What to do with a busty maid

What to do with a busty maid
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Today started out just like any ordinary Saturday, with one exception. I woke up horny as hell!!! And of course, being single had it advantages, but this was one of the time I wished for a live in boyfriend. Someone who was there when you got into one of these predicaments. Lucky for me, I have a pretty good stash of toys.

My favorite is my vibrating 6" dildo. Love that thing. So I reached into the night stand and found "Mitch". (All my toys have names). Mitch never complains and is always ready to go when I am. Nice and firm and standing at attention.

Ever since waking up, my fingers have been running up and down the length of my slit, stopping only long enough to thrust three fingers in, as far as they will go. Needless to say I was pretty wet, so Mitch had no trouble sliding all the way in. He fills me up nicely.

I slowly turn on the vibrator, lightly at first, then with a quickening pace, I turn it up to high. This sends me to the edge of what will be a very satisfying orgasm. I am quickly moving Mitch in and out, in and out, the pace is frenzied. My pussy man rap sleeping young girl dripping wet and I can feel this orgasm building, so I take Mitch and place the vibrating tip right on my clit.

The vibration sends me over the edge. My hips are bucking off the bed as this orgasm rushes thru me.

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I'm breathing hard and feeling tingly all over. As the sensation slowly subsides, I lay there feeling mildly satisfied. It was good, but not the same thing as a real live hard cock fucking you!

Somewhat discouraged and still quite horny, I decide to head to the beach. It's a beautiful sunny day. I know this great secluded place where I can work on my tan and not worry about tan lines. It has a great view of the beach and down to the water, while still being hidden behind the dunes, with bushes behind it.

Here I can lay down on my towel, no bikini needed. I arrive at the beach and find my spot empty, I quickly lay out my towel and lay down. I untie the strings on my bikini top and discretely squirm out of the bottoms. Now unless someone, walks thru the bushes, they will never even know I'm here. This is perfect, lying here with sun beating down on me, slowly turning my skin a golden brown.

As I lay here, I'm reminded how horny I am. I start sliding my hands down my body. I stop to play with my nipples a bit, this always excites me. I'm slowly rolling them around with my fingers and they are getting harder with each little twist. My breast are one of my best assets.

Round and firm, not too big, but big enough to grab the attention of most men. Now with my nipples firm I slowly slide my hands down my flat stomach, warmed from the sun, and begin rubbing my fingers up and down my slit. There is nothing like being naked in the sun at the beach!

I'm just slowly playing with my pussy and enjoying myself completely. Feeling secure in my little hidden oasis, I start thrusting my fingers into my now very moist pussy. This is feeling great, but now I'm wishing I had brought "Mitch"!

I'm completely lost in my own horny self that I fail to notice anyone approaching, until I hear a voice ask "Do you need any help with that?" "WHAT.Oh shit.sorry" I'm grabbing my towel and trying to cover myself quickly.

Completely humiliated!!! He chuckles and kneels down in the sand next to me, brushing my arm and telling me to relax. He said, "I've been watching you from my spot over there." He pointed to spot up on the bluff, I hadn't notice before and surely didn't realize anyone could see me. "You looked like you might need some help" he said with a chuckle. I blushed and lowered my head, feeling embarrassed. Then I looked up and asked, "How long have you been watching?" He said, "about 30 minutes" Shit, he's seen all of it!

He smiled and said "Don't stop on my account, I came to help! You looked a little frustrated!" I truly was frustrated and still VERY horny. Now I have this gorgeous man, standing easily 6 ft tall, muscular, dark brown curly hair and the sexiest eyes I've ever seen! Not to mention a smile that will make you melt, wanting to help me with my "situation". He doesn't wait for a response from me.

He just reaches over and starts rubbing my nipples, they respond instantly! Being as horny as I was, I was helpless to stop him. He leans in and kisses me, pulls my towel away from me and lays me back down on it. His kisses slowly moved from my mouth, to my neck and down to my breasts. When he takes my nipple in his mouth, I let out a low moan and arch my back. He sits up for a moment, long enough to remove his swim trunks.Whoa!!! Now this man has it all above 'Mitch"!

His cock is standing at full attention, all 8 inches, with a nice thick shaft! My pussy starts dripping at the sight of this beautiful cock! He resumes his position on my nipple, all the while I'm reaching for that cock. He finally positions himself so I can stroke his manhood. His lips have left my breast and are working there way down my abdomen, here he positions himself above me, with his cock hanging in my face and his face right at my hot, wet pussy. I don't wait any longer, I sexy oil massage for shy casting girl start sucking that cock!

It is so big, it's hard to get it all in my mouth! But I manage and then I start working it in and out of my mouth, enjoying every inch of it. I'm struggling to keep my rhythm on his cock, because he is working his tongue over my clit so fast and I can feel the orgasm building. He sticks his tongue inside my pussy and and his thumb in my ass. He then sucks my clit, it's more than I can take and just like the waves crashing on the shore a few feet away, I feel the waves of my orgasm crashing over me.

I'm still sucking his cock and moaning all at the same time. Probably is a good thing I had his cock in my mouth or we might have attracted some attention. He lifts himself off of me and just smiles. I can't help but smile back and say "Thank You"! He a private yoga sex in gym yellow bras and yellow small pantese girl sex with gym trainer and said "it's not over yet!" Then he straddles me and slowly pushes that glorious cock in my dripping pussy.

Words cannot describe how good his cock felt. Being as horny as I was and needing this cock as much as I did, I tried to just savor the feeling. He slowly worked his tool, he would drive it all the way to the hilt then pull all the way out, leaving me wanting it back. He would wait a few seconds and then drive it to the hilt again, this continued for quite a few minutes, only increasing my pleasure! This teasing was great, but I was quickly reaching the point where I needed to be fucked!

And hard!!! I think he sensed this and picked up his pace a little, still teasing with pulling all the way out, but going much faster. My pussy was so wet, his cock slipped out a few times, he quickly replaced it.

Now his tempo was increasing even more and within minutes he was pounding his cock into me. I could feel his balls slapping my ass and I was in heaven. With this pounding, it didn't take long before I was reaching the heights of an earth shattering orgasm! I looked at him and he knew it was happening for me, he quickly covered my mouth with his, so I wouldn't scream out loud.

My orgasm was monumental! Every inch of me tingled with pleasure, my head was spinning and my pussy was gushing! All the while this stranger just kept pounding in and out of me. I was feeling so satisfied and I wanted to make him just as satisfied! I bucked my hips up to meet his thrusts and worked my pussy muscles on his cock. It was obvious this was working for him as I heard him start to groan and I could feel his cock harden a little more. With one last thrust he started pumping his cum into my waiting pussy.

I could feel his hot cum hitting xxx prant storys family six sy walls of my pussy, this sensation gave me yet another orgasm. With both of us cumming at the same time, we had to kiss to stifle the noise. When we had both finished he rolled onto his back beside me. We both just laid there for a few moments getting our breathing back to normal. I whispered, "Thank You"! He said no, "Thank YOU"!

"This has been a fantasy of mine to meet a beautiful girl out enjoying nature and just have uninhibited, mind blowing sex with her" "So Thank You"! I couldn't say anything else, but "Your Welcome". As we were getting dressed I did say, "By the way, I'm Lola." He replied, "nice to meet you Lola, I'm Mitch" The End