Blonde hottie teases the webcam with her sexy body

Blonde hottie teases the webcam with her sexy body
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What the hell is that noise,Oh shit that is my alarm,How long has it been going off.Fuck now I am going to be late and this may be the day that I am fired.Meg hurrys and jumps into the shower not having enough time to shave pussy as she does everyday because she loves how it feels. It has been maybe six months since she last had sex,She was not a slut just choosy on who she slept with.Mark had broken up with her he decided to take a job out of state and she was not willing to follow him.

Well Meg arrives at work hoping she can get into her cubicle before her boss Mike sees her.To late just as she turns on her computer her phone rings,Meg Can I see you in my office.Shit she said in her head.Well this looks like the day I get fired.

Meg late once again Mike asked her.I am so sorry my alarm never went off,Lying to her boss once again.I told you one more lateness and we would have to let you go.But if you are willing to help me out I can overlook this one time tardyness.She wonders what does he want her to do. Her boss Mike who is about forty five yrs old and not married not due to his looks Mike is really attractive,Meg has and other women in the office have also said that Mike was hot.Meg even knew that his secretary was sleeping with him.She didnt want to be the next one.Meg I have a thing I would like you to handle for me.Oh crap here it comes she says to herself,He is this mature loves big black cock up her pussy to want me to sleep with him for my job.

Meg who is only 23 wouldnt mind sleeping with him for her job but them Mike asked her,I heard from one of the other girls in the office that you prefer to keep your pussy shaved.She was stunned and said yes I do,It feels so good when it is shaved.Would you like to see,Mike cant resist and says ok.So she lifts up her skirt and pulls aside her underwear,There it is a sweet shaved pussy.Mike says now that is what I wish Lea would do to hers.Can you some how ask her to do that to hers.Meg felt that it was none of her business if she shaved or not.

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Mike couldnt get the sight of Megs shaved pussy out of his mind,Can I see that again he asked.She agreed and he then asked if he could touch it and then lick it.So Mike locked his office door,And with Lea out of the office today he didnt have to tell her to hold his calls.So Meg takes off her panties and then Mike gets on the floor in front of her and proceeds to touch her and then finger her shaved pussy,He then puts his tongue right on her clit and that two fat cocks for a horny slut a shockwave thru Meg and she began to moan with pleasure.She tells him to take off his pants so that she can suck his cock.Mike eagerly takes of his pants.Meg is giving him the best BJ that he has ever had.Lea never does that,Mike then asked her if he could fuck her,She stated only if you pull out or if you have a condom.For some reason Mike has a condom in his desk drawer,He puts it on and Meg lays out the couch and Mike gets in front and puts his cock right at her shaved pussy,He thrusts himself in and can not believe how tight her pussy is.Meg you are so tight,Meg says I havent had sex in about six months.

After about five minutes of Mike thrusting in and our of Megs shaved pussy,He can feel himself start to cum,He tells her that I am cumming and she just says ok I am just glad that you have that condom on.Mike starts to cum and he spurts out cum into the condom and Meg can now feel something wet in her pussy,Mike pulls out his cock and can not believe that the condom had broken and now all his cum had been flowing into Megs pussy.Mike is trying to figure out what went wrong.Meg wanted one day to start a family she just didnt know that it may be today.

Well the next day Meg is on time and Mike asked her how she is and she told him that she is fine. But Meg does find out in a couple of weeks that she once again is LATE.And it is not from being tardy. Megs Boss Mike gets the news and cannot believe it,Since sex xxx romantic storys download just found out that the reason Lea wasnt in that day that him and Meg had sex was she went to the Dr and found out that she was expecting a baby as well.

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Lea and Meg both expecting Mikes Babies.Lea asked Meg what she was having and both women found out that they were both having girls.Mike seeing both of them with expanding bellys trying to explain to everyone in the office that they are both his children.Mike is fired from his position.And Meg was promoted to take over for him.

On the plus side Mike now has to hot sexy women carrying his babies and due to Megs chat with Lea both have sweet shaved pussies that Mike enjoys all that he can.Meg and Lea have since moved into Mikes Home. Both Meg and Lea give birth only 3 weeks from each other and Mike having to pay for child support.And he gets to have both of these women any chance he can,And Meg has shown Lea how nice it is to have a woman lick her pussy.Mike enjoys watching them as well as joining in.

Being able to have sex with two women has been a blessing for Mike,Even though he makes sure that the condom never breaks again.