Busty ebony babe fucked pornstars and blowjob

Busty ebony babe fucked pornstars and blowjob
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This story is about bestiality, cheating wife and consensual sex As a preface let me tell you that this story certainly did not end up the way it started. Now I have to introduce myself. I am Marjorie, married to Paul my husband of 22 years. Initially in our marriage like many others, my husband wanted sex more than I. At this point I wish I had given him more of what he wanted.

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We both got to find out what that one president was talking about when he started marketing stuff for E.D. My hubby developed erectile dysfunction and now sex is no longer an option, for him. I felt guilty as well as frustrated at the same time. I'm getting closer to 50 (not there yet) I have developed more of an interest in it, maybe it's the denial of sex to me that is part of that, but whatever the cause, I am still horny.

Well I started looking up web sites when I had the house to myself and settled on erotic story's as my favorite. I went through most of the usual stuff and then started on the more unusual. I hit a site that had bestiality stories in it. While having no interest in doing that myself I still found myself more turned on by the thought of seeing a woman violated like that. Having an actual animal use her just as an object. The thought of being taken like an animal, by an animal.

Having him actually lock inside of me while thrusting and squirting.

Ok yea, the idea was really turning me on. I decided to try my hand at writing one of these fantasies of my own, partly because none of he stories seemed possible for a woman like me. Where is an above middle age, sex widow living in Cincinnati Ohio going to have an opportunity like this arise? I started thinking about my own neighborhood and how things could be possible. So that I could write something that could seem real to me.

I sat in the kitchen looking at the privacy fence that surrounded our back yard. The fence was here when we bought the home and in reasonably good shape, except where the neighbors dog had been digging under the.I started realizing that my story was more possible than I had first guessed. When we bought our house 5 years ago the previous owners had a dog sani lioon pron xxxx story they couldn't keep.

We weren't aware of that till after we'd moved in, the house had stood vacant for a few months and the next door neighbors had adopted the dog but he still periodically dug his way under the fence. The hole lined up with where they had screwed up in installing the fence leaving a larger gap next to one of the uprights. At a dogs height you can see clearly into the neighbors yard and even the back of their house, if you're on your hands and knees.

I had returned the dog to them countless times and had certainly noticed he was still "intact" if that's what you call it. A big set of balls hung down behind him that's for sure.

I was already horny, so to really prep myself for writing my story I decided to get ready. I poured a glass of wine, my husband is a long distance trucker and tonight he won't be home till about 2 am. I stripped naked and put on my fuzzy robe. I'm not like the storybook women, I do trim up "down there" a bit but I am pretty natural when it comes to hair. I have reasonably good breasts, C cup anyway. But back to my story, I wanted a feel to how this dog would enter my yard to end up fucking me so I went out back.

It was 8:30 pm and already dark. With the dark and the fence there was no way anyone could see me. My god it was a thrill walking outside naked underneath, I had never done anything like that before. I went to the fence and realized that I'd be getting my robe dirty if I kneeled in it so I untied it and opened it up exposing myself.

No one could see me but still, I was doing it. I got on my hands and knees feeling the cool night air on my breasts as they wobbled back and forth and looked through the crack in the fence. Goodness!, I was a peeping Tom! I could see the back of the neighbors house. Their lights were on, their lovable girl gapes wet cunt and gets deflorated was set up like ours was originally.

We had torn out the laundry room wall enlarging our dining area that attached to the kitchen. Still have a (new) washer and dryer in that area but a more open floor plan. The living room attaches to the kitchen by an open doorway. You enter our house through the front door which is attached to the living room. Or by the door which goes into the back yard.

Enough of that, their lights were on, I saw no one at first, then I saw movement. Someone was standing in their laundry room, and he was naked. Their laundry was almost like a enclosed porch.

Ours we walled in, theirs you could see in to.

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Robert (Bob, whatever) was standing naked in the room bending over some and he was doing something. As my eyes adjusted to the light I realized what he was doing, and that he was not alone. His wife (I assume) was on her hands and knees, Robert was holding something, oh god, it was a leash!

Six pude coda xxxx com wife Michelle was on the leash and their dog Luxor was obviously breeding her. I could see Luxor humping his hips rapidly and this in turn was driving Michelle forward. Husband Bob held the leash and was slowly turning in a circle as their dog rode his bitch he was driving her forward while she was tethered to her husbands leash.

They continued in this circle till I could see my next door neighbors bare ass, now suddenly I could see Michelle's face. She was truly a bitch in heat!

Apparently this was where their game was ending, I could see some of Luxor, the dog was now holding more still. Michelle's face was turned up and her mouth was open, I was guessing that the dog was emptying his seed into his bitch right now and she was taking it. As I formulated that thought I found I was right. Luxor jumped off but I could see his tail moving over her back, they were tied!

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Luxor is no slouch of a dog either, he's a mix breed of German Shepard and Alaskan malamute, at least in the 80 pound range.

Bob tugged on his wife's leash as he turned more towards her. I actually got a side view of another mans cock, first time ever since marriage. Before he plunged it into his wife's mouth. Oh god he was as brutal as the dog was! By the third stroke I could tell that he was trying to shove the whole thing in her mouth.

Then he started bending foreword just to hump her throat. I could see that Michelle was keeping her mouth in position to be used like that.

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I could almost picture the drool that must be rolling from her mouth from being throat fucked like that. Then all the sudden it changed, Michelle started getting drug backwards by Luxor! The dog began walking away dragging his human who was still tied to his cock with him. This time I clearly heard something, her scream. They were maybe 25 - 30 yards away from me and inside their house but I still heard her scream as the dog started towing her backwards by his cock.

Shortly after that he must have popped free. She suddenly lurched forward with her mouth still open in a scream. The dog went in the other direction and then turned around.

She slammed face first back into her husbands cock, it didn't go in her mouth from that, but he immediately took her head in one hand and his cock in the other and put it back in her mouth. While Bob went back to face fucking his sara jay is a big titty hooker, Luxor came back into view. He had apparently finished licking himself and now began licking between Michelle's legs.

The three of them stayed like that until Bob began holding his hips still and spurting his own load down his wife's throat. I saw him looking up while emptying his ball sack into his wife's throat. This changed everything I thought about dog sex. I shakily got back up and went back in the house. I downed the glass of wine, poured another and began thinking about what I wanted to write, and what I wanted to do.