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Hardx jada stevens in dp me 2
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A guy and his.? 35 Mary ---------------------------------- "Mistress I am so weak it is hard to move, please mistress help me," came the pleading voice of Mary's Jinn, Inger. Mary was pretty weak herself as she looked into the almost begging eyes of Inger the exact same eyes that Mary had trained on her. Mary looked away as new tears began to fall from her eyes. "My god Inger I have been trying to save you for so long I have no idea how to help you!" Jake could only look on with a sad look of his own though a wish could help both of them Jake knew that unless she asked for his help there was nothing he could do.

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There were times that Jake really hated having the knowledge but an inability to actually do anything. "Mistress," came Inger's weakening voice, "just concentrate my mistress, the answer should come to you." Mary looked at Inger suddenly there was no way that the answer was that easy!? "I will do all I can Inger, I can't lose you now not after all this time!" Mary snuck a look at Jake he too had a sad look on his face, he knew something!

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Why in the hell didn't he speak up? "Jake do you know how to help her? I am at a loss I have done everything that I could to save her I can't let her die I can't!" Finally Jake thought as he formulated the answer in his mind. "The answer is simple Mary. You just have to make a wish that's all." Mary looked at Jake as if he'd lost his damn mind!

There was no way in hell that just a simple wish could solve all of this! A groan came from Inger as Mary could see that she was indeed getting weaker. "NO! Please Inger! Don't leave me I wish that I could do more to make you better." Suddenly knowledge she'd never possessed before flooded her mind as she looked over at Jake who was nodding yes to her wide eyed stare.

"I wish that you were no longer weak and dying, that you were able to son blackmail mom show story and heal yourself!" Inger's eyes flew wide she really had no power yet, though she had a little when she was trapped in the energy lines.

Then Inger looked over at Master Jake, had she heard right? Did the master have four Jinns? Four! Wait she had seen five one that was a twin she wasn't his but remained near him? A slight smile lit her face, so the supposed savior of the Jinn race had appeared. She doubted it she'd ever seen a human male do anything that wasn't just for his own sexual gratification.

Mary looked at Inger in all her glory, she was far more beautiful than Mary had thought she was even the memories that Inger had provided couldn't live up to the real thing. Inger still with a smug look on her face was looking at all of Master Jake's Jinn's when her eyes settled on Akeesha.

In a small almost little girl voice Inger whispered, "Akeesha? Is it really you but I was told that you had been destroyed. How can you be alive?" With that Inger sunk to her knees her mouth hanging open staring at Akeesha.

"Yes, I am Akeesha, who., INGER!?? By the great Jinn!" Akeesha flew to Inger embracing the now weeping Jinn. Akeesha tenderly kissed Inger and fiercely held her close. "Akeesha, you are the man hater, how can you serve a male?

As you told me they are all self gratifying, selfish, stubborn pieces of meat that weren't even worth spitting on." A completely shocked Inger told Akeesha. "I still think that, but as I have found out there are exceptions to everything. My sister almost died saving him even though she wasn't completely his Jinn. He in turn almost died saving both her and I. Later he showed a wisdom I thought to never hear from any male, several times.

Though he could, he has never forced any of his Jinns as I remember my sister almost had to take him as he was afraid of hurting her." A now smiling Akeesha told an even more shocked Inger. Leaning close Inger asked in a whisper, "Are you sure he isn't a she? It has happened before you know." "No, I am certain he is all male, I have had to rethink some of my thoughts about males, some, of them." Akeesha told a now confused but glad Inger.

Mistress Mary was indeed a special woman and she obviously had better taste than Inger at first gave her. Mary was in shock Jake had four Jinns and another that worked with him. She had the knowledge in her mind that NO one EVER had more than two Jinns and they didn't last long. Then it hit her as she looked at Jake and again went prone to the floor as did Inger, "Please forgive me Ever Last Master I had no idea!" Mary was almost babbling.

Inger peeked a look at Akeesha who was smiling, "Ah crap get up please! I came to confront you and possibly help you, not to have you start praising me like a god." Jake told both of the prone women on the floor. Mary reached up and rachita ram and amulya kannada heroins xxx Jake's still rigid cock and with a little smile told him, "You sure about that?

Looks a lot like you are a sex god to me!" Mary and four of the Jinns with Jake started to giggle as Jake went beet red. "Please stop that, you get them going and even I may not be able to stop them." Jake told Mary sternly which of course started Mary to giggle even harder. The fact that she and Jake were stark naked and she had his cum leaking from her vagina all forgotten sexy conned masseuse jizz pornstars and hardcore the moment.

Jake sighed and reached to the chain around his neck. A moment later Trully appeared, "Yes Master. Uh Master Jake." Trully stuttered as she was staring at Jake's hard member that was starting to grow harder. Ah crap Jake thought and wished that he and Mary were clothed.

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"Thank you Jake but I really need to clean up, I can still feel you leaking from me." A now smirking Mary said then a look of surprise appeared on her face as she was just as suddenly clean. Trully breathed a sigh of relief with Master Jake clothed at least she could resist more but not a long time. "You called nepali bindu pariyar needs cum in dallas usa Master Jake?" Trully started again.

Jake nodded and pointed to Inger, who at once recognized the female doctor. Trully could only stare at the Jinn for a moment there was a different energy about her. She could feel a little of the energy of Master Jake but not nearly as much as another's energy.

"Hello Trully, it is good to see that you survived all the attacks of the evil one and his group." An even wider smiling Inger said. Then she was confused as Trully shook her head no and looked at Jake who sighed and nodded yes. "No little one," Trully told the now really confused Jinn, "it was Master Jake who brought me back, and he has brought many back. Including the twin princes and their sister Amira, though I too thought he was an ordinary man.

I have found out he is extraordinary male," leaning close Trully told her, "I have had him also, you might want to try." Trully turned with a smirk she knew that Inger and Akeesha were lovers but a man like Jake might be invited in with them.

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Finally the doctor cleared Inger then vanished as she was about to throw Jake down again. Jake suddenly remembered what Gen and Rashala had said about this particular Jinn. Reaching in his shirt Jake again rubbed the talisman on the chain this time summoning the council. Jake just shook his head as there was a deafening boom, all 12 appearing before him. Rasmir and the leader had been in discussion when Jake had summoned them.

Both turned with a start then both growled a little when they saw Mary and Inger. Half the council raised their hands to cast a spell at Mary and Inger when Jake stepped in front of them. There were several gasps this as his move surprised almost all of them. Rasmir smiled and whispered to the leader whose eyes grew wide as did his smile.

Then he smirked as he could also feel five layers of protection between them and Jake, damn he thought this wouldn't have ended well at all. "Great council of the Jinn," Jake said as he bowed to the council. "I asked you here to request a new judgment on these two.

The mistress Mary, and her now no longer imprisoned Jinn Inger." Mary and Inger were both opened mouth as they had thrown their selves to the floor in a prone position. Jake knew the council good enough to request a new judgment?

"We hear you Ever Last Master of Gen, Rosalinda, Rashala, Sheeka, and now friend of the man hater Akeesha." Akeesha started to growl as her hands started to glow, Jake leaned over and whispered in her ear, Akeesha nodded to Jake and backed off. Again there were gasps from the council as well as Mary and Inger; it was well known that Akeesha hated all men but especially the council.

"Now then Ever Last Master, as you speak for them no punishment will befall them or you. The fact that you take up for them speaks enormous praise for them. Please tell us why you feel that we should reverse our decision?" Rasmir was smiling he'd been reviewing the legend and knew they were close to another part being fulfilled.

"I was a nothing when this all started, I only did what I did because I felt it was the right thing to do. I have felt the same thing from Mary, she has as she stated to me been trying to save the Mofos new couch for a rough fuck Inger since she found her as a little girl. I believe it has been almost all of her life, I have seen all that they both did when this punishment was imposed upon them.

Mary had done nothing almost all her life but try to save her friend Inger." Inger turned and stared at Mary when Jake paused this she hadn't known. "I have also felt all that Inger has been through, many times she tried to get Mary to release her from the life force bond they shared. I have felt the pain she has felt many times over trying to release her mistress from the bond to save Mary. Great council of the Jinn I now put this before you that they both have suffered and passed any test that you have put before them.

I feel they are almost as close as I am with my Jinns, I therefore beseech the council to restore the powers of the Jinn Inger and lift all the restrictions that were placed on the mistress Mary." Jake bowed low to the council who were all smiling, they never tired of the respect of a master that wasn't required to give it.

"Ever Last Master Jake, though her punishment was long ago we will consider all you have said if all is as you said then we will decide." Rasmir said serious faced then turned toward the others and started to smile. Jake was a little afraid they were going to decide against both Mary and Inger. Then again if he knew them at all the simple fact that he had spoke up might get them freed.

Both Mary and Inger were still prone on the floor but were smiling Jake had spoken volumes about them though Mary for a moment wondered how he knew. Then she looked at all the Jinns Jake had, sighing Mary guessed he could know whatever he wanted to and probably did. <No I don't I am sorry but that was so loud in my head it hurt. I only ask when I need to know I tried that once and felt my head was going to explode.

I just hope they clear you.> Mary heard Jake in her head. Mary turned to look at Inger she had obviously 'heard' it also as she was staring at Jake with a look of disbelief. Who in the hell was this man?

Was he really as much of a goody as he seemed to be? If he wasn't then he sure had Akeesha fooled and THAT was no simple feat!

A mere 30 minutes later the council ended their deliberation and turned back to Jake after a few more minutes. The leader leaned over to Rasmir who nodded and stood up.

"Master Jake we have considered all that was said. Granted you know of all the transgressions that both have done, we also know that you can see their hearts far better than we. It is the decision of the council that all but one restriction is lifted from Mistress Mary. All powers will be returned to the Jinn Inger though a few will be slightly limited 'til we can see that they will truly be the way they are now. Does this meet with your approval Master Jake?" Rasmir asked with a huge smile on his face.

Jake was quiet a moment, they were both restored to almost normal status. Inger would have all her powers to a point, it seemed good then Jake wondered just what they were restricting Mary from. "I need to know what this restriction you have on Mary is, and then I can decide." Rasmir breathed a sigh of relief it was as the legend said, "She may not travel to the Jinn realm for a period of 1 Jinn year other than that, she is a free mistress." Jake had been seeing just what it had been that had Mary banned from the Jinn realm, smiling he had to agree with Gen Mary was and IS a very most energetic human female and quite enjoyable.

That was the problem apparently she had gone into the Jinn world seeking lovers and been caught! Shit Jake thought she was lucky they hadn't taken all her horniness from her though to someone like her not being able to cum was almost as bad.

Jake snuck a peek at Mary who was mouthing the words thank you even with her face down. "The limiting of the powers on the Jinn, Inger?" Jake asked not quite satisfied as of yet. "They stud pleasures excited amazing nymph to max just so that Mistress Mary may not go to the Jinn world in any way physical or spirit wise. As you saw it wasn't a good thing the last time." Then Rasmir looked at Mary who was staring at Jake with a look of hunger that he knew oh so well.

His wives had all the same look when he was released, Rasmir suspected that Mistress Mary would try to have Master Jake as often as possible. Jake was again quiet thinking over all that the council and Rasmir had stated. Then he thought of all that he had seen then it suddenly hit him. Looking straight at Rasmir Jake wished that he could 'talk' to Rasmir in his mind.

<Alright Rasmir, what in the hell is going on?> Jake asked an astounded Rasmir. <I am not sure of what you are.> Rasmir started. <Cut the bullshit!> Jake thought, to which Rasmir looked costumed brunette nailed on casting interview and homemade him in confusion.

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<Enough with the deception you asked me if that met with my approval. I am not a Jinn, I am not a part of the council, and since when have I been able to help make decisions with the council?> <Please forgive, your word is valued more than almost any in both worlds now.> Rasmir told him. Gen and all of Jake's Jinns were awaiting the words of Jake as were Mary and Inger. Gen suddenly noticed that Jake had gotten quiet and was staring at Rasmir. Oh dear she thought. Master is in a direct discussion with father!

Nodding a moment later Jake told the council, "It meets with my approval." Mary let out a breath the same that she had been holding and promptly passed out. Jake immediately rushed to her side and gently laid her down before she fell off her knees. Damn Jake thought and I thought the Jinns reactions were bad, with a smile and a nod to Inger, Jake moved away.