Sunny leone gets ass fucking

Sunny leone gets ass fucking
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Fbailey story number 309 When I Was Thirteen When I was thirteen years old I asked my mother to tell me about sex. Instead she suggested that I ask the girl next door to teach me. Well, Angela was only eleven years old at the time and since we played together all of the time I hardly considered her a girl.

Hell, she didn't even have tits. Mom made it easy on me by suggesting that she invite Angela over and that she ask her for me. I really didn't have a problem with that. So Mom called over and told Angela's mother to send Angela over for some cookies and milk. She arrived in about one minute. Mom got the cookies and poured the milk. After we ate the first cookie Mom asked, "Angela would you be a dear and help me teach my son about sex?" Angela replied, "Sure if you want me too, but I don't know very much about it either.

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Maybe you could teach us both." Mom replied, "I'd love too dear. Why don't you eat a few more cookies and then we can get started." After that Angela and I were almost too excited to eat any more cookie but we finished off the plate anyway.

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Mom then suggested that we go up to my bedroom to get started. When I had to undress first I almost didn't. I didn't want to get undressed in front of my mother because I already had a hard-on. She just laughed and said that all men got hard-ons and that my father had them every day. Then she said that was what sex was all about…fixing the man's hard-ons. Angela thought that it was to have babies.

Mom said that it did both. Once I was naked it was Angela's turn. She looked just like me except that she didn't have a pee-pee she had a slit between her legs.

Then Mom undressed to show us what Angela would look like in a couple of years. Wow, I had never seen Mom naked before but Angela had seen her mother naked a lot. Mom said that girls always undress together and that she had seen Angela's mother naked before on several occasions. Angela and I got to examine Mom's naked body while she gave us our lesson on the female anatomy. She had us feel her breasts, play with her nipples, and suck on them too. Angela and I agreed that we liked it.

Then I sucked on Angela's nipples but it wasn't as much fun for either one of us. Mom told me to suck Angela's nipples every day and that I would stimulate her hormones and that her tits would start to grow sooner and that they would grow bigger because of it.

Okay, I could do that and Angela liked the idea of getting her tits sooner too. We got to examine Mom's pussy. She spread her legs wide and let us both get right in there close. She pointed out her outer lips, her inner lips, the vagina, and her clit. She said that most of the time she called it her 'pussy' but that sometimes people called it a 'cunt.' Mom said that she liked pussy best.

We got to poke our fingers in her hole and taste her juices, we got to rub her pregnant black amateur gets pussy stretched after sucking really fat cock and make her squirm, and we even got to lick her pussy and get a good taste of what a woman was supposed to taste like. Then I got to examine Angela's pussy with Mom. Mom really liked fingering and licking Angela's pussy. So did I. However, Mom tasted better and cleaner.

Then it was my turn to get examined. Mom and Angela looked closely, felt my balls, and then felt my hard-on. Mom called it a penis but said that she liked to call Dad's a 'cock.' She said that sometimes people called them 'dick' but that she liked cock best.

Angela said that she kind of liked the word 'pee-pee' and Mom told her to call it whatever she wanted too. After the touching Mom put her mouth on it and sucked my cock into her mouth and then had Angela do it too.

It felt great! Next Mom had us get into a 'sixty-nine' and lick each other at the same time. It was nice. After that Mom told Angela to lie on her back, me to get between her legs, and then for me to slip my cock into Angela's pussy.

Okay! It went in easily enough because I was small and Angela was pretty slippery. I got to 'fuck' Angela for a few minutes until she wanted me to stop. She said that it was starting to hurt. Mom explained that she was still too young to make her own college rules triple blowjob operation pussy run juices and that I was probably too young to cum anyway. Mom washed us both up with her tongue and then with a warm wet washcloth.

We all got dressed and then went back downstairs for some more milk and to talk. Mom asked Angela to come over every day after school so that I could have sex with her and she said okay.

It was fun until Saturday.

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We didn't have school and Angela didn't come over because she went away with her parents. So when Dad went off somewhere Mom let me fuck her all that I wanted too. Mom was wet and juicy and never asked me to stop so I didn't until I just couldn't fuck her anymore. My arms were weak, my hips were sore, and my feet were numb.

I hated to stop because it felt so good. Mom rolled me off her and onto my back, and then she sucked my cock. After about ten minutes or so I felt a funny feeling like I had to pee. I told Mom but she wouldn't stop. I squirted something into her mouth. Mom sat up smiled at me and swallowed hard. Then she explained that I had 'cum' in her mouth and then she thanked me for letting her adorable gal acquires nailed so hard hardcore blowjob my first.

Okay! That night even with Dad in the house Mom found time to suck me off. Then at bedtime she 'tucked' me in. On Sunday Mom sent Dad off to be with his friends so that we could be alone together. I got to fuck Mom until I cum in her and she sucked me off before Dad came home.

When Angela returned she came right over to tell me about her trip. Mom sent us up to my bedroom to 'talk.' Angela missed me as much as I had missed her.

But then again I had Mom. Angela and I got undressed and got in bed together. We did the sixty-nine, had sex, and then Angela sucked me clean and hard again. With a little of my cum in her pussy Angela didn't get dry and sore so I got to fuck her two more times before Mom knocked on my door and said that Angela's mother wanted her home. She brought us two warm washcloths and cleaned us up but not before licking us both clean first.

Angela told Mom that she was getting used to me fucking her because she didn't get sore. Mom congratulated her and sent her home. Everything was fine for a couple of weeks then one day Angela's mother came over with her.

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Angela's mother said, "I hear that you are letting your son fuck my daughter." Mom blushed and replied, "Yes. They were both curious about sex and I thought that it would be best if they learned it in my house instead of in the backseat of a car like you and I did." Then Angela's mother said, "Okay then, if your son can fuck my daughter then my husband can fuck you." Mom replied, "Okay.

Send him over." Angela's mother said, "No! I'll watch the kids and help out with their sex lesson, you go take care of my husband." Mom smiled and started for the door. Angela's mother said, "Do it in my bed and be sure to leave a wet spot for me to find." Mom replied, "Hell, if he is half as horny as your daughter is we might leave two or three wet spots, even if I have to clean my lips off on your sheet." Then Mom turned and left the house.

Angela's mother told us to go up and do our 'thing' while she just observed. She followed us up to my bedroom. Then Angela said, "His mother never just observed. If she were in the room max prime series sex on wheels was a willing participant. You need to undress first." Angela's mother looked at her and then she looked at me.

She gave it some thought then sex you porn kom al undressed. She was different than my mother. Mom was thirty-five years old, tall at about five feet eight inches, and about a hundred and twenty pounds.

Mom had nice firm tits, a flat tummy, and a tight ass. Angela's mother on the other hand was thirty years old, about five feet two inches tall, and overweight by a few pounds.

Her tits were bigger and sagged a lot more, her tummy was quite round, and her ass was flabby.

Despite all that I couldn't wait to get my hands and lips on her. Angela and I undressed and Angela had her mother get on her back on my bed so that we could examine her like we had my mother.

We took turns poking our fingers into her, tickling her clit until she came, and licking up her flowing juices. While finishing up I fucked her mother and Angela sat on her mother's face and let her lick her pussy for a while. It was quite different and I realized that all three girls tasted different, cum differently, and fucked differently too. I liked my mother's taste, Angela's pussy to fuck, and her mother's tits to play with.

After I cum in her mother Angela ate her pussy while I fucked her doggy style. Angela then sat on her mother's face again for a tongue washing and then I had her suck me clean and hard. I was going to butt fuck Angela but she told me to butt fuck her mother instead. Her mother started to protest that she had never tried anal sex before but Angela told her to just relax and enjoy it like she does.

Well, she wasn't about to be shown lily love and jessica rayne sensual kiss by her daughter so she got into the doggy style position for me. I needed a couple of pillows under my knees but I managed to get my cock in Angela's mother's asshole and fuck her good. It was my third time to cum and I had gotten pretty good at keeping it up until I was done. Mom said that I had stamina. She also called it staying power. What ever you call it Angela's mother got butt fucked for a good fifteen minutes before I cum a little and finally pulled out.

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As the three of us lay there Angela's mother told us that my mother had done a great job with our sex education and that there was very little that she could teach us. Then she told us that we could keep having sex with one another if we included her once a week like we did my mother. Sure! Then she said that we could sleep together if we wanted to too, especially on weekends.

We could take turns sleeping in one another's bed. We got cleaned up, got dressed, and went next door to check on Mom and Angela's father. They were still in bed together talking when we walked in. Mom was closest to us and got out of bed pushing the covers back to show Angela's mother the three wet spots and the cum dripping down her legs. Angela pushed Mom back onto the bed, got between lane sisters outdoor threesome with bungee instructor legs, and started to lick.

She made her mother join her too. Angela's father and I just watched the three ladies go at it. As they worked Angela told Mom that I had fucked her mother in her pussy and in her ass along with fucking her pussy too. Her father seemed amazed that his wife had allowed me to butt fuck her. Mom told him that my cock was no where near full grown yet and that it could go places that his couldn't…like in his wife's ass and his daughter's pussy.

Angela uncovered her father and was amazed at the size of his cock. She examined it like she had mine and then she started licking it. Soon it got hard again. At Angela's request my mother let her father butt fuck her while we all watched.

Somewhere in the process Angela's mother crawled under my mother and they started a sixty-nine with his balls hitting his wife's forehead on every in stroke. After he cum in my mother's ass she lowered her pussy onto the chin below her and let the cum seep out of her asshole and into Angela's mother's mouth. Meanwhile Angela was licking her father's cock clean. I just got behind her, dropped her shorts, and started Angela her from behind. We had become one big happy family…all except Dad.

Mom told Angela's mother to come over after dinner and take care of him. She smiled and said that she would be happy too. After that day all of our sex lives took a turn for the better. The two women were always ready to take care of both husbands and me. Angela took real good care of me and learned to give the men blowjobs. I could hardly wait for Angela's tits to grow. The End When I Was Thirteen 309