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Very hot hard sex in pretty gals bed room striptease and hardcore
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Merlin Gwendydd - sister Morgenau - brother Morial - brother Morien - brother Mordaf - brother - Naci's father New Council Charley chase loves to drain a massive black cock interracial hardcore ___________________ Pikon Corth Groton Tydeth Docal Clondal - female Lyndeth - female Creton __________________________ I was pissed as hell.

Other than my mother Drenna and Morganna I could remember nothing else. Hell, they told me that I had lived in this village before though I still had no memory of it. It had taken almost a week for most of the fractures of most of my bones to heal. Mother was there every day trying to heal me. This was the seventh day now that I could stand for more than an hour.

"Toman, don't go far you're still not that healed." I heard her say as I was slowly walking away. "Not much chance of that mother. As I still don't know where I am, I'd get lost easily." I replied back to her. I started to walk looking at all the. what had they called them? Teepees? I hadn't gone far when I happened upon a smaller Teepee behind the one I had been in. Inside was a young woman feeding a young infant girl.

I had stuck my head in the quickly averted my eyes when I saw that the young woman was breastfeeding. "I'm so sorry I didn't mean to intrude." I said to the doorway. "I am not one that stares at people." I told the young woman embarrassed. I heard an amount of rustling then her very soft voice say, "I apologize also. I normally have the flap closed, though the heat today caused me to leave it open." "Still I am sorry that I intruded upon you." I then looked at the young woman, both her legs were shriveled so small compared to the rest of her.

She caught me looking ana foxxx dripping the ball I quickly turned my face away greatly embarrassed.

A smile came across her face, "Please I don't mind. I don't have many visitors. As you can see I cannot leave, Tall Bear and the medicine men have tried to heal me many times to no avail. I have accepted my fate." As I was sitting there listening to her I felt something in my head almost break. What in the hell was that I thought as I closed my eyes. Looking back at the young woman I could suddenly see that her injuries were of magic. Then just as suddenly I knew that I could heal her though I knew it would be very painful.

What the hell should I do? Suddenly I had a small flood of memories come to me. The people of this village did not know or trust magic. Great, here I could help her, and their superstitions kept me from it. I also knew that there were a few magic users here, had she said Tall Bear?

Yes, he was one of them, then again if he couldn't heal her how the hell did I expect to? Shaking my head, I felt power well up in me that I hadn't before. Hell, before now I didn't even know I could do magic.

Reaching out I asked if I could touch her legs. When she nodded yes, she said, "I haven't been able to feel them for almost a year now.

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I can't really see any harm in anyone touching a dead part of me." I nodded sadly as I reached out again touching her legs.

I could feel my power surge up a moment as it flowed into her then it faded.

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"Strange," I said. "They don't appear to be dead." I said as I pulled me hand away from her. I just hope that the small partial way I did it wasn't as painful as I knew it could be. The young girl looked at me strange then shook her head. "No, I am afraid that they are dead, I accept that I will never walk again." I looked at her legs again seeing the energy I had infused in them starting to heal them. I hated that it would take so long to heal her, though at least now she had a chance.

I thanked her for her time then left. I walked straight back to where mother was a determined look on my face.

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Walking in I sat facing her. "So," I started. "Where in the hell is pops? Last I knew the council was hunting the both of us." Mother stopped shocked slowly turning to face me. "You finally remember! Thank the great power!" I could only shake my head sadly, "some yes, though not very much. I remember how to heal, how to shield not much beyond that.

In remember releasing you from pops, I." I was suddenly struck silent as I remembered pops with two shadows around him. A look of horror came across my face as I whispered, "father!" Mother ran to me as huge tears started to fall from my face. How could I have forgotten about him! "It's alright Toman he knows. When you are ready you'll bring him back also." I flexed my power internally feeling a hell of a lot more power than I remembered having.

I might have been strong before though now? My power now was like the strength of an adult compared to an infant. I had to be nine or ten times more powerful than I was before. If I didn't know better, I had more than enough to bring father back. Looking at mother I think she could feel and see it also. "I remember using the restore spell on you. I even remember the first part of it. I can't seem to grasp the rest of it. I have forgotten so many things I can now feel them there it's just there is something between me and them." "If this has returned to you, the rest should soon also.

The natural healing." Mother started when I shook my head. "I was talking to one of the young women in the village when I felt something break in my mind. It was like a dam released a clump of memories though no more. When I started to talk to you remembered the restore spell well part of it.

I can't remember anything else." I told her. A strange look crossed her face as she stared at me. "A young woman? Who? Perhaps she has an energy that helped your mind heal." I took mother's hand taking her around the Teepee pointing to the one behind mine. "That one, she has an infant and her legs won't allow her to leave yet." Mother's face got a strange look on it when I pointed to the Teepee, then one of concern when I said yet.

"What do you mean yet? Mordaf has tried to heal her for almost a year now. She isn't a magic user be careful she doesn't see you." "Yes, I remembered that mother. I am unfortunately having to use slow healing on her. If I did anything else she would know, I am afraid it would also cause her undo pain, a lot of it." I replied to mother.

Mother was about to say more when Morganna came flying out of the same small Teepee. "By the great power! The young woman's legs have feeling in them again!" I smiled slyly as I stated to her, "It must be your supreme healing Morganna." Morganna stopped what she was about to say staring at me opened mouth then she whirled me around.

"You're remembering! This is a truly momentous day!" I smirked at Morganna as I said, "Okay maybe not, I don't remember you being this annoying." Morganna dropped her arms then looked at the ground chagrined. When I and mother started to laugh she punched me lightly in the arm. "Oh! by the great power you both are so bad!" I stopped suddenly as I said, "Seriously you are a far better healer than I am. I just wish I had half the skill you did at it." Morganna's eyes went wide as she shook her head.

"You possess far more power than I do Toman. The field and trail of dead you left in the dark range was proof of that. It took me far longer to get to the center, with it accepting me." I could only shake my head in disbelief she was more powerful than she thought. I looked back at Morganna suddenly seeing a myriad of colors coming from her center.

looking closer I saw that a great many that had once been open were now closed or covered. Not knowing I reached out flicking away at a few of those spots. Morganna's mouth dropped open again her eyes getting wider. "What!? I can. but. but." I felt her power up a lot more than she had before. Nodding I saw that there were a few blocks around her power that seemed to be out of place. I started to push them around a bit 'til things looked more like they should.

I suddenly stopped, how in the hell did I know all of this? Morganna was on her knees as tears started to flow. "I haven't been able to access those powers for centuries!

I." She started then stared at me. big ass blonde stretching pink muff in closeup big butt. my. control has risen! I have more than I did at my height with Merlin!" Rushing over Morganna threw her arms around me giving me a crushing hug. After she released me, I saw that my mother had tears in her eyes also.

"It appears that you memory is returning faster now." Sadly, I shook my head, "I've only gained a few more spells and abilities nothing more. I will keep at it mother." I nodded toward the small Teepee behind mine as mother slightly nodded her assent.

Ukobach was pissed as hell. It had almost been a year since anyone had seen that bastard wild magic user Toman. The thing is for some strange reason Ukobach had felt him the whole time. Though the most irritating thing was that he could never pinpoint where the bastard was. Now suddenly Ukobach could feel that Toman was back in the human dimension again. __________________________________________________ He'd tattoed hottie on massage table causes squirt movies and girls in a few favors to see what they could find to no avail.

Another bad thing the bastard felt a hell of a lot stronger. It felt he was on a par with Ukobach! Ridiculous! He was a demon no magical being could ever have that much. Damn! he'd forgotten about the ass kicking Merlin had given him.

Okay almost all magical beings. Still with only one arm Ukobach was keeping an eye out more on all the councilors. The three strongest he wasn't worried about, nor the lowest five. The three that were in between were of worry. They were his kind of scum though not when he was as incapacitated as he was. That one male and the two females were just the type to try and wrest control of the council from him and the others. Smiling he nodded yes under usual circumstances he would welcome scum like them.

He cursed silently how in the hell had his son as clever and devious as he was get captured? Then to be taken out as easily as he was? No, there had to be something else at work here.

What though he had no idea what so whatsoever. Looking at the council chambers he saw that Clondal had just returned with an evil smile on her face.

It was then that he saw Lyndeth and Creton bristle. "So, you bitch!" Creton shouted, "you've been to my holdings again. I will end your ass for that!" Creton then powered up.

Lyndeth growled at him and Clondal. "Not in the chambers you repulsive idiot!" Lyndeth also was starting to power up both her hands starting to glow.

Clondal had backed away her own hands starting to glow. "You shouldn't leave them alone for so long. They are just begging to be taken!" All three were almost at their full power when a huge bolt hit in the middle of the three of them. "Enough of this petty bickering! I have received information that, that bastard wild magic user has returned.

This is bad as the readings I have gotten indicate he is far stronger than any of you." All three powered down as both Creton and Lyndeth looked at Clondal who slightly nodded. "So, what are you suggesting? That we join up to fight him?" Creton asked.

Then shook his head, "not going to happen. I don't trust any of the others as far as I can blow them out of here. You're all powerful I thought you were going after him?" "As you said," Ukobach growled at Creton. "I do not trust you nor any of the others and I CAN blow you out of here a long way." He then pointed at Creton, "don't make me regret appointing you. I could make your stepping down more painful than you think! It could also last a very long time." Creton swallowed hard as he slowly backed away to his seat.

Looking at the two females Ukobach scowled at both of then 'til they were seated also. Sighing he stood before them as he started to outline several plans to get rid of Toman. Then he asked them for their input. "Remember, he's after all the council no matter who is here. He is far stronger than he was." Ukobach stated as he sat to listen to all their ideas. Ukobach was still distracted though. For the life of him he swore that blonde milf flashes big tits to stud before tit fucking him could feel his son and that whore of his wife.

Shaking his head, he tried to shake the feeling, it was like they were alive though they felt dead. _______________________________________ I was struggling all the next day, I had wanted to go see the young woman again though; but thought that it might be a bad idea. If she was as close to Mordaf as I thought she was, it might not be a good thing if he found me there. I was again walking around the village actually remembering a little. A few of the warriors I saw I could recall though none of them would approach me.

After avoiding her almost the whole day I steeled myself up as I walked to her Teepee. This time the flap was closed as I let out a breath of relief. Stepping close I listened to see if there was anyone else there. I had just started to walk away when I heard a soft voice from inside.

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"Hello? Is someone there?" I cleared my throat, "It's Toman from yesterday. I thought I'd come by. When I heard no noise, I thought you asleep." "No not asleep, you may come in please leave the flap open Toman. "she told me. Walking in I sat near the bed. Looking at her legs I could see that they were much better. I hated that it would take so long for them to heal. "May I?" I asked as I indicated her legs.

"They appear to be better today." The young woman nodded as she looked at her legs. I powered up again as I touched and felt along one of her legs. I felt the power slowly infuse with her again then I removed my hand. At this rate it would be a week before she was well enough for her body to take over.

"They seem better than they were yesterday." I told her. "Yes, they are, it was amazing not long after you left, I started to get a little feeling back in them. It lasted for quite some time then it faded after several hours. Morganna said that was a very good sign." The young woman told him with a smile. "So, you've had no luck in remembering your name?" I asked her. A stray tear came to her eye. "No, nor can I remember the father of Palaki.

It is frustrating to say the least. I have the most beautiful child who sadly will never know her father. Many told me that he was a very brave warrior," here fresh tears started.

"I remember nothing about him at all!" I was nodding I could sympathize with her when it came to memory. In that respect we were the same. "So, you remember nothing about your family? No one has said anything about them?" "I was told that Tall Bear was not my real father.

He married my mother Palaki after my father died. I decided to honor my mother by naming my daughter the same. I was told that I had a half-sister though no one knows what happened to her, she was called Naci." I had been nodding to everything she'd said 'til the point she said the word Naci.

Suddenly I bolted upright as if I'd been struck by something. "Naci," I was whispering with a haunted look in my eyes. I turned to look at the young woman though did not see her.

"I have to go." Then I abruptly turned walking from the Teepee leaving the young woman in shock. I walked toward the Teepee that I'd been using. Walking in I fell to my knees as huge tears started to fall freely from my eyes.

"My dear Naci I am so sorry." I was whispering. Morganna suddenly appeared startling me though I made no move to acknowledge her. A worried look came across her face as she saw the tears and regret on my face. "Toman? are you alright? Is there anything I can do?" I turned my attention toward Morganna. "I have to go soon.

If they feel me here, they will come. You are powerful Morganna, much more than you were. Not even I could take all of them black guy girl xxxxsex six black guy xx six the same time.

I. Please forgive me for not being there to protect Merlin in his obvious hour of need." Morganna could only stare at me with an opened mouth.

What in the hell was I talking about. "I'm not understanding Toman." "I was more than his student I was his friend, especially after he helped when I was doing the restore spell. I should have been there I can never forgive myself for that. After I take Ukobach, restore you then my father I will let the power take me.

It's the least I can do, especially after I got Naci killed." "You?

You didn't." Morganna started. I turned to stare straight into Morganna's eyes. She could see the haunted, lonely, deep depths that were there in my eyes. "I might as well have shot the bolts that killed her. I brushed off Ukobach's blasts not paying attention 'til it was too late.

I heard her scream." Here I swallowed hard remembering every second that had passed. "By then it was too late, she was gone. I relived every last precious moment of her hoping she escaped." Morganna was shedding tears at the story.

I hadn't gone into this much detail when we were coming out. She just hoped my mother, Dreana made it back before I left again. "Toman we should call someone before you go off." Morganna said hoping to delay me. "Why? Both of the people that were strong enough to help are dead. Plus, I think that losing their brother and niece and daughter will cause vengeance. No, this is far better that I die like this, helping the rest. I'm just a coward but at least I can die with a little honor." Very dangerous raping x storys said then I hugged Morganna apologizing to her again.

I looked at Morganna then closed my eyes. I was chanting a moment when Morganna's eyes flew wide when she felt the last spell dissolve to nothing.

"There I kept my promise to Merlin, two other promises left." Morganna again tried to stop me as I walked out. Sadly, I shook my head then vanished. Touching her head, she concentrated. {I'm afraid Toman is on his way to destroy Ukobach. Nothing I did would stop him, he remembers everything. Dreana he doesn't plan to survive this.} {Damn! I was hoping he'd be there longer. I'll alert the others, with his new levels it won't take him long to destroy Ukobach.} Dreana answered.

Morganna nodded as the contact was broken. Sighing she was afraid that nothing was going to save Toman. With the hot milf sells her stuffs and gets boned by pawn keeper reality and blowjob of Naci she wasn't sure if even Merlin's family could save him. A noise behind her caused her to turn then her mouth to drop open, "Morganna?

What is going on?" ________________________________________ I appeared outside the council building his anger higher than he ever had felt it. Powering up I fired several bolts at the columns in front collapsing the front area.

"Come on Ukobach! You demon piece of garbage. It's time we end this once and for all." I shouted at the partially collapsed building. Ukobach appeared a huge smile on his face. "You're dead this time boy. There's no way that you can take the whole council." I looked around not seeing or feeling anyone.

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"Uh huh, you've lost your mind obviously." I told him as he looked worried searching for the rest of the council.