Big tits latina girlfriend bangs big dick

Big tits latina girlfriend bangs big dick
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Broken by the Twins This is my first story and it is also a true story. A friend told me about this site and after reading a few hundred stories, Pron hot xnxx best story thought I would try it.

My name is Tiffany and I live and grew up in upstate NY. We get bad winters but the summers are awesome. The summer between 7th and 8th grade was a big learning experience for me. I had just turned 12 years old when this happened and was getting ready for the 8th grade.

I had blonde hair, about 5'1", 90 lbs, and was a 32B then. My best friend Denise who was 12 lived a few doors down from me with her mom, dad, and 15-year-old twin brothers, James and Julius. Denise's mom was white and her dad was black, so the kids were all mixed. Denise and I use to do everything together…spend nights, go swimming, go shopping you name it.

We had a lot of fun. During the summer our parents all worked but we were old enough to stay home all day so it just turned into hanging out all day and goofing around.

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We spent most of our time on Facebook and Myspace talking to our friends and stuff. The internet can cookie of attractive girl is banged pornstar and hardcore crazy for 12 year olds I am sure everyone knows.

One day while at Denise's house, she told me she had some stuff to show me on her computer. We started surfing these porn sites and they were wild. I knew about sex and stuff but had not done it. I kissed one guy at a middle school dance and could feel his cock pressing against me while we danced, but that was about it.

I had never seen stuff like we were looking at on the computer. It was interesting. I asked her where she found them at, and she said her brother was looking at the sites one day and she walked by and was like "What is that?" He was embarrassed but told her. Her brothers were always on their computers. I would go there every day during the first part of the summer to look at porn and then go into chat rooms like on yahoo and let guys talk dirty to me and stuff. Denise and I would laugh, giggle, and try to think of stuff to say, but we were 12 so we didn't really know.

But we would get turned on by it and talk about how we couldn't wait to find a guy and have sex one day. The chat and the pictures together were just too much you know. I would go home and fantasize at the end of each day about the cybering and web sites, and it would always lead to masturbating. The feeling of laying on my bed with my legs spread imagining some guys hard cock doing me was incredible. I would rub really fast and hard until I came…sometimes twice before I went to sleep, woke up and started all over the next day.

The worst day of the summer was when Denise told me that she was going to her grandparents for two weeks.

They were going to take her to Disney World and stuff. She was excited, but I knew I was going to be bored. Her brothers played football for the high school and the summer practices had already started so they were going to be staying at home.

She left that weekend and when Monday rolled around, I was already bored. I couldn't look at the internet sites at my house because I didn't have my own computer and didn't want to get caught.

So by Wednesday I was going through withdrawal. I waited until James and Julius got back from the morning practice and went down to their house to ask about using Denise's computer in her room.

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They opened the door and said "Sure". So I went upstairs and got on the computer. I was like an alcoholic getting the first drink of the day. I was in heaven. James and Julius are twins. Half black half white like their sister, but only taller, like 6'1" tall. They each had long black hair that they wore in cornrows. Not skinny but muscular from working out, but not like big muscle types if you know what I mean. They went to their afternoon practice and I stayed in Denise's room on the computer.

I was chatting with this guy and he was like 22. I told him I was 16, but he didn't even seem to future possibilites of teen dna cloning are amazing. He was telling me how he was going to fuck me and do all these things to me.

I was so excited. I was sitting in Denise's chair rubbing myself through my shorts. I was so happy to be on the computer. I heard the twins come home after their afternoon practice. I stayed in Denise's room for about another hour and then it was time to go home before mom got home from work.

So I shut down the computer and went home. Thursday morning I went back down to Denise's and asked her brothers if I could get on her computer. They said okay again and went to the morning practice.

I went to my chat room again and started talking to another guy. He thought I was 18 and was cybering with me. This time I put my hand in my panties and was rubbing and fingering my pussy really hard. I was rubbing and getting into so much that I didn't even notice the twins had come home. Worst of all&hellip.they were standing in the door watching me. "Well Tiffany&hellip.what you doing in here?" James said with a big smile on his face. "No wonder you needed to come down here so bad" I was turning every shade of red possible.

"So what sites you been looking at?" Julius looked at the computer and noticed the site I was looking at was the one he told his sister about. "So you like looking at that stuff and then working your pussy over huh" "Don't worry, keep going&hellip.we won't mind" He reached over me and started clicking on links that were on the site&hellip.pulling up pictures and movies. "I jerk my dick looking at this stuff all the time, so don't feel bad" "Please don't say anything to Denise okay" I begged them.

"No problem Tiffany, but tell ya what……you got to show us your tits" they were both smiling and nodding now. "Come on guys&hellip.are you serious?" The both nodded yes. I pulled my tank top up and they were looking at my bra. "Unsnap it, and take the bra off" I did as they said. "You want me to suck on those, don't you Tiffany?" Julius said. They both reached out and started squeezing my breasts.

I loved they way they squeezed. I was feeling excited again. They moved me backward onto Denise's bed. Pulling my shorts down and rubbing my pussy through my panties. James started kissing me as I laid back on the bed. I felt my panties coming off and I was naked. Their hands were all over my body. "This bitch has a nice body for a 12 year old" James said. "These are some big fuckin tits Tiffany……you havana ginger gangbang white guysyoung to see a big cock?" I looked up at them and nodded yes.

James and Julius both took off their shorts and I saw two really long and thick black cocks. I had never seen one in real life before, only on the internet. Both were at least 8 to 9 inches and thicker than some I had seen from the guys cybering with me on the internet.

I was getting really turned on now. They moved toward me holding their cocks. I was sitting up on the bed now. James reached down between my legs and started rubbing my pussy again, while Julius walked up to me and turned my head toward him and he pushed his big hard cock into my mouth.

Holding my head he started to thrust his hips some and moved my head toward him. "That's it&hellip.suck on the head some…you like that cock don't you Tiffany?" "All the little white sluts do" James then said to Julius "man this bitch is tight" as he continued to rub my pussy and play with my tits.

"Let me get her mouth now" James said as he pulled my head his way. "Go ahead, I'm gonna get at that pussy now" was Julius' response. They were pushing me back on the bed now. James moved up on the bed with me with his cock right in my face. I felt Julius spreading my legs and rubbing my pussy. Then I felt him pressing his cock head against my pussy lips.

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It felt like a fist. He pushed a couple times forcing it in&hellip.I was making noises but James cock filled my mouth&hellip.I was so horny. I didn't care what they did to me. As Julius pushed farther into my pussy I felt this pain like a pinching and knew that Julius had just popped my cherry.

"Oh fuck yeah, I just popped this sluts cherry" Julius said to James&hellip."This pussy so tight" "You like having that cherry popped by my nigga dick don't ya bitch" James was pushing his cock in my mouth hard now like he was fucking my face&hellip.I was choking and gagging but he didn't care. Julius was really starting to moms love rape anal new routine me now……he was so big inside me&hellip.I felt my body shutter and I had my first orgasm ever from a boy's cock being inside me.

Julius kept fucking me as hard as he could. I felt their hands everywhere&hellip.I was moaning and loving it. "This pussy so tight&hellip.I'm gonna cum" Julius began bucking and thrusting me hard and that is when I felt him shoot his cum inside me&hellip.I felt the warmth and was overwhelmed.

"Fuck yeah&hellip.this bitch is the best pussy I've ever had. Fuck her James" I remember them switching places and now James was fucking me. His cock was really hard and he was thrusting harder than Julius.

I was really wet now from Julius' cum being inside me. Julius moved up on the bed to rub his cock on my mouth and face.

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After a few minutes, James shot his cum into me also. "Wasn't that better than rubbing yourself?" Julius said. I nodded yes. After a few minutes they were hard again and started rubbing me again.

I was sucking them both now. Back and forth. They were talking to each other about who was going to fuck me the hardest. I was sitting there sucking them back and forth while they talked about me and it was turning me on even more.

Julius stood next to the bed and told me to get on my hands and knees. I did and he pulled my head to his cock and started to fuck my mouth.

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James stood behind me and pulled my ass back toward him. He was fucking me doggy style just like I had seen on the web site.

He was thrusting hard…slapping my ass hard while his brother fucked my mouth and pulled my hair. They were talking back and forth, but I don't know what they were really saying except that it was dirty. They were laughing and talking about my body. James hadn't cum yet but they switched places. Now Julius was fucking me doggy style and James was fucking my mouth.

Julius was really going fast. I came again and as I was cumming, James shot his cum into my mouth and on my face. "Fuck yeah, take that in your mouth bitch" James said. "Fuck yeah" said Julius. Now it was just Julius fucking me and when he got ready to cum he pulled out and spun me around and he came all over my chest and face.

I was just like the girls on the internet site. I loved it. After that, they had to get ready for practice again that afternoon. I cleaned up and went home so I could get a nap. I took a shower and was amazed that even an hour after they fucked me, their cum was still coming out of me. I ate dinner and went to bed. I slept really good that night. The next day I was down there waiting for them to get out of practice, and they fucked me even more the next day.

The whole next week while Denise was gone, I was fucking her brothers every chance I got. I had a whole new outlook on things when the summer was over. I hope my story was decent.

Please leave comments. I have more mom and son and sister xxxxstory german I could write about James and Julius too.

They even introduced me to a couple of their friends. I will write more next time. Thanks.