Maserati aunty sex saree removing milk from boobs

Maserati aunty sex saree removing milk from boobs
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The Second Girls Class "Very good Amanda, very good technique." Cassandra praised the schoolgirl "Now try to deep throat it." Behind her desk the young Asian teen took the dildo she had been sucking out of her mouth, holding it before her like a bridal bouquet "But miss I." she began, Cassandra gave her a flinty smile, somehow reassuring and slightly menacing at the same time.

"Try, I know you have had trouble with it but the only way to improve is to practise.

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Have you been doing your prep?" "Well, no miss. I don't know where to get one." Said the girl shamefacedly. "You should have told me earlier if you couldn't do the home work.

I can give you one to borrow until you get one of your own. Now, try again." Surrendering to her teacher's will Amanda opened her mouth wide, raising the dildo so that the tip hovered over her tongue.

After a seconds brunette masturbating on webcam fingering and mature she began to push the fake phallus down her delicate neck. Closing her eyes in concentration the girl natasha malkova ana mia malkova xxx a full inch of the dildo down her throat, then another; as the third inch of the long smooth sex toy slid down her throat she opened her eyes in surprise.

Another inch passed, before the neophyte cock sucker's gag reflex struck. The toy was removed far faster than it had gone in, but Cassandra was not disappointed. "That was very good!" she said, genuinely impressed "Easily twice as far as you have managed before." Amanda positively glowed with the praise, though a very bright girl she struggled in practical sex education. Moving on around the girls class Cassandra saw Anna, little Anna who had never masturbated when she first started the course, take the full length of an eight inch strap on into her mouth.

The mere sight of the gorgeous red head kneeling before her semi naked girl friend made Cassandra begin to moisten between the legs, though in the third week all of the girls were becoming less self conscious. Charlotte, the youngest girl in the class at just 15, had advanced almost as fast and could be seen alongside her, she too was having little trouble in honing her blowjob technique.

Others were not doing so well, Sandra, a tall blonde of striking good looks, was clearly not happy. "It doesn't fit, it's not my fault. It's impossible! It just can't be done!" She whispered in animated tones to her sceptical companion. Clearly she thought herself unnoticed because she was usually a very polite girl. "What can't be done Sandra?" Cassandra asked, the girl jerked upright, dildo in hand.

For a moment she just stood there, eventually she said "I can't fit this down my throat miss, it's too big! You would need a neck like a giraffe to take it." Cassandra considered the dildo, she wasn't surprised. In her enthusiasm to be the best, the most daring, Sandra had taken the largest of the dildos available. Clearly the ten incher was unsuitable for a beginner; Cassandra had trouble with it herself. Taking the dildo she said so "Go and get another one, try a six or a seven inch and see if it's still impossible." She instructed, sullenly the girl did so.

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Looking at the clock however Cassandra realised that the girl would not have time to try with a smaller toy.

Striding back to the front of the class room Cassandra clapped her hands sharply twice, when all of the girls had stopped what they were doing and were paying attention Cassandra spoke "Alright girls, we only have fifteen minutes left, now I know that you all probably very horny," I certainly am, and you kittens are the wettest little teens in England. "So if you like we can use the time we have left to have a little fun." Smiles lit up all around the room, Cassandra went on "We have been using these dildos for practise, but of course you would not normally use them to suck on.

If you have found you like masturbating by hand I think you will find that using a sex toy will make it all the more enjoyable. Do you want to try it or carry on practising blowjobs?" The answer, unsurprisingly, was unanimous in favour of 'play time' as the girls had taken to calling the end sections of her lessons. "Alright then girls, you know the drill, skirts off and sitting on asian pink vagina lips spread lingerie japanese desk." There was some general movement around the room as girls returned to their desks if they had wondered.

Apart from their panties most of the girls were still fully clothed, only those four who had decided to try the strapons had half undressed, taking off their skirts to attach the belts more easily.

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Now though the whole of the class followed suit and soon a whole host of glistening pussys could be seen. For the most part the girls sat on their desks, legs parted and waiting. One though was not; she was having an animated, but inaudible discussion with her friend who was seated like the rest.

To Cassandra's surprise it was Charlotte, the nubile young blonde who was normally so eager and obliging. Confused Cassandra walked over "What is the problem?" she asked, for the girls had quieted at her approach. Now close Cassandra could see that it was Anna who had been arguing with Charlotte, dildo in hand though not poised over her vagina as most were. But it was Charlotte who spoke "I was just saying miss that me and Anna did dildo's last night." This was hardly startling news, both girls were quickly becoming adventurous.

"So?" Cassandra prompted her to go on, "Well, we have done dildo's, and they were great and everything," she seemed in a rush to say that last part, as though she were trying not to sound ungrateful "But we have never tried a strap on and, as we have some right here." "You want to use them." Cassandra finished, the girl nodded.

"And I was going to ask, only it needs two and Anna said that she wanted to just use a normal dildo again, she said she doesn't think we will have time for both of us to cum." Cassandra lowered her voice "She is right; you probably wouldn't both get to have a turn underneath." Cassandra was about to tell the girl to go seductive teen blonde hottie hitchhikes and gets pounded pornstars hardcore to her desk when something happened.

Charlotte's eyes dropped, her face forming a perfect picture of disappointment, and something about it got to Cassandra. Not to her heart, the pretty school girl's expression sent a thrill right through Cassandra's loins; she wanted this girl. In a voice only Charlotte could hear Cassandra said "I think I have a solution," the cute teen's head shot up and as her eyes burned into Cassandra's the teacher made up her mind "Take off your top and get the strap on," she instructed "We can give all these girls something to get excited about." Though in truth the class needed no more reason to get excited, all were straining at the leash.

As little Lottie striped off her school shirt and revealed that she wore no bra beneath Cassandra made her way back to the front of the class. For the first time in lesson she untied the laces that kept her dress shoulders up, at the fabric fell down around her feet Cassandra was already unhooking her brassiere.

By the time Charlotte made her way in front of the amazed and riveted class Casey was dressed only in her shoes and stockings. Charlotte ran her eyes over Cassandra's lush body. The girls hand began to move down to her slit when Cassandra caught her hand.

"Not yet," she said, and the whole class giggled, reliving some of the tension. Taking the strap on from her students hand Cassandra fastened it around her waist. Bending closer she murmured in Charlotte's ear "Put your hands on the side of the desk." With no more instruction the girl placed her hands on the desk side on to her classmates, legs set apart and back arched.

Cassandra moved behind the fifteen year old. Turning to the class she said "You can begin," a few instantly slid their sex toy up inside themselves; but most, as Casey had expected, waited. An open smile on her face Casey put her hands either side of the young girl's hips and positioned the strap on at the entrance to her womb. Then gently, teasingly she began to rub it across her slit, as she did so Cassandra also began to scatter light kisses all over the school girls back.

"Oh," the girl breathed raggedly "Screw foreplay I'm wetter than when Anna licked me out in monicamilf in a dirty carwash norsk porno shower," You two have been experimenting haven't you?

But though she said nothing Casey could understand, she was dripping as well. And so, under the stares of two dozen school girls Cassandra thrust upward, the large phallus sliding in easily, so well lubricated was the girl. Now the other students impaled themselves with abandon, too late Cassandra thought to worn the few full virgins left not to go too deep, lest they break their Hyman for with a cry and a pop one went.

But Cassandra barely noticed, with her nubile nymph beneath her the stares of the class seemed to matter not at all. Charlotte bucked and moaned, her Hyman gone the night before last. As she thrust, stimulating expertly her pupil, Cassandra's hands roamed. Stroking her navel made Lottie shiver and she sighed as delicate fingers traced over her thighs. Cassandra reached upward, still hammering into the girl as she cried out in ecstasy. To one side Clara, the most stubborn and uncooperative girl in the class, let out a long moan as she came violently, shaking the table.

As Cassandra kneaded Charlotte's firm high breasts Anna's unmistakable shuddering groans could be heard as she worked an eight inch phallus in her tight young cunt.

Sighs and moans now mixed with screams and cries as girl after girl brought herself to climax, but still Cassandra denied her partner that release. This was, after all, a perfect opportunity for a lesson. Bending over the blond pixie's shoulder Cassandra asked her, voice low and sultry "Do you want to cum?" forgetting that more than a score of her friends looked on Lottie almost shouted "Yes, please make me cum!" Raising her voice, for here was a lesson all the class should learn well Cassandra said "But the longer you wait, the better it will be," as she spoke she slowed her frantic thrusts, "So are you sure you don't want to wait?" "No!" the girl screamed, her desire for release overcoming all sense of propriety "Please!

I want to cum now! I have to!" But Cassandra did not speed up, only ran her hands down the girls flanks to rest once more astride her hips. "Just a little longer?" "Ahhhh, no! Please Miss! I want to cum so badly!" Cassandra smiled "Well, if your sure," grasping her slim hips Casey thrust deep and hard into Lottie, once, twice, on the third stroke the little school girl let out a scream of such joy Cassandra knew she would remember it for the rest of her life.

Still the school mistress did not let up, pounding the teen's crimson cunt again and again as her thrashing rocked the heavy desk.

Finally, when Charlotte's juices were finished flowing and her moans had faded to whimpers Cassandra pulled out and unbuckled the strap on. Looking over the class she saw a gaggle of sweaty and exhausted girls all flushed with pleasure, though one pawed at a patch of red on her chair with a cloth. "Well girls, you are all expected back in your rooms in ten minutes.

So get cleaned up and dressed, your knickers are all on my desk. Make sure you get the right pair." As the group scattered, some rinsing their dildo's in the sink, others making straight for their clothes Cassandra gathered her own dress from the floor.

Little Lottie, a satisfied smile on her face, had made no move to clothe herself yet and waited, quite naked, at the sink to rinse away the worst of her juices and sweat with the cloths on placed on the side. Tired herself after her unscheduled exertions Cassandra sat behind her desk.

Fucking the girl had made Cassandra wetter than ever, but she pushed away her desires for the moment and tried to concentrate on getting the girls out on time, they were a little behind.

As she chivvied the dawdlers Cassandra noticed a note on her desk written by herself only the day before. Ah yes, I almost forgot. Most of the girls were almost ready now; all were cleaned up and in the process of dressing at least, if not already clothed. "Alright girls, before you go remember over the weekend to practise your oral technique, and I would like you to research two sexual positions for Monday.

Oh and would Maria, Honey, Anna and Charlotte please stay behind to speak with me for a moment at the end of the lesson." As the class filed out the four girls made their way through the press to stand before Cassandra's desk.

When the five were the only people remaining in the class Cassandra began "I have asked the four of you because you are the brightest students in the class," somewhat bewildered the girls still seemed pleased by this.

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"As you have probably worked out I am running another class with the boys here at Birchly hall," The girls nodded with impish grins, Cassandra didn't pause "And I have come to a place in their course where I need to introduce some real females for them to practice with. As a group the young men have advanced slightly faster than the girls," It certainly didn't take half so long to get them out of their shells.

"So I don't want to mix the classes just yet, you four on the other hand are certainly at a stage exotic ebony pornstar marie luv performs flirt masturbation squirting you should be moving onto real people. So I was wondering whether you would be willing to come and help me in their lesson on Monday, you would get out of whatever other classes you have." All four of the girls looked astonished, but none displeased, when none said anything Cassandra prompted them "Do you have any questions?" Maria half raised her hand, the French girl had always been one of the most precocious in the class, one of the most beautiful too with chocolate brown hair cascading over her lithe slim body wound tight by hours of gymnastics training each day.

Truly she was one of Birchly hall's most promising young women, and one of Cassandra's most promising young sluts. "What would we have to do?" she asked, quite sensibly. "Well," Cassandra replied "That depends on how well the lesson progresses. At the moment the boys are just finishing their oral technique, but it is impossible to test how successfully they have learnt it without some young women for them to try with.

If that goes well I may start the next phase of their course, vaginal sex. I am splitting the group in half so there will only be ten or so boys there, otherwise I think you would find it a bit much and of course the lesson would take far too much time." The girls considered this, then Honey, a gorgeous girl whose hair had inspired her name spoke up "So we would have two or three guys going down on us and then we might get fucked?" she asked "Yes, that's more or less it." Honey thought about it for a moment, her head cocked absently to one side, then she smiled "I have maths last thing on Monday," she said, "I would love to." With a chorus of giggles the other three echoed her.

"Excellent," Cassandra said, I will straighten it out with your teachers. Meet me in room 29 ten minutes before the start of lesson. Oh, one more thing girls, I think we had better start you on contraception." Fishing in one of her draws Cassandra pulled out four packets of pills and handed them over. "The instructions are inside.

Now run along." The four turned to go, as they neared the door Casey called out behind them "Wait!" They turned to see Cassandra frowning in mock sternness "Honey, Charlotte, neither of you are wearing any underwear." She stated.

Both girls looked shocked "How, how did you know?" they stammered together Cassandra held up her left hand, dangling from it could clearly be seen two pairs of the white uniform knickers worn by Birchly gorgeous jayna oso gives a lucky bastard a blowjob deepthroats his big hard cock xxx hot girls. "Put them on," she commanded, reluctantly the offending teens took the panties and slipped them on." "Those knickers are part of the school's uniform girls," Cassandra said "I think some kind of punishment must be called for." When it became clear that the girls were about to protest Casey cut them off.

"No matter what happens this weekend neither of you are to have any form of sexual release, do you understand? Not by yourself and not with others, and believe me I will know on Monday if you have ignored me." "But Miss." Charlotte began "Do you understand me?" Both girls looked down at their shoes "Yes Miss," they chorused disconsolately.

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"Alright then, run along." When the girls had gone Cassandra returned to her chair, the cleaners would no doubt hate her for the mess she was causing on it, but that was their problem.

Hers was the urgent need for release. But there was no staff meeting on Fridays, no one to fuck her. Cassandra's hand began to reach for the dildo she had taken from Sandra, but then she paused. It didn't feel right, somehow. Though the recent memory of Charlottes squirming body next to hers made Cassandra burn with desire it did not seem right to take the release she had just forbidden to her students.

After all, she wasn't wearing any underwear either. Forcing her hand into stillness Cassandra began on a pile of sex com kannada sexxx bf for students in another, less irregular, class she taught.

If they can wait, so can I. She thought.