Amethyst banks in a gem of a pussy

Amethyst banks in a gem of a pussy
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Cheyenne was laying in bed reading a book when suddenly she was overwhelemed by a strong sense of hunger. but not for food, no, Cheyenne was craving sex. Sadly she broke up with her boyfriend a few weeks ago bombshell ella knox gets her pussy serviced hasnt had any intercourse since then.

She frowned at the thought of having to masturbate. Well maybe she would just ignore it. An hour or so later, Cheyenne was sitting at the dinner table with her parents and her siblings.

She wasnt really hungry and lazily poked at her food. She looked around at her family: Her mother Samantha was an increadibly well built woman at 32 with a beautiful face, full lips, deep blue eyes and charcoal black hair. She had a pair or increadible 34DD breasts and an ass to die for. Her father Ryan was a stark example for a man at 6'2" with green eyes and darkbrown hair. He was a very muscular and well built guy at 35 years old and he worked out every day giving him an increadibly tight and toned body.

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His dick was a match for his body as well. Cheyenne knew from sneaking the occasional peak that her father had an unbelievable 10" cock throbbing with veigns and thick as a pipe. Her mother must be increadibly pleased she thought. Her brother John was an average 15 year old Joe at 5'8" with green eyes and dusty brown hair. He wasnt all to muscular but still pretty strong and wasnt all to surprising in the crotch compartment either.

Through some "espionage" Cheyenne knew that her dear brother had a pretty average 7" member. Her sister on the other hand was a shining example for a 16 year old.

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She had glowing blue eyes, light blond hair and a fantastic face. Morgan had full 35D breasts and a very nice thick ass that she always kept nicely wrapped up in either short shorts or a short skirt. She dressed increadibly slutty, but surprisingly, was still a virgin.

Cheyenne herself was an fantastic young woman at 17 she had very long curvy blond hair and shining blue eyes, she was 5'5" and had a perfect figure with a slim waist, wide hips and full 32DD breasts. She always wore tanktops and short shorts to accentuate her best assets to her male counterparts. Cheyenne cleaned up her plate and went upstairs to read some more when she started to feel warm.she grew warmer and warmer until she was clearly sweating, sweat pearling down in between her boobs and starting to soak her white tanktop."stupid A/C" she thought, and checked the thermometer in the hall, but it was nasty mother fucking with jailbreaker mature and mom showing a comfortable 70 degrees.

"Impossible, it must be like 90 degrees in here." By now Cheyennes top was soaked with sweat and almost see-through. She went into her closet, grabbed a long white tee and a pair of spandex shorts to change for bed after taking a cool shower. She headed for the bathroom and quickly undressed. Cheyenne turned the shower to a nice temparature and let it run for a moment while looking in the mirror. She always liked her body she had increadible breasts with tan skin and large dark areolas.

Her nipples were hardening as she moved her hand to her clean shaven pussy. She slowly rubbed her snatch with one hand as the other carressed her right breast slowly kneading it and pinching the nipple.

Cheyenne elicited a soft moan.

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"Stop" she thought and pulled her hand from her pussy. "Ill take a nice shower and everything will be fine, no need to start rubbing myself." After her shower Cheyenne brushed her teeth and combed her hair before tying it into a ponytail and slipping into her shorts naughty wife amira latina big ass creampied by bbc long tee.

The t-shirt reached all the way to right above her knees and said in large letters: "Seattle World Fair: a meeting of the minds!" the shirt was from her father. She smiled at the shirt and went to bed. That night Cheyenne had the weirdest of dreams. She dreamt of being in a large room, what seemed to be a bedroom with a large bed a small couch and some nightstands. In the corner was a door to a bathroom and further on a walk-in-closet.

After a minuter or two of looking around quiet moans startet to emenate from the bed. She knew those sounds all to good it was the sounds of sex! She listened a while longer, the moans getting louder and louder as finally a sillouette stretched from the bed. It was a woman arching her back in what seemed like pure extacsy. She let out a loud moan and began to rotate her hips on her hidden lovers member. Cheyenne watched all this in a dazed semi-contious state mesmerized by the womans movements.

The woman was moaning something. A name it seemed. Cheyenne slowely moved closer to understand until finally she was a foot away but still could not understand. The woman was now feverishly humping, her hips bucking back and forth as if near climax now moaning the name even louder: "Ch." Cheyenne inched closer. "Chey." Closer. "Cheyen." Closer. "Cheyenne!" the woman finally yelled in orgasm as she suddered and wildly bucked for a few moments before beginning to wildly fuck, her hips a blur all the whilst screaming: "Cheyenne, o yeah Cheyenne fuck me harder Cheyenne fuck me harder!" Cheyenne moved in closer only to see that the woman was impaled on an amazing 12" cock stretching from.

HERSELF?! the woman was feverishly fucking what seemed like a mirror image of Cheyenne. Cheyenne awoke. She was breathing heavy and still had images of herself fucking a woman with a huge 12" cock flashing before her eyes. She quickly dismissed the scene and rubbed her eyes. It was already 2 o clock! She had slept 17 hours. She felt a little weird distant. She dismissed the feeling and went down to find something to eat. After she had eaten she went into the bathroom to wash up.

After brushing her teeth, Cheyenne bagan to heat up again, she began to vigorously sweat, sweat pripping from her forhead and running down her chest she was burning up! Her shirt was completely soaked and her tits were clearly visible through the fabric, her nipples were hardening and her pussy was starting to get wet. Soon her nipples were forming tents in the shirt and her panties and shorts were soaked with her wetness. A minute passed before her juices were staring to drip down her legs.

Another minute passed and she blacked out. Cheyenne awoke on the floor, sweating like a pig, juices flowing out of her snatch pooling on the tiles. She didnt know what was happening, but somehow Cheyenne felt.distant from all this. She felt as if this was happening far away. She felt something pushing in her head and it was like Cheyenne was on a perch watching what was happening not really doing anything as a strange [new?] personality entered her head.

She saw her hands grab the bottom of her shirt and roughly yank it over her head. Then her hands quickly grabbed a hold of her spandex shorts and pulled them off. Now her hands grapped her panties and pulled them off.

The tight blonde gf halle von tries out painful anal fucking Cheyenne started to feverishly rub her pussy and knead her tits pinching and pulling the nipples while rubbing her clit. Then the new Cheyenne roughly shoved two fingers into her cunt and started to pump in and out at a breakneck speed. Within a minute she had added a third and fourth finger and was wildly plowing into her pussy.

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Her other hand found the cupboard and threw it open and began digging inside to expose a 10" rubber dildo with thick veigns that Cheyenne kept there for emergency masturbation sessions.

The new Cheyenne took the dildo and immediatly plunged 3 inches of it into her quivering pussy. Cheyenne moaned in pleasure and pain.

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Although the real Cheyenne was somewhere on a perch watching she could still feel what her body was feeling. She howled at the entry of the dildo and began to moan as the new Cheyenne began to pump it in and out, slowly adding more and more of the 10" until all ten inches were fucking Her tight cunt.

After five minutes of fucking, cheyenne began to buck her hips and plunged the entire length of the dildo in as she climaxed. Juices were overflowing her pussy and still dripping onto the floor as Cheyenne hit peak and collapsed in a huge puddle of sweat and cum. Now the real Cheyenne breezer porn story downloads d back in control and she lay there, in sweat and cum wondering what the hell happened.dont missunderstand it was fantastic but during the whole time she had no control over her actions.

She cleaned up the enourmous mess and got dressed in a tight shirt and even tighter jeans. Later that day she came home from a day out with friends when she was thinking about her dream the other night. She wondered if it was ever possible that she would have a cock. Not to speak of one that big! As she wondered she felt a strange sensation in her crotch. "O NO! I hope i dont do that all over again" but this feeling she noticed was distinctly different.after a few moments Cheyenne felt her jeans start to get tighter.

She looked down and saw to her shock that a huge, sausage-like form was growing from her crotch! It left a definite shape in the leg of her jeans and it was still growing! after about fibe minutes the feeling subsided and Cheyenne was left with whay seemed like 12" of veigny thick meat running down the length of her pantleg. She couldnt believe it but she had a cock! She quickly retreated to the bathroom to check her options.

After she did some thinking, Cheyenne came up milana witch tries out anal plug prior to butt fucking a couple of options: 1) she would get help (but everyone would probebly think she was crazy.) 2) she could try to get rid of her cock by all means nessessary 3) she could use this "gift" and have some serious fun and see what else happens.

4) she could go to sleep and see if all is well in the morning (very unlikely.) Cheyenne thought for a moment and finally made a choice. 3! Cheyenne thought since it isnt every day that you get to grow a 12" cock she would have some fun *wink* This is the fist part of (hopefully) a series depending on how much support i recieve i will continue with cheyenne using her new asset on her family and she will gain new skills/powers later on.

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