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Hot blonde shemale babe getting fucked in the ass
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Chapter 3 New power, same morals. Wind was whipping at Charles face as he was falling down the side of the girls dorm tower. He looked at the various patios whipping by him.

He grabbed his knife and threw it at one of the patios. The wire cable wrapped itself around one of the railings and acted as mofos alexis and her bf have some fun anchor for him. He looked down and saw he was still a good 80 feet high in the air dangling. He looked up and saw both Lilly and Madison peering over the edge looking for him.

He saw Lilly point at him with her wand and fired off a fireball. Charles let go of the wire and dropped another 8 feet where he grabbed onto a railing and pulled himself up and over it right before he was blasted into the bedroom from the blast of fire. Charles got up and was met by charisse mae aminoso filipina pinay xxx scandals part girl screaming her lungs out.

He walked past her and out into the open area that overlooked the grand diamond pillar. Charles looked around him and saw girls walking out of their rooms. Some of them were still wearing their night gowns, a few of them had on robes but most of them were just coming out to see what the screaming was about. Charles looked back at the pillar and decided to test out his new immortality or end his trip through this strange land.

He jumped off the edge of the guard rail and went into a full airborne glide down to his fate. 60 feet till he was a floor painting. 40 feet to the ultimate blunt force trauma suicide. 20 feet until he would be modern art. In the last 4 inches from death Charles felt something starting in him, it was the ultimate power high starting in his heart.

With each pulse it filled his lungs, then his veins; (If you remember anything from your highschool biology you'll understand) it then felt like it invaded his spine. It started at the top and went down sending shivers through him, with each one it felt as if more and more of his body was receiving more and more power. This all happened in under a millisecond, but to Charles it felt like time stopped.

But in all reality his body was just using a fraction of power to save itself from obliteration. {Science time! Did you know that… (WARNING! SKIP THIS IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO READ INTO THE SCIENCE BEHIND MY ABSURD STORY!) When Charles fell through the vortex, back in the prolog, his body took in some of the Space Time Continuum that makes up all reality.

Then when his body received a droplet of the petrified blood it acted as an amplifier to the S.T.C. already in his body.

The petrified blood already keeps vampires immortal to the sands of time, combine that with the S.T.C. and you basically get an ?er character. He now has powers over certain big ass hottie jen gets drilled hard by a bbc during casting in the world that would make up the reality there …Now you know!} As Charles smashed into the floor of the tower he was down on a knee, he looked around and just saw a thick cloud of debris around him, dust from it blocking his view.

He got up and walked through it to be confronted by the army of maids that threw him out once already. They were about to speak when the entire floor erupted into flames around Charles. Lilly shot another barrage of fireballs down upon him, making a bigger and bigger dome of fire making people shield their eyes from it. She kept doing this for a good 3 minutes until her arm got tired of throwing spells at Charles. The dome was then instantly discharged as Charles swiped his hand through the air.

"Fuck us all!" Lilly said looking down at him. He had the air of a god, even from 80 stories up and looking down on him she felt it. It was like someone looking at you along with a 10 pound weight instantly added to each of your shoulders. Charles looked around the room and saw the maids all looking at him in awe. Charles looked up and saw thousands of girls all looking down at him. He then shouted up at the entire crowd looking over the guard rails.

"Hey Ellen, would you mind tossing down my clothes? I'm practically naked down here!" Girls started to snicker and laugh at this, soon after that though a pair of slacks, a shirt, a pair of dress shoes, some boxers, socks, a dress shirt and a suite jacket came flouting down all neatly folded.

Charles went over and grabbed them out of midair and walked over to one of the maids still standing in awe at him. "Would you mind cleaning these? They got somewhat dirty from everything I've been through. One of the maids took his clothes from him and asked "Where can we find you when we get these cleaned?" "I'll most likely be up in Ellen's room, second floor.

Just walk in, we'll at least of covers over us." Charles said with a smirk as the maid with his clothes blushed. "No sir, you will stay down here with us." Another maid said walking up to Charles. This maid stood out among the others mainly because of her assets, she must have been at least an F cup, but also because of her attire. She wore a kimono like some of the other maids, but instead of this one dropping to the floor in heaps it had a slit up both sides that reached to her hips.

The back was open all the way to the top of her ass, which was another fine asset on her. (Just go google Bayonetta and there's your visual aid) "Even though you have the essence of a god we cannot allow you to go up into one of the girls' rooms." Charles looked at this maid for a few seconds; she stood almost to his height, maybe an inch shorter, and was by far one of the sexiest woman he had ever seen in his life.

"Ok, I'll be fine to pass the time with you also. Just as long as hot girl and two guys please each other answer a few questions I have been trying ask since I got here." "Fine, follow us then." The maid turned around showing off her round ass and walked through the small army of maids and went into the door that led to the servant area.

Charles followed the maids through the door. They walked down a set of stairs and went through another door that lead into a rather large room, around the size of an over sized gymnasium, the maids went off to do their own things, some went into an outstanding japanese anal riding hardcore and blowjob kitchen area, other to a corner of the room with workout equipment, a few of them went over to a laundry area and other disappeared through different doors.

"So what's your first question?" The head maid asked walking over to the laundry area with Charles right behind her.

"Who are you?" Charles asked watching as the maid with his clothes handed them off to other maids. "My names Erika, I am in charge of all other maids and staff that work in and around the girl's tower." Erika went over to a desk and sat down behind it.

"Why do you ask?" Charles walked over to the desk and leaned his back against it as he looked across the giant room he was in. "I just like to know who I'm talking with, that's all." "So what's your next question?" Erika asked looking at Charles's back. "Where am I?" He asked looking up at the tall ceiling, a good 30 feet high, dotted with grand chandeliers. "Well, right now you are in the servant's area to the girls' tower.

I would have thought it was pretty obvious." "No, I mean this world, the country, continent, planet, what are they called?" Charles turned around and faced Erika when she answered. "Well, you're in the kingdom of Rothworth ruled by the royal family Rockstar. They are under the present power of king Allen the 7th." Erika sat back in her chair and looked up at sexy lesbian teens playing with pussies on webcam ceiling.

"The nation he controls is called Russka and we border the countries Britannia and Canada." Charles started to chuckle at this new information. "You found something funny from that?" Erika asked looking at Charles who was trying not to break out in laughter. "Yeah a little bit. Everything you told me sounded like places from where I'm from, that's all." "Ah well then, what else would you like to know?" "What's a 'wondering vortex' exactly?" "That is the device that the witch or wizard uses here to locate their very own private familiar.

You I take it were captured by one?" "Yeah, it kind of sucked me into the ground out in the open." Charles took a seat on the chair that was in front of Erika's desk. "So what happened to me back there?" Charles asked crossing his legs.

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"I don't really know what happened, but I would like it if you would uncross your legs." Erika asked glancing to the side. "Why?" "I can see right up your coat and see your, um, well, you know." "Oh!" Charles said standing up right away.

"Sorry about that, completely forgot I wasn't wearing pants." Erika and Charles made small talk while they waited for his clothes to be finished.

Eventually his clothes were returned to him. The shirt and slacks looked like they had been pressed and his shoes shined. "Follow me and I'll show you to a dressing room." Erika said getting up from her desk. As they walked through the room over to a set of doors Charles noticed that the maids were turning towards them and bowed as they walked past them. "Why are they doing that?" Charles asked Erika as they went through a group of maids.

"They bow to all people that are above them. It's what they do, they're maids after all. Also I would bet that they are still slightly afraid of you." She said as she pulled back a curtain to a small room. "Want to come in with me? I can show you a wonderful time." Charles asked with a heavy dose of sarcasm. "Sure, it's been a while since I've gotten some." Erika said walking in with Charles. She put her hands on his shoulders and started to rub his shoulder as he undid his over coat.

Charles turned around to face her and pressed his lips to hers. She moaned into his mouth when he started to squeeze he tits through her silk uniform, he could tell that she didn't have anything on underneath due to her nipples stretching to get out.

"Let's lose the dress." Charles said pulling on the big red bow sitting above her ass. After undoing the bow Charles undid the one behind her neck. As soon as he did this the dress fell down and Charles realized that it was just an oversized apron, a very sexy and fitted oversized apron made out of high kelly madison latin bimbo victoria june filled with jizz silk.

Erika stood there in Charles's arms wearing only a pair of panties as Charles frenched her and massaged her tits. Charles kissed down Erika's neck, sucking and lightly nibbling on her as he went down her body; he kissed down the middle of her breasts then latched onto her left nipple and sucked it like a baby breast feeding.

The entire time Erika was moaning cute amateur gets fucked by pervy pawn man at the pawnshop in pleasure as Charles made love to her body with his mouth. She reached down and took hold of his swelled cock and stroked the tip of it with her fingers, lightly dancing around the head with her finger tips then plunging down and giving only half of it a stroke, every time she hit a sensitive spot on him Charles bit down on her nipple making her throw her head back in pure bliss as they teased each other.

Charles then went lower on her, kissing his way over her flat stomach and down to her bellybutton. There he rubbed his hands up and down the insides of her thighs making her quiver the closer he got to her pussy lips. "Please!" Erika moaned trying to push Charles head lower.

"Please! Kiss my dripping pussy, I need it so bad!" Charles went lower and starter to play with her clit making her moan even louder. "Fuck me! Please ram your cock into me! I can't take it any longer!" Erika practically screamed as Charles ate her out. Charles stood up and turned Erika around so she was facing the curtain that separated them from all the other maids outside.

Charles slipped his cock into her pussy slowly letting her adjust to the size of it as he went. Erika had other ideas about this. She rammed her ass back against Charles fully impaling herself onto his cock. She screamed at the top of her lungs like someone was killing her.

Then one of the maids threw the curtain to the side revealing to everyone Erika and Charles fucking like bunnies. Erika had a look of pure pleasure on her face as Charles fucked fully into her cunt. "Oh FUCK!" Erika screamed as she went into an orgasm making her entire body shake as Charles kept up the pace of his already fast fucking.

The maids looking in had a look of want on their faces as they saw their boss get it from behind. Erika lost the feeling in her legs as Charles fucked her making her fall forward with Charles right behind her, as they hit the floor they started to laugh as they looked up at the now open entry way and at a couple dozen maids looking in on them. "Woops! Guess this doesn't look very professional." Erika said rolling off of Charles's still rock hard cock.

"Where do you think you're going?" Charles said looking at Erika as she stood up. "I'm getting on top! I think it's time for me to be in control now!" Erika straddled herself over Charles and dropped down on his cock taking it all the way in on the first bounce. "Shit! Even after all that I'm still not really used to this thing!" she said as the tip of it hit her womb. Erika began bouncing up and down on Charles as more and more maids came over to see what was happening, her tit's flopping about as she went up and down.

One of the maids dropped her uniform and marched over to them, a few of the maids cheered her on as she straddled over Charles's face and edged her on saying things like "Smother that fucker!" and "Make him lick that cunt!" The maid then squatted down onto his face and ground her pussy into him.

Charles got the idea real quick and started to lap at her pussy making her moan out saying "Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh SHIT! He licks better than a woman!" Now this surprised some of the maids and even Erika as the maid that was sitting on Charles was a devote lesbian, she had slept with practically everyone that she worked around and even had a night with Erika.

So for her to say something as brash as this it really meant something. Charles on the other hand didn't hear a thing of this because he was too preoccupied with trying to bring the pussy above him to an earth shattering orgasm.

He licked her all the way from her clit to the bottom of her slit, his nose poked her ass hole and instead of smelling an asshole Charles smelt rose. The girl douched both holes he deduced and went from her pink hole to her brown hole. This elected even louder moans from the que riccogeme cabron dame verga as she ground her face even harder into him.

Charles kept on switching from hole to hole, tongue fucking one while finger fucking the other. The maid looked up at Erika and leaned in for a kiss, as their mouths met they both reached out for the other's breast's, the maid having decent C's enjoyed it enough but Erika felt relief at her breasts being supported finally instead of flying all over the place.

The maid exploded onto Charles face with her orgasm at the same time Erika did. The maid got up and moved over to Erika who was still bouncing up and down giving herself more and more orgasm's, finally Erika stopped moving and let out a scream as she squirted across Charles and into the crowd of maids. Charles was still hard inside and when she got off of him and was replaced by the maid that had joined them earlier.

"This is my first time with a man!" She said putting the tip up to her pussy. This was the first time Charles got to look at the sexy little maid about to impale herself on him, she was a brunette short hair and C cup tit's, she had wild green eyes and was maybe 5'4". "Don't worry about it," Erika told her as she lay on the ground feeling satisfied. "He will make you scream with pleasure!" Nodding her head the maid started to slowly lower herself down onto his cock.

Another maid entered the mix of things, stripping away her uniform and sitting down on Charles face. This happened through another 5 maids, Charles satisfying them all with his cunninglus then with his cock. Charles finally sat up with a maid getting off to start on his cock and said "A guy can only take so much ladies, I got to bust a nut soon or they might fall off!" Charles then took the maid that was about to impale herself and slipped into her.

She squealed in delight as he filled her completely and started to go all the way into her. She nearly fainted after her 5 orgasm in a row when Charles took her off his cock. Erika came over and sucked his cock into her mouth and went about halfway when he finally released his seed down her throat. Erika was trying to keep up fujiko kano gets her busty body fucked the torrent of cum but was failing as it started to overflow from her mouth.

All the maids that had so far fucked Charles went over to him and took turns putting him in their mouths. Charles couldn't believe the amount of cum that was spewing from his cock, he had never cummed this much ever in his life but it just wouldn't stop.

After filling the rest of the girls did Charles quite cumming like a fire hose and put out his last couple of squirts. "Holy shit!" one of the maids said "What the fuck was that?" "I didn't think that was physically possible for a guy to cum that much!" Erika walked over to Charles and caressed his cock with her hand as she whispered into his ear "We'll have to do this again, it was fun." She then turned around, picked up her clothes, showing off her fine round ass to Charles as he sat back resting from what he just did, and ushered the rest of the maids out of the changing room.

Charles looked around and saw his clothes in a corner of the small room, somehow they had stayed out of the mess that had just happened and were still pressed.

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As he full length storical xxx family full movies putting on his suit jacket over he saw the curtain behind him open. In the doorway was Erika, now dressed back in her uniform, she looked over at Charles and commented on his looks saying "Well don't you look dress up nicely!" She bent over and scooped up his overcoat that was still on the ground.

"Wow, this is a lot heavier than I thought!" Erika said weighing the coat in her hands. "What have you got in this thing? Lead plates?" "No nothing like that," Charles said tying his tie. "Just a couple of handguns and a knife." Charles looked over and saw Erika with a confused look on her face. "You do know what a handgun is right?" "I've never heard of them before." Erika said giving Charles his overcoat. "Can you show me?" "Sure." Charles reached into his coat and drew out a revolver (A MP-412 REX for those that know what it is or want to google it) It had a smoky grey finish to it.

He handed it over to Erika who took it in her hands weighing it. "Now I know why that was so heavy!" Erika said looking at the gun in her hand. "How do these things work?" "You just pull that your finger." Charles said pointing to the trigger.

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"Like this?" Erika said pulling the trigger. The gun went off while it was pointed at Charles. The power of kate england helps brother jerk bullet lifted him off his feet and tossed him backwards 2 feet into the wall. Erika screamed dropping the gun and rushing over to Charles crumpled body on the floor. "Oh my god!" she screamed as she saw blood start to stain his shirt from where the bullet hit him.

"Someone get the healer right now!" Erika screamed over her shoulder as she ripped off her uniform and pressing it to the wound. Charles felt the stinging pain as Erika pressed her silk uniform into the bullet hole to try and stop the blooding, but her felt more blood oozing out another hole where the bullet exited.

"Erika" Charles mumbled through a mouth full of blood. "Don't say anything Charles, you'll be alright don't worry!" She said pressing his head into her breasts. Charles fell forward onto her showing her the exit wound. "Thought I should let you know," Charles spat more blood out of his mouth. "That it went through." The healer then came rushing in and looked at Charles. "What the hell is this?" the old woman asked looking at the wounds.

"After all my years as healer I have never seen anything like it!" "Can you help him?" Erika said with tears in her eyes as Charles was leaning on her with brunette cutie angela is ready for wet action dripping out of his mouth. "I don't know really," the healer said kneeling down to take a closer look.

"I'm used to sword accidents or magic mishaps, but not a bloody hole in someone!" Charles coughed again splitting blood over Erika's chest as he hanged onto his life by a thread. "Can you try at least?" Erika said now crying as she felt Charles grow weaker and weaker in her arms.

The healer nodded her head and put her hands over the wounds. As she began to chant a few words Charles slipped out of Erika's arms and fell to the floor, his eyes were closed and his breathing had stopped. The healer looked down at him and felt his neck for a pulse. She looked up to Erika with a sad look in her eyes shaking her head, Erika bent down and picked up Charles's head and placed it into her lap, she then cried for him.

Okay I know I am so going to get some hate for this one, ending it where I did, but trust me, I somewhat know where I'm going with this. Any and all comments are welcome, and if you think you have an idea on how to help me with the story just click my name and from there you can see how to tell it to me. Be sure to check back for Chapter 4