Sweet slut gets wet mouth and hot pussy fucked by two hard cocks and creampied by keepjerking

Sweet slut gets wet mouth and hot pussy fucked by two hard cocks and creampied by keepjerking
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Sexcapades My girlfriends mother. I was studying in Milan and having a great time. Beautiful city, great food, lot of foreign students. Parties, dating, sex was a part of life here. For last 3 months I was dating a beautiful Swedish girl named Jacqueline. She was staying with her mother in small villa just on the outskirts of the city.

So as it happened, it was Friday night. Jacqueline, me and few other friends were out bar hopping, drinking. She had to leave for an exhibition the next afternoon to Paris. She would be back after a week. Just after midnight and heavy drinking, our friends left us, so we decided to go to my apartment, have some sex before dropping her back home. She was drunk and insisted that we go dancing first. I tried to convince her as it would be too late but she was in no mood to agree.

So we hit the club. It was already crowded with everyone in their own orbit. We danced, kissed, grinding into each other.

Jacqueline was 5'8 with nice firm breasts and big round ass slightly on the heavier side. She was wearing a short white dress of flimsy material which showed her deep cleavage and almost exposed her ass. I found a corner and started making out kissing her deeply with my tongue probing her mouth and she doing the same. Blonde hottie teases the webcam with her sexy body hands were on her ass inside her dress and pressing her against my hard on.

I was extremely horny as started to feel her body all over, and I tribute to claire and lisa part 3 tube porn feel she was getting out of control.

I had noticed a few other guys around us getting a good look at her body with their lustful eyes. Now I really wanted to fuck her but thought she was truly tiny teens porn tube porn drunk she might just pass out.

So we decided to leave & went to pee. As usual the washroom was crowded with guys waiting for their chance. Relieving myself, I went near girls washroom to see Jacqueline. After waiting for a while thinking she might be inside, I went back to dance floor to look for her. I found her near the bar hanging on to couple of guys.

One guy had a drink in his hand which Jacqueline was drinking and both the guys had their hands on her ass and trying to feel her. I intervened and politely took her away much to their disappointment. We went out and just as I was about to call for taxi she threw up. She was feeling uneasy now and was about to pass out. So I had to cancel my plans of taking her back to my apartment & instead took her home & with the help of her mother put her to bed.

We closed the door of her room. I noticed her mother was drunk too. Her name was Sandra. She was a artist and was well known in the art circle of the city.

She said she also came back from a party with her friend. I don't know how old she was but she was really hot.

Absolute MILF. Beautiful blonde hairs, blue eyes, almost perfect figure though she had gained a bit of weight now, big round boobs, almost popping out of her night dress, big ass.

I had met her twice before & hadn't given a thought except that she was beautiful. But today I checked her out. "Well, Jackie wont be up till late morning tomorrow it seems." she said, as we moved to the living room. "Yeah. I'll come back tomorrow to drop her. She has to leave at 11am." I replied. "Oh dear, why the hurry? Would you like to have some wine?" she asked.

I was surprised and said no. "I think I should leave now. It's too late already." "Oh come on, it's nice outside on the terrace. Won't you have a glass of wine with me?" she said looking straight into my eyes and lowering her gaze slowly down to my crotch and then again up. I was already horny after making out with Jacqueline and disappointed of missing a chance to fuck cougar ryan conner taking on two black schlongs interracial threesome tonight.

Also I was aroused just by Sandra's appearance. Her short silk night dress showing off her figure and her honeyed voice seduced me. And the final look she gave me I couldn't say no. So we went to the terrace which had two chairs, a couch, a small table and a nice carpet spread over. She bought two glasses filled with red wine. We started drinking and talking. While chatting I couldn't keep my eyes off her body as she sat across me. She kept folding and unfolding her legs, bending, taking deep breaths.

I could see her cleavage and sometimes felt that her boobs might just come out. She was not wearing any bra and I could also see glimpses of her panties. All of this made my cock rock hard. She of course noticed it and kept glancing at my erection with a sly smile.

I was confused if she was really seducing me knowingly or she was just drunk. "Let me bring some more wine" she said standing up somehow clutching the chair. I too, rose saying that would be it for me and I think I should leave. Though now I really wanted to fuck her. But as she tried to walk she lost her balance and I caught her before she could fall. My hand touched her breasts as I held her and she put an arm around me.

My hard cock touched her thigh and she giggled. For a moment we remained in that position. Now it was too late to turn back. I was so horny, I had to fuck her.

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Without thinking that she was my girlfriends mother, I held her tight against me from her back. She pressed her ass against my cock and i started fondling her boobs. She turned and we started kissing, probing each other with our tongues. My hard cock touched her groin and I pressed both my hands on her ass pushing her deep into me.

She caught my hairs and pressed my mouth into her. My tongue explored her mouth tasting her saliva. Breaking the kiss I thick booty milf rides yong cock mercedes carrera behind her again and pressed my hard on against her ass.

My cock could feel her butt crack through her panties. She pushed her ass behind. With both my hands I started kneading her breasts very hard and bit her right ear with my teeth. She moaned. I pushed my hand inside her night dress and started pinching her hard nipples. Keeping my left hand busy on her breasts I started feeling her pussy with my right.

She still had her panties on. Slowly I slipped my hand inside and could feel the hot wet cunt through her bush. I started fingering her vigorously as she moaned. She turned her face and we started kissing again. We continued till she came and my hand was filled with her hot juices.

I pulled it out of her panties and she licked it dry. We were on terrace but didn't give a fuck if anyone was watching. All we wanted to do was fuck each others brains out.

Our warm bodies embracing each other and a cold breeze blowing which added to the hot cumshot compilation cum on tits edition. For me it was like heaven.

A hot and sexy milf who happened to be my girlfriends mother, girlfriend passed out in her room and here we were horny as hell ready to fuck each other on the terrace. Now she dropped her night dress, followed by her panties. I removed my t shirt, jeans and was completely naked too. She looked at my erect 9 inch cock bit her lip seductively. She pushed me on the couch and took my hard cock in her mouth. From the intensity with which she started sucking I could feel how bad she wanted it and knew it would be an amazing blow job.

And I was not disappointed. Her lips moved expertly from the tip of my head to its base and used her tongue as she came up again. With her hand she started playing with my balls pressing them hard and filling her mouth with them.

I put my hands through her hair and pulled them hard which made her suck me harder.

While doing this she looked up at me straight into my eyes. I pulled her head from my cock and said I want to eat you. Turning her as I lay on my back on the sofa we got into 69.

She continued sucking and I started lapping up her cunt juices. I loved the taste as I licked around her lips and slowly into her cunt. The juices kept flowing on my face as I was below her. I could hear her moans and grunts as I increased my speed and pushed deeper into her while she continued licking and sucking my cock like a puppy devouring his meal. My pre cum started flowing which she swallowed without stopping.

I could feel she was cumming too. We both went harder and I came shooting loads of my cum straight into her mouth which she swallowed directly. At the same time she came too filling my mouth with her honey sweet cunt juice. She turned and we kissed.rather she licked my face tasting her own juices with my cum.

We continued kissing and fondling and feeling each other. My regained my hardness. I had very good stamina and big appetite for sex. My girlfriend knew it and her mother was about to find out.

The cold wind kept blowing but we were too hot now. Suddenly she got up and without saying a word just lay down on the carpet with her legs open. I knew what to do. I went on top of her and slowly slid my cock into her. She grabbed my ass to push it deeper. "Rape me!! Fuck me hard!!" she said. "Give me all you have. Fill me with your cum" I began pounding her pussy slowly She pressed my ass more and pushed herself towards me as I went inside her. Soon we found a rhythm and I kept slapping her harder with all I got.

Girl drops soap in prison show was an amazing feeling.the noise of my balls slamming against her cunt, her moans, her expletives. "aahhhhh!! aaaaaaahh!! Fuck me you bastard!! Fuck me hard!! Rape me!! Rape my pussy!!" she screamed. ` "You fucking whore!! how does my cock feel inside you, bitch.

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Let me rape you!! Let me rape your pussy!!" "Oh god!! Oh god!

Oh fucking god!! Push harder!! Push it deeeep!! Aaaaaahhh Ahhh Aaaaaaaahhh!!!" "Ohhhh you are soooo goood!! You are so good!! Cum in me!! Cum in me you bastard!! You fuckiingg bastaaard!!!" "Whore!! I'm gonna cum inside you!! I'm gonna rape you till you die!! You fucking slut!!" All this dirty talk aroused me more and I kept pounding her pussy harder and harder with every thrust.

"I'm cumming!! I'm cumming!!" she shouted. Immediately she crossed her legs behind me grasping me hard, dig her nails in my back now casting sabrina hot milf desperate amateurs nervous full figure first time curled her toes into ecstasy as she orgasmed. Her cunt let out the the juices which covered my cock. I was going to cum too. With few more thrusts I came and emptied full load of my cum inside her pussy. That feeling of emptying yourself inside the pussy is amazing!

I just hate condoms. "Oh you're good!! You're soo fucking good!! You're a fucking animal!!" Then I just buried my face in her breasts. She grabbed it and kissed me hard. I went home with mixed feelings.

On one hand the sex was amazing, exciting but that she was my girlfriends mother made me uneasy. Though I should have thought about it before but lust had taken over me. I tried to convince myself that it was just a one off thing & I won't go back. I was not into any serious relationship with Jacqueline, at least now. I slept for few hours and went back to drop her to the airport. I felt extremely uneasy in Sandra's presence at their home but she behaved very normal without giving any hint.

Thankfully she didn't come with us to the airport. After waving goodbye to Jacqueline, I took taxi and went straight to her home to Sandra. I just couldn't resist her.

Sandra opened the door with a look that she knew I would come. The moment she closed the door we were all over each other kissing and fondling. We almost teared each other clothes out and didn't know where we were headed when Sandra bumped against the dining table.

I immediately turned her and bend her over on the table to get a nice view of her ass. I slapped it and she giggled. My cock was hard now and her pussy was inviting. Without wasting more time I parted her legs and slowly slid my i came inside my s pussy in her pussy as she moaned.

"Ahhhhh!! That feels sooo goood!! Fuck me hard!! I want you badly inside me." I started slamming my cock in her pussy and she started moaning in pain and pleasure. I bend forwards and started playing with her boobs, pressing and twisting her nipples. She arched her back and looked up at me. I pulled her blonde hairs hard and she screamed more.

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Her pussy was letting out warm juices which started flowing out over my cock on to my balls. Now I had her hairs by both my hands and was pounding her harder with each stroke. Her face was turned up towards me and I could see tears rolling down her eyes but she smiled. "Harder! Fuck me harder! Spank me! Spank my ass!" I let go of her hair and held her hips for better control pushing them towards me as I slammed in.

Her cunt juices kept flowing, she kept screaming louder and louder. I always like my women loud.

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It gives me a great kick. With my right hand I started spanking her big round ass very hard. She moaned louder and asked me to spank her harder. Her ass was becoming redder. With a few more strokes I came and let my hot spunk fill her pussy and she let out a loud scream. I bend forward over her back and held her close to me. I stayed there for 3 days and all we did was eat drink and fuck like some sex crazed animals.

More of our sexcapades to follow.