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Teen kelly and milf cherie sharing long cock
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Jake was still sitting at the table wondering what was next.

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He still had a promise to keep with Princess Amira and like it or not he did find her quite beautiful. Sighing he knew there was a war on and no matter what; things were going to go bad soon.

Looking over at an adoring Nyrae he watched as she gently touched her stomach and the life growing there. Shaking his head Jake decided it was about time that he visited the Jinn dimension.

As soon as all of his Jinns were stronger and could travel then he thought he should. The whole time the words that Nyrae had told him were going through his head. [You are the Ever Last Master, the savior of the Jinn race. Right now I don't think there is anything that you aren't allowed.] With a smirk Jake wondered if that was really true or not, true he was allowed to touch the princess. (Touch among other things), Jake thought with a wide smile. Looking at Nyrae an idea started top form in his mind; I really need to find out.

"Nyrae I know that most of you Jinns know each other from before. The question I have is do you know the master of another Jinn if she doesn't tell you?" Jake asked. Smiling a moment Nyrae looked straight at Jake, "No Master Jake not usually. Though we are told we busty quinn wilde gets a passionate interracial fuck tell others it is something we don't usually give away.

To know who another Jinn's master is can lead to problems. Problems such as, a bad Jinn could kill that master there by having the Jinn go back to her bottle." Shuddering a moment Nyrae asked. "Why do you ask Master Jake?" "I know who all the masters of all the Jinns here are. I was wondering if that was true also for all of you. I will ask this only once then I will not ask again, if you knew would you tell your master?" Jake sat watching Nyrae as it seemed she was thinking quite a bit about this.

"I believe," she stated a few minutes later, "that is why we do not try to learn who another's master is. Therefore we do not have to lie about not knowing. As I said we all try not to know, it provides a privacy that many masters want." "Ok last question, though I assume I already know the answer.

Do you know who Inger's master is?" Jake asked. Nyrae's head shook no, "No Master Jake, as I said I try NOT to know, so therefore, no I do not know. It was much the same with you Master Jake. I knew that Rashala was the Ever Last Master's Jinn; I just could not ask her; THAT is forbidden as the council told you.

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You were the only one that could reveal that fact; though my master Juno had been looking for you for a very long time." "Thank you Nyrae I believe that you have put a good many of my fears ass sex rosi mom xnxx rest. The thing is knowing your master Juno, he may already know who is Inger's master is." Jake said trying to gauge Nyrae's reaction.

Nyrae's eyes went wide, "I don't remember master saying anything about her or her master. As you said Master Jake Master Juno is a very shrewd human. I have to say Master Jake, I feel that you are also; you kept your identity from master Juno as long as you did.

The thing is Master Jake, master Juno has changed greatly of late." harmony vision hot anal henessy vaginal masturbation pussy licking was nodding he had noticed the changes; Juno was a lot kinder and more patient.

Jake shook his head the ruthlessness that Juno had for business though, Jake felt, he'd never lose that. Going back into the bedroom he saw that everyone was still asleep, sighing Jake knew they needed it especially with the coming conflict. Looking at Nyrae she nodded and Jake was back nestled among his Jinns. It was sometime the next day when Jake's eyes opened again, what had disturbed him?

Looking around he saw that Gen was between his legs working his morning hard on. Smiling wide Jake reached down and caressed her face. "Thank you Gen I am so sorry it has been so long since we have done anything." "It is alright master as I told you in the beginning, I am happy to be with you." leaning into his ear she whispered, "Being in love with you and making love are an extra special bonus!" Here Gen giggled as she went back to the business at hand.

A moment later Jake discovered that there were even more hands and tongues working on his member. Looking back down his body he saw a wide smiling Rosalinda and Sheeka also working on him. Looking past them, he saw a blushing Rashala who was also starting to enjoy touching him with the others.

'Well,' Jake thought, 'this is about as good a time as any.' "Ok ladies, I was thinking I have a promise I made to keep." Gen and the others started to smile. "You mean to the princess Amira?" Rosalinda spoke up.

"Yes," Jake replied. "I haven't really seen anything of the Jinn dimension, though I know that there are many of the Jinns missing. I was led to believe it is a beautiful place." All at once all of his Jinns started to get excited. This would be a special treat not only for them but for their master also.

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"Yes Master Jake," Rashala replied, "it is very beautiful. It was one of the reasons I fought so hard to protect it. After you see it master, I think you will see why also." Jake looked at Rashala in shock he'd not heard her speak with such passion except for her feelings for him.

Did that mean that she had as much passion for her home as she did for him? "I was thinking of going as soon as all of you are strong enough. I don't want to put any of you in danger by going too early. I also want to ask the council if it is permitted. Nyrae told me that there is nothing that I might want to do, that I wouldn't be allowed to." Jake said looking at each of his Jinns to make sure they were happy with the idea.

"Master Jake," Sheeka spoke up. "I believe as Nyrae and I am sure the rest of my sisters do. The council knows you wouldn't do anything to put the Jinn world in danger.

You are a kind and considerate man;, I cannot see the council refusing." Here Sheeka started to giggle, "Besides I think that princess Amira wanting to see you might sway them to your side also!" Jake could only nod as he noticed that all of his Jinns were starting to giggle also; especially at the mention of Princess Amira and he getting together. "Are all you that anxious for me and the princess to get together?" Jake said with mock distress. This of course started another round of giggling from all his Jinns, even Akeesha sexy year old beauty hardcore and massage smirking.

Suddenly all of them stopped and bowed to Jake, "Master Jake, you said all of us. Does that also include me?" Akeesha said. "I have not been home in an extremely long time." "I don't see why not. Trully with the bonds that have been formed shouldn't she also come along?" Jake asked. Trully who had been examining all of the Jinns turned to Jake with a sly smile. "I think that it would be a very wise decision Master Jake. Especially given the nature of your bond with Sheeka and the bond she has with her sister.

Also any you can take with you, might also provide that much more protection." Jake had been nodding the whole time, and then a shocked look came to his eyes. "Protection? You really think the bad element would try to attack in the Jinn dimension?" Sighing Trully nodded yes, "I wouldn't put it past those involved to make an attempt while you are there." Again Jake young slut enjoy banging her step dad brunette and mature then thanked Trully whose broad smile seemed to be infectious.

The two biggest surprises he got though came a few minutes later. He knew that Juno wasn't used to Nyrae being apart from him that often. Jake thought it would as Trully said be a good thing to keep his friends close. So it was a bit of a shock when Juno said he would come with them if it was allowed. Calling the council Jake was even more surprised when they not only agreed but encouraged him. Go as many places as he could, then they all smiled when he mentioned seeing Princess Amira.

"Well, try to see as much as you can." Rasmir said as he clapped Jake on the back. Jake could only stare at him a moment. The look of shock on Master Jake's face had Milf threesome creampie cheater caught doing misdemeanor break in and a few of the other council laughing.

Jake could only shake his head, was the Princess that sex starved that he might not leave her the whole time he was there? Thanking them Jake nodded to all his Jinns and a moment later they were standing in front of an opulent palace. Jake took a step forward and at least 10 fierce looking men with curved scimitars appeared to block his path. "Hold intruder! You dare to approach." the leader of them started.

"Master Jake is that you? The Princess has been awaiting your appearance. She has said for days that you would appear. She also said that you were to be brought to her and her brothers immediately!

Please Master Jake follow us! All of you please!" Jake's eyes were wide; they were being given the royal treatment?

What in the hell was going on? Nodding they were suddenly and instantly standing in the throne room. Jake seeing the brothers and Amira immediately bowed low to them drawing a gasp not only from the guards but the brothers as well.

"Please Master Jake, you are not, nor will you ever be required to bow to us!" Aahil said as he rose then bowed to Jake as did his twin brother Aalee. Amira of course was smiling a sly but wicked smile. Jake looked straight at Amira and stated, "I am only giving you the respect you deserve." "Ah! I see you do have an excellent memory Master Jake Freemon," Princess Amira said with an even wider smile. "I take it you are here to keep the promise that we made to each other?" Jake's eyes flew wide, "I don't remember a promise you made Princess." Stepping closer to Jake Amira whispered in his ear, "I promised to give myself to you, young lovers enjoying hot and wild sex flicked on cam This last was whispered with a sexy smirk, that had Jake's member straining to its upmost to break free of its confinement.

"You promised to let me return then later said that you would help me to put out the flame of my want for you." When Jake smirked and stared at her she nodded, "it was something like that." "Hmmmmmm, ok but I must confess I am still unsure of this. I feel I am doing something wrong." Jake said. "All is well, if it makes you feel better would it be better with all of your Jinns there?" Amira asked causing Jake to look into her eyes and see yes, she was earnest about what she'd said.

Amira tittered and said, "If you want Master Jake we could invite the council to watch also to help ally your fears." The look of shock that crossed Jake's face had the Princess laughing even harder. "NO! I think that the first suggestion you gave will help to sway me though," Jake hesitated.

"If they are all there I can't guarantee that all of them won't get involved." Jake said a seductive smile starting to creep onto his lips. "I would love nothing less," Amira said a seductive smile on her lips as well. As the Princess led them back to her chambers Jake could only shake his head. He was about to make love with an extremely beautiful woman, with 5 others in the room 4 of whom loved him and none of them were jealous.

Pinching his arm he winched from the pain. Ok so we have proved this isn't a sexy as hell dream. In her room Amira waved her arm and they all were naked.

Laying back on the huge bed Amira held her arms out to Jake. "Come to me Jake Freemon, I have waited a very long time for you to appear. I have known that you would be the one to take me since I was a child. Take me and make me complete as I know ONLY you can!" Jake climbed upon the bed and passionately pressed his lips to hers.

A small moan escaped as she felt the shock waves ride through her body. As gently as he could Jake started to slowly kiss his way past her chin then around her neck. Nipping at her ear lobes he felt her shudder, her scent was starting to have an effect on him. Finished he began the journey lower stopping only to lick and suckle gently at her nipples.

Arching her back she tried to get more of her breast in his hot mouth. Gently kissing the underside of her breasts he felt her shudder again. Inching ever lower he finally found her belly button and stabbed at it with his tongue causing her to almost rise off the bed with a shriek.

Smiling Jake had snaked a hand into the area between the junction of her legs. Amira thought she was going to die she'd never felt anything like what master Jake was doing to her. Thank the great Jinn she had waited all these centuries for this man, no this love god. It was all she could think he was! The sensations she was feeling were overwhelming!

Jake could smell her arousal and it was causing his own to spiral out of control. Finally he'd navigated to her opening seeing that she was wet and excited. Driving his tongue as deep as he could, he heard her gasp as her body spasmed. "Oh Master Jake!" Was all she could say. Jake wasn't immune to what was going on around him, all of his Jinns were also undressed and pleasuring the princess and each other.

Gen was buried deep between Rashala thighs causing her to scream out her own pleasure. Finally Amira pulled on Jake; she thought she was going to die if he kept white pussy gets fucked hard and creampied up.

"I need you Master Jake please!

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Please take me, I have waited so long!" Jake nodded and kissed her again giving her a taste of herself then slowly eased his member within her. Amira was breathing hard it was finally going to happen! Finally she would be complete! Jake had to go as slow as he could though she had no hymen, she was far tighter than Jake had ever felt. Finally all the way in Jake asked her if she was alright. Almost breathless, feeling far fuller but so wonderful at the same time she nodded yes. "I am going to go slow; I know this is your second if not first." Again she nodded yes, as she tried to breathe without panting.

Jake started a slow rhythm that had Amira seeing stars, colors, beauty, and everything! "Oh Master Jake please!" Amira breathed out as she started to rise to meet each of his thrusts. Jake was surprised that she was going as fast as she was, as soon as she was. "Harder Master Jake please!" Amira begged. Shrugging Jake started to pound harder into her when she tightened up and screamed out her pleasure. Looking at Jake with shock she started to move even harder as Jake kept going.

All around them there were feminine moans and groans as all of them were starting to reach their peak. Jake could feel the familiar feeling deep in his scrotum, then with a final thrust he was filling the Princess to overflowing with his seed. This of course caused the Princess to wail more as she also climbed the heights with him. Feeling a little drained Jake saw that all of his Jinns had experienced an orgasm. It was in that moment that he heard several moans of pain and fright.

Oh shit, Jake thought as he looked up and saw what appeared to be hundreds of naked people all over the huge bedroom. Shocked a moment he thought but Amira wasn't one of his Jinns. Was she? Amira was just staring at him with a strange look, 'Shit,' Jake thought, 'I hope that isn't what I think it is!'