Riding on a schlong excites amazing teen girlfriend

Riding on a schlong excites amazing teen girlfriend
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That night had ended with Vikki and I passed out in my basement, exhausted beyond belief. However, that hadn't stopped her from leaving sometime in the night to trisha parks licked then ass fucked by large wiener home.

She had left a note apologizing for leaving without waking me and explained that it was all part of her little scheme. Her scheme called for me to sleep with both her, and her mother, without Mrs. Fletcher finding out about Vikki and I. It made my head spin a little bit. So, I tried not to think about it whenever possible. We'd given up trying to watch the movie. Just as we'd start to settle down and enjoy it, we would get 'distracted'. This first of these 'distractions', was when I couldn't tear my eyes away from her still bare crotch.

My body had reacted accordingly, which, in my state of nakedness, was quite noticeable. She of course, noticed, and I nearly ended up in a sexual coma while she gloated, still fully charged and ready for more.

But I digress. The next morning I awoke feeling slightly stiff and in need of some energy. I changed, used the exercise equipment we had in the basement and considered either going for a run or heading to the gym for more. Dismissing both ideas, I showered and changed. Today was my 'off' day. Every other day I went over to the Fletcher's to work. The days in between were mine, though if I had plans, Mrs.

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Fletcher would let me skip a 'work' day. I looked at the clock. By now, Vikki would be at work and Mrs. Fletcher would be puttering around the house. Try as I might I just couldn't keep Vikki out of my head. Everything she had said, the way we had kissed, the way we had touched. I couldn't stop thinking about it. It was blissful. And that's how I came to my haze her college xxx deep throat challenge as to what to do on my off day today.

I cleaned myself up and grabbed up my keys and cell phone. I walked out to my car, a beat up Taurus. It was nothing compared to Vikki's car, and wasn't meant to last more than a few years, as freshmen weren't allowed to bring their cars next year. I tried to keep it in good shape, but just couldn't quite manage it. Pulling out of the driveway, I headed for the highway, exiting a short time later. Now it was a red light filled drive through the shopping area of town, baking under the summer sun in a car with no air conditioning.

Though, there was a nice breeze coming off the ocean that helped keep me cool. Did I mention we lived on the coast? Well, we did. An eternity later (damned red lights) and I was pulling into my destination. I parked and shut off the car. Surreptitiously, and with plenty of furtive glances, I checked myself. I wasn't sweating too badly from the car ride, and I used a superb deodorant so I smelled 'spring time fresh'.

I got out and locked the car, turning to stride into the Smokey Bones bar and grill. The hostess recognized me from school and summoned a perky smile, "Hi Robbie." "Afternoon Maya," I replied, leaning over her desk and making a vague waving motion with my hand while giving her my most flirtatious smile, "you'll seat me by the windows." Maya was the hottest nerd I've ever seen. She possessed a genius I.Q.

and was obsessed with everything science fiction. She was trim, short, had short, red dyed hair that she spiked up, and wore a pair of thick framed glasses like she was made for them. The image of the sexy librarian came to mind when you looked at her. And if by some cruel twist of fate, she was unobtainable. If she didn't play for the other team so to speak, I would have been all over her. Of course that didn't stop me from hitting on her. "Your mind tricks won't work on me, Jedi scum," she said, unable to stop a pleased little smile that I knew about her favorite sci-fi theme.

"Still, you'll seat me by the windows," I grinned, waving my hand again. She rolled her eyes, "Only if you stop hitting on me." "You drive a hard bargain Padawan," I paused as if considering it, "deal." "God, you're weird," she said only loud enough for me to hear, as she used a wax pencil to cross of a seat by the windows on her chart and grab a menu. "I'm weird? What was it you dressed up as for the Halloween dance?" "I was a Twi'lek," she said defensively.

I gave her a 'my-point-exactly' kind of look and immediately regretted it as she frowned, hurt. I dropped it; I liked her and didn't enjoy it when my harmless ribbing went too far. Instead, I focused on just how sexy she looked in the unofficial uniform of Smokey Bones. Tight, oh-so-tight jeans and a tight black collared t-shirt completed the ensemble. Of course her girl senses alerted her to my scrutiny, and just to twist the knife, she put a little extra wiggle into her hips.

"You're the devil in disguise Maya," I said as she sat me. "Pfft," she snorted, eying me oriental in stockings hawt toying japanese hardcore, "which head thinks that?" With that, she turned on her heel and marched back to the front desk and a family that had just walked in.

"Ouch," I said to myself, watching her go. I had just pulled my attention back to my surroundings and nearly had a heart attack as I realized Vikki was standing a few feet to my right. "Holy crap!" I squeaked, actually scared. "That's right 'holy crap'," she said quietly, her voice dangerously soft. "Don't think that because Maya is gay, that you flirting with her means anything less to me.

And it doesn't help your case that she's prettier than me." "Vikki, she's not…" "Bup, bup!" she cut me off, "Don't even try." "But…" She gave me a warning look and I hung my head, suitably chastised. Smiling, she reached out and touched my arm reassuringly. I guess she thought she had hurt my feelings or something.

"I suppose I should have been prepared for this," she started, drawing a confused look from me, "my boyfriend is a whore after all." I pouted, that was not what I had expected her to say.

"Awww," she said like only a girl could, "but at least you my whore. That makes you special." "So I'm a special whore," I mumbled, reaching out and pulling her into my lap. She sighed, looking around to make sure no one was looking, she said "Yes. Now, what are you doing here?" "I'm hungry." She rolled her eyes. "And I thought I might harass the staff a little bit." She jumped as she suddenly felt my hand between her legs.

She was still a little sore from last night I think, or I had just startled her. "Ooh, um, how sweet of you to think of me like that," she said quietly, swallowing hard to clear the sudden unwanted thoughts that popped into her head at my touch. She carefully reached down and pulled my hand away, "Robbie, not now.

I still have two hours on my shift and I can't be thinking about you the entire time." She climbed out of my lap and fixed herself as I asked, "Why not?" "I'm not answering that here. Now order something or I'll get in trouble for standing over here talking the whole time." I sighed dejectedly and ordered a pulled pork sandwich with a coke.

She wrote it down and took my menu, hesitating as she was about to busty chinese hot pussy fingers show part teenxxxnetworkcom before leaning down and kissing me hard, pushing me back into the booth. With a pleased little giggle, she pulled away and skipped off to the ordering station, leaving me wondering just what the hell had happened. Despite the lack of a crowd when I arrived, it picked up considerably as soon as anal shake mashup pmv nova arch forge left my side.

She didn't have any time to spare on me, rushing around taking orders and delivering food. She managed to sneak me a kiss as she brought my order, but that was about it until she brought my check. "Are you gonna hang out with me when I get back?" she purred as she handed me the check. "Define hang out," I said coyly.

She didn't answer, just gave me a look that said 'you know what I mean'. I grinned, "Whatever you want, babydoll." She thrilled at the new pet name and her mind flashed to whatever fantasy was in her head at the moment.

The look on her face said it all; she was going to go insane waiting for her shift to end. I made sure to give her a big tip and stood up, pulling her into a tight hug and kissing her cheek.

She staggered back slightly after I let her go, her movements uncoordinated and her mind clearly filled with thoughts of what was to come. "No bye bye, Robbie?" I said, feigning a hurt tone. "Bye bye, Robbie," she repeated absentmindedly. Smiling to myself, I discreetly smacked her supple rear and made my way to the door. "See you around Maya," I smiled, wiggling my fingers in a wave. She growled something at my back as I left, but nothing I could understand. Shaking my head, I nearly skipped back to my car, and got in.

It would be two hours before she got off work, so I had time to burn. The mall was right down the street, so I decided to head down there. I walked around; window shopped, walked around some more, and bought this teeny tiny shirt for Vikki. I met up with some friends that were doing much the same thing, just walking around wasting time. So, it ended up being a few hours before I realized what I was supposed to be doing. I excused myself, told them I'd call later, and left. My car was an oven driving home, and by the time I walked through the front door I was sweating like a (insert crude stereotype) and in desperate need of a shower.

Driving by, I had noticed Vikki's car was in her driveway, but it was as I got out of the shower that I realized she wasn't home, she was here!

Vikki wore this very distinct perfume, an incredibly subtle scent that I would recognize anywhere. I can't even begin to describe what it smelled like, and she acted like it was teen fucked on train and sneaky teens farm girls state secret so I assumed I would never find out.

So, brow furrowed in concern, I walked into my room and nearly tripped over a pile of clothes. I sighed, somewhere, in my house, was my naked seventeen year old girlfriend. "Vikki?" I called out. "What?" she said from directly behind me, almost literally scaring the piss out of me. "Sweet paraplegic Jesus!" I nearly screamed, turning around to find her standing there, naked, eating out of a snack sized bag of popcorn.

"That's not very nice," she tutted calmly, unperturbed by my outburst and stuffing another handful of popcorn into her mouth. Hand clutching at my heart, I gaped at her until she gave me a big lopsided grin. However, her eyes were inevitably drawn to the shopping bag I still managed to hold onto. Her feminine eyes recognized the label, "What did you get me?" "Who says I got you anything?" I retorted, finally managing to get myself under control.

"You don't shop there," she pointed out. Feigning reluctance, I handed her the bag. "Smartass," I muttered as she squealed girlishly, seizing her present. Mind you, she's still naked. She handed me the popcorn and dug into the bag, pulling out the shirt. "Oo, sexy," she purred, struggling into it. I had sized her just a little too small apparently, because it fit her like a second skin, though she didn't seem to mind. It wasn't a normal shirt, just barely covering her breasts, and left the rest of her torso bare.

It took a moment, but her nipples, constricted as they were, hardened and strained against the fabric. Maybe it was the fact that she was naked, maybe it was the fact that there was a good chance we were going to fool around, and maybe it was the way the shirt fit her, but my shorts had shrunken considerably by now. She took the popcorn from me and sauntered over to my bed.

Sitting on the edge, she looked up at me with a wry little smile and patted the bed next to her. "Why did you take so long?" she asked innocently, giving me doe eyes. The question flew over my head for a moment before I remembered she had been here for an hour or so waiting for me. "Oh, I'm sorry about that, I sort of got lost in my head," I said, feeling guilty under her gaze.

"I hope it wasn't too painful for you." "Painful? No, not painful, it felt kinda good actually." "What?" "You didn't expect me to sit around your house waiting for you without entertaining myself in some way, did you?" "So what, you watched a movie?" I asked, knowing full well she did no such thing.

"No, baby," she grinned. This was fun, so I decided to keep it up, "Well, then what did you do for an hour?" She played along, "What would you have done if you're boyfriend showed up at work and made you so horny you could barely stand. Then, as a added bonus, when you got off work you rushed to his house to surprise him and then ended up waiting an hour for him sexy chick knows how to ride a dick come home, all the while you're…" she couldn't seem to come up with the word she wanted but I knew what she meant.

"Well, if my boyfriend did that," I said as she snickered despite herself, "I'd probably beat his ass." "Really?" she giggled. I nodded my head sagely. "Ok then," she said, finishing off her popcorn and carefully placing on the floor. She took a deep breath and turned to me, making sure to catch my eye. I barely had time to yelp in surprise as she launched herself at me. Determined as she might have been, she was too small to get any sort of edge on me.

I caught her and threw her further onto my bed, following soon after and trapping her body under my own.

"I'm sorry babydoll, really I am," I breathed in her ear, pressing my body against her. Her legs wrapped themselves around my waist and she looped her arms around my neck. "Don't do it again," she gasped, feeling my trapped cock push against her crotch.

By way of response, I kissed her hard, breaking away with an explosion of breath and attacking her neck with similar passion. "Uhhn, Robbie," her voice took on a thick quality as her body revved up all over again. She held my head tightly to her neck and moaned as I switched to her ear, nibbling on the delicate piece of flesh and cartilage. All at once, I pulled away from her face and sat up straight on my knees, her legs still tightly wrapped around my waist.

She collapsed back panting with the exception of her legs, and gave me the most lustful, pleading look she could muster, drawing me back to her with her eyes. Grinning, I ripped off my shirt and went back in, assaulting the other side of her neck and face. Using her legs, she pulled her lower body up into my stomach, grinding her crotch against my abs.

"Horny little devil," I whispered. She grinned drunkenly and kissed me full on the lips, worming her tongue into my mouth. She groaned, "Yes, baby, I'm so fucking horny. I want you in me." She reached down and shoved her hands into my pants, pushing them down. "God, it's so hot when you talk like that," I sighed, kissing her again and pushing my hips back against her, jabbing my cock into her butt cheek.

As soon as she felt that, her legs fell away and she pushed her body down, lining up her pussy with my dick. She pulled me down on top of her and let out a frustrated noise as my cock stabbed into her thigh. "Oh for god's sake," she cried out, "fuck me!" Quickly, I reached down between us and grabbed my dick, pushing it downwards and into her tight little cunt. I wasn't too careful this time; pressured by her frenzied actions, I forced nearly my entire length inside her.

A low groan from deep in her throat told me she was still sore from last night but she was so filled with lust she could have cared less. I lowered myself back down on top of her, relieved to see she took comfort from my closeness and pressure. She took a moment to settle her body and relax before wrapping her arms around me again.

There was a dull thump from outside and some laughter, but it hardly made an impact on my focus. I was about to start pulling back but she kerala xxxx porn malayalam new leek me, "Wait, uhhhn, just wait.

This feels so good." Suddenly, there was a bang that I recognized as the front door closing, "Shit!" I pulled my cock from her all in one go and shot to my feet. She gasped in shock as she was completely emptied of my filling presence.

I rushed to the door and listened hard, my dick beginning to shrink as panic set in. There were three voices, all of which I recognized. I swore and pulled up my shorts, looking back at Vikki. She lay spread eagled on my bed, still gasping for breath as her legs squirmed in my absence. "It's our parents," I hissed, "get dressed!" I snatched her clothes off the floor and tossed them at her. I couldn't help but smile as her soaked panties landed on her face. Groaning in frustration, she scraped the little pink undergarment off her face, "C'mon Robbie, you can do it quick cant you?

I can be quiet." "Victoria!" I heard Mrs. Fletcher call from downstairs. Muttering the vilest curses I have ever heard, she threw on her clothes over the shirt I had bought her and pushed past me. "Coming, mom!" She stopped just past skinny latina slut stretching and gaping pussy hot bitch door and looked back at me, "I have to go to my aunt's for three days." "What!" I exclaimed.

"Yeah, sorry I didn't tell you." "What am I supposed to do with myself?" I asked, half serious. "You've got my mom to entertain you," she said, a twinge of jealousy in her voice and more than a little annoyance at having to leave. She turned and headed downstairs with biggest santa bangs ass gap hardcore russian in her wake. My parents and Mrs. Fletcher stood at the bottom of the stairs by the door, talking about something and laughing a lot.

"Ready to go sweetie?" she asked as Vikki sulked down the stairs. "My bags are in my room," she pouted, heading out the front door and around the corner. "I don't know why she's so upset, she's known about this for a while now," Mrs. Fletcher told my parents. They nodded knowingly, very familiar with the erratic behavior of the species known as teenagerus pain-in-the-assus.

I stood between my parents and Mrs. Fletcher, waiting for my cue to either leave or stay. "Do you want something to drink, Amanda?" my mother asked, gesturing further into the house. "Oh, no thank you Susan. I need to drive Victoria to her aunt's house." She looked at me all of a sudden and smiled before turning back to my parents, "And I was wondering if I could borrow a certain strapping young man to help me move some furniture when I get back." "Of course, he needs to keep busy anyways," my father chuckled, giving me a playful shove.

"Aww, three days in a row, Mrs. Fletcher?" I pretended to complain. "Ahh, quiet boy, she pays you too well for you to be bitching," my dad said, he wasn't serious, but my parents loved having me at the age where they could swear again.

Mrs. Fletcher giggled, giving me a quick look before cocking her head. "Mom! Let's go!" we could hear Vikki calling from outside. "Maybe I'll take you guys up on that drink later tonight," she said, casting glances out the door. My parents smiled and excused themselves to start dinner as Mrs.

Fletcher made to leave. When my parents turned away, Mrs. Fletcher gang repe xxx story download at school girl me a look. "So, what are we moving?" I asked as she too turned to go. With a sly look over her shoulder she said, "My bed." She had disappeared before I could muster a suitable response.

Grinning anyways, I headed into the house and waited for dinner. It was nearly two hours before my cell phone rang. I was lounging on the back porch, reveling in the cooling evening air. "Hello?" "Where's my pool boy?" Mrs. Fletcher giggled girlishly on the other end. I laughed, "I'll diamond jackson all story sex stories right over Mrs. Fletcher, I know how helpless you are." I pictured her pouting, "I'm not helpless." I stood and began walking around the house.

"Yeah? How do you start the lawn mower?" There was silence as she thought about it, "With a key?" I couldn't help but laugh, "No, Mrs. Fletcher, not with your mower." I reached her front door and rang the bell.

The door was thrown open while I wasn't looking and I was yanked inside into Mrs. Fletcher's warm embrace. "Don't make fun of me pool boy, I'll have to get rough with you." "What's this?

You have sex with me once and now you're all cocky like some kind of teenager?" She wore a sheer robe that might as well have been invisible, and she cradled me against her body like only a mother could as she spoke, "I feel like I'm a teenager again.

It's so weird, but oohh does it feel good." I chuckled, feeling her hands roving up and down my back. She squeezed me tightly and let go, taking my hand and leading me down the hall with the energy of someone half her age.

She burst through her bedroom doors and slung me across the room. I squeaked in surprise as I landed, she threw off her robe and practically tossed her body on top of me, driving the breath fast timexxx story pc sex stories bolod bala my lungs. She grabbed my head and held it to her chest, basically forcing a nipple into my mouth. All she had on was a pair of lacey black panties. Her weight was settled on my stomach, not giving my lungs a chance to refill themselves.

She pulled her breasts from my face and crushed her lips against my own. Breaking away with a gasp, she grinned down at me and pulled my shirt over my head.

"Insatiable woman," I groaned and reached up to grab her shoulders, using the hold to throw her onto her back.

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She giggled madly and pulled me down on top of her. "Big strong boy like yourself, who wouldn't be drawn to you?" She kissed me and whined as I pulled away, sitting up straight and straddling her trim stomach on my knees. She reached up to pull me down again but I trapped her wrists in one hand and reached down to squeeze one of her big tits with the other.

She groaned and shifted her body underneath me. I nearly giggled, "Look!" I waved her hands around, still trapped in my unbreakable grip, "Now I can do whatever I want with you." She shuddered, goosebumps rising all along her body at the thought that she was completely at my mercy.

"Ravish me," she breathed, her sparkling blue eyes pleading. I leaned down, pushing her hands ahead of me so they were pinned against the bed above her all natural college blondie samantha rone fucked sweet eighteen and first time. I leaned down so close that she tried to arch up and kiss me, but couldn't quite manage it. "No," I whispered, "I'm going to do just the opposite." Despite the painfully hard erection in my shorts, I was fully prepared to make this woman scream for it.

She looked like she was actually going to cry for a second, "Robbie no, please. You can't." "Can't I?" I said distractedly, looking around her room. I rarely had reason to come into Mrs. Fletcher's room, so it was unfamiliar to me. The large bed we occupied was the main feature of the room, complimented by a dresser, make up station, and walk in closet all made from the same wood. All in all it was very tasteful, not overly ostentatious but displayed restrained style.

Family pictures adorned the walls as well as ribbons and awards she had won as a girl for horseback riding and karate. "Too bad you don't have any handcuffs, that would make this easier," I mused, giving her a playful smile.

Something flashed across her eyes and she deliberately avoided eye contact with me. "Oo, you do have some!" I cried excitedly, "Where are they?" "I don't have any. I don't know what you're talking about." "Mrs. Fletcher," I cooed, leaning down and kissing her cheek as she tried to look innocent, "You can't lie to me and you know it." I got off of her and stood up, still holding her hands in my own.

My hands were beginning to cramp as she kept trying to break free. I let her go and stood by her nightstand. "Could they be in here?" "No," she squirmed under my scrutiny. I smiled and pulled open the top drawer, taking my eyes from her nervous face to the contents of the drawer. I snorted, typical top drawer stuff.

Yes there was a pair of those fluffy handcuffs, but there was also good sized pink dildo, a thumb sized vibrator, and a half full tube of lube. "Naughty girl," I took out the hand cuffs and the lube, "what's this for? From what I've seen, you don't need this one bit." She gave me a look and I knew immediately what it was for. "Oh, Mrs. Fletcher." She blushed hard and looked away. "Wow, why is that so hot?" I asked no one in particular, the strain in my shorts was almost unbearable as I imagined her trying to push that dildo into her ass while frantically fingering her pussy.

"It's not my fault," she mumbled softly. I tossed the tube back in the drawer and plucked out the vibrator, before walking back to the bed. She covered her breasts with an arm and gave me a wary look. "Give me your hands," I ordered calmly. "No," she said petulantly, sitting up and pulling her hands out of my reach. "Mrs. Fletcher," I crawled onto the bed after her, as she kept backing away. I reached out to cuff her wrist but hesitated as she grinned wickedly.

She grabbed my wrist first and turned, rolling me over her shoulder in one smooth movement. Before I could even register what happened, she had slapped the cuffs on me and perched herself on my chest.

"Mmm, all tied up and at my mercy," she purred triumphantly. "Damn it," I muttered. She picked up the vibrator from where it had fallen and brought it up so I could see it. Slowly she brought it to her mouth and stuck out her tongue, lightly licking the tip until it shone. She scooted up my chest, knees pressing into my sides and took the little device from her mouth. "This thing is so much fun," she said quietly, turning it on with a soft buzzing sound. She brought it down and traced the tip around my right nipple.

It felt weird, not bad, just weird and I watched as my nipple hardened like crazy. After a moment, she switched to the other, giving it the same treatment.

She must have gotten bored, because she sighed and shut off the vibrator, tossing it onto the bed next to us. "I don't even know what to do with a tied up boy toy, how sad is that?" "It's not that sad.

You're just easier to play with." "Oh, you think so do you?" she said coyly. She looked back over her shoulder, a wild grin revealing her white teeth as she turned back. Smoothly, like only she could, she pivoted on my chest and reached down to grab my cock through my shorts. I inhaled sharply through my teeth; the feel of her hands was a huge relief on my throbbing shaft. "Oh, look at you. Someone's ready," she remarked huskily. "Nnh," was all I could muster, as she undid my shorts and pushed them down.

Tila flame ebony babe riding on cock hand wrapped around my dick and squeezed hard. I nearly lost it right then and there!

She leaned down and put her head on my thigh, lightly rubbing my cock with delicate fingers. My vision was filled with her panty covered ass and I longed to be able to touch it.

Damned handcuffs, whose bright idea had that been, oh wait… "Ahh!" I moaned, as the tip of my cock was engulfed in wet heat. Her tongue swirled around the head of my cock like I've never experienced before, and I felt like I was being dragged further down her throat.

I whimpered as I felt myself getting close, earning a pleased look from Mrs. Fletcher. Straining against my bonds, my back arched and my hips rose, accidentally driving more of my cock into her mouth. She made no nose of discomfort, just relaxed her throat. I ached to touch her, to do something with my hands; the inability to do so was maddening. I felt my body release itself into her throat with a sense detachment, like I wasn't really doing it yet I could feel all the sensations of climax.

It was all very strange. I watched with fascination as her throat worked to coax every last drop of cum out of me.

After draining me dry, she sucked hard as she pulled latina amateur blowjob fucking riding hotel room interracial big dick lips off my cock. "Oh, god!" I groaned, lying back, panting. "Hmm," she sighed, a self-satisfied little smirk on her full rouge lips.

I closed my eyes and took a few deep breaths, trying to piece my mind back together after having it blown so completely. I couldn't quite do it, my whole body reeling with the onslaught of sensation.

"Why do you look so cute right now?" she mused, sitting cross-legged next to me and stroking my face and head. "What?" I exclaimed tiredly, "I'm always cute." She giggled and leaned down, kissing me on the cheek. "Now, can I let you go and trust you'll be a good boy?" she asked, flattening herself against my body. "Define good boy," I countered, flashing a wicked grin.

She laughed, leaning in and kissing me hard. I fancied I could still taste myself on her lips but jessie wylde panting in public care. "In that case…" she trailed off, rolling gracefully off the bed and wandering around the frame towards my feet. She reached out and yanked my shorts and boxers from around my knees and tossed them across the room. Then, as slowly and as sensually as she could, she crawled back onto the bed and up my body, until she was straddling my thighs.

She looked down at my already hardening cock with fascinated amusement. "Ah, youth," she mused, smiling as she reached down and softly ran her fingers over the teen anal party hd i neva let a cockslut go piece of flesh and blood. Already sensitive from before, her touch was like lightning shooting through my body and my cock jerked in response.

Mrs. Fletcher bit her lip, eyes locked on my shaft as it twitched against my stomach, one hand gently touching it now and then, and the other going from one breast to the next squeezing and pinching her own nipples. Her weight shifted on my legs and I could feel just how drenched her panties were. I have no idea how she could stand to be in them.

"Mrs. Fletcher…you know you want to take those off." She tore her eyes away from my cock for just a second to say, "Really, and why would I want to do that?" I snorted, "Well okay, if you just want to sit there in wet panties and stare at me until my parents start to wonder what we're doing." She sighed through her nose and rose up a little bit, using her thumbs to push her soaked panties down and then off onto the floor.

Her entire crotch was glistening with her juices and more dripped down the insides of her thighs. "See, isn't that better?" I teased. Something clicked in her head and she locked her eyes with mine, grinning sadistically. "Yes, it does," she purred, slowly beginning to creep up my body on her knees. I kristen jordan bbc dp double penetration dogfartnetwork edgy now, something besides my dick was up, "Mrs.

Fletcher?" I said warily. But by now it was obvious what she was going to do, what with her knees planted on either side of my head. She was a giant all of a sudden as I looked up her body, between her big tits, to her smug smile.

She flicked the hair out of her eyes and looked down at me. I'd never been in this kind of situation before, especially with my hands tied. But I noticed how wet she was and recalled just how much I wanted to do this. Her puffy red outer lips seemed to beg for my tongue's ministrations.

She saw my willingness and grinned, lowering her hips to rub her drenched slit against my chin. Her skin was so soft, the heat and moisture felt so good. I couldn't just lay here this time, "Please, let me go, Mrs. Fletcher." "I'm listening," she prompted, smiling down at me, still gently rubbing herself against my chin.

"You know what I can do with my hands, with my fingers," I said simply. That was enough for her. She moved so she was kneeling next to me and turned me on my side, turning my wrists in just such a way until there was a clicking sound.

The cuffs came off and I sighed in relief, flopping onto my back and giving her a grateful smile. Mrs. Fletcher scrambled back on top of me, perching her slit mere inches from my mouth. She smelled amazing and exuded those infuriatingly indescribable chemicals.

I reached around her hips and grabbed her firm ass, pulling her eagerly onto my mouth. She sighed contentedly as I ran my tongue along the insides of her thighs, replacing the little rivulets of her sweet juices with wet streaks from my tongue. After licking up most of it, I began planting the lightest of kisses along her sensitive inner leg. "Stop, that tickles," she squirmed, laughing.

She stopped laughing all of a sudden as I dragged my tongue along her outer area. I pulled her down onto my tongue, which I stiffened and pushed between her enflamed lips. With one hand snaked up her torso to roughly squeeze one of her big tits, I brought the other down and rapidly rubbed my fingers over her clit. I frantically worked my tongue inside her pussy, running the tip along her inner walls "Oh Jesus!" she moaned loudly.

One of her hands covered the one at her breast, crushing it against herself. The other pushed my other hand away and applied a more experienced touch to her clit.

She bucked madly on my face, covering it with her juices. It wasn't long after that her body tensed significantly and her legs began to quiver. I doubled my efforts, getting a restrained groan out of Mrs. Fletcher. Aside from the 'oh Jesus', she was being very quiet and part of me couldn't help but think that she was doing that on purpose.

"Robbie," she gasped breathlessly. Her legs tightened and cum flooded her already soaked pussy. I lapped at it hungrily, driving her orgasm to greater heights. She pulled away from my face and collapsed sideways on the bed, panting a lot harder that I thought she should have.

I sat up and looked her over, smiling and stroking her hair. "Did that feel good?" I asked. She swallowed, nodding slowly. "Don't tell me you're all done again," I teased, squeezing her right breast. "Mm, no, I'm not done, brat boy.

I'm just catching my breath." "Oh, well good, because," I rolled over and pressed myself against her side, "I would have been mighty disappointed." My hand slipped down her belly to her crotch, my fingers extending to gently rub her slit. She sighed, pushing her hips out against my hand and reaching down her own hand to grip my throbbing shaft. She snorted, "And you say I'm cocky?" she shoved me onto my back and threw her leg over my stomach once again. She jerked my cock hard and she lifted herself up and damn near impaled herself on my length.

She seemed to choke for a second before she managed to relax her body. She squeezed me hard, her inner muscles gripping me like a vice. I grunted, "Uh, why didn't you tell me you could do this?" She seemed pleased, "I have to be on top, I don't know why." Keeping her thighs pressed tightly to my hips, she slowly began rocking her hips back and forth.

I sighed contentedly, letting my hands rest on her hips as I gently moved my hips in concert with hers. It was a moment of bliss, of absolute sensation and total satisfaction. It was also a moment interrupted. Just as I could have lost myself in her body, in the experience, the phone rang. "Oh come on!" Mrs. Fletcher cried in frustration. "Uhhn, just leave it," I moaned, tightening my grip on her hips. "I can't, it's probably Victoria," she groaned, leaning over and grabbing the phone from the cradle.

I suppose I should have been grateful it was cordless and right next to the bed. "Hello?" she answered, continuing to gently rock her hips. "You're busy," I grunted, pulling her down hard.

She gave me a look and reached down, covering my mouth. "Oh, hi sweetie. No. How are you and Eddy getting along, well I hope?" she sighed, "Honey, you have to try to get along with him. I'm not coming to pick you up early again because you and your cousin can't get along. I don't care that he's annoying. No, Victoria, you have to stay there the entire time." I tuned her out for a moment until a wicked grin slowly revealed my pearly whites.

Carefully, so as not to alert her, I shifted my grip to her waist and tightened my grip. She had taken her hand from my mouth when I showed no signs of making noise. "No sweetheart, just try alright, that's all I waAAAAAAHHHH!" she screamed in surprise as I took a firm grip on her waist and used it to piston my hips voluptuous asians wild oral service japanese hardcore and down rapidly, driving my cock hard in and out of her as fast as I could.

Her free hand shot to her mouth, stifling the cry still being forced from her throat, while she held the phone away from her body.

After a second she took her hand away from her mouth and smacked me. She gave me a hard look and took a deep breath, "No, sweetie I'm fine, I just kicked the table leg really hard." I gave her an innocent smile and caressed her sides.

"Um, honey I need to go, my toe is bleeding. I'll call sometime tomorrow, you know I have my book club in the afternoon. Yes, okay, I love you too. Buh bye." She turned off the phone and slowly placed it on the bed next to us. "Robbie," she said slowly, "don't do that again.

Do you have any idea what would happen if Victoria found out about us? Oh god, she'd hate me!" She looked like she was about to cry.

"Come on Mrs. Fletcher, she wouldn't hate you, you're her mother," I consoled, reaching up and pulling her down on top of me.

She eyed me narrowly for a second, before reaching out and twisting my nipple hard. "Ow! What was that for?" I yelped, slapping her hand away. "Don't play innocent with me little boy," she said with a wolfish grin. For a second there was a lead weight in my stomach, did she know about Vikki and I? Is that what that suspicious look was for? She sat up straight again, sinking my still madly hard cock deeper into her pussy and eyeing me over her big tits. "You did that on purpose." Thinking quickly, I said, "I wanted to see how you explained it away." She snorted, having no reason to doubt what I said, "Well then, did I perform to your satisfaction?" "Ehh," I replied, wobbling my hand back and forth, a wry smile on my face.

"Ooo, bad boy," she chuckled, all of a sudden planting her hands on my chest and pumping her hips back and forth forcefully. She rode me hard for what seemed like a ridiculously long time.

I had been left dangerously sensitive from that little stunt I pulled, and this was all it took for me. "Mrs. Fletcher," I groaned, arching my back as I blew my load deep inside her. She made a thrilled noise as her inner muscles worked every last drop of cum out of me, reveling in the bucking jerks as jet after jet of hot cum blasted inside her.

She lowered herself back down on top of me and tucked my face into her neck, mutually exhausted. "I don't know if I'll be able to get up tomorrow," I said tiredly. "You had better get up, you're coming with me to my book club. All my friends bring their boy toys and I finally got one." "Wait, what?" My mind was sent reeling once again. She giggled and carefully picked herself up and got off the bed, wandering around the room as she talked. "It's not a real book club. We just hang around and drink mostly.

And when I say boy toys, it's just a…younger, friend that drives us home." I raised an eyebrow. "Only a few of them sleep together." "So, what did you do before I came along?" "Well, it's only once a month. And not all the girls have someone there with them, some don't drink and some stay over.

I just had Victoria drop me off and pick me up." "Oh, I bet she loved that," I laughed. Mrs. Fletcher rolled her eyes and collected some fresh clothes, "I'm going to take a shower before we go back to your house," she bit her lip excitedly, "want to come with?" My answer was to beat her to the shower. Needless to say, the hot water revived our spirits completely, resulting in a rather animalistic session that left me nearly dead on my feet.

"Come along pool boy," Mrs. Fletcher called enthusiastically from the living room. I was trying to get dressed without falling over in her bedroom, a sight that would have sent many into hysterical laughter. It seemed, to me anyways, that the more energy I lost, the more she gained and stored. She bounced around the house in a way I expected from Vikki, not her mother. "Uhh, I'm coming, I'm coming!" I called back, falling onto the bed as I tried to get back into my shorts.

Muttering curses, I pulled them up and staggered out into the main room. "What's the matter?" she asked, concerned when she saw the strain on my face. I mustered a bright smile, "Nothing, I just need to rest is all." Her grin threatened to split her face in half.

She turned when I blushed at her attention and led me outside around the corner to my own house. As Mrs. Fletcher extolled my physical prowess in moving furniture to my parents, I slunk away to my room for some much needed shut eye. I just hoped that her tongue wouldn't be loosened by the booze she was about to partake in.

The next day I awoke around ten o'clock to my cell phone ringing. With a grunt I thrust my hand into the cargo pocket in which it still resided. I couldn't believe I hadn't changed out of those clothes.

Ripping out the offending device, I flipped it open and issued a hoarse 'hello'. "Robbie, are you about ready to leave?" Mrs.

Fletcher's eager voice asked from the other end. "Umm, what? I just woke up." I groaned, rolling over onto my back and glaring at the clock as if this was its fault. "The meeting starts at eleven and you still need to get dressed," she said with a measure or forced patience. Something about still needing to get dressed nagged at my attention, "Dressed?" "Mmhmm, I have an outfit for you to wear. I hope you don't mind." For an instant my mind was filled with the thought of having to wear a sailor's outfit or something ridiculous like that.

Twenty minutes later, after changing into fresh clothes and eating a quick breakfast, I stumbled over to nastia russian teen in anal sex casting blowjob Fletcher's. Mrs. Fletcher looked stunning in a dark blue cocktail dress that set off her eyes like magic.

I told her how beautiful she looked but she laughed it off and led me into the kitchen, where she had laid out what I was to wear. I thanked whatever gods looked out for me that it wasn't some ridiculous affair that would lead to my humiliation. It was a pair of black slacks, a tight fitting white button up shirt that showed off my well honed physique, a black vest and a thin black tie.

In my opinion I looked like the lead for an indie pop band. I had a greater respect for Mrs. Fletcher's sense of style once Dad got firecrotche daughter pregnant was fully dressed and looking at myself in the mirror.

She managed to make me look damn good in something I normally wouldn't wear. The shirt was a little tight around the shoulders but nothing that would bug me too much. "Wait, wait, do I get to drive your car?" I asked suddenly, as she led me through the house to the inside garage door. She grinned broadly, tossing me the keys, "Just don't kill us." Mrs. Fletcher drove this sweet Mercedes SLK convertible that I had drooled over since she bought it a year or so ago. And a few minutes later we were cruising down the highway at a respectable eighty mph.

I would have like to put the top down but Mrs. Fletcher said it would ruin her hair and promised I could put it down on the way home. She directed me off the highway and into a very affluent neighborhood I had never been in before. I was gawking at the massive houses and nearly plowed into a wrought iron mailbox, "Eyes on the road," she warned, pointing to a particularly massive house near the end of the street.

There were already several high end cars sitting in the circular driveway. And it really couldn't really be called a house, more of a mansion. Three stories of white columns and big windows and all kinds of other stuff that one would expect to see on something so ridiculously huge.

I pulled in behind another Mercedes, this one a luxury model, and shut the car off with a sigh. "So am I supposed to stay with you or what?" I asked, as we strolled to the front door. "No," she said, pushing the doorbell, "you're supposed to hang out with the other guys." I made a whining noise which made her laugh as the door was opened by an older man dressed as a butler.

"This is so clich? I whispered out busty slut gets pounded in hardcore fashion the corner of my mouth. Mrs. Fletcher suppressed a smile as we were ushered in and led into the main room. About a dozen women were scattered about the vast space, standing in small groups or lounging on what could only have been the most expensive looking furniture I've ever seen.

I became increasingly uncomfortable as every single pair of eyes swiveled in my direction, even as they seemed to simultaneously greet Mrs. Fletcher. I actually broke out into a sweat, as if their gaze was causing me to boil alive. Most eyed me with amusement, like I had confirmed some private joke about Mrs. Fletcher. But a few, the younger ones mostly, gave me looks that I had only seen Mrs.

Fletcher give me. The vast majority of the women appeared to be either in their early forties or late thirties, though two or three looked to be in their mid to late twenties. An older woman, decked out in the finest attire, seemingly appeared out of nowhere by Mrs. Fletcher's side, "Amanda, so good to see you again. And I see you brought a friend. I was beginning to wonder when you would get one." She spoke with stereotypical allys daughter seduction forgetful stepsis lands in, and I could only assume this was her house.

She was much shorter than Mrs. Fletcher, maybe five foot five, with slightly graying hair and a face that must have seen more action than a butcher shop. She handed me a small black disk and handed Mrs. Fletcher a button that resembled one of those Life-Alert things. She didn't even bother to introduce herself to me or even ask my name, "Andrew will show you around," she dismissed me haughtily, pressing her own little button. Not ten seconds later a short, kinda malnourished looking guy came through a door down a short hall and shuffled obediently to the hostess.

"Andrew, would you care to show our new friend around the house and help him get comfortable," it wasn't a question. Andrew gave her a shallow nod, and gestured for me to follow him. I gave Mrs. Fletcher a pained look and she responded with a sympathetic grimace before she was pulled into the main group. I swear I heard a couple disappointed noises from the crowd as I was led away. "Who was that lady?" I asked as we went down the hall. Andrew had a raspy voice and tired eyes, like those hundred yard stares you see on soldiers who have been in combat for too long.

"That's Mrs. Gossard. This is her house." "And you…" I trailed off as he gave me a look and I instantly felt immense sympathy or the guy. "There's not much down here, just the kitchen, the foyer, the living room and a bathroom…" "Robbie," I offered. "Robbie, the stairs are here." He pushed open the door he'd entered through and led me up a rather unremarkable set of stairs.

I assumed this was for more discrete use, rather than the ornate set in the foyer. "You guys aren't allowed on the third floor, but the second is fair game." We reached the landing and he led me through another door into a normal looking hallway, then to another door. It opened into a big room filled with stuff that would entertain a teenage guy.

About six computers lined one wall, and a huge flat screen TV dominated another. There were seven guys not including Andrew and I, none of whom were over twenty. Again I was scrutinized, though I wasn't nearly as uncomfortable, mainly because I was pretty sure no one in this room was stripping me. There was a chorus of 'wus-sups', 'heys', and subtle nods. The majority of the guys were enthusiastically engaged either on the computers or with the 360 hooked up to the TV.

I don't know why, but I was drawn to the more subdued guys sitting together near the other end of the room. Normally I would be kicking ass with the guys playing Call4, but for some reason I felt a connection to these guys. Andrew, who also headed towards that group, introduced me to Eric, Jason and Sam. As I looked around, I noticed that the guys I was sitting with were the older ones. We sat around talking for about a half hour before I had to take a piss. I was just about to ask Andrew where the bathroom was, when Eric's buzzer thing went off.

A feral grin spread over his face as he got to his feet, "Back in a bit fellas." He tried to conceal his excitement by walking with exaggerated slowness, mom and son fucking x story it was plain as day to see.

He opened the door and, before it could close, I noticed surprise register on his face. It was about a minute before I remembered I had to pee and asked Andrew where the can was. He gave me directions and I got up, heading out into the hall. I was washing my hands when I heard something. It was faint but distinct. I dried my hands and walked back into the hall where the noise was only slightly louder.

I followed the noise further down the hall to a nondescript door. It was a constant repeating noise, a bump bump bump.

I couldn't help but smile, I knew that noise. With a start I realized just how turned on I was. Was I that strange, that even the sound of sex got me all hot and bothered? Suddenly I had to fuck something, suddenly I had to have Mrs. Fletcher! I very nearly sprinted for the pick up first time anal hi slut, before I caught myself and slowed down. I made my way downstairs and edged my way towards the main room. Laughter could be heard.

I peered around the corner and took in the scene. The women had arranged themselves in a rough circle and were chatting, drinking, and nibbling on little snack dealies. Lucky enough for me, Mrs. Fletcher was seated almost directly across from where I stood. It didn't take long for her eyes to float in my direction and locked onto me with relieved surprise.

She was clearly board. I waved her to me and she smiled, excusing herself and standing on slightly unsteady legs. I retreated around the corner as she approached, though not fast enough to avoid getting spotted by one of the other women, who gave me a wicked smile and dug her own button out of a small purse, putting it on her lap, waiting for us to leave.

Mrs. Fletcher found me around the corner and tripped over nothing into my arms. She was either drunk or trying to be cute by doing that. Though, my money was riding on the former. "Hi," she breathed, her sweet smelling breath washing over my face. "Hi yourself," I replied, kissing her on the lips and taking her hand, leading her further down the hall.

She made a pleased noise and asked, "Where are we going?" "I don't quite know," I chuckled, peeking around the doors that remained open. Near the end of the winding hallway, we stumbled upon the laundry room. I contained no less than four washers and four dryers. I figured this would be a good a place as any.

I pulled Mrs. Fletcher inside and closed the door behind us. She looked around with eyes that didn't seem to want to focus and gave me a romantic sex invitation in the tub by sexy wife stare. "What are we doing in here?" she asked, swaying slightly. As a response, I slid up to her and kissed her hard.

She melted against me, her soft, full lips giving against my own. We kissed passionately for several moments before the strain in my pants became unbearable. I dropped my hands to her waist and bodily lifted her up onto one of the dryers. She giggled drunkenly and reached out for my head, pulling me in for another deep kiss.

She tasted good. "You gonna fuck me, Robbie?" she asked lustily, not quite to the point of slurring her anal sex hardcore white outfit slut dominica smalltits and cumshots, but close.

"Mhm," I grunted, fumbling with the new belt she had given me. She made a pleased noise and scooted herself closer to the edge of the dryer, but made no effort to pull up her dress. With a gasp of almost comical relief, I freed the beast so to speak. Mrs. Fletcher took one look at the throbbing shaft, now pointing prominently at her face, and turned bright red, her fingers grasping the fabric of her dress. I reached out and quickly hiked the hem of her dress up around her waist.

Her bare slit was covered in a dull sheen of moisture and served only to turn us both on like nobody's business. It seemed we both held our breath as I hurried to bury my painfully hard cock in her soothing heat. It seemed like such a slow process but it could only have been a second or two.

"Oh god," she gasped, wrapping her arms around me and pulling me in tight. Her inner muscles clamped down around my shaft in a desperate attempt to keep me inside her.

"Make me cum, Robbie," she whispered quite coherently in my ear, drawing me closer by wrapping her legs around me.

By way of a response, I pulled back quickly and forcibly rammed my cock back into her. She stifled a moan of pleasure and pressed her face into the side of my head, her hair tickling my cheek.

She couldn't control herself this time, the alcohol coursing through her veins dismissed her inhibitions and took her body from her. She began moaning loudly as she rapidly built to climax. I was stunned to say the least, usually she was more restrained and it was me on the brink after such a short time. She bucked, her whole body jerking as she blasted through her orgasm. Her inner muscles gripped my cock with a fury and pulsed madly down my length. She seemed quite incapable of speech at the moment, her mouth locked open against my cheek and her hands gasping at the back of my vest.

It was then, for reasons unknown, that I realized where we were and what we were doing. This wasn't our house, and though we wouldn't get in trouble per se, there would be talk. Talk that got around, talk that could be validated instead of just existing as a rumor. I decided on my own to finish things up quick. Without warning I started thrusting into her hard and fast, eliciting a cry of pleasure from Mrs.

Fletcher with no trouble at all. It wasn't a minute before she bit down on my ear in an attempt not to scream as she powered through another orgasm. Only then, after the satisfaction of pleasuring her washed over me once again, that I felt the tightness start to build in my balls. I wrapped my own arms around her and squeezed her tight as I came.

She gasped as my hot cum filled the witcher yennefer fucked anal animation hmv cunt, her already sensitive insides overwhelmed with the feel of it all. asian finger fucks wet twat japanese and hardcore god," she croaked, sagging against me and threatening to slip off the dryer if I didn't stop her.

Drowsily, she tenderly rubbed the side of her face against mine, panting. I pulled my slowly shrinking dick from her slightly leaking pussy and stuffed it back into my pants, careful not to stain the front of them. She didn't want to let me go it seemed, keeping her arms wrapped around me in a loose embrace.

"Come on Mrs. Fletcher, we should get you back before they get too suspicious," I suggested softly. "I don't want to," she whined, "it's boring." "Do you want to go home then?" I asked, unable to keep a hopeful tone from my voice. A smile slowly pulled at her lips as she nodded, slipping off of the dryer and straightening her dress. Now more unsteady on her feet, she hurried out of the laundry room, forcing me to rush in order to catch up.

She almost forgot to slow down entering the main room, but managed to do so just in time, sashaying into the room with more grace than I thought she had in her at the moment. She walked funny lara croft fucked by mature episode 3 to Mrs.

Gossard and apparently made the excuse that she wasn't feeling well, judging by the hand gestures she was making. I stood what I thought was a respectful distance away, trying not to attract any attention. That however, seemed impossible with this crowd. As soon as I rounded the corner after Mrs. Fletcher, I felt and saw most of the eyes in the room turn on me once again. You would think that kind of attention would be flattering, but it wasn't, it was uncomfortable.

Especially since I saw at least one gently rub the area between her legs when she thought no one was looking. I sighed, willing this to go faster so I could get the hell out of here. Finally, after what could have only been labeled forever, Mrs. Gossard smiled and touched Mrs. Fletcher arm, mouthing 'feel better'. Mrs. Fletcher handed over her button and gestured for me to do the same. I entered the circle, against my better judgment, and handed the disk thing back. Mrs. Gossard gave me a haughty look horny teen nice riding dildo on webcam sat back down.

We had been dismissed. Mrs. Fletcher slipped another sip from her wine glass and turned on her heel, heading for the front door. I dutifully followed, until I had almost made it out of the circle. I nearly squeaked in surprise as a hand shot out and smacked my ass.

There was a general uproar of giggles and drunken laughter as the inebriated offender made a sitting bow, nearly falling out of her chair. She was one of the younger ones, maybe in her late twenties, and mildly attractive. Again, I would have been flattered, I think, if it wasn't so unnerving.

With a sigh, I kept walking, following Mrs. Fletcher past the butler and out to the car. It wasn't quite dark yet, but it would be in an hour or so. She gave me the keys and climbed into the passenger seat, reaching over to press the button that put the top down.

I grinned and got in, starting the engine and pulling out of the long driveway. The ride back seemed to lift both of our spirits from an unexplainable slump. And by the time we pulled in to the Fletcher's garage, Mrs.

Fletcher was starting to kiss on me again. She nearly had me undressed by the time we reached the kitchen, tearing at my belt in frustration. I let her drag me along into her bedroom before smacking her hands away and tossing her onto the bed. She giggled madly, pulling her dress up and over her head and whipping it across the room. I kissed her fiercely, jamming my hand between her legs and seizing a luscious tit with the other.

She gasped and continued trying to rid me of my belt. Without warning my phone went off, scaring me half to death, although Mrs. Fletcher didn't seem to notice. I groaned and sat up straight, realizing I had her trapped between my knees. She made a whining noise and made to grab the phone from my hands, but I smacked her hand away with one hand and flipped it open with the other.

"Hello?" "Hi baby, maybe you should get off my mother and come say hello," Vikki's smooth voice answered from the other end. My eyes bugged out comically before I could stop them. Fortunately enough, Mrs. Fletcher was too busy fiddling with my belt to notice. "Bu…I didn't think you'd be back so soon Reg," Breezer porn story downloads d replied, absentmindedly crawling off of Mrs. Fletcher and sitting on the edge of the bed.

She pouted and crawled after me, "Just hang up, it's that easy," she purred in my ear. Her arms circled around my waist and continued playing with my belt. She just couldn't quite figure out how to get it undone. "Yeah, I made a bunch of BS excuses and came home early. She doesn't sound too bad. Sometimes she passes out on the ride home," Vikki said with a subdued chuckle, like she was trying to be quiet.

I stood; breaking the loose grip Mrs. Fletcher had around my waist and began pacing around her room. She flopped facedown onto the bed and gave me a 'why do you hate me' kind of look. I rolled my eyes and reached over, smacking her ass hard before continuing with my pacing closer and closer to the door. "No, we left early." I turned back to Mrs. Fletcher and covered the receiver. "I have to go. I'm so sorry." "Why?" she complained, hiccupping slightly.

"Can't you stay the night?" Still covering the receiver I said, "No, I'm sorry I had plans to meet my friend Reggie." She sighed and rolled over onto her back staring up at the ceiling, "So that's what you're calling my daughter these days?" All traces of drunkenness had left her, she appeared completely sober.

"What?" I gasped, only to realize my hand had slipped off the receiver. There was a bump from out in the hall and we both heard, "What!" "You two honestly thought I wouldn't find out?" Mrs. Fletcher yawned, closing her eyes.