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Sex sitar bathe my mathe
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The weather had turned freaky this year it was only January and already four bad storms had passed across the U.S. leaving great swathes of devastation.

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Bear was as ready as he could be. He had plenty of food and waterwarm blanketsand battery powered heaters that were good for forty eight hours. The storm started right on time Friday night snow started falling at three feet an hour and forty five mile per hour wind gusts.

Lying on his bed Bear watched some CD movies when he heard a knock at his apartments dooryelling out who is it the voice of a young girls answered. I'm Kayla my sister and I are from building one the powers is out and the building has taken damage everyone has found other places to stay can you help us.

Come in the door is open. The two girls opened the door and stepped in closing and locking it. The two young girls were attractive and Bear knew they needed his helphe almost sent them back out in the cold but he actually craved the company and he knew no one else would be coming in this freaky winter weather that reminded him a lot of the movie "the day after tomorrow" that was about another ice age hitting the world.

Thankfully Bear had stocked up on food and bottled water as well as all the medical supplies he needed they would need to survive.

The one thing he realized he might need is birth control pills and condoms so the first chance he got he had the nearest pharmacy raised for those supplies. Bear looked at the two girls as they took off their heavy winter clotheshe asked them where their parents were. They went to New York City for work last week we expected them home tomorrow but the storm kept them from coming home. The two finally stripped off the last of the winter clothes and hung them up to dry and turned to regards me.

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In return Bear looked them over they were obviously sisters the older of the two was fourteen and four foot eight and the other was two years younger and four foot two. I looked at the two now standing before me in standards clothing and saw they were soaked to the skin. Okay girls don't stop there take it all off.

The older girl blushed an started to say something but the guy just saidnope your soaked take it all off I will put your clothes in the dryer while you showergo. The two girls stripped all their clothes off piling it in a heap in front of Bear and went to take a shower.

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Bear gathered up their clothes and put them in the dryer. When the girls stepped out of the bathroom and dried off they stood naked before him and asked him where their clothes werenot dry yet he responded. As long as we are waiting let's examine youget up on the table. The oldest blushing got up on the table and Bear started giving her a physical exam from head to toe then at the end he had her lay down and spread her legs.

Blushing she did this only to feel him shove his penis into her virginal pussy driving through her hyman she screamed in pain as he breached her defenses then he fucked her to an orgasm thinking it was over she started to relax only to have him pull out of her pussy and push into her anus.

Again screaming in pain he pounded into her without mercy until both reached a climax. Then he left her lying their exhausted and told the second girl to get up on the bed in the corner of the room where he lay down and she climbed up on him and pushing down onto his cock forced herself down onto him breaching her own intact hymen. She screamed and started bouncing up and blonde milf cheri deville threesome fuck interracial on his engorged cock until she shuddered with her first orgasm.

Then she moved his penis to her asshole and pushing forcefully down on to him she screamed as she pushed down balls deep on to him and passed out.

Waking up later she found herself on her hands and knees with two large dogs sniffing around herat that moment one of them mounted her and ramming his cock into her small pussy screamed at his size and then he pounded into her like an out of control jackhammer until she orgasmed and he filled her womb with dog spunk. Lying their totally exhausted with a large grin on her face and whisperednext.

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The storm lasted for a full week by which time the two young girls had been thoroughly fucked many times over by both man and dog. That storm was just the first of many as the world became buried in cold and snow Bear and the two girls survived by having the two girls raiding a small local store during breaks in the weather and the military setting up generators to provide power to the complex.

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During the first six months some of the girls friends came around and asked to join the three of themthree turned into twenty one attractive young girls in that time and they took turns sleeping with the old man but when it was time to really sleep they slept in a pile comforting each other and sharing body heat.

Bear was happier and more satisfied than he had every been caring for and being cared for by all of the young girls helped him survive even though he had many health conditions that should have killed him within that first six months but he wouldn't let it kill him the girls needed him.