vision of a cracking façade in my head… On the stairs up to her apartment I had a really good time watching her luscious ass wiggle with each step.

The light dress did little to hide her curvy mass. The short skirt showed her thick but shapely legs. Her heels accented her calves nicely. Her hair bounced in the night breeze. When she searched her door keys I stepped close, kissed her neck and palmed her right breast. Her body twitched as if frightened.

I dared to brother spying step sister masturbating my hand on the round mass a bit longer. Shannon didn't object but simply, 'Not yet, Liam.' Soft as a whisper, she breathed it. I can see in the dim hallway lights that she was blushing.

The thin fabric couldn't' hide her arousal. Her nipples stood at my light touch. Shannon took a breath and let it out to calm herself before unlocking the door fully. Her apartment wasn't extravagant but appeared comfortable. The focal point was a plush leather couch. A dark one with thick cushions that you want to sink into.

I heard Shannon hum that same little tune and looked over to listen. 11 notes, repeated over and over. She noticed me watching her, and turned the other way.

The song trailed off. Her face was flushed when pouring us whiskies. Soft lighting danced on her pinkish pale skin. I took my glass and softly said, 'Shannon, you are a very intelligent woman and a very pretty girl, you know you don't have to do this, right?'' I tried to catch her eyes, but she avoided me.

She sipped it mindlessly and I noticed her hands were trembling a little. She let out a little sigh, stood up and started to loosen the zippers on her dress. Something is starting to feel not quite right. The façade's started to crumble. I jumped up, almost too fast, 'um, you want to put on some music?' I was excited but still needed a bit of ramp-up time.

Call me old-fashioned. She looked around and said, 'Sure, what would you like?' The Commodores came on. 'Doesn't matter, Shannon, um, why don't we just enjoy Lionel for a while? She sat down and shyly sipped her whisky, she choked a bit at the pungent drink. 'Shannon,' I took her hand, she didn't take it away this time. 'You have done it before, right?' My emphasis was on the IT 'Of course I have!' She sound offended, then after some thought, 'just twice, with my high school boyfriend.' I should have just walked out, but something told me to stick around.

I believe it was King Arthur and his chivalrous knights. She sounded deflated then quietly told me how it was her friends' idea - Friends who have the same busy schedules; who have the same physical arrangements.

On their recommendation they told her it was best to have a release valve without getting into anything that leaves her with emotional baggage. 'Pretty stupid, huh?' She plead with teary eyes. 'Will you help me?' All that carefree façade suddenly shattered. I was holding a woman-girl who wanted physical closeness but doesn't want to lose her focus on her work.

I understood her point of view and admired her determination. 'Shannon, I will. You are the girl I've been looking for!" She finally cracked a smile and leaned in for a hug. I jokingly pushed her away and said, 'Please stop, Miss, this will lead to baggage!' We both laughed and she pecked me on the cheek.

I took a deep breath to savor the perfume on her hair. 'Shannon, I'm sure you are not told often enough, you are beautiful woman.' Her kisses moved to my mouth, our lips touched gently. Shannon let out a soft sigh and pressed hard on my lips. Our lips parted and our tongues danced together. I played with Shannon's hair and let the smooth stands fall over me. Shannon's breath became short and hot, I reach for her sizeable breasts.

She sucked in a little air when I palmed them. She moaned when I found her nipples, first right, then left. She backed a step away, drew a breath and unzipped her dress. The light material fell to the ground to a soft heap. Shannon was pink with blush, her body trembling. Not from our passion, but from girlish sexual anticipation and insecurity. Shannon the Scientist seemed so young, so innocent, almost naïve, standing almost-naked before me.

Her hefty breasts lay in their black mesh cradles were rushing my blood downstairs. She wore matching black mesh underwear with a flowery trim.

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She wasn't shaved or even trimmed. Her innocence suddenly weighed heavily on me.

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My head suddenly felt a rush of chivalry. I grabbed Shannon by the shoulders, 'Are you sure you want to do this? I don't want to sound old-fashioned, but we're about to go into the Great Beyond and I want to make sure we are both good with this.' Yes, I was talking to myself as well. Shannon leaned in, breathed in my ear, 'Yes, Liam, I want this.' After a short pause, as if whispering to herself, 'Yes, Liam, I want you.' Our lips were dancing again.

I laid her on the couch and parted her legs. I reached down and massaged the red and blue flower trim of her panties. Her hips lightly gyrated to my moves.

Her deep breaths encouraged me to march forward. I kissed her ears, her neck, and traced my kisses down the valley between her Ds. With my other hand I tickled her wrinkled areolas. I lightly brushed the hardened nipples with my lips and she purred, 'Oh Liam, this feels good! I moved my kisses down to her pale midriff.

When you sit in a hot teen cassidy have lesbian sex with her mom jelena all day everyday, that part of your body doesn't get a chance to meet the sun very much. Looking at how baby-smooth her tummy was made the over-tanned waifs in Chi lose some of their appeal suddenly. I grabbed a handful and planted kisses all over. Shannon was a bit embarrassed at how long I lingered on her plump belly, 'hey, what are you doing down there?' I looked up at her girlish face, 'getting you ready for what's next.' She bit her lower lip and let out a girlish giggle.

Man, I love making girls blush! I kissed the black mesh, Shannon let out a little groan. Her big eyes blinked at me, her nervous smile told me she was ready to leap into the great beyond.

I kissed her lips while fondling her breasts and pinching her nipples. I raised her legs to remove her panties. She wanted to protest, but decided to submit to my hands and lips and tongue. The musty sex permeated her soft white skin. Her legs shook a little in excitement. I played with her dark bush; her smiles were a mixture of arousal, fascination and insecurity. I must admit that I found that immensely erotic. I lowered my lips to her folds and blew gently.

She giggled, 'ooh, that tickles.' I kissed her and felt it warm and moist. Her musk filled my nose as I began licking. I looked up and asked, 'May I?' Shannon blushed, 'all you want, Liam' I used the tip of my tongue to separate her folds and rub her lips.

'If you like it, Shannon, let me know.' She took my instructions well; her satisfied moans were long and breathy. I started on her bean. Shannon squirmed and twitched and rocked to the movement of my tongue. I chuckled to myself a bit as her wiry bush tickled my nose and lips. When I saw the trickle from her honey hole, I knew I was doing a good job. 'Are you ok, Shannon?' I teased. 'Oh, Liam, I'm cumming!' She groaned.

With that, I intensified my sweet torture. I rubbed her clit with a finger while brushing her slit up and down with my tongue. Shannon pulled my hair and pushed my face further in, 'Oh!

Uh! Oh god! your tongue! That feels sooo good!' 'I'm not God, but thank you.' I winked at her then quickened my pace. Her musty juices flowed down forming a little puddle on the leather cushion. Her back was arched so her love slit was pushed into my face. Suddenly her breathing stopped, her legs tightened around my neck and with the explosion of sounds, sights and scents, she came.

Her body shook, her speech mumbled, I kept lapping, she held on to my head at her crotch until she caught her breath. 'oh, Liam, that was so good!' She panted, then with a shy smile, 'can I have some more?' I swung one of her trembling legs over my shoulder and rubbed my rod against her clit. She began groaning again. The feel of a warm penis lubed by her own juices pleased her well.

She opened her eyes, 'Oh Liam, I want it. I want you in me!' I slid my crown into her. It felt warm, and wet and tight. Shannon made a noise of discomfort. I backed out and asked, 'Shannon, how long has it been?' She didn't answer, but I got it. Shannon pleaded, 'Please, Liam, don't stop!' I put myself in, this time easier. Shannon's body tensed as I slid in about half way. She adjusted herself and I felt her body relax. 'Only if you're sure, Shannon.' I just wanted to make sure one last time.

She smiled a wink and whispered, 'Come here.' I leaned close, she grabbed my ass. 'I. want. You. To fuck. Me. Liam.' I felt her hole warm with more flowing juices. I took her knees in my hands and started a slow pump. In and out, slow and steady, like a steam engine driving the shaft.

Soon, Shannon's body relaxed as she got used to my girth. She closed her eyes and I can feel her more of her sweet nectar around my rod. She gasped, 'You're so big, Liam, this feels so good!' 'Shannon, look at your great breasts, play with them and pinch your nipples.' 'Yes, Liam,' Shannon sighed lightly. Her hands shyly found her pink cherries and squeezed.

Shannon obviously liked this new sensation as her sighs became moans. Her gentle kneading became hard pinches. My pre-cum and her nectar mixed into a foaming white tide oozing from her slit. I sped up my thrusts and Shannon's moans became squeals. I was absorbed by my own body's sweet orgasmic tingle when Shannon moaned, 'oh god, Liam, I'm cumming again!' Shannon thrashed from side to side, her breast swung and her tummy rippled with each twitch.

She grabbed a pillow and screamed into it as she climaxed. The white foam gushed on to my balls and ran down my legs. I can no longer hold it in at this beautiful sight. I pulled out and shot my load. The first ribbons fell on her milky breasts, the remainder trailed from her tummy to her full bush. Shannon gasped between breaths, 'oh god, Liam, that was great!' She ran her fingers in my cum.

'And it's yummy.' She teased me with licking some off of her fingers. 'What now, Shannon?' I teased her back. 'Now you show me some more fun stuff.' Oh really? This bookworm has found her new hobby, it appears. 'It's only Thursday, can we have more of this?' That didn't sound like a request, and I'm ok with it.

I walked behind her into the shower. I was mesmerized by her jiggling plump behind. From the front door to the shower was no more than 30 minutes, and my mind was racing to organize exactly what happened and compartmentalize the implications.

Shannon appeared to be doing the same. The mirrors were completed fogged up before either of us surfaced from our own thoughts. We looked at each other without speaking; we understood each other's thoughts.

We stepped into the shower and let the hot water splash over us in silence. Shannon whispers, 'we will always have this weekend.' I leaned in to kiss her, feeling a bit sentimental. She winked, 'so let's go going already!' Ms. Hyde said. I grabbed her mounds and buried my face in it, she laughed wiggled them. 'Hey, Liam, is it better to be shaved down there?' I was surprised by the suddenness of this question, but couldn't lie.

'Sure is, but it's what you want, Shannon.' 'Well, I've wanted to try, but never had a good enough reason.' She reached for a razor. I really do admire her directness. I sat her on the edge of the tub and trimmed most of her bush. Shannon watched me with scientific fascination.

That babe gets it over her petite body until I started to apply the shaving cream.

I took my time to make sure her clit got plenty of attention. With each passing I would rub and pinch the pink berry. Shannon made delicious moans that quickly revived my manhood.

'Oh, god, Liam, you're sooo goood, I love it!' I spread her legs to get to every last bit on her. I was inches from a fresh honeypot that was virtually untouched for years. With each stroke of the blade Shannon twitched or moaned. Her nipples were hard enough to burst. Same as my penis. 'Feel it, Shannon, see how you like it.' She shyly ran her hands on her completely bald pussy. She moaned a little when her middle finger struck her bean.

'Liam, this feels so good, I like how soft and smooth I feel.' She purred. 'Come of here so I can thank you.' Shannon didn't wait for my response, just grabbed my penis with the other hand and fed it to her mouth. For someone who hasn't given a blowjob before, she sure knows how to do it! Her lips wrapped around my shaft and slid most of me in.

I backed up a little when I felt the back of her throat and she choked a bit. She pushed her head further in and I was completely in her mouth. 'wow, Shannon, that feels sooo good!'' She began to pump me with her mouth, cradling her tongue underneath and licking my shaft. I made guttural sounds of pleasure. Her head moved faster and faster, I can see her fingers move at the same pace on her own folds below. Shannon ecstatic groans were building into shrills.

I popped out of her mouth and turned her over on all fours. I eased myself into her from behind. Shannon gasped from the pleasure, mmm, Liam, you're so big! You feel so good inside me!' I grabbed her sizable hips and pumped. My balls slapped against her new baldness and made lovely messy sounds. Shannon moaned when I changed up the pace. Her legs started to tremble, she threw her head back, 'I'm cumming!' I reached around for her nipples while Shannon rocked herself at same quick pace.

Her body quivered and I felt the lovely gush of warm fluids engulf my shaft. Shannon's arms gave out and she collapsed on the floor. With her ass up in the air, I stuck myself back in her, she let out a yelp of pleasure, Oklahoma teen young zorah gets her bald vulva fucked started grinding her again. 'Fuck me! Fuck me! Ohhh, fuck me, Liam!' she yelled in synch with each stroke. 'Do you like my pussy, boy?' 'Fuck me harder!' Whoa!

Where did this wild woman come from?! With each outburst I was being pushed toward my own outburst. Finally, before I lost all control, I grabbed her hair. 'I wanna cum in your mouth, Shannon!' Shannon got on her knees and hungrily lapped my cock lathered in her own juices. She stroked my rod with one hand and played with my balls with the other. She sucked my crown and licked up and down the shaft.

The desire in her eyes was almost too glaring to watch. I closed my eyes and let her enjoy my cock. 'I'm cumming, Shannon!' I croaked. Shannon closed her mouth and wrapped her lips around my crown. My hips bucked uncontrollably and came even harder than before. Shannon kept me in her mouth until I was all done. She swallowed hard and sucked like trying to get the last of an ice cream shake from the bottom of a cup.

Now, that was heaven!! 'Shannon, where did you learn to do that?' I asked between breaths. She gave me a wink, 'mmm…that was yummy, do you always cum that much?' ***** Hi, everyone, thanks for reading. I hope you don't mind this detour from Danielle's story. It was fun to get to know Liam's mystery woman from his past.