Sisters with glasses bbc threesome amazing cumshot ending

Sisters with glasses bbc threesome amazing cumshot ending
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Brianna is the 13 year old girl. She is tall, around 5'8, a brunette, 34 c cup, yes shes pretty well endowed for a girl her age. I actually met her mother Amy from a mutual friend. Amy and her husband are swingers and well you can imagine where it went from there. Anyway, Amy and her husband and I all because pretty good friends, going out together and well mine and Amy's friendship kind of blossomed, not into anything major just got really close.

I eventually was invited over and met all of their kids, 7 to be exact. Among those was Brianna who had just turned 12 probably a month earlier. I did get along with all of the kids and because of that fact I was invited over more often. One particular evening I was at their house and we had all had a few drinks while the kids were doing their thing with their friends.

A few drinks lead to a few more drinks and that turned into alot of drinks which led to three pretty drunk people. One thing I didn't mention is both Amy and her husband along with being swingers were also into the Dominance/ submission lifestyle. That being said they had a "dungeon" they had built for play time. After the kids friends had gone home and the kids had retired to their rooms we took out little party down to the basement dungeon.

Amy tied her husband to a chair and put a ball gag in his mouth. Then I ordered Amy to come to me and drop to her knees.

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She knew what she was to do, unbuttoning my pants and pulling my cock out. Now everyone has heard of the rumors about black men, and how their cocks just seem to grow to unbelievable proportions. I however since all of these stories are true and real to life, I will not exaggerate.

My cock is right at 10 inches long. Amy proceeded to suck my cock the best she could, I won't lie, her blowjob skills are not the best I have ever had, quite frankly it was mediocre at best. But once she had me hard I fucked her as I had done many many times in the past while her husband was made to watch ( as if he would really have to be made).

These meetings occurred more and more often over the next few months. A few weeks had passed since our last fun little meeting, because Amy and her husband were having some serious money issues. They had made some bad judgment calls and lets be frank, dealing and supporting with that many kids along with the questionable family members they had really had given them a serious blow.

One Saturday I was out by their house and thought I sex xxx romantic storys download stop by and say hello since we had all become quite decent friends.

It so happened I had pulled up to the house in the middle of one of their small catastrophes. One of their cars had broken down which put them behind in money trying to get that fixed not to mention only one car with all of the running and errands they had to do was not really a workable situation. The issue they were having today blonde teen little tits amateur first time movie night madness kids having to be in different places for different things at just about the same time.

Amy had just about had it worked out except for the fact that Brianna had to be on the other side of town for a cheerleading outfit sizing and Amy was not going to be able to get her there, not to mention she didnt have all of the money to pay for the outfit. I volunteered to take her and told her I would cover the remaining amount that Amy couldn't cover.

Amy of course tried to say no but I insisted, now she wasn't saying no for any other reason except that she didn't want to feel as though she was using me.

So she finally accepted and Brianna and I got in my car and started on our way. During the drive Brianna was being her normal talkative self, listening to music on my stereo, which she liked because of the system I have in my car. She made it to her fitting and we got everything taken care of and paid for. On the way home I decided I was hungry which Brianna agreed she was as well so we stopped for some Mexican food.

About half way through dinner Brianna just out of the blue asked me, "What are you and my mom doing?" My answer was simple that we were all just friends which in a way was still the truth. Brianna at this point said " I am not stupid, I know how my parents are and especially my mom and I have seen one of the videos you guys did on her computer". I was shocked, not that I am shy by any means but just that it seemed to come out of the blue. As I am a person that is really against lying, I told her the truth which she seemed to respect.

I thought the conversation was over as we just went back to finishing our meal and then headed back to her house. On the way she of course had the stereo up just about as loud as it would play, dancing around and acting a fool like most younger kids do. She again out of the blue, totally random reached out muting the radio and said "you know you have got a really big dick".

I laughed again kind of shocked and just replied thank you. She then went through some questions and statements talking about black guys and how most of her friends and other people are against that sort of thing since we all live in a very country area, some of que riccogeme cabron dame verga I wont go through because I am pretty sure they still lynch and hang black guys lol. Once we got back to her place, before we got out of the car she thanked me, leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek, and well I thought she was just putting her hand on my leg when she leaned in but it was actually on my cock and I felt a bit of a squeeze.

I walked her inside and Amy was waiting on us, She thanked me as well and invited me to stay for dinner saying it was the least she could do for helping out today.

Her husband was working and the kids were at their various little appointments so it was just going the be the three of us. I stayed and had dinner which was great. After dinner they both thanked me and I drove myself home. A few weeks passed and their money problems continued to grow. I hadn't seen Amy or any of them but I talked to Amy quite regularly on the phone. She would tell me how they had gotten behind on house payments and the house was about to be foreclosed on.

I felt kind of bad for them and thought they just needed to get their minds off of things. One Friday I called and told them I was going to bring over some food and drinks and we were going to have a bbq and to have her husband fire up the grill.

I made it over, we all drank and had and had a really good time. Of course me being me I had way to much to drink.

When I tried to get up to leave I was stumbling all over the place, finally I was convinced by them to stay there on the couch for the night. I did agree and Amy brought me a blanket and a pillow.

Everyone went to bed and I got undressed big boobs bound and gagged punish gang permission to cum sprawled out on the couch with the tv on getting ready to pass out for the night.

A few minutes passed and I felt someone touching my leg. I of course thought it was Amy for a little late night action. When I opened my eyes however, it was Brianna kneeling beside the couch rubbing my leg. She again told me about how big my dick looked in the video she had seen and wanted to know if it really was that big and that she wanted to see it. I didn't exactly agree but didn't say no either and her hand found the slit in my boxers and in it went.

Her hand was so soft as it wrapped around my cock and she pulled it free. I am about 6 inches limp and pretty big around, "its already bigger than any of the guys I have messed with", which of course I asked her if that was a bad thing. She responded with a very slow and drawn out "noooooooo".

We sat in silence as she slowly stroked me and would tilt her head from side to side examining me as if it were going to do a trick or look different from a certain angle. lesbians film cunt eating pornstars and fingering isn't it getting any bigger" she asked, I told her that even though it felt really good what she was doing it would take more than that to get it bigger.

That must have been a cue for her because she immediately opened her mouth and popped the head of my cock right in. Her mouth felt as though it were made of silk and she slowly bobbed up and down on me taking more of me into her mouth each time. I was surprised to see that she was able to take all of me limp into her mouth which was already far better than her mother had ever done.

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After a few minutes of that I was at full length and she was no longer able to take all of me but still a good 7 inches which again was head and shoulders above her mother. She sucked me for a good 45 minutes progressively getting faster and harder then slowing for little breaks until I finally came in her mouth. Must have been a pretty good size load since she gagged and kind of choked a little bit. We cleaned ourselves up and she went on to bed and I stretched out and passed out for the night.

The next morning Amy was already up cooking breakfast and invited me to stay which I accepted. I noticed something funny at breakfast, Brianna sat beside me and anything I needed, salt, pepper, refill on a drink she got up and did for me. That was odd for her, Amy had even noticed, but not saying anything at the time. I finished breakfast and left. A few more days passed and the same thing continued to happen, Amy and her husband were constantly tore up about the bills and money situation and every time I was around Bri was attached to my side doing anything she could for me.

I thought I would like to see exactly where this was heading but wasn't exactly sure how to go about it. As fate would have it the next Friday would provide me a perfect opportunity. Amy called me about noon asking for a favor, her and her husband had been called into work that evening and Bri had a football game to go to for school cheerleading and needed a ride there and back. Amy had said she would pay me for gas and all that which I refused well because we are friends. I picked up Brianna astonishing sex scene with sexy beauteous bitch half an hour before I really had too.

She came out and got in the car and we were off. This time she wasn't messing with the stereo like she normally did but instead just sat there.

I told her I was going to stop by the store because I needed a drink and asked if blacked blonde personal assistant shawna lenee loves black men wanted something which she didn't. I parked went in and got my drink, while paying I thought this was good a time as any to see exactly what was up. Getting back into the car I just looked at her for a minute, and then told her to get over here and to suck my cock.

Bri didn't need anything more said and didn't say a word, just leaned over pulled my zipper down and out came my cock which immediately went into her mouth. She blew me the entire way while I was driving and didn't say a word or even try to stop. We were in the school parking lot for about five minutes before I finally filled her mouth with my cum, this lovable girl is geeting peed on and splatters wet honey pot no gagging or choking just swallowed it down.

I told her to clean herself up, which she did, and to hurry and get to where she needed to be. I decided to stay for the game because I figured if I would have left I probably would have been late picking her up.

While watching the game I did a bit of thinking about where I could take this. I decided that after the game I would really put it to the test. After the game I walked Bri to the car and helped her in. After getting into the driver seat I just looked at her for a minute.

Finally I asked, " Do you like sucking my dick, or just black dicks"? She finally responded "I love sucking your dick but I guess black is good too". I immediately grabbed a handful of hair yanking her head back, she gave me a fearful look, "don't you mean to say sir"?

She gave another blank stare and finally said "yes sir I love sucking your dick because its yours and because its black". I knew what was up at this point, all I had to do was pull her head towards my lap and you guessed it, cock right back in her mouth. She sucked my cock all the way back to her house, this time it just seemed to be better, she was more aggressive about it, trying to choke herself it seemed like. Finally I shot another big load into her mouth which she immediately swallowed then looking up at me said, "thank you sir".

I asked what was the thank you for? " For letting me suck your dick, sir". Once cleaned up I dropped her off at home and left going back to my house. This went on for a few weeks, her sucking me off and doing whatever I said. I started to give her more rules to go by, before I knew it I had her dressing in what I said, asking me permission to do things her parents had already told her she could do.

She would let me know where she was and whom she was with. About two months later Amy and her husband invited me over for a little dinner their treat which of course I took. Amy and I had still had our meetings as well and I figured this would just be another one.

We had a great meal and a lot of drinking and then after all the kids had went to bed we headed down to the basement for a little fun of our own. After that was over it was pretty late and we were all tired, then invited me to stay the night again which I did because I was completely exhausted and hey why miss another chance to get a good dick sucking from Brianna.

After about an hour Bri found her way back to her place on her knees between my legs with her mouth full of my cock, She blew me for a few when I told her to stand up and remove her shirt, she promptly obeyed.

I then told her to remove her sleep shorts, she hesitated but that was fixed after one stern look from me they were on the floor. I had her stand there with her legs slightly apart while I ran my fingers across her cunt, she would let out little whimpers now and then.

Finally I slid a finger into her and found she was very tight and very very wet. I continued the fingering for a few minutes and finally pulled her to me having her straddle me one knee on each side of me. Slowly I ran my cock between her lips as I watched her squirm. Finally I worked the head of my cock into her tight pussy and ran my hands to her perfect fat little ass for a better grip. I pulled her down on me slowly working my cock deeper into her.

After about 8 inches was in her I looked up at her to notice she had tears in her eyes. I asked if she was upset, "no sir it just hurts. I told her since she obeys whatever I say and I control whatever she does, that its about time she starts addressing me as master, which she did. I let her control the speed she rode me since it was our first time and she was obviously are too tight to have had anyone close to my size, no I was not her first she has had one before me.

She rode my cock for fast fodii sex with baby girl half an hour when a light turned on and there was Amy with her mouth open and fire in her eyes.

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Evidently Brianna had been a little louder than anyone would have suspected. Amy starting to yell about what is going on, my response was to tell her to shut the fuck up before she woke up the entire house, which of course she just kept going on. I jumped up launching Brianna into the floor, and grabbing Amy by the neck and pushing her against the wall again telling her to shut her mouth, this time she did as I said.

I do not like being confronted and Amy knew I had a very dominant side to me since we had played several times before and continued to do so. I told her straight up, that Brianna was mine, she was owned by me and Amy didn't have a choice in it, she would either go with it and continue to have fun with me or she could go against it, never have me again and I would still have Brianna.

Amy's eyes filled with tears and she just nodded. I still had my hand on her neck and brought her to a chair across from the couch and sat her down. " Sit there, don't say a fucking word, and wait. I then walked over to the light and turned them back off and then sat back on the couch.

"Brianna, get your ass over here back on me and finish what you were doing", "yes master" she replied crawling back on top of me and pushing that pussy of hers back down on my cock. I grasped her ass and pulled her back down on me faster and faster.

Forty five minutes later I came inside her pussy, that was a first for her. She climbed off me and I told her to get on to bed which she did. Time for Amy and I to have a little chat. I walked sweet girl opens up juicy vagina and gets deflowered virginity hardcore to her still nude, grabbed her by the hair and pulled her mouth onto my cock. I told her we were going to have a little chat and shes going to suck me while she listened.

Which she hesitantly did. I made sure she understood that Brianna was mine, she had no choice and she was going to make sure her husband understood and their would be no issues. After I was done laying down the law, she finished sucking my cock and I blew a load in her mouth.

"Go away im tired" she lowered her head and walked down the hall. The next morning was definitely tense, after a few days I found out that her husband was very pissed, but she didn't want to lose me as a friend or my cock and that she had told him that Bri was her daughter, he beautiful busty girl showing off for the big tits babe just her step dad and the choice was hers and the choice was made.

Things got easier the more time passed, I was fucking Brianna pretty regularly probably about 4 times a week easy.

The time came when I thought I would bring Bri to my home and meet my other two girls I already had living there. This was a shock to her but she did get accustomed to it, The having to please other black men was another shock to her but that seemed to come easier to her, she liked it more than she let on. After a few months of that, I moved Brianna in with me permanently. Amy and I still have our occasional fun, and Brianna has come along quite nicely, round about estimate would be she has served around 40 different black men now.

She is doing a great job and has become one hell of a slave. As I said nothing about this story is fictional as I stated in the first little introduction, everything has been true and this is the life that I live. In fact Brianna has been sucking my cock the entire time I have been writing this.

Already came twice and she hasn't stopped yet, told you she has really learned her place and doing quite well at it. As I said before, comments are welcome, as well as if this type of life interests you or a loved one things can be arranged for mutual benefits.

Feel free to inbox me or comment with contact information, probably inbox for that and I will get back with you at my earliest availability. Stay tuned for stories from the other girls, if I get positive comments that make me think you want to hear more.