Mother seduces teen i had no control

Mother seduces teen i had no control
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This is an original work by inferis created in 2011. It is intended for mature audiences only. If you don't like it or find it offensive stop reading it and find something else to enjoy. ------------------------- ------------------------- A Girl Who Desires Part 2 Before her was a lush green field speckled with the brazil first tme gay sex purples and pinks of wildflowers.

Beyond the field stood a tall tree line of dark boding evergreens. Despite the size and grandeur of these trees the mountain loomed over all. The mountain looked like something Julie could only expect to see in a movie or some far off land. None the less there it stood before her with its jagged snow capped peeks and perilous cliffs. She stared at it in awe and wonder until her gaze was caught by a group of deer running out of the trees off to her left.

The beauty in which they jumped and ran was glorious and reminded her of the grace that dolphin's show jumping in and out of the water when they follow along the side of a boat. As Julie soaked in the beauty of the landscape she began to hear something in the distance. It sounded like the rumbling of a far off storm. But the sound was too constant to be that of thunder and the skies were too blue for an impending storm.

While Julie looked around in circles to see where this rumbling was coming from she heard a huge SNAP and could not believe what was unfolding in front of her. The mountain had broken. It had split in two and both sides were slowly moving apart. What had once been a beautiful landscape began to turn dark. The rumbling had grown into a loud roar and the once blue sky had turned black.

As the roar became almost deafening Julie looked back at the parted mountain and saw the splashing of waves coming through the gap. Her heart sank and she felt lost in her own body as she stood frozen watching the impending tide of hot masturbation session with a ravishing redhead jayden gonzo break past the mountain and into the field where she stood.

She couldn't speak or move as it approached closer and closer to her. Then she was engulfed. It wasn't like she expected, it wasn't painful or scary, and all she could think of was how wet this tsunami that had taken her was. She could feel herself being spun around and around in circles as the water moved over her body and face.

When she had finally given up holding her breath she took in one deep gulp of this flood and relished in how clean and sweet the water tasted as it went down her throat. As she was about to take in a breath full of this glorious water she found herself breaking the surface taking in a gasp of air.

Julie laid in her bed wide-awake staring at the ceiling. Her heart was racing and her body dripping in sweat. Still in a panic from the dream, she pushed and pulled her arms and legs to free herself from the tangled mess of sheets she was laying in.

After making sure all of the sheets were off she took in deep long breathes of the hot early September air to calm her self down. She looked at the clock on her bedside table. It was 11 am. "Why the hell is it so hot in here? And what the fuck was up with that dream?", she muttered to herself. Slowly making her way out of her bed she grasped for the doorknob.

It was locked. "What the fuck is going on here, I never lock my door", she briefly thought to herself. After fumbling with the lock she finally stumbled her way out into the hallway. It was just as hot. She made her way to the bathroom and ran the cold water in the sink while she sat down and took a long piss. She wiped herself clean and then went to the sink and splashed her face with the cool water waking her up. She walked down stairs to see if anyone could be found. As she went down the stairs the temperature seemed to drop maybe a degree or two but it still felt like it was 90° in the house.

Usually at this time of the day her parents were running around cleaning or mowing the lawn. They were always doing something. She looked in the living room, no one, the kitchen, no one.

"Hello!! Is anyone even here?" she yelled out in frustration. "Julie, we're in the study!

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Get over here and out of the heat." Julie's Mom yelled back. Julie cut back through the living room and saw her mother standing in the doorway of the study waving her inside. As she ran inside the cool breeze of air conditioning sent chills through her body. Her mother closed the door behind her and immediately started with the questions. "What the hell were you doing upstairs?

Your door has been locked since last night. You know how we feel about locked doors in this house; there is no reason for them. Not to mention I have been knocking on your door since eight this morning. There is a goddamn heat wave going on outside its supposed to reach 110 today and the damn central air is broken. I've been banging on your door all morning and you aren't answering. What the hell have you been doing?" yelled Julie's Mother.

"God mom, I have been sleeping what the fuck is wrong with you?" "Don't you dare give me that tone! Mike say something to your daughter." yelled Julies mother. "Listen, Both of you just give it a rest. It's hot out and I don't want to deal with either of your shit today. Just sit down and relax.

Most of all get along." Said Julies father. Taking noname jane aka violet blue pregnant and dick danger cue Julie went and sat down on the floor against the wall near the door and her mother in a chair next to her father.

She looked around the room and saw the old air conditioner in the window. Her Dad was messing around on his laptop at the desk and her mother was watching the small television on the bookshelf. Julie's Mom was 43 years old. Her name was Debbie, and age had not been kind to her.

She was overweight but not obese she had thin blonde hair that no matter what she did only looked good in a ponytail. She had small breasts and most of the fat on her body went straight to her ass and thighs and not in a flattering way. Julie had seen pictures of her mother when she was younger, back then she was thin and pretty she was even prom queen of her school. But after getting pregnant she had a real hard time getting the weight off and had finally given up.

She took most of her anger out on the family and frankly Julie could never see why her father stayed around. xxx love sex porn vidios

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Julie's father Mike was the exact opposite. He was tall and hunky two desirable blondes have lesbian sex outdoors for his age of 45. He had big broad shoulders and a large muscular chest.

His brown hair was just starting to get some grey in it but instead of it making him look old it made him look more sophisticated. He worked a desk job at a manufacturing company during the day and on weekends and some evenings he coached a special needs baseball team.

He was a dream come true to most women and even Julie was smitten with him. After watching the TV for a little Julie noticed her brother in the far corner staring at her. He had a huge smile then winked and she instantly remembered everything that happened the night before, her face turned red with embarrassment.

She remembered watching him eating out Nicole and the beautiful gushing orgasm Nicole had all over his face. Julie closed her eyes and put her legs together at the thought of Nicole's orgasm and squeezed her thighs to feel the tightness against her pussy.

After this brief moment of ecstasy she opened her eyes and looked back at her brother he was staring straight at her small tits wide eyed with his mouth open. Julie realized that she was still in her tiny pajama shorts and white wife beater with no bras. She knew damn well that her brother could see the outline of her swelling hard nipples through her shirt and she felt completely violated by his eyes.

She raised her arms to cover her hard nipples and told her mother she was going to run upstairs and take a cold shower and get dressed for the day. Julie ran out the door before her mother could reply. Though the heat was stifiling she ran straight for the upstairs bathroom. She got inside, shut the door and looked at her self in the mirror over the sink.

"What do I do?" She thought to herself. "My brother definitely caught me last night, and I think he liked it!!! What the fuck do I do? This is so wrong; this is like people go to jail for this wrong and what if he wants to fuck me? What do I do then? Do I tell my parents? Do I just let him and hope that he keeps quiet about what I did. My god though his dick sure did look like it would feel good. ", Julie thought as her mind wandered to that memory of her brother jizzing on Nicole's face.

"FUCK, What the hell is wrong with me? I can't be thinking of this stuff I just can't. Let's deal with the short term first. I need going to take a shower and get the hell out of this house for the rest of the day. I need to get away from here and figure this out." she muttered out loud to herself.

Julie started up the shower and hoped in. She wanted this shower to be quick so she could leave this house and her brother gaze. Julie had just put some shampoo in her hair when she heard the bathroom door open and someone walk in. "Hello? Who's here? Listen, I'm almost done with my shower just give me a few more minutes." She said as she vigorously tried to get all of the shampoo out of her hair so she could open her eyes and see who was in the bathroom.

But while her head was under the water she heard the one noise she didn't expect. She asa and skin do some sixty nine the sound of the shower curtain being pulled to one side. Julie quickly opened her eyes and grabbed for the shower curtain to cover herself and screamed.

"Hey, Hey!!! Be quiet. Shhhhh Slave man gets hard ass and mouth fucked just want to talk to you." said a woman's voice. Julie quickly used her hand to wipe the water and soap from her eyes to see who it is that scared the shit out of her. To her complete surprise it was Nicole her brothers girlfriend. "What the fuck are you doing here?" said an excited Julie. "I'm just over visiting your brother and felt that I really needed to talk to you about last night, so your brother said you were upstairs probably in your room getting ready then I heard the shower so I came in here instead and I didn't think that you would recognize my voice through the curtain and I didn't want to scare you so I just popped my head in so you would know who I was, and.

Shit I'm rambling aren't I. Sorry, just umm sorry, ughhh maybe I should go but I think we need to talk in private later about last night and what happened, okay?" said Nicole. Nicole started to leave the bathroom and just as she was about to walk out Julie said, "Wait, ummm Just wait a second.

Let me just put a towel on and we can talk if you want." Julie stuck her hand out from behind the curtain and grabbed the towel on the wall next to the shower. She wrapped it around her body just under her armpits and tucked the end in to keep it secure. She stepped out of the shower and onto the floor and noticed Nicole's eyes look her over from her feet up. "Damn", said Nicole "I know you have a hot little body but wow" Julie stood still and blushed accepting the compliment.

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Then before she knew what she was doing Julie found herself with her arms wrapped around Nicole. She kissing her with all of the passion and desire she had. Their tongues met in the deep embrace and sparks flew through Julie's body and she ripped off her towel and began unbuttoning Nicole's shorts.

Nicole immediately broke their kiss and pushed Julie away. "Whoa, What the hell has gotten into you just attacking me like that?" said Nicole in shock. "Sorry about that, I just don't know what came over me. I didn't even realize what I was doing until it was done. I'm really sorry." said Julie. Julie sat down on the lid of the toilet still naked and put her face in her hands and began to cry.

"Shit, Listen I wasn't yelling at you or anything I was just surprised.", said Nicole. Nicole felt guilty for making Julie cry and walked over to the toilet and knelt down on her knees to talk to her. "I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to yell at you and especially not make you cry, I mean coroa cavalgando gostoso e me fazendo gozar was a good kiss I really enjoyed it." said Nicole.

"No, It's not that. It's just I have been real upset over last night and what happened. I just don't know what to do. I saw you have that orgasm last night and I can't get it out of my mind, I can't stop thinking about how amazing it looked." said Julie. Nicole lifted up Julie's head and told her it was okay. Nicole looked deeply into Julie's tear filled eyes and kissed her. This kiss wasn't as intense as the one Julie had initiated it was more soft, calm and filled with love and caring.

Slowly Nicole wrapped her hands around Julie's naked body and gently pulled her off the toilet and into her lap never once breaking the kiss.

Nicole sat down Indian style on the floor and Julie sat right inside of her legs loving the closeness of the embrace and completely forgetting about the sweltering hot day. Nicole's hand made her way around to Julie's small tits and puffy nipples.

She began to squeeze and twist them one at a time while the passion in their kiss began to grow. Julie let out a moan and broke their kiss for the first time.

Julie immediately went back to gently kiss Nicole some more but Nicole pulled back and told her to wait a second. Nicole put her hands on the ground and slid her self and Julie backwards about 6 inches so that Nicole could lean against the wall. Then she twisted Julie around in her lap so that her back was against Nicole's chest and they were both facing the same direction.

Nicole still being fully dressed and as hot as hell took off her shirt and bras and rested herself against the wall. She then pulled Julie's back against her naked chest and enjoyed the feeling of naked flesh on naked flesh. Nicole wrapped her hands around Julies front and went back to playing with her puffy nipples while kissing her neck and nibbling on her ears. Julie couldn't believe what was happening to her, she was making love to his brothers girlfriend, to the naughty big tits blonde anal whore mom simone sonay that had the amazing gushing orgasm she couldn't stop thinking about.

Julie could feel Nicole's large naked tits pressed up against her sweaty wet back and it felt better than she could imagine she could feel Nicole's hard nipples and soft tits and it was driving her completely and utterly insane.

She loved the way Nicole was reaching around and working over her tia ling french anal assault and caressing her chest. She loved the kisses and nibbling she was doing to her ears and neck. Nicole began to work her way down on Julie rubbing her stomach then her waist.

Then she reached Julie's pussy and both girls moaned. Nicole lightly brushed over Julie's pussy with her hand just ever so gently caressing the lips. She then pulled away before Julie could get too excited and rubbed her inner thighs. Nicole knew she was driving Julie nuts teasing her like this but she was loving every second of it. Nicole moved her head up licking julies neck and ear and whispered in her ear, "Do you like this?

Do you like me touching you? Do you want me to fuck your wet pussy? Do you want to cum for me like like you came in the hallway last night?" "Yess, ughhhhh put your fingers in me, fuck me, fuck me hard.

I want you soooo bad I want your pussy sooo bad!" whispered Julie. Hearing this made Nicole's twat drip with desire, she could feel it soaking through her shorts so she reached her left arm around Julie and grabbed her right tit and and took her right hand and plunged 2 fingers deep into Julie's cunt. Julie screamed out "Yessssss!" Nicole quickly took her left hand from Julie's tit and covered her mouth. "Shhhh, do you want you're whole family to hear us?

You gotta keep it down." she said. Julie was lost in the pleasure Nicole's fingers were bringing her she didn't care who heard or found out. She just couldn't stop thinking of Nicole's sweet wet pussy. Julie was so horny she began to hump in time with Nicole's fingers still being loud and lost in the moment.

She could feel her orgasm coming on. She could feel the orgasm that this girl who's pussy she was obsessed with was giving her. Julie screamed out," I'm gonna cuuuum!!! " Then she felt Nicole's fingers leave her pussy and smack her hard in the face. Julie turned around and looked at Nicole wondering what just happened.

Why would Nicole ruin her orgasm like that? Nicole looked pissed she grabbed Julies face by the cheeks real hard and looked sternly into Julies eyes. "YOU NEED TO SHUT THE FUCK UP RIGHT NOW! The whole damn house probably heard that you stupid cunt." said Nicole. Nicole pushed Julie out from her lap and started to get up. Julie reached out and grabbed Nicole's arm and said, "No please don't go, I swear I'll be quiet, I promise just please lets finish this." Nicole rolled her eyes and said, "Fine.

But I am going to make sure you stay quiet." Julie rubbed her face where the sting from Nicole's slap and watched as the topless Nicole unzipped her shorts and slid them down.

Julie could see a large wet spot in the crotch on Nicole's shorts and juices dripping down her leg. Julie sat there quietly rubbing her own clit watching Nicole strip off these wet shorts. As Nicole kicked them off to the side Julie leaned forward and licked her leg. Julie had to taste these juices she knew now it was Nicole's beautiful pussy juice that she had been dreaming of the night before. These sweet secretions where the most amazing thing she had ever tasted. It was sweet yet salty and nothing like her own pussy juice it was like licking the nectar of gods.

Nicole reached down and pushed Julies head out of her crotch and stripped out of her soaking wet panties. "If you like the taste of my pussy so much why don't you take these" she said and then threw the panties at Julie. "Now get on your hands and needs and show me your ass." said Nicole. Julie did as she was told and got in position on the bathroom floor.

"Now lick on those panties." ordered Nicole. Julie gladly did this enjoying the taste The Nicole reached down grabbed the panties out Julies hands and wadded them up in a small ball. She ordered Julie to open her mouth and then crammed them inside. "Now that should keep big booty blonde slut krissy lynn gets fucked hard in her ass quiet for a while." she said. Nicole happily admired Julie's beautiful ass and bent down and gave it a bite and a kiss.

Nicole lowered herself to the ground and got onto her back putting her head right in between Julies legs and started to lick her pussy and grabbing handfuls of thick meaty ass cheeks. Julie moaned some muffled sounds from the pleasure Nicole's tongue was giving her but whenever she did Nicole would slap her ass hard. Julie was in heaven enjoying the sweet tastes of Nicole's saturated panties in her mouth and Nicole's tongue and lips working her clit.

Nicole pulled her head son creampie step mom hairy juicy old pussy from Julies pussy and said, "Sit on my face. Just sit down on my face and fuck it until you orgasm. AND DONT YOU DARE MAKE A SOUND WHEN YOU CUM OR YOU WILL BE SORRY." Julie didn't have to hear these orders twice She plopped her pussy straight down on Nicole's face and began rocking her hips back and forth.

She could feel Nicole's tongue go up into her pussy going in and out in time with her rocking. Julie began to really fuck Nicole's face hard rubbing her clit across Nicole's upper lips. She knew her orgasm was close but was beginning to choke on the panties. She ripped them out and gasped for air.

Nicole slapped her ass and grabbed handfuls of her ass cheeks in retaliation for her noise. That smack and grab was the final straw and drove Julie over the edge. She orgasmed on Julies face spasming and screaming out a loud "YES!!!!!". Nicole smacked Julies ass again for the sound she made sending Julie gasping for air as the wave of a second orgasm took her over.

Nicole must have been furious with the sound of her gasping and did something that Julie never saw coming. Nicole shoved her thumb right up Julie's asshole.

Julie went stiff from the feeling. She had never had anything put in her asshole before and this hurt real bad. Just as she was about to scream out in pain The door to the bathroom flew open and Julie's brother Jake ran in stroking his hard thick dick right in front of Julies face.

Before she could register onkel hilft nichte bei hausaufgaben und fickt er sie was going on she felt it. Her brother's hot spunk had just hit her in the forehead. Then a second load on the upper right corner of her lip, a third, a fourth, a fifth, a sixth load her face felt drenched in hot cum then his last seventh shot of cum went straight into her open mouth.

Julie was in shock she was still recovering from the best orgasm of her life and the surprise thumb in her asshole and now her brother's load in a matter of just a few seconds.

She sat there on Nicole's face getting angry. She was angry with Nicole for that thumb thing she did and angry with her brother because she hadn't made up her mind if she wanted anything sexual to happen between them and that choice was just taken away from her. She still sat there thinking about what to do as Nicole pulled herself out from between Julie's legs and began to lick the cum off of her face. All of the emotions Julie felt towards the both of them came perky boobs gf enjoyed big cock in ass at once.

She looked up at her brother who was still stroking his thick yet softening cock, then over at Nicole who misinterpreted Julies look as a desire to kiss her. Then Julie lost it and screamed. She punched Nicole in the stomach sending her crumpling forward and then her brother right in the balls making him hit the ground gasping for air. She stood up over the top of the two of them and looked down at Nicole and said, "You fucking whore this was your plan all along wasn't it?

To get my brother in here to fuck me. I can't believe I was so stupid to think that you actually might have cared and wanted to do this." Then she turned to her brother and screamed, "you fucking perverted asshole. How dare you!" Julie pulled her leg back and tried to kick her brother in the face but missed and got him in the throat sending him into fits of coughing. Julie picked up her towel wrapped it around her body and walked out of the bathroom leaving the two of them on the floor naked and in pain.

Julie felt a little bad about what she had done and said to the both of them but knew it was justified. As she walked into her room she heard a set of steps coming up the stairs. Julie quickly shut her door and stood listening as her mother screamed out, "What the fuck is going on here!" Julie sat on her bed and quickly wiped her face clean of cum teen girl hitchhiker gang raped forced herself to start crying knowing it would be the only way she could ever look like the victim and get out of trouble for this one.

As she sat crying preparing for her mother to walk in any second She became determined than ever to get revenge on her brother and his girlfriend. But more than anything she was certain that it would be just a matter of time before she had that wet gushing pussy all to herself.

-------------------------------- -------------------------------- This is probably one of my worst writings so sorry for posting it. I never ended up writing a 3rd part to this story because I hated it so much. Comments and feedback are always welcome.