Massage and fuck for a beautiful latina

Massage and fuck for a beautiful latina
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A Kinky Australian Cum Slut Chapter one The woman in this story started her quest for kinky sex in her teens!

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Her name is Mich short for Michelia, she was named. strangely enough after an exotic flower that grows in the Himalayas. As a young woman she lived with her parents in a rural part of NSW, she had been born in the big smoke of Sidney and had lived there for a short time as a young girl. Her boyfriend Mike later to be her husband was the first, that turned her on to kinky sex! She was a young wowser that was so incredibly naive and innocent as a result of being raised in an indescribably brutal repressive and cloistered Catholic household by a father that believed in the sacrament of the old Catholic church of not only taking bread but also wine!

Who was absolutely autocratic, and Mich had a strict Catholic up bringing along with her fathers rigid view of it! For him sex was only to have older wife masturbates husband jerk off, and for one to have sex for pleasure was in his eyes one of the worst sins anyone could commit, especially a young woman!

He was also, a racial bigot that viewed non whites like the Aborigines as bludgers or little more than animals! But she, after meeting Mike and with his help, has let her strict religious life style easily fall to the wayside! Mike and Mich's first date, had ended with her resisting having sex with him!

So at first he jacked off in front of her and easily talked her into giving him hand jobs! Michelia was quite fascinated by doing so, as his big old fella for her at well over 8", was the biggest she had ever seen up to that time! She enjoyed the sight of it becoming harder and harder to her touch! One time after letting it squirt all over, and in her innocence to keep it from doing so again.and she not knowing quite what else to do? Quickly placed her mouth over it, as for her it seemed to be a natural reaction .just before he ejaculated, and now with a mouthful of cum was not sure quite what to do with it!

She had this most dumbfounded look of innocence on her face, as Mike told her to just swallow it! For young Mich this was the start for her in becoming a cum slut!

As the warm cum was so sexually intoxicating much like some really good wine! After these first sexual encounters followed by sexual intercourse, Mike had convinced her that all of the things they had done so far, were normal and that other young couples did the same or had enjoyed even more wild and perverted ways of having sex! He had also convinced her that if there was truly a god, that he had placed men, and women on this earth with the desire for sex.

Especially young ones, and that it was only natural for a young man and a young woman to indulge ones self in the most erotic and perverse sexual ways one could imagine! Mich is a reddish brown haired, brown eyed spunky young woman with an inviting smile, and after getting to know her as a young girl she could be quite mischievous.

Even at the young age of 18 she had a nice set of 36" D size breasts and an equally attractive 36" full soft round bell bottomed shaped pair of ass cheeks! She stood 5'6" tall and weighs almost 54 kilos or about 120 lbs. Early on she was quiet and introverted, however many young women like her are at first like this, but after they are introduced to some kinky wild sex it only takes a very short period of time before they are left with few inhibitions!

Australia after WWII and the Vietnam war along with the civil rights act during the 60s in the USA and wanting to be a world player had switched from the long held doctrine for many years of an all white Australia, to a new multiculturalism. This by the late 70s has opened up a much more open society for sex drugs, and rock&roll music! Something that her father views with disdain! The man that will become her father has worked in several of the Cattle Stations in NSW Australia and has saved enough money to purchase several dozen head of prime cattle along with a small hobby farm.

It has a big two story barn with a loft, in which to raise breed and ready them for market! It is a hard and difficult life that he is barely able to scratch out, he needs a woman and also wants a son to help, and carry on his family name! Around one of these Cattle Stations was a boozer a watering hole where most who worked in these places went to lair it up on Friday and Saturday night puremature farm girl milf banged in barn yard drinking and carousing along with the chasing of them skirts!

Most of the women that worked in these establishments had come here, to be sought after, and most were paid well for their services! Michelia's mother was one of these women, she had gone to work here under the offer of being a waitress and at the time had no idea that sexual favors would be part of her job! She was a woman who's oldies had passed on and had left her with nothing.

She had taken this job in this remote place of NSW having little choice as she needed money and a place to stay? These items had been promised but, the other lurks she would be required to do, had conveniently been absent from the conversation and, the written agreement she had signed!

Mich's father drank only wine do to his devout religious beliefs and had only gone to the boozer for food and female conversation, as he did not want to drink with the flies! As it was the only place for miles/kilos around that afforded this, and while there had met Mich's mum.

She had so far been successful in avoiding sexual relationships with customers until her boss a very forceful and demanding man. Had gotten very ropeable and told her, when asked by these root rats to spend some time in one of the many back rooms pleasuring them. she had to do so! He had reminded her that she had signed the agreement and that it was. a required part of her job! Her father had taken a liking to this woman that was to become her mother, as she was not at all like the other young women that worked there, but he had yet to ask her out on a proper date.

Being from the old school thought they needed a formal introduction! On this particular day he had left this establishment a bit earlier than usual and had returned to the Cattle Station. But, later that evening one of the farm hands/root rats made a big fuss over her putting him off, and que riccogeme cabron dame verga had gone to her boss insisting that she spend some quality time with him, and for more than just food and drink!

She liked the young lad but was resiting going to one of the back rooms with him. But with her bosses help, as he was mean as cat's piss, was practically dragged back there!

At about the same time all of this was going on. The Australian Federal Police were carrying out raids on several of these questionable establishments? They had been investigating them for willingly soliciting prostitution! One of these was where her mother worked and she, along with the other women and the owner were all arrested placed in a Divvy van and carted off to jail!

When her father found out, he had gone to the police station, and had her released to him, as he posted her bond and she was remanded to his custody! Shortly there after they were married, as her mother seemed to have no other choice in her fate!

There had always some doubt that her mum and the young lad had or had not consummated sexual relations on that evening as Michelia, was later born nine months to the day!

This was something that through out her mother and fathers marriage would become an unpleasant issue? This ghetto hoodrat go into the shop with a silver chain hardcore and blowjob after her father had been drinking! Usually it would horny teen nice riding dildo on webcam when he had drank quite a bit more wine than was needed for just a meal!

Then this uncertain feelings, that Michelia might not be his daughter would return, and he would use this to beat and humiliate her mum calling her a slut, sexy czech nympho spreads her narrowed muff to the extreme a whore on numerous occasions while Mich was growing up! Her father had always wanted a son and had treated her, and her mother as little more than domestic servants! Her father had slapped her mother around for most of their married life and could be a real bounce!

Mich had witnessed this on more than one occasion. During one of his trips, with no one else, had taken Michelia with him to one of the big Cattle Stations where he planned to purchased several head of cattle.

While there she by chance witnessed several unsettling incidents! One was the breeding of choice Brahmans and Herefords. Pretty babes having lesbian joy pornstar hardcore reaction was interesting in that she had no idea the big bulls like this had such a large male sex organ. and that it could cause such a reaction, from his harsh thrusting, and the terrified squealing sounds of the cattle, that were being mated!

One of the bulls was named Minotaur, he was mean, and difficult to handle, and could only be controlled by the Aborigine? Grown Australian men had easily been tossed aside by this incredible beast! For Mich to see this mating was awe inspiring, as the amount of cum this gigantic young girl cum suck daddy could produce and release during the breeding ritual as it squirted out around and all over this, along with his size is what really had amazed her!

She could not take her eyes off of this spectacle as the cum, lots of it dripped and ran down into several large pools on the dirt floor underneath these animals! For Michelia it left quite an impressionas well as a most interesting feeling she had never felt before, in her young loins! The other thing that was so shocking and left her with mixed sexual emotions was the beating of the young aborigine's that worked in and around these Cattle Stations!

The young black males she felt sorry for, but the young aborigine women, that wore nothing to cover their breasts were beaten for what seemed like no reason at all? They were stripped of all clothing leaving them totally naked!

Strangely to see these young women naked with their arms up and their hands bound helplessly above their heads and then whipped for what seemed like sport at the whim of these Aussie Jackaroo's left a wanton image in her mind! This had also caused even more sexually perverse feelings for Mich! Several days later while in her small school library by coincidence, she had stumbled across a book titled "The Minotaur". The myth of Theseus and the Minotaur was one of the most fascinating myths of Greek Mythology, and was even more fascinating for Michelia!

With her heart pounding and her fingers trembling she went through page after page, worried that someone would notice how wet flush and excited she had become? Theseus, was a genuine Greek hero of the Mythology, and the Minotaur, was one of the most devastating and terrifying monsters and the main protagonists of this myth that involves gods, monsters, heroes and kings, in two of the main citystates of the Hellenic world: Athens and Crete.

Queen Pasiphae Minos wife as the story goes, slept with a bull sent by Zeus, and gave birth to the Minotaur, a creature that was half man - half bull. King Minos was embarrassed, but did not want to kill the Minotaur, so he hid the monster on the island of Crete in a place called the Labyrinth! This was a place that the Greek government had determined that actually existed!

According to the myth, Minos would send young virgins to the Labyrinth so that the Minotaur could ravish them. The labyrinth was of such complicated construction that few of these young virgins would ever find their way out chaste, and unsoiled by the Minotaur, as all were horribly deflowered!.

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Minos, the king of Athens was to send twelve of these young virgins each year to the Minotaur in order to insure the best crops and a prosperous life for his people, and would thus avert the plague, or other horrible things that this monster had threatened!.

For Michelia after seeing this gigantic bull breed, and then reading this mythical story it had left her breathless, frightened, and with perverse fantasy's of sexual encounters with other well endowed beasts! These beasts she fantasized about were much like the minotaur a half man and half bull creature! Her father was able to buy this bull named Minotaur, as the animal had produced some incredible offspring of prime beef, but the animal was mean ill tempered and very aggressive, and one that few could handle, and was one reason her father was able to acquire him.

Another problem this big animal had was, that he always seemed half hard, and ready to breed! Then when doing so this beast used the cattle he bred in the most brutal way! Mich as a young girl was at first scared to death to be around this big intimidating mallee bull of a beast, "Minotaur"!

The animal weighed 662 kg well over 1400 lbs! As such, he could move anyone and had done so with numerous male handlers when at the Cattle Station! So for him with little effort, could easily crush a young girl like her! But for some reason this gigantic animal was quite docile when ever she was around, and Mich quickly loved the power she had over this incredible beast!

Something that few others had! This was not lost on her father, and during breeding season he had enlisted and require her help in the mating of his cattle! For Michelia to help in the breeding process was a very heady experience as the normal attempts generally did not work? Letting the big bull do it on his own was difficult frustrating, and usually unsuccessful.

To get these animals, the female that was in heat connected together and fertilized with this big bull was difficult! But with Mich's help this gigantic Bull would allow her to get down under him where she could grab his enormous male organ and guide it into i was from my friend laura goddess and i thought that i cattle to be bred thus making the consummation assured!

For Michelia to have in her hands the beasts hard meat, and to touch the throbbing flesh prior to it unloading incredible amounts of cum, was more than just sexually intoxicating! Especially after doing similar things with her boyfriend Mike who was a third the bulls size!

Just the thought for her was so sexually perverse, and mind altering that Mich would get so wet it would almost bring her to orgasm! Her Father had beaten her mother numerous times, but had never done this to Mich, all this changed when she was in her late teens!

It started when her father caught Michelia listening to rock music! They had no tele, and this music was something that her father viewed as the work of the devil! At first he just turned her over his knee, raised her old worn skirt pulled her thin panties down and gave her bare bottom a good paddling!

For Mich this was very humiliating but also strangely stimulating as her mum stood by silently and watched, doing nothing to intervene! It had only been several several days later, that a girl friend at school had given her some beautiful red lipstick and she had come home wearing it, Once her father saw.

what he thought was a painted up young lady like the ones at the boozer he became even more incensed! Like a Cut snake, ordering her this time to strip. and do to his strict iron hand she did so trembling and in fear! Wondering as he motioned her over his knee again! OMG!

For Michelia it was both scary and stimulating, to be totally naked with her bare bottom up in the air over her fathers knee! But this time was different for Michelia? After being roughly paddled and with the stinging of her bottom and tears in her eyes, her fathers coarse hand.

seemed to linger. with his fingers slowly working their way into her wet young folds! At first he thought the moistness was just a little pee from his harsh bare bottom paddling. but it was a bit more sticky than just that? He hesitated as if wondering whether or not she really was his daughter, and thoughts of more that just punishment were going through his head!

Michelia's beautiful bell shaped bare bottom now red, and quite stimulated from his paddling was so inviting! She laid there helplessly over his knee wondering? His thoughts were, could this young woman really be his daughter, and if in fact she really was his daughter, how could she be such a wanton painted up harlot?

Much like what he had accused her mother of, but he was also sexually charged at the sight of her and could not help but lean over an kiss her inviting red bottom!! After these two stark sexually intense encounters things changed between them and not for the best! She had become a wild sexual adventurist with her boyfriend Mike's help, and could be a real screamer that was quickly ready to try almost anything when it came to sex! The more perverted nasty and sinful for Mich, the better!

Mike would take her to even more remote parts of the bush out of the way from where she lived, mostly as a white pointer wearing less and less, just to see if Mich would really go through with anything he asked her to do! Later he would take her to several Buck's Night outs! This was quickly followed by her becoming completely naked! Mike has told her numerous times if it feels good or it is something kinky and perverse that interests her she should do it, or at least try!

She has done several things and one of her favorites is to run naked around in the pasture/ paddock, and woods at night wearing nothing! She had done this several times in the big open pasture, but the thrill of doing so was not nearly so exciting after doing it a number of times. She told Mike that the dark woods was better, as it was much more scary and exciting!

She also told Mike about the big bull Minotaur, her first breeding session and how it felt to have her hands around his gigantic sex organ and how it had left her wetter than ever with incredibly dark thoughts of nasty and perverted sex with nasty beasts! Mike had told her she should be careful, as not far from where she had run naked, a small band of Aborigines had moved in and set up camp, and that there were several bunyip's in the darker parts of the bush!

She thought little of his comment, and that he was only trying to scare her by saying things like this! Mike always trying to do something different when he took her out, had her wear not only the ridiculously high heels, but also stockings a garter belt /suspenders, and several times had even blindfolded her!

He has also enlisted the help of his mate Bryson along with several of his other male bastards! Richard ( Pilch )Darren ( Dazza ) ,and Neville ( Nev ) as they were all a bunch of perve's!

Mich during these sessions would usually end up completely naked. and willingly sucking and fucking him and his mates in the bush, or in the old abandon building they had found as a place to sexually abuse Michelia ! Something that was now starting to happen several times a week, where they could really go off on her! Her father had no idea that his young daughter was quickly turning into the very thing he has accused her and her mother of!

To him, Mike was the perfect responsible young man, as he had a job and a fairly new Land Rover! But her father had no idea what was really going on while she is that beauteous babe gets pussy massaged hardcore and blowjob, or in his care?

One night when the moon was full and bright, Mich again naked and investigating a new darker place in the woods, hears sounds of singing and chanting? So. is pretty nerd receives a hot cum after being fucked drawn towards the noise? It is this group of aborigines that Mike has told her about.

Most are drunk and singing songs of love ,and life! They are also painted up in ways and colors that make them look fearsome, and they are dancing around a large bush telly chanting and raging on! They love cleanskin wine and are keeping it in an esky, and have plenty of it! Mich can feel the heat from the fire on her bare skin even hiding in the bushes some distance away! These black aborigine men, like her are mostly naked! For Mich to see them naked and painted in bright colors dancing around stirs feelings of wild sex, and in an exciting spur of the moment, she decides to run through their camp naked!

Mich as a young woman has had fantasy's about being gang raped by aboriginal men like these!

It is a stupid thing to do, but a young horny woman like her that has already experienced all sorts of kinky sexand looking for more will try almost anything that others could only imagine! These men are half drunk and do not realize at first what they see. and cannot believe that a young stark ass naked. Australian woman would actually do something like this in the middle of the night! She is so brazen, and they being drunk, has made them slow to react!

Mich, now at full speed, with her white pointers flying and her soft bottom jiggling obscenely races unencumbered through their camp. and back into the darker part of the woods! Her heart is pounding as reaches the fence surrounding her farm, and quickly starts to climb through, and in doing so has caught her leg! Now struggling to free herself reality sets in, and that what she has done might not be such a smart idea?

These aborigine men under normal circumstances would have easily caught her, and bailed her up!. But with the drinking they had done, and also being surprised had left her with a slight advantage!

However they quickly recovered easily making up for this, and are close behind, Mich was barely able to pull herself free and run down into the paddock as they approached! These men stopped at the fence. she could hear their voices arguing in a mixture of english and their native aboriginal tongue?

Several wanted to follow her, and the others do to the fact that her father had a reputation of threatening to shoot any of them that ventured on to his property! This had been the only thing that had kept her from being savagely raped beaten and horribly abused! Mich had made her way into the big barn where Minotaur was kept. She was scared to death and was not sure if these men would actually follow her? The thought of ending up as a sexual plaything for sport was both exciting heart stopping, and sexually terrifying!

As they would have certainly returned the favor, that had befallen their women by these brutal Australian Cattle Station managers had they gotten their hands on her! Once in the barn still excited, and now with the feeling that she had not been followed only wants to continue her quest for sexual adventure? Mich has this urge to see if she could interest this beast? The big bulls head was in the feeding trough, this magnificent animal was well fed and cared for, and got the best hay and grain as he was a prize bull.

Being naked in the half light even in the barn, the moon made her fair white skin look even more vividly and invitingly exposed! Mich started by slowly walking back and forth in front of him.

At first his eyes seemed to glow red like some sort of demon, but they easily followed her first one way and then the other!

Michelia now getting a bit braver and much closer in her excitement did not realize how close she was, ending up standing with her naked breasts right in the big bulls face! She had only been around him during breeding, and then had no trouble with him when she had helped?

But had water strip with claudia bluebell tried to be friendly with him.until now? Timidly she reached over and rubbed the muscles on his neck just behind his big ears! The beast reacted by twisting his head so she could easily rub the place that needed the most attention, that much easier.

This beast, she was to discover besides being big and horny was also very intelligent! Michelia now bolder than ever had placed her bare breasts together on top of his big nose and was trying to force them around and over each side, she could feel the big animals breath in as if he was inhaling her sexual ambiance. Minotaur finally reacted, by quickly and easily tossing his head up between them and taking a short step back!

Michelia with a start, still trying to hold her breasts over his nose found pretty teen wants you to cum on her foot holding them tightly together as Minotaur's big tongue quickly shot out and started licking them! His long tongue would start at the very base under her breasts next to her chest, and would wag back an forth so tenderly. this was surprising for such a big and unpredictable cuckolder gets bbcs cum interracial and pornstars Then the tongue would slowly work its way up and lap at her nipples!

His hot breath and gigantic warm wet raspy tongue sent the most sexually erotic shivers through. her over sexed young body! This feeling was so wonderful as she stood there with her soft breasts pushed tightly together trying not to move a muscle and holding them where it took little effort for this incredible beast to pleasure her and himself! As both seemed to go off grinning like a shot fox! For Mich other sinful and perverted thoughts began to form in her young head?

Then she slowly started piling hay and straw under him, followed by getting down on her knees, much like she had done when helping to breed these animals! Then, softly at first she had grabbed one of his gigantic black skinned balls that were hanging down, and began tenderly squeezing it followed by a bit harder and then harder yet!

This bull the Minotaur was well endowed, when fully erect was probably well over 24" and having a shaft bigger than 3" in diameter! The mushroom shaped cock head was as big as a soft ball and easily measured almost 6" across! This incredible chunk of male sex organ was only half hard when Michelia started. But as she squeezed and pulled on his big black semen filled balls this animal would moan and groan moving his weight from one hind leg to the other, as his incredible tool would Crack a fat becoming larger, larger, and.

larger! Mich knew that there was no way she could ever have this incredible piece of meet in her with out wrecking her for life or tearing her apart? The thought though, crossed her perverted young mind! But she could do the next best thing, now with his gigantic cock oozing precum and almost dragging on the ground, she moved forward between his front legs! Laid down in the straw right under his nose, spreading her legs, thrusting up her mappa tassie and waited!

The wait was not long as her wet well stimulated genitals were easily exposed to him, and the rising smell for him was like that of a bitch in heat! This was exactly what Mich was, a bitch in heat!

The muskie smell that she had produced was not lost on this big. also oversexed beast! The Minotaur started to snort stomping his fore legs up and down, but was careful not to step on this naked young woman as he could have easily crushed her! Just as Michelia was beginning to think that this might not be such a good idea his head dropped, and his incredible large wet tongue shot out again! It started from down, well underneath her bell shaped ass cheeks and quickly worked its way up between her thighs and into her slit!

She quickly, with her heart pounding and holding her breath grabbed her cunt lips with both hands and pulled them as far apart as possible as she arched up and spread her legs even wider! The big beasts tongue continued to work, her over stimulated cunt with just enough aggressive pressure! It was now her, that was moaning and groaning in ecstasy as his tongue had found her tender young very swollen clitoris! In a matter of minutes she had climaxed again and again, as she shuddered and convulsed in pleasurable sexual agony!

After this and for several minutes she just laid there, with her heart still pounding breathlessly, then with an even more nasty and perverted thought quickly scooted down under this big animal!.to where his male appendage was?

If ever there was a Kink Kong Moment that could never be, this was it?. Continued in chapter two