Evil anal cd andi anderson harmony jamie ella kristina rose mackenzee

Evil anal cd andi anderson harmony jamie ella kristina rose mackenzee
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Ever had the feeling that you loved your gorgeous blonde babe dolly leigh drills a horny cock or partner but that just wasn't enough.

I mean I love him but, things were just not the same. I didn't want to break up, I just needed someone to talk to. So I hit up the chat rooms to find a cyber buddy, that I could talk to. I had regular people I talked to, then one night someone commented on my post. We chatted back and forth a little while, then he sent me a private message. He introduced him self as Ryan, and I told him my name was Sescily. We talked for hours that night, about our personal life, interest, and hobbies.

Finally days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into two months. We had really gotten close, not a day went by that we didn't talk, and I enjoyed his company. Finally one night he got the courage up to ask me if he wanted to meet up. I was shocked, I never thought it would of this far. But i kindly refused his offer and we went back to just talking casually.

A few more weeks went by and again he asked if we could meet. He went on to tell me that, he really liked me and it drove him crazy that we couldn't meet in person. I was hesitate at first and told him i needed a couple of nights to think about it. I messaged him two to three days later agreeing to meet him for lunch.

He was very excited and couldn't wait. So we choose a place, a time, date and waited for it to come. On the day of our secret meeting i was so nervous, I had a million thoughts running through my head. What he didn't life me, what if we got caught, how would feel after our meeting? But i sucked it up got the courage and went in any ways. As I pulled into the parking lot my heart started racing, my hands were sweating, and i could barely breathe.

I got out my car went into the cafe, got a table and waited for my date.

It felt like longest ten minutes of my life, but he finally walked through the doors. As he approached I cute hitchhiker natalie monroe drilled and cum facialed pantyhose reality he was a lot cuter in person than in the pictures he sent me.

When he got to the table I stood up to greet him and pulled me i for a hug. And surprise he went in for a ass grab, I couldn't believe it.

We sat down, ordered our food, and actually got to know each other in person for the first time.We flirted a little bit i made sure I would accidently rub his leg or play footsies with him, and i would catch him checking out my breast.

After we finished our dinner, we asked for our bills and he said "are you sure you don't want to hook up?" and brushed his fingers over my pussy lips. I don't know came over me but i really considered it. I could barely hide my blushing cheeks. I asked "Id we did where would we go?" He replied "my office is near by, and no one is there." I finally gave in and said ok. He said "meet me there in ten minutes." When I pulled up he was already inside waiting for me.

I entered the building and locked the door behind me. I went to the back were his office was located and found him sitting behind his desk with his pants unzipped and his cock hanging out.

It was way bigger than i imagined, and it was fully hard. He said "come over here and suck my dick." I love that he was demanding, it was a huge turn on. So i walked over and got on my knees and leaned over to his huge member and licked the head ever so softly with my tongue.

He moaned and threw his head back, I proceeded to stick the whole head in my mouth and wrap my tongue around it. With one motion I sucked almost his whole dick in my mouth and he gasped. I started jacking and sucking his dick faster and faster, until the juices were running out my mouth and down my chin. He said " get up, get on my dI'mk, im going to fuck you. Immadeately my panties were soaking wet. With out hesitation i stood up and sat down on his desk.

He pushed my legs open and slid my panties to the side. He bent down and started licking my wet pussy. It felt so good i wanted to scream. I couldn't squirming around and he demanded me to be still. Again such a turn on I was getting really hot and turned on.

Finally I said "come on and just fuck me." He stood up with his dick in his hand and rubbed it against my pussy lips and it made me quiver all over. He asked "do you want it hard or soft?" I said "pound that pussy baby." He slid the tip in and jammed it all in at once, and juices poured out all over the desk. He did not take it slow at all he started fucking the shit out of me. I was screaming in pleasure, and it felt so right.

I could feel ever inch, rige, and vein of his large cock beating up my pussy, and I didn't want it to stop.

He said "I want you to ride my big dick, get on top!" He leaned back i his chair and pulled pants down some more.

I took my skirt off and hoovered over him and stuck it in. I started bouncing up and down as fast as I could. I wanted to keep it interesting so I switched it up and started grinding it. Moving my hips in circles making sure it stayed in really deep. He slapped my ass and started kissing my neck. I did that for a while then decided to turn aroung and do reverse cow girl. I bent over and touched the floor, and again bounced up and down on his huge throbing cock. I made sure every inch including the head came in and out of my tight little pussy.

Sliding in and out making it really slippery my sweet little juices. He demanded "get up and bend over im getting close, I want to fuck you doggy style!" He slung me around bent me over the desk and slammed his dick into me again. He was pumping me so hard I could barely stand up. He pinned my up against the desk ever harder than before and grabbed one of my tits and started to squeeze, I couldn't contain it any more I brunette cutie shoves a dildo up her twat to cum.

I screamed " I'm cumming oh god im cumming!" He repplied " Me to baby all in your pussy." When we got done we could barely breathe, we took a little rest and got dressed.

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He said " I'm glad you finally decided to hook up with me." I said me to with huge smile on my face. Finally it was time to say goodbye, so we kissed and I told him to message me that night. That night we decided to meet again soon and this would be just the beggining of our meeting.

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