Amateur french blonde ass licked and pounded doggystyle and hardcore

Amateur french blonde ass licked and pounded doggystyle and hardcore
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Jenny Sanders. The first time I met Jenny Sanders was my first day at Redmont high school. I was a freshman new to the Redmont school system. My father changed companies and we ended up moving from the city to this sleepy town.

Now before I get into Jenny Sanders, you should know my name is Alex Ulrick. Like I said I met Jenny my first day at Redmont, since I am new to the school jenny was tasked with showing me around. As I am more reserved and shy I was happy to oblige to this goddess showing me the school. So it is with much delight that I find myself staring at Jenny's beautiful bouncing ass, as she shows me down the hallway. Jenny looked back and caught me staring at her ass, I redden with embarrassment Sooooooooooo jenny asked you're from the city?

Yes i replied I was born and raised there. I love the city, what brings you to Redmont? Uhhhh my dad switched companies and I got dragged along. Oh so you're not happy to be in Redmont? It's lovely legal age teenager wants to be team fucked that, it's just there is so much to do in the city I feel so lost in this small town.

Oh Alex this may be a small town but there is plenty to do if you know where to look. I think I might need someone to show me where to look then.

Well we can start with the school Alex. That sounds excellent, where in the school should we start I asked? How about right here Jenny giggled. We continued to walk down the hallway in awkward silence sneaking peeks at each other trying to think of something to say.

Jenny looked at my schedule and looked back at me with surprised look. You're in Calculus with Mr. Conner?

What grade did you say you were in? Ha-ha I didn't, I am a freshman how about you jenny? I am a sophomore, Are you like… a genius or something Alex? I prefer exceptionally gifted if you don't mind Jenny.

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Ohhh… I apologize Alex. Jenny… that was a joke… I am bad huge tits bondage first time your pleasure is my world that. Alright&hellip. Well it looks like you also have AP English with Miss Miller, Chemistry with Mr.

Gilroy, Economics with Mr. Hale, and oh French with Mrs. Winters, Your in that class with me Alex. Well here we are at your calculus class; I will see you in French Alex. Everyone, LISTEN UP! This is Alex Ulrick, He is a freshman from the city, and will be joining our calculus class this term. Alex I am Mr. Conner, Why don't you take that empty seat between Katy and tommy. Soooo, Katy we have some kind of genius between us here.

Tommy you know he won't you cheat off him sad Katy…will you Alex? W-we-well you haven't really given me time to put thought into the matter Alex stuttered. Alright Katy, Tommy, let Alex do his work please.

The rest of the school day flew by; when the final bell rang Jenny caught me as I was walking out the door. Hey Alex, Jenny smiled and waved. Oh hey Jenny what can I do for you? Well I noticed your class line up was pretty heaving and was just wondering if… well maybe… if you have free time would you like to tutor me? Jenny my class schedule is pretty hectic but I think I could squeeze in some free time to tutor you.

That's great Alex! I will meet you at my house at 8:00 p.m.; it's the last one on the left on Main Street. Think you can find it? Yeah I think I can manage Jenny. Well here, Jenny grabbed my hand and wrote down her number.

Here is my number just in case you get lost. See you tonight! I will see you at eight sharp Jenny. At 7:45 I found myself at Jenny's door. I was a little early but I am always early. I knocked on the door and another goddess greeted my eyes.

You must be Alex! I am Jamie, Jenny's older sister. Wow, High Jamie you look just like Jenny.errr I guess I should say Jenny looks just like you. I guess I will take that as a compliment, Jenny is in her room.

Why don't you head on up first door on the left. Our parents won't be back from the city for a few hours. Thank you Jamie it was nice to meet you. As I rushed up the stairs I caught a whiff of Jamie's perfume. It smelled like jasmine. I am sure we will meet again Alex. With that I headed up the stairs into Jenny's room. Her door was cracked so I headed in, and didn't see her. I called out, Jenny? I'm in the bathroom Alex!

she yelled over the hair dryer, you can come on in. I turned the handle to the door and pushed it open, what I saw I will never forget for as long as I live. Jenny was completely naked bent over ass facing me. She was drying underneath boy sex with game play hair and didn't see me come in.

I stared at her perfectly tanned ass, her pussy was poking cresting between her legs begging to be fucked, and I just make out her amazing supple breast shaking as she tousled her hair to get it to dry faster.

The next thing I knew I heard her screaming. Oh My God! Alex what are you doing in here. Uhh…i… you told me to come in. Yeah into my room not the bathroom, GET OUT! Jenny I'm sorry I didn't mean too&hellip. I muttered as she shoved me out the bathroom teen rayna brings her bf at hom for sexy time and they get busted valentine and threesome and slammed it shut.

I sat on the edge of the bed trying to process what was happening. Jenny opened the door and came out in a towel. Jenny I'm so sorry I think it would better if I just leave now. No! Alex wait. I'm sorry I overreacted. It's just that you surprised me and… well there was no reason to yell at you.

Jenny it's my fault I should have knocked. Its… ok. Alex. Jenny and I just stared at each other with awkward tension between us. I got the nerve to look into her eyes and she was staring stiff dick moving between shaved nub lips me with an odd look. What is it jenny? Well I was just thinking… I mean you saw me naked, so it's only fair if you know… you show me something.


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You don't have too if you don't want to Alex! I just thought it would be fair. Your right Jenny it is only fair, what would you like to see? Lose the pants Alex! Wow I laughed nervously you know exactly what you want. I just haven't ever seen one in person before. A penis that is. I slowly pulled down my pants, kicked them off and was left in just my boxers. Are you sure this is what you want Jenny? Jenny bit her lip and just nodded.

I heard a gasp as I removed my boxers and Jenny got her first look at me in all my glory. I looked into her eyes; But Jenny's eyes were locked on my dick.

Do. Do you mind if I touch it Alex? Uh. No one ever has before but I guess. Jenny took my cock in her hand and lightly rubber her fingers up and down, I moaned and jenny drew her hand back a little bit. Did I hurt you? No Jenny that felt really good. Jenny replaced her hand and slowly stroked my cock up and down. The continue motion made Jenny's towel fall open, so I got to see her glorious body once again only this time up close.

Alex do you mind if I try something? Jenny you can do whatever you want! Whatever I want Alex? Lie on the bed for me and close your eyes.

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irresistible petite cutie amina allure sucks and rides a cock pornstars and brunette I did as I was told not sure what to expect from Jenny. I felt the bed rock as she got on and I felt her breath hot on my stomach.

I peeked between my closed eyelids for just a second to see Jenny completely naked now on top of me. She chose that moment to take my dick into her mouth I moaned as she slowly took my shaft into her mouth. It was the best feeling I had felt to date. Jenny finally got to the base of my shaft and slowly withdrew it from her mouth, and began to jerk me up and down. I about lost it on the spot.

Jenny I think I'm going to cum. Oh, Alex Cum for me! I felt my balls tighten, and my release came as ropes of cum shot out at the highest velocity I had ever achieved in my life. The jizm hit jenny in the chest and slid down her stomach. I finally stopped spewing cum and I heard jenny laugh. Wow Alex, I didn't know you had that much in you. Neither did I jenny I don't think I had ever come so hard. I told you there was plenty to do in a small town Alex!

If I knew it was this Jenny I would have moved out of the city a long time ago. Fatigued from my recent ejaculation I was just about to close my eyes and drift off for a minute, when I noticed a shadow at the door. It quickly moved away but the smell of jasmine lingered after.