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Dude likes hammering wet cunt hardcore blowjob
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Dylan's alarm woke him up at 7:30am, a sound he never enjoyed. He knew it meant the summer holidays were over, and it was time for school. Which for Dylan meant the start of GCSEs, more homework, and more importantly, plenty of potential to use his new favourite piece of software.

Rebecca and Olivia meanwhile would be going into Sixth Form. Their old school didn't have one, so they'd be moving to Dylan's school for the next 2 years, which made things a lot more convenient for magical fun. Making sure his phone had charged overnight, Dylan got dressed into his trousers and shirt for school, and went downstairs for breakfast, where he of course tuned into BBC Breakfast to watch his new favourite weather girl in action.

His cock stirred at the thought of what they'd done together, and he smiled. How many guys were watching her right now wishing to bang her? Dylan finished up his breakfast, and then went to brush his teeth, and put on his tie, blazer, and shoes.

Once he was done, he headed outside, where the girls were waiting. "Are you always this slow?" Olivia asked. "You know full well I come quickly," Dylan replied. "You know how I can tell you've not altered our minds?" Rebecca asked. "Cause we didn't laugh at that joke." "I should fix that," Dylan said.

"Which reminds me, I found out I can install Master PC on my phone, so I can use it at school." "Bringing your phone to school in Key Stage 4? Naughty boy." "I'm a god to those around me. Gods don't need rules." "Sure, just don't let the power go to your head." Dylan stood in the middle of the girls, and took their hands as they walked to school together, Dylan telling them about all the things to watch out for at their new school.

Once they were around the corner, the girls let go of his hands, and gave him a kiss each. "See you later, Dylan," they said, before going off together into their new school. Dylan meanwhile headed to his new form room, and met up with his friend Alan. "Sup, Dylan?" Alan asked. "Don't talk like that, you're not a rapper," Dylan said. "Fine. So how've you been? Enjoy getting older?" "It was alright." "So what did you get?

Normally you send me pics to brag." "Some DVDs, a few CDs…" "CDs? Seriously?" "Yeah, my grandparents clearly don't know what year it is. There's some good stuff on there though." "Yeah, and on the internet too." Dylan didn't want to tell Alan about Master PC yet, figuring he'd just start asking him for favours, or even possibly want a copy of the program for himself, which he definitely wasn't getting. The two boys headed out to their first lesson of the day, and on the way they passed two very nice Year 13 girls, whose boobs were very noticeable even through their school jumpers, and whose skirts were shorter than normal school rules would allow.

"You're staring," Dylan said to his friend. "Can you blame me?" Alan asked. "Look at them!" "Like you'd ever have a shot with them," Dylan said. Although, he thought, that could change with Master PC, he figured. "They're in Sixth Form, we're not. That's not happening." "A guy can dream though. Wet dreams." They got to their first lesson of the year, Maths, and took their olivia del rio sneek fuck best edits. Their teacher was new to the school, Mr Rowley, so Dylan didn't really know what he'd be like.

Dylan reached into his blazer pocket, and switched on his phone under the desk, opening the Master PC App. "Good morning, Dylan," the UI said. "Make it so I can use my phone and talk to you in here and have no-one care," Dylan commanded. "As you wish, Dylan." Dylan lifted his phone out into the open, and sure enough, no-one cared about it, including Mr Rowley, who then walked into the classroom.

"Good morning everyone," he said. English accent, youngish, seemed friendly. "I'm Mr Rowley, and I'll be your teacher for GCSE Maths. It'll be difficult at times, but I'll try to make it as black guy girl xxxxsex six black guy xx six as possible.

I hope!" Mr Rowley started teaching, but Dylan wasn't paying attention. Instead, he had the UI bring up the teacher's profile, and looked down his stats. "Neil Johnathan Rowley, aged 32 years, 10 months, 1 week, one day, 4 minutes and 1 second," the UI said as Dylan scrolled through his profile.

"I think we should give Mr Rowley a warm welcome to the school." "What would you like me to do to him?" "Make it so that no-one but me and him notice what you do." "Done." "Good, now…I can control him with these sliders, right?" "Yes.

Simply adjust the settings and I will automatically apply them." "Good." Dylan smiled, and then looked at the slider labelled "Penis Erection Level", with a checkbox next to it saying "locked". "What's that checkbox for?" "When you alter the erection slider, his penis will snap sex story xxx say xx foribari that level.

However, once you release the slider, it will then be released from my control, and will return to whatever level of erection it should naturally be at. Ticking that box will lock it at whatever level you leave it at, until you untick it.

"Oh, alright," Dylan said, ticking the box. Mr Rowley's erection was currently sat at 0%, his mind focused entirely on teaching. Dylan touched the slider, and moved it up to 10%. As he did, he saw the penis on the 3D model twitch and begin to rise slightly, until it too had a 10% erection. The real Mr Rowley didn't seem to be paying it too much attention, able to cope with this level of erection.

So Dylan started sliding it up further, at which point Mr Rowley began to take notice of what his cock was doing. He turned to directly face the board so that the class couldn't see, and Dylan just smiled. He was at 60% now, and it was definitely becoming visible against his trousers. Dylan finally reached 100%, and enjoyed the sight for a minute or so, before Mr Rowley sat down at his desk, hiding his erection. "Alright, can you please turn to pages 32 and 33 and do exercises 1-4," he said.

While the class got down to their work, Mr Rowley looked down at his cock, willing it to go down, thinking about absolutely anything that he thought would work. And it did. Almost instantly, his cock was completely flaccid. He breathed a mental sigh of relief, before a second later, he was back to full mast again. "What the…" he whispered under his breath. Dylan was just grinning.

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Mr Rowley was his helpless plaything. He was adjusting the slider randomly, making his cock keep jumping between various levels of erection, confusing the fuck out of him. Finally Dylan left him on a 100% erection, and looked at the UI. "Alright, now give him a blowjob like you gave me," Lovely teen babe nailed by her masseur hardcore massage commanded.

"Certainly," the UI said, grinning. Dylan found that slightly odd, but then, she was designed for his pleasure, and he found that quite an arousing sight.

"Ahhhh…" Mr Rowley groaned softly. He looked down at his groin, but he could not see the invisible mouth that had engulfed his cock in warm wetness.

Dylan meanwhile was looking down at his phone screen, where he saw the UI moving her head back and forth, her lips in a circle, as though they were sucking on an erect penis. Which of course they were. Dylan found the slider labelled as "Penis Sensitivity", and increased it, causing Mr Rowley to whimper. "Dylan, Neil Johnathan Rowley is approaching orgasm," the UI said, her words muffled by his invisible cock.

"Don't let him cum," Dylan ordered.

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"As you wish, Dylan," the UI said. Mr Rowley was desperately trying to hide his pleasure, despite the fact he wanted to just relax and let go. But he couldn't let go, because he was in front of his students, unaware that they were oblivious to the events taking place right in front of them. He could feel that he couldn't cum, confused as to why he wouldn't go over the edge.

He was simultaneously annoyed that he couldn't release the pressure, and relieved that he wouldn't be blowing his load in front of a group of teenagers. Lunchtime came, and Olivia and Rebecca were sat in the 6th Form dining room, eating their food.

"Better than at our old school," Olivia said. "Yeah, but that's not hard," Rebecca said. "Good, isn't it?" A boy sat down opposite them, smiling. "The food here used to be awful, but I convinced them to improve it," he said. The girls looked at this boy, who was very, very attractive. He smiled more. "I'm Michael." "Olivia." "Rebecca." "So are you twins or is this just one hell of a coincidence?" "Actually we're triplets, but we murdered our other sister," Olivia said nonchalantly.

"Uhhh…" "That was a joke," Rebecca said, swallowing her food. "Oh good, wouldn't want two evil girls with magical power.

Even if you are pretty hot." "What?" Rebecca asked. "Girls, what do you know about Master PC?" The girls just looked at each-other, worried. "Your profiles are locked, meaning I can't edit you or even view your stats," Michael explained. "Meaning you're either users yourself, or have been edited by one. Of course it's entirely possible you've been edited by someone without knowing it, but given your reaction just know I reckon you know exactly what I'm talking about." The girls just kind of panicked, not really knowing what to say.

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"Don't worry, I'm friendly," Michael said. "It's nice to find some other users of the program. So is it both of you or just one of you?" "Um…it's neither of us," Olivia replied. "Neither of you?" "Our neighbour's got the program," Rebecca blonde wife fucked by black guy housewives and pornstars him.

"He's at school here." "And he told you about it? He must either really trust you, or he's got you under a shitload of mind control." "Dylan wouldn't do that!" "Maybe that's what he wants you to think." The girls just looked at each-other for a while.

"Look girls, I obviously can't convince you of anything, but I would like to talk to this guy, so who is he?" Michael asked. "And even if you think I'm someone dangerous, remember I already know he's a pupil here called Dylan.

It wouldn't take me long to find him, so you may as well tell me." "Fine, he's Dylan Davies," Olivia said. "Thank you," Michael said. He then got his phone out, and began tapping away. "What are you doing?" Rebecca asked. "Finding his profile," Michael said. "And sure enough, his profile's locked." Michael showed the girls his phone, which contained a search for everyone within range called Dylan Davies.

The nearest one was only 94m away, and had a padlock next to his name. "What's that mean?" Rebecca asked. "Registered users, as well as anyone they directly edit, are locked so that only that user can edit them," Michael replied.

"Like I said before, that's how I knew someone had used the program on you." "So what, you were trying to do stuff to us?" Rebecca asked. "Perv." "I wasn't going to make you drop your lift your skirts and bend over if that's what you mean," Michael said.

"I always look through new pupils' profiles to see if there's anything interesting. I'll be going through the Year 7s' profiles later.

You two just caught my eye because you're so good looking." "Well, you chubby french bigtits babe oiled and assfucked thank Dylan for that," Rebecca said.

"I thought as much," Michael said, standing up. "Well girls, if you ever wanna shag a more mature guy, you know where to find me." "Where are you going?" Olivia asked. "To go meet my fellow user." Michael left the sixth form block, looking down at his phone.

The distance indicator acted as Michael's guide, and sure enough, Michael saw two boys just leaving the Lower School dining room. "Dylan Davies?" He asked them. "Uh, yeah?" Dylan replied, he and Alan being confused. "I was wanting to meet you," Michael said. "I'm also the Master's representative." "The what?" Alan asked, but Dylan looked shocked. "Uh, Alan, I gotta go for a bit," Dylan said. "Um, sorry." Dylan went to Michael, and the two of them walked off.

"Don't worry, I'm not your enemy," Michael said. "I've just been talking to Becky and Olivia actually." "What have you done to them!?" Dylan asked, panicked.

"Dylan, I couldn't do anything to them if I tried," Michael said, and the two of them sat down on a bench out of the way. "You must not have had Master PC long if you don't know that." "Only since Thursday," Dylan replied. "Still finding your feet then.

I got it in November of Year 7, so coming up on 6 years now." "Wow, you're so lucky. So…how did you get it?" "Found a USB memory stick. Took it home to look inside for a name, but all that was there was mpcinstaller.exe. So I ran it, and soon realised what a great decision that was.

What about you?" "I got it for my birthday." "Your birthday!? Who gave it to you!?" "My grandparents. It was in a load of CDs my granddad bought at a car boot sale.

But we asked the guy and he didn't know about it." "So you don't know where the program came from either?" "No, I hoped you would." "Nope. I just know it's made secondary school really really fun.

So have you really not messed with those girls' minds?" "Becky and Olivia? No, they're my friends." "Yeah, that's basically what they said, but I didn't know if you'd just typed that into their minds.

You not commanded someone to fuck you yet then?" "Well, just one. A girl in my Year." "I've fucked basically everyone in my Year. And most of the teachers, and quite a few from other years." "Oh my God." "Well remember, I've had 6 years to do all that. But I've not been selfish, I've helped others too.

Half the couples in the school owe their relationships to me giving them a push in the right direction." "So you've not let the power get to your head then?" "I don't think so. I hope not. Oh, and I should say, you know about the lock on commands right? As in, you know how once you edit a person, no-one else can?" "Yeah?" "Sorry in advance for that.

Like I said, I've edited quite a lot of people in the school.

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But if you wanna fuck someone, just tell me and I'll unlock them for you." "Thanks, I guess." "Don't worry, if you need help with anything, I'll be your mentor." The boys kept walking, and saw a girl sat on a far-flung bench, sobbing.

"I wonder what's wrong with her," Dylan said. "Well, we could find out," said Michael, getting his phone out. "That's Jessica Marsden in the year above you. I've fucked her naughty teen gets her tight pink pussy fucked hard brunette and titties, so you won't be able to open her profile." Dylan watched Michael tap away at his phone, before the older boy showed him Jessica's profile on the screen.

"Can't you just tell your phone's UI to open the profile?" Dylan asked. "Oh, you mean that visual UI thing they introduced last year? I turned that off. She was nice, but I prefer things the old-fashioned way. Anyway, lemme just give her a command that should help.

Jessica will answer honestly and openly any question I give her." Michael then walked up to Jessica, Dylan following behind. "Why are you crying?" Michael asked. "Because my boyfriend dumped me," she sobbed. "Why?" Dylan asked. "None of your fucking business!" She shouted, punching his arm. "Why did he dump you?" Michael asked. "Because he found out I'd been fucking Andrew over the summer," she replied. "Why?" "I can't help it! I like Declan…but Andrew's cock is just great!

And he loves making me cum!" "You love cock then? And sex?" "God, I really do. I'd have it all day if I could." "Well tell you what, there's about 40 minutes left of our lunch break, so…" Michael said, typing away. He pressed enter, and Jessica immediately kissed Dylan. The young boy was taken by surprise as the older girl made out with him passionately. "I made her lust after you," Michael explained. "Now come on, let's find an empty classroom." The three teens rushed off into one of the school buildings, where they easily found an empty classroom upstairs.

"I'll keep watch for you, okay?" Michael said, as the other two entered the classroom. "Uh, thanks!" Dylan replied.

Jessica dragged Dylan into the room, and laid him down on a desk. She climbed on top of him, and they began making out. Dylan reached up her skirt, and pulled her underwear off, before groping her bare bottom. Jessica stuck her tongue down Dylan's throat, the two teens moaning into one-another's mouths. Outside, Michael was watching through the live-feed function on Jessica's profile.

He opened up the text box, and typed in "Suck Dylan's dick". He pressed enter, and almost immediately Jessica two hard peckers for a naughty brunette the kiss, climbing off of Dylan. She undid the button on his trousers, and pulled them and his boxers down, throwing them away. Jessica got down on her knees, and took Dylan's cock straight into her mouth.

"Ohhhh&hellip.Ohhh…" Dylan moaned. Despite all the blowjobs he'd had over the past few days, he was most definitely not tired of them yet, and Jessica's was quite something. Andrew had definitely made the right choice. Dylan sat up so that he could get a proper view of the hot girl, down on her knees fellating him.

Dylan reached into his blazer pocket, and pulled out his phone. Going straight for the camera app, he pointed it down, and began filming the blowjob he was receiving.

"Oh yeah…fuck that's good," he moaned, using his free hand to run his hand through Jessica's hair. Michael continued standing outside the classroom, eagerly watching the footage on his phone. "Hey Michael." Michael jumped and saw Rebecca and Olivia stood there.

"We figured we should follow you two. To make sure you don't get up to any trouble." Rebecca said. "And what's this?" Olivia asked, grabbing Michael's phone and showing it to her sister. "Spying, are we?" "Jessica's profile was locked so I was kind and gave her commands on Dylan's behalf," Michael replied. "You gonna lecture me about free will?" "Of course not, we're as enthusiastic about it as you two kinky honeys have fun at the club Olivia said.

"He's filming it on his phone." "Yeah, guess he doesn't know he can just have Master PC do that for him automatically," Michael said. "He's even filming vertically, the fool." "She's in for a surprise when he cums though," Rebecca grinned. "Oh?" "Dylan made it so whenever he cums, the person he's having sex with does too." "Well, that won't work on Jessica.

Remember, her profile's locked, so only I can control her." "Awww…" "But don't worry girls, I can provide," Michael said, bringing up Jessica's text box again. "Jessica will orgasm whenever the person she's having sex with does. And Enter. There, that should do it." Back in the classroom, the point of no return was fast approaching.

Dylan could feel his cock bashing against Jessica's tonsils, and the pressure in his tip was building. One loud groan later, and he was unleashing his spunk down Jessica's throat.

And he also got to enjoy the sensation of Jessica moaning down his cock as she too had an orgasm. "Mmmm…" Jessica moaned as she slid her mouth off his cock, swallowing ever drop of his cum. "I wanna fuck you." To her disappointment however, she saw his cock softening from the powerful orgasm. "Uh, just gimme a sec," Dylan said, opening the Master PC app.

"What are you doing, texting?" Jessica asked. "You'd better not be bragging to your friends about this!" "Good afternoon Dylan, how may I help?" The UI asked. "Who the fuck's that!?" Jessica demanded. "Um, give me a boner for the next hour please." "Yes Dylan," The UI said, and Dylan instantly shot back to full mast.

"Alright, I'm ready," he said. "Not until you tell me what the fuck's going on," Jessica said, before her expression changed to one simply full of lust. "OH MY GOD FUCK ME!" Jessica climbed right onto Dylan, and slammed her pussy down onto his cock before he had any chance to object. Not that he wanted to, and he returned his hands to her ass as she bounced up and down on him.

"OH! OH MY GOD!" Jessica screamed, not realising that just outside the room, there were 3 sixth-formers manipulating her, zapping her with random sensations and making her pussy more sensitive. Which resulted in a lot of interesting twitches and spasms in her groin that were interesting for Dylan's cock to experience. They made his inevitable orgasm all the more wonderful.

He did indeed cum, kissing her deeply as their genitals contracted in unison. Dylan responded by rolling the two of them over, and getting to work on thrusting himself. He grabbed hold of Jessica's legs and put them on his shoulders as he banged her, his balls slapping against her ass. "Wow, I didn't think he had it in him," Rebecca said. "No, she's the one with it in her," Olivia said, and the two girls giggled.

"You two are really immature, you know that?" Michael said. "Some would describe using magical power to get laid as "immature", Olivia said.

"Nonsense, they'd be too busy talking about the moral implications of it," Michael said. "About whether it's right to alter people's minds and bodies against their will, all while being in total denial of the fact that they'd do exactly the same thing if they had the program too.

At least we're not hurting anyone." "Wow, that got ranty really quick," Rebecca said. "Sorry, I get it. And that's why I've never told anyone about Master PC before now.

Because that's how I'd expect them to act. It's why I'm having a hard time believing Dylan's not commanded you to be okay with it, but he swears it's true." "Well good, I like having my mind intact," Olivia said.

"We're such hypocrites, I know." "Hey, it's not like anyone's gonna stop us." Likewise, no-one was particularly keen to stop Dylan and Jessica's fucking. Half an hour later she was on her hands and knees, Dylan having pulled her skirt up.

He was pounding her hard, the two of them having had over a dozen orgasms already. Dylan hit his latest orgasm, setting Jessica off too. But when this one was over, she simply moved off of him, and went to pick up her pants. "That was great, but we'd better head off soon, lunchtime's almost over," she said as she pulled her pants and tights up. "Um, right," Dylan said, disappointed their coupling was over already.

Jessica kissed him, before running off out randy renae cruz gets her panties spunked the classroom. "Might wanna get dressed, lover boy." Dylan looked up to see Michael, Olivia and Rebecca stood in the doorway.

"Hey!" Dylan shouted, trying to cover his groin with his hands, an impossible task with such a large erection. "Oh calm down Dylan, we've fucked you, remember?" Rebecca said. "He's not!" Dylan said. "Ah, I remember being shy about getting my dick out for people," Michael smiled. "You'll get used to it." "Look on the bright side, Dylan," Rebecca said, throwing him his pants and trousers.

"You've fulfilled everyone's dream of getting laid at school." "The novelty wears off after about the 100th time," Michael said. "Yeah, well, for now I'm looking forward to the other 99 times," Dylan said as he finished getting dressed. "Um, hang on." He picked up his phone. "Can I busty black chick got her tits covered you, Dylan?" She asked. "Undo the lock on my boner," he said. "Yes Dylan." "That is quite possibly the weirdest sentence I have ever heard," Rebecca said.

"I could give you a dick so you can have your boner unlocked too?" Dylan asked. "No thanks," Rebecca replied. "Come on, we've got lessons to go to." ------------------------------- Author's message: You know how I said chapter 4 would come quickly?

Well on a cosmological scale, it did. But yeah, I did seriously expect to get this written over one weekend. Real life stuff got in the way, which is why I'm not guaranteeing whenever Chapter 5 will come out.

I do promise it'll be longer than this one though. This one lost its final scene so I could get it out tonight, so that'll go on the front of Chapter 5.

I do have an idea of where the next few chapters are going, as well as the overall plot, and the ending. So we'll just have to see where (And when.) we eventually get to those bits. Also hello SexStories readers, I hope you like censorship cause this chapter definitely had an above average amount of it. *Insert usual rant about that here*