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Part 12 Reunion The days slipped by as Shoshana healed quickly.

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It was a strange time of suspended lives as the harem waited for Shoshana and Alice to heal. Each day they exchanged messages about dreams, hopes and fears.

As the days passed, Beth became the leader of the women. Michael watched it, but did not interfere. Rachael and Shoshana were older, but welcomed the direction.

Lynne seemed to have a way to avoid confrontation without hard feelings. The harem adopted the reverse cowboy position as a staple. Many nights all three of them enjoyed Michael. Shoshana seemed happier by the day. She could walk around and found she had a flair for jewelry design.

Their rings arrived the day before they were to leave. Two weeks and three days from her operation, Shoshana was cleared for limited travel. She had begun sex copal xxx story com, relearning how to move her tongue. Her voice seemed sultrier than before, but perhaps she was just relearning her tones. Unfortunately, Alice still could not travel, so plans were delayed by two weeks. The delay had hidden benefits. Shoshana and Rachael visited her doctors one last time the day before leaving.

Unless she suffered some injury, she could have vaginal and anal sex in two weeks and oral sex any time. Rafaela's cast came off shortly before she and Alice left Mexico for the last time. Shoshana had changed over the weeks since her operation.

She and Lynne had grown closer, sharing their dreams and fantasies. Shoshana had witnessed the transformation in Lynne over the past weeks and knew she wanted the same thing.

Finally the day arrived to begin their odyssey. When they left, Lynne cried, surprising everyone. "It's where I first made love," she said simply. Before they left, Michael gave the transmitter, Alice's laptop and the encrypted machine to Tim.

They would either be destroyed or taken to Europe after examination. Michael didn't want anyone to know their location. The downside was that they would be out of contact with Rafaela.

After a short plane ride, the boarded another Escalade. They whisked through the ship's boarding procedure with only carry on baggage. Their luggage was being shipped separately. When they got to their cabin, the closets had clothing suitable for the trip.

Their suite had two bedrooms and two bathrooms, for five adults. Michael offered to take the fold out bed that got him an elbow from Beth.

"I'll take the couch," Shoshana volunteered, knowing she did not want to have any curvy doxy gets her pussy fucked hardcore and blowjob until she could have it all.

Oddly it was Lynne who went to her, "Sis, you're one of us. How do you think I'll feel when I can't have sex after bearing your child?

We'll rotate." Shoshana did not hear the last part. When she learned she should not try to bear a child, she'd cried for two days. It took Michael most of that time to convince her that being unable to bear children was not the end of the world. Neither Beth nor Rachael could bear his children. "What did you say, Kiddo?" she whispered, using Lynne's childhood nickname.

Lynne smiled, seeing the pain in Shoshana's eyes, "Look, if the docs get your ovaries restarted, I'll take one of your little fertilized eggs and give you a brat 9 months later," she paused, mischief in her eyes, "But you'll have to take care of it." Shoshana grabbed her younger sister and engulfed her in a hug, tears streaming from her eyes.

"Remember that when you are sucking my pussy with that pointed tongue, Sis, be gentle." Lynne's laughing eyes. "I can't wait!" Shoshana's enthusiasm clear. The first day out of port, they dressed for their dinner in clothes others had purchased. Michael refused to wear a tie, though he put one in his sports jacket pocket if it was required.

His companions were radiant. Rachael oozed class, her hair up, Rafaela's medallion barely touching the cut of dress. Lynne chose a brilliant, aqua dress, her hair pulled back, clearly showing her flawless, smooth skin. Her confidence grew daily as she realized she was really the center of this little universe. She was the baby factory. Beth chose a simple black dress, offsetting her blonde beauty.

Shoshana set the standard. Her raven hair flowed over her bare shoulders. Her makeup screamed sensuality! Her breasts strained the clinging, white fabric; her elongated nipples apparent even through her bra. She was excited. She knew she looked beautiful. "You are all so beautiful," Michael said to the group. Beth laughed, "Come on Dad, Shosh is the clear winner. She is gorgeous!" Michael kissed Shoshana's forehead, "Beth's right, russian ballet dancer flashes her pussy incredibly beautiful." Rachael's heart sang as she saw Shoshana's back straighten a little.

Michael took Shoshana's hand and led his harem to dinner. The days on the ship were fun, but tense. They did not disembark at the other ports, but waited impatiently for Montego Bay. As they disembarked in Montego Bay, Michael saw a huge man holding a sign with the arranged code name. The large Land Rovers sped north towards Negril. Michael sat in the second vehicle between Beth and Shoshana, his arms around them both.

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Rachael and Lynne sat behind them. The convoy sped along new roads, bypassing "Ganja Bridge." A shame, Michael thought, he remembered a time in another life. Michael and Beth's mother, Vika, met when he was 17 and she a year younger. Both had demanding sex drives, which made it odd that they waited a month to consummate their relationship. Vika later explained to him that she wanted to wait until she could feel his unsheathed cock in her the first time they made love, so she had to wait until the pill had taken effect.

For two years, they fucked like bunnies. In the process their love and dedication to each other grew. Like everything, though, sex became routine.

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They married at age 20, Beth being born a year later. After many years of marriage and monogamous sex, they decided to try something new. They went to Hedo II and discovered a new life! A year later, Vika was dead, Michael thought bitterly.

"What's wrong Michael," Shoshana asked, seeing the pain in his eyes. Her empathic sense was finely tuned to Michael's moods and thoughts. Beth heard and looked at her father.

"Dad?" "Remember the vacation your Mom and I took about a year before she died?" Beth nodded. "We came to Jamaica." 'Shit,' Beth thought, 'If I'd known that, I'd have chosen the DR! Shit.' "You never talked about that vacation," Beth said, indirectly begging for forgiveness. "We didn't want you to know. We went to Hedo," he said trying and failing to suppress a smile.

"I have lots of good memories from here. I just miss her sometimes." Lynne and Rachael had leaned forward and were listening. "You and Mom were swingers?" a surprised Beth blurted. "Yep. But I've only made love to five big black sista with big tits tube porn in my life," he turned to look at Shoshana, "soon to red wap me babes com six." He kissed Shoshana while moving the hand around her shoulders to cup her breast.

He could feel her elongated nipples demand release while the pointed tongue explored his mouth. By silent agreement, Michael, Beth, Rachael and Lynne poured affection and love into Shoshana. She knew it, but reveled in the attention and joy. Finally they turned onto a dirt road leading to a huge plantation house in the middle of a mown field. While the guards wrestled with their baggage, Michael led the girls inside.

Rafaela sat outwardly quiet as she saw her new family for the first time. She was dressed in a gaily flowered, sleeveless, blouse and very tight shorts that showed the curve of her ass. She rose and started slowly, moving to Michael. Her restraint broke. She launched herself into his arms. As she hugged him, she heard, "Group hug!" and felt more arms around her body, breasts pressing against her.

Alice stood to the side, clearly nervous. Beth broke away from the group and strode toward her. Alice recoiled, thinking Beth was going to hit her.

Beth's left arm circled Alice's waist, pulling her close. Her right hand grabbed Alice's hair, bringing Alice's face to her. For a second, Beth looked deep into Alice's eyes. Beth's eyes blazed with lust as her lips found Alice's. The passionate kiss broke as Beth was pried from Alice. "My turn." Lynne said seriously.

Rachael next. Then Shoshana. Michael and Rafaela stood near, watching, smiling. As Shoshana finished, Rafaela pushed him forward. He approached Alice, searching her eyes. She met him, looking up in question. He put his arm around her and she seemed to melt.

He knew this had to be gentle, so he touched her lips with fingertips first, just grazing the sensitive skin. Her lips trembled against his lips when they touched. Her body swayed against him. He caressed her cheek, a sensual, soft touch. When they broke, her eyes pleading and confused. She still leaned against him. "Wow! That was intense. I want you to do that to me!" Shoshana gasped. Lynne started clapping and the others joined in.

Michael laughed. Alice blushed. He gave her ass a gentle squeeze and she winced. As the guards brought in their luggage, Rafaela led them into the large dining room. Three bottles of champagne and a pitcher of orange juice arrived. While the girls sat at one end of an enormous table, Michael retrieved his briefcase from the living room.

When he returned, the chair at the head of the table waited with Beth and Rafaela flanking him, a flute of Mimosa in front of his seat. "As our man," Rafaela said, "the first toast is yours." Michael thought for a moment, stood and said, "To our new family." Six smiling women drank with him.

Michael noticed Lynne's hand on Rafaela's thigh. Rafaela stood next and toasted, "To my new sisters and my forever man." Beth next, "To my sisters and the love of my life, my dad." Michael misted a little with that one. Lynne, "To the harem and its man!" Rachael, "To our love." Shoshana, "To our future together." Finally everyone looked to Alice. She rose a bit unsteady, "To new beginnings!" Food arrived. Fish and lobster tails, fresh from the sea, vegetables from nearby farms, steak, and shrimp.

A fabulous feast. The table exploded as five people sought answers from Rafaela and Alice.

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While they had been happy in Charlotte, it had been very boring. Now they wanted to know everything about their new sisters. Michael put his briefcase on his lap and opened it. He took out two small ring boxes. Shoshana grabbed them, "Let me tell them." He gave a faint nod. "Rafaela and Alice. We know we can't all marry Michael and anyway it wouldn't be legal since we can't use slutty mature amateur fucked by the cameraman real names.

So we came up with these,' Shoshana held up her right hand to show her ring, and continued, "a commitment ring. We wear it on our left ring finger after we've made love with him and on our right if we're just engaged," she said smiling broadly, "but if you put it on, blindfolded wife fucked by black guy a promise that you will make love to all of us, including Michael." She looked directly at Alice.

Shoshana had been in private communication with Alice, so she knew the answer. Alice just didn't know how to ask Michael. She handed each their ring. Smiling into Michael's eyes, Rafaela slid the ring on her left ring finger. Everyone looked at Alice. She locked eyes with Michael, saw the kindness, and slid the ring on her right ring finger.

"Yes!" Lynne exulted with an exaggerated fist pump. Beth jumped up, ran around the table and threw her arms around Alice whispering in her ear, "Don't go totally hetero on us, we all want to be with you." Alice giggled. They finished eating and refreshed their drinks.

"I think there is some other news," Rafaela said first looking around the table to be sure she had everyone's attention before turning to Michael, "I am afraid I cannot have my scars repaired for at least 8 months. It might hurt our baby." Dead silence, then an explosion of joy from around the table.

'Rape victims react differently to a child, a being they can trust and love absolutely and without fear,' Alice thought. Nor was she immune. She'd just known the news for a few days. "But I thought…" The puzzle in his head rearranged. Peter sent him to Mexico without a real reason, except to help Rafaela recover from a horrific rape. BS. He sent me to impregnate his daughter. Rafaela watched him as his brain worked, a silly smile on her face.

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He rose and looked down into adoring eyes. He kissed her, a kiss of love. A very rare bubble of joy surrounded this group of broken birds after all the pain.

Lynne grabbed Shoshana's hand and crooked her head indicating she wanted to speak privately with her older sister. "Shosh, I know you want to wait until you can give Michael everything, but I'd like all of us to be together tonight. I need you, Sis. Please?" "So long as I can still give everything to Michael on my first night, I'd love to join. I really want to be with Alice.

It's been soooooooo long." Lynne nodded and as she reentered the room, she called out, "Harem night." Beth looked out the window, seeing the bright daylight, "Harem day, too." Rachael explained to Rafaela while Beth explained to Alice. "Then I have a surprise for you, sisters," Rafaela said, laughter in her voice, as she led them through the house to the master bedroom.

Three king beds had been joined along the far wall, with two, separate baths. "Dibs on first shower," Beth called as she ran to get her bag. Michael showered, shaved, brushed his teeth and popped a blue pill. He washed it down with champagne. He took one of several silk robes that hung on hooks in the huge bathroom. Though he knew what was about to happen, he found himself trembling with nervousness.

Rafaela waited for him in the center of the enormous bed, obviously naked under the thin sheet, her dark hair pulled into a ponytail.

Her eyes still smoldered with need, but also with a new softness. He slid onto the bed beside her. He levered himself on one elbow, looking into her eyes as he slid his hand beneath the sheet, his palm rubbing circles on her belly. He slowly leaned over her and placed his lips on hers. Knowing the passion would come later; he tried to pour all his love into the kiss.

Alice entered from the second bathroom, her transformation nothing short of sensational. She wore a thin, black silk robe that dragged a bit on the floor. Her clear blue eyes highlighted by black eyeliner, her lips a sultry red.

She wore a long blonde wig. She smiled at Michael, "My alter ego," she said chuckling. As she climbed on the bed, she explained, "I know I could have you all to myself one night, but I want to give myself to everyone and, honestly, I may need help. After my rape, I never let another man touch me." She giggled, "I do want you to come in my pussy, though." Slowly she climbed beside him, atop the sheet. As laurie vargas fuck by nephew kissed, he felt Rafaela's hand on his shoulder, gently urging him to Alice.

He found her robe tie and untied it, throwing her robe open. Her pale body still showed angry lines where Miguel's belt had opened her flesh. The surgeon said they would fade to nothing, but that took time. He laid her on her back, levered on his right elbow and opened the robe completely. Her breasts had an enchanting shape, full and firm and topped with pink aureoles and small nipples.

Her body showed the effects of lifelong exercise and the care she had taken with her skin. She had a pale landing patch that seemed natural for her. A gentle knock and Lynne cried, "You started without us! No fair!" She came rushing into the room, threw off her robe and dove onto the bed. "God, Alice, you look incredible…Oh my God!" Up close she could see the red lines, "we'll have to be very gentle with you!" By now everyone was on the bed. Beth looked at Rafaela still hidden under the sheet, "Hey Momma, you shy?" Then more kindly, "We've all got scars, Honey." Rafaela realized this was a moment of commitment.

She slipped higher so she could get her legs out from the sheet on which everyone was lying. Rachael began to slowly caress Rafaela's mutilated breast, tracing the scars with her fingertips, then reached down to gently lick the dark aureole. Rafaela moaned softly, her hand now on the back of Rachael's head, encouraging her to do more.

Rachael sucked the little nipple and it grew hard. Lynne moved between Rafaela's legs, The aroma of sex began to fill the room. Michael concentrated on Alice, knowing that she was probably terrified. He could not have been more wrong. For the first time in her life, she trusted a man. She gently pushed him onto his back, her eyes afire with lust and need. Staring into his eyes "Let me give you my virginities, Michael. I've been waiting far too long." She lay beside him.

A kiss, filled with passion and need, Michael's hands cupping her breast, enticing her little nipples to hardness, his other hand moving toward her ass. She pulled back, "Don't hold back," she cried fiercely, "Love me." He let his hand roam her ass, feeling the ridges of healing scars. Someone pushed his hand away. Shoshana gently parted Alice's legs and then pulled her ass cheeks apart, beginning to caress her puckered starfish with her pointed tongue.

Alice's eyes snapped open. She squealed with delight. Shoshana then pushed chris gayle with sunny leone up a little so she could slip beneath and had access to Alice's love button.

Alice rose off Michael, placing her hands on his chest as she moaned and closed her eyes feeling incredible pleasure as Shoshana's tongue explored her womanhood. Her breath became ragged. Her head dropped, long blonde hair hiding her face. Shoshana sucked Alice's clit into her mouth hard and began to trace circles around the engorged little button.

"Oh my God" Over and Over. Shoshana bit down gently while inserting her thumb into Alice's pussy and a finger into her ass. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Beth had the head of Michael's cock deep in her throat, trying to milk it. Hearing Alice climax, Beth slowly and reluctantly relinquished his cock. Shortly after Alice came, Rafaela succumbed to Rachael's talented tongue and fingers. Beth donned a robe and left the room for a few minutes, returning with seven glasses, three bottles of champagne and one carton of juice.

They toasted each other silently. Alice looked at Michael. "Make me a woman." It was during this period that the group chose new identities. To change names at this point in the story would be confusing and disruptive, so I've chosen to keep the names unchanged.