Eva adman mom nirmsaaj sex

Eva adman mom nirmsaaj sex
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During the 2 years we've been dating, i have share my girlfriend multiple times. It first started by me suggesting to have a FMF threesome, to which she quickly declined. She asked why i never ask her to do a MFM and i answered by saying i never thought about it. But when i did actually think about it, i got a tingling feeling. So i decided we'd do it, but i didn't want her getting attached or ruining our relationship.

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so i had to come up with a way to fuck her and have someone fuck her but without her being too comfortable with it. At one point i guess i realized i really wanted to see her fucked. Later on i came up with a plan. (btw I'm 20 at the moment and she's 19) I had a neighbor, his name was K.

He was 11 or 12 years old. He was friends with my little sister and would come over sometimes to ask for videogames. I decided to try my luck with him, as wrong as it may have seem. I asked him if he was a virgin, he said Yes. I asked him if he knew what a threesome was, he said Yes. i also asked him what he thought of sex and of my girlfriend, he answered by saying she was really pretty and skinny and that everyone talks about sex at school.

So right then and there, i threw it at him. How would you like to have sex for the first time with girl? He was stunned and asked me if i was for reals. I was. Eventually we talked more about it and came up with a plan.

As a young kid, he was excited to see what the whole sex thing was about, and well being the first in his class to experience it. A week went by and my girlfriend came over. I told her i had a fantasy i wanted to try, but i wouldn't tell her what yet. I blindfolded her and walked to the woods behind where i live. There was a trail in the woods perfect for fucking. K was waiting right over there hidden by a tree.

I told her: I want to tie your hands to a tree with rope, bend you over and fuck you, all while blindfolded. She quickly agreed, without knowing the left out parts. She was wearing a Tshirt and leggins, which was pretty hot.

I finished tying her hands, and quickly began to pull down her underwear and leggins all together. I pulled down my pants and released my cock from my underwear. I'm not big or small. I think i'm average.

I measured myself and turned out to be 7 inches. Before i knew it, K was already next to me. He had his cock out too. it was probably 4 inches long. it looked half as big as mine, so maybe 3 and a half. I mouthed words to oklahoma teen young zorah gets her bald vulva fucked him know i'd go first, and i did.

I shoved my cock so deep inside her with a single thrust. Without hesitation, i started to pump in and out her, and ofcourse she started to moan my name. She got so loud right in front of a little kid. His eyes were glued to my cock entering mia khalifa sex story time 20 minimum from behind. We went at for maybe 8 minutes before i decided it was time. I spanked her and asked her if she loved my cock, she said yes baby.

Only my cock? Yes, your cock is the only i want. The only cock i need, She said, all while moaning like horny bitch. Are you sure, i asked her? You don't want anyone but me? She yelled No one!. At that moment i retreated my cock from inside her and started to rub her clit.

Still moaning and in her world, she didn't bother to ask why i had taken my cock out. I motioned him to get in position.

I kept rubbing her clit and he got behind her. He slowly inserted himself into her and pushed as deep as her could. Without needing me to remind me, he started to pound her and mimic my actions. I couldn't believe it. A small kid cock was pounding away at my 18 year old girlfriend. I asked her if she loved my cock, she answer with a yes baby! and continued with a fuck me deeper! faster! I guess she kinda could tell it wasn't as fast or hitting as deep as before.

He spanked and squeeze her ass like i had done, but he also decided to be more daring and reach around to squeeze her tits, which awkward to look at since he was so short. He pounded her for a good 5 minutes, but he almost came a bunch of times. I made sure to stop so it wouldn't end so soon. I decided it was time to surprise her, and make him pull out. The ropes where tight enough to restrain her hands but loose enough so she could get on her knees. I had tied them in complicated manner, so her hand would be tied together and wouldn't be able to use them or take the blindfold but the reach to the tree would be long.

kinda like a leash. Anyway. I made her get on her knees and told her i wanted to cum on her face. I handed her my cock and like a hungry bitch, she devoured it, without using her hands ofcourse. She kept dirty talking while doing it, about how she loved my big cock, and how she loved getting pounded blindfolded. I made her suck my tip for a bit then carefully had K put his cock in front of her face. The mushroom head was a bit similar. obviously smaller but i had hoped she didn't figure it out till we start banging her at the same time.

We continuously kept getting sucked by her. She would licked our cocks like a lollipop and would try to put it all in her mouth but i'd always stop her. Finally i let her take my entire cock in and she asked why i would only let her do the tip? I motioned k to get behind her and wait for my signal, and i ask her again, if she loved my cock and only my cock. Slurping, she answer yes. I asked so no other cock could make you moan loud like i do?

No one baby, she answered. On my outside in the snow with naked zuzinka, he entered her, and she moaned on to my cock.

He pounded her for a good 5 seconds before she realized there was a cock in her mouth and one in her pussy. I took it out and she yelled and try to say something, but i decided to put it back in and told her she better not bite it.

She kept trashing and squirming, trying to break free, but i told her to take it like a horny little bitch she was. I held her head and began to skull fuck her while K pounded at her pussy. I explained to her that a little kid was enjoying her hot pussy and had been for a while. I switched with him and he put his cock by her face. She didn't wanna suck him anymore, till i put my cock in her and started to pound her like never before.

Moans kept escaping her mouth and i kept yelling at her to suck his cock. Eventually she did. Not just the tip. She took it all, nubile films dido angel cums on her girlfriends fingers small as it had seem. I could hear her moan on his cock as i pumped in and out.

I reached out and removed the blindfold to reveal her widened eyes full of tears. She looked at him as she swallowed his cock.

I smack her ass and told her to look at me. She did. She had a cock in her mouth and looked me while she kept sucking it, Before you know it, he exploded in her mouth, and seeing that made me explode in her pussy. We switched again and continued. This time she blew me while he pounded her, she kept crying and looking back at him as he pounded her tight pussy with a kid cock.

I told her, i liked this and wanted to do it again. She just nodded. He went soft minutes later and laid on the ground. i made her blow me and i fucked her for 15 more minutes then untied her.

She got her arms and knees on the ground, exhausted and i fucked her doggy style. I asked K if he wanted another go at her and he said sure. We were back to me being sucked and him fucking her from behind, doggy style. except it was on the ground and she was not tied. We came around the same time again, he came in her pussy and minutes later i blew my load on her face.

He said that was amazing and smacked her ass. He also asked if he could fucked her again, and i responded Sure, as long as i'm there.

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Right babe? she just looked at me and said she was sore. We got dressed and left. That was the first time i share her. I later let him fuck her again.

Other people also fucked her. Everyone always commented how she had the best pussy ever. Tight as fuck. See ya in the next story!