Busty latina has her tight snatch pummeled

Busty latina has her tight snatch pummeled
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Kieran was the cutest six year old boy imaginable, but this is the story of something terrible which happened to him. The story begins at the supermarket. Kieran was shopping with his mother and needed the toilet.

For the first time, his mum allowed him to go to the toilet on his own. He went into the cubicle, and got out his cute little boy dick. As he left the cubicle, another boy, who could not have been older than 14, stepped out from behind a partition and pushed Kieran back inside. He screamed, but the intruder shoved a gag in his mouth. "Make another sound, and i'll kill you", he said, "Do you understand?" Kieran nodded as he started to cry.

"Strip" said the older boy quietly. Kieran didn't move. "I said STRIP!" he yelled and slapped Kieran hard around the face.

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As the young boy began to remove his clothing, the other stepped back to admire his cute little six year old body. His beautiful brown eyes and brown hair, his slightly dark skin and his tiny little boy penis. "From now until when I last see you, you are to do exactly as I say or it will be much worse for you. Do you understand?" asked the older boy. Kieran nodded. His captor then started to strip also, removing first his shirt to reveal that he was in fact, quite thin, an then his trousers.

He finally removed his boxers to reveal, for a 14 year old, a fairly large 7-inch penis. It was rock hard. He grabbed the back of Kieran's head and shoved his mouth onto his cock after removing the gag. "Suck you little whore!" he shouted.

Kieran felt completley helpless. With the older boy holding the back of his head, he could barely move, let escape.

He could do nothing other than allow what seemed to him to be an enormous dick into his mouth. The only dicks he had ever seen before was that of his father and, of course, his own. He brutally fisting her teen twat in bondage domination and extreme never seen one hard before. The dick and the pre cum which was leaking out of it tasted disgusting to the young Kieran, and he gagged as soon as the head reached the back of his tiny mouth.

"Come on, you can do better than that." said his captor.

Kieran was crying again, but was relieved when the older boy removed his cock from his mouth. He thought it was all over. But no. "Turn over, you little brat!" Kieran did as he was told, fearing another slap. Not knowing what to expect, he was surprised to feel a finger applying a cold liquid to his ass crack.

With the gag now removed he was able to speak to his captor for the first time. "What are you doing?" he asked tearfully. "Shut up and find out." came the angry reply.

He was even more surprised when the finger began to slip into his ass. There was more pain than he had ever three man one girl rap story in his entire life, and he cried out. "Shut up you stupid whore!" cried the other boy, stuffing the gag back in Kieran's mouth.

The sense of relief when the finger was removed was short lived, and soon replaced by one of dread when he felt a cock pressing against his tiny tight ass hole. "No!" He tried to say through the gag, but all that came out was a muffled squeak. The older boy once again pushed, and this time his head popped through Kieran's tight sphincter and into his ass. The pain was unimaginable, a thousand times worse than when the was up there.

He cried through the gag as he felt the pain in the pit of his stomach. His captor began to slide in and out, and all Kieran felt was pain, and a wish to die, to escape, to just get away. Meanwhile, his rapist was quite enjoying himself, and he began to grunt with pleasure. Before too long, he began to feel the beginning of a thunderous climax.

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Kieran felt the cock throbbing in his ass, causing even more pain. Soon, there was an explosion of cum into his ass. Being only six, Kieran had no idea what cum was, and was thoroughly surprised once again. The older boy was obviously very pleased, and began to slowly pull backwards.

Kieran felt a huge release as the enourmous, but now soft cock finally left his ass. "Lie there and don't move until I have gone. Then count to one thousand, clean yourself up and leave. Do you understand?" he was asked.

He nodded again. "If you tell anyone about this, I will personally track you down, and do much, much worse to you, OK!?" He nodded once again. As Kieran lay there is pools of water, cum, and nuggets of his own shit, onther 10 sex story rap china just felt relieved that it was over. As the cum drained from his ass and the other boy began to put his clothes on, he was just trying to figure out how he could stop anyone from finding out.

Just as the boy was about to leave, a smile crossed his face as though he had just had a brilliant idea. He undid his fly and once again took out his now flaccid cock. Kieran couldn't think what dreadful plan he had though up this time. "Open your mouth", he said, removing the gag once again.

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Terrified, Kieran did as he was told. The boy then started to piss, and the rancid yellow liquid began pouring from his cock, all over Kieran's face. It tasted disgusting, but he didn't dare to close his mouth. When the boy was finished, he shook the drops over Kieran's beautiful brown hair, did up his flies and left.