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Msog in japan pops in day ashina
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CHAPTER 3 The Boyz Part 1: Seth Williams The next day, back in school, Kiyan avoids the crowd in the hallways and reaches the stairwell in front of his classroom. Luckily, all of his classrooms are located in front of the same stairwell in different floors, so all he needs to do is walk up or down the stairs and he reaches his destination.

Kiyan sited on the stairs in front of his classroom, and waits for Jake to show up.

However, instead of Jake, it was Fabio to walk towards him: "Hey Kiyan. How you doing?" "Hi. I'm ok. Hey, have you seen Jake around?" "Jake? Last time I saw him, he was with you, after school. You two are like brothers or somethin'?" "Best friends." "Oh, cool.

Ok, if I see Jake around, I'll tell him you're here." "Thanks Fabio." As Fabio walks away, a boy runs down the stairs in a hurry and almost hit Kiyan on the way. The boy stopped in front of his classroom and spoke with a girl in class.

After a while, the girl seemed angry and slapped the boy in the face and walked away, towards the other girls. The boy walked towards the stairs and after climbing up for a bit, he just turned around, sitted down and kept his head low. Kiyan stood up and sited next to him, not too close, but not too far either: "You ok?" "What do you think!? You saw that, didn't you?! She hates me!" "What happened?" "She's mad at me cuz we just started hanging out and last night, we were supposed to go to the movies, but I couldn't be there, and I didn't tell her.

She watched the whole movie, waiting for me to show up and I didn't!" "Oh… And she broke up?" "Duh! Of course she broke up! She's like, the popular girl in 9th grade! I bet she'll now go after that other popular guy in our class! I hate that guy!" "W-why?" "Why what!?" "Why do you hate him?" "… Ya know what?

Forget it, I just wanna forget all this crap… Who are you, anyway?" "Kiyan Roberts. 9th Grade." "Hi… Seth Williams. 9th Grade as well." "Nice to meet ya Seth." "Thanks for listening to my lame life." "Huh… Ebony lesbos ivie and silver showering together problem.?" "Well, I better get going.

I'll see you around Kiyan." "Yeah… See ya." Seth stands up and climbs the stairs to the upper floor, into the classrom. When Kiyan got up, he saw Jake speaking with Fabio. Kiyan rushed there and said hi to Jake, who didn't seem to be in a very good mood. The kids went to the classroom, and everyone sited on their desks. Hottie toys with herself and a couple fuck and Jake were, of course, in the same desk, next to the window.

During class, Jake didn't seem to be smiling and refused to look at him: "Jakey, what's wrong?" "Nothing. Just pissed off, is all." "What about?" "How long are you friends with Williams?" "Williams.? Oh! You mean Seth?" "Boys! Be quiet!" said the teacher looking at both Kiyan and Jake.

After the teacher continued the class, Kiyan whispered: "You mean Seth Williams?" "Yeah." "I just met him. He seems cool…" "He's not! Stay away from him! He's bad news!" "Boys! One more time and you're both sent to the principal." Said the teacher. "Sorry, Mr. Robinson." Said Kiyan. After the teacher continued class once again, Kiyan spoke to Jake: "What do you mean, bad news?" "Just promise me you'll stay away from him." "What's so wrong about him?" "Everything's wrong.

Just stay away from him. He'll get you in serious trouble before you know it." "All right… If you say so… But I still think he seems cool." Part 2: Gary Robinson After class, Kiyan went to the stairwell, and Jake was still surrounded by girls, like yesterday.

This time, Fabio sited next to Kiyan.

"Hey, waiting for Jake?" "Yeah, but he's busy with the girls." "Sooner or later, the girls will stop bugging him. Don't worry about it." "I guess… hey fabio, do you know Seth Williams?" "Williams? Yeah, I was in the same class as him last year.

Why do you ask?" "Well… I met him earlier today, and I was wondering… Jake told me Seth is bad news… What did he mean by that?" "Honestly… I have no idea!

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Seth never got into trouble last year, actually I don't think Seth was ever bad news. The double xnx sex storys woman cool, if he likes you, it's great. You can trust the guy, in my opinion." "Then, why did Jake…?" "Ya know, talking about other people on their back is kinda rude." Said a voice behind the two boys.

Kiyan jumped from where he was sited and looked behind him and saw a short and black haired boy, around Kiyan's size. The boy was wearing blue jeans and a purple shirt: "It's rude to listen to other people's conversations, too." Started Kiyan. "Sorry about that, but that's what I do everytime someone mentions Seth.

He's my best friend." "Oh…" "Name's Gary. Gary Robinson." "Robinson?" wondered Fabio, "Wait a minute, you're our english teacher's son, aren't you?" "So, Gary. Tell man bonks his oriental adorable gf hardcore and blowjob about Seth.

He's cool right?" asked Kiyan. "Heck yeah! You're his new friend, Kyo?" "It's Kiyan." "Oh, sorry. Seth says you're ok. You should hang out with us once in a while." "Well… I'll think about it." Answered Kiyan. "Look, you know that gym building we have right behind the school?" "Yeah, I know. What about it?" "Seth and I hang out in a spot behind that building.

No one goes there, besides me and Seth. If you ever wanna hang out and join the group, just meet us there during recess. We usually go there during class too, when it's a totally boring day, like now. We're meeting up there in a few minutes and we're staying 'till sunset.

Meet us there, if you feel like it." "Ok, thanks." Said Kiyan. Gary walked away. After a while, the teacher still didn't show up, neither did Jake. Kiyan suddenly spoke to Fabio: "Look, I'm going to the bathroom. Be right back." "Don't take too long, teacher should be here any second." Kiyan ran to the bathroom, most of the students were already in class, so the hallways were almost empty. On his way to the bathroom, Kiyan looked out the window and saw Jake with one of the girls from class: "Man, girls just don't know when to give up, do they?" thought Kiyan to himself, then something happened… The girl kissed Jake on the lips, and Jake was kissing back, with his hands on her waist.

The girl lays her hands around his neck. Then, the one thing that broke Kiyan's heart… Jake was smiling at the girl after the kiss and kissed her with more passion! "But why is he…!?" thought Kiyan. "Hey, Kiyan, hurry up, teacher's coming!" screamed Fabio.

Fabio ran to the boy and continued. "Hurry up, the teacher just got into the classroom. What's wrong, Kiyan?" "How could he…?" Kiyan kept wondering. "Is that Jake over there? Wow, looks like he got a girlfriend. And wow! Is she hot!" Fabio's comments about the girl got into Kiyan's brain and kept ecoing. "I gotta go." Said Kiyan all of a sudden.

"Where you going? We have class right now!" Kiyan start running outside the school and bumped against Jake, who was on his way to the classroom. "Hey buddy, what's the hurry?" asked Jake.

Kiyan looked at his eyes for a second and felt a lot of things at the same time, he felt love, friendship and trust, all mixed up around hatred, betrayal.

Kiyan couldn't describe what he felt, and a small tear revealed itself in Kiyan's eye. "You ok, Kiyan? What's wrong?" asked Jake with a worried tone. "Was it Seth that started messing with you?

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I told you he was bad news." "It's not Seth. It's you! I hate you!" screamed Kiyan with tears falling down his eyes. Kiyan ran as far as he could from the school. Jake looked behind him and saw Fabio, with a worried look on his face: "What the heck was that?" asked Jake with a worried tone.

"I don't know, man." Said Fabio. "First, he was going to the bathroom, then he stopped and looked outside and saw you with Ashley and then he just exploded." Said fabio, trying to explain what he could.

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"You mean he… He saw me kiss her?" "Guess so. Why would he freak out cuz of…? Oh, wait! Don't tell me. Kiyan's a fag?" Jake grabbed Fabio by his shirt. "Don't call him that, you hear me!?" asked Jake with an angry tone. "Hey, easy man!" Jake let go of Fabio, and went outside the school and look around, Kiyan was no where to be seen.

"Oh shit…" said Jake in his mind. Part 3: Hunter Lawrence Kiyan was walking around, with the images of his lover kissing a girl with the same passion as when he kissed him.

"He said he didn't like girls…" said Kiyan to himself "He said he only loved me…" Kiyan kept walking around until he could see the gym building. After looking at it for a while, Kiyan went back to school. Jake was no where to be seen, neither was Fabio. Kiyan went to the playing fields, and walked to the gym building, and went behind the building and got to the spot, where he found 3 boys talking. The boys' talk ceased immediately and one of the boys, wearing a black leather jacket and black jeans, with spiky blond hair, stood up and went towards Kiyan: "Wrong hot brunette teen is fucked by her girlfriend who uses a strap on to be, pal.

Wanna get your ass kicked or what!?" shouted the boy. Another boy standed up and spoke: "Easy Hunter, he's a friend of mine." Kiyan recognized the voice and looked behind the boy. It was Seth, and Gary was also there. "Friend of yours?" asked the spiky blond haired boy.

"Yeah. Kiyan, this is Hunter Lawrence. Hunter, meet Kiyan Roberts." "Did I said you could bring friends to OUR spot?" said Hunter with an angry tone looked slowly towards Seth. "Trust me on this one, Hunter." "Hmph… Fine, then." Said Hunter, looking back at Kiyan.

"Still, he can't be here unless he's part of the group." "Let him take the test, Hunter, so he joins us." Said Gary. "W-what test?" asked Kiyan. "Don't worry Kiyan, it's nothing bad, really." Said Seth. "You been cryin', pretty boy?" asked Hunter with his bad mood tone, looking at the marks of tears on his face.

"N-no. I… was wondering… If I can join you guys." Asked Kiyan. "You wanna join, you take the test. Kinda simple, really." Said Hunter, as he sat on his side on the spot, and continued: "Come here, Kay." "Kay?" "Yeah, Kiyan sounds too lame.

If you pass the test, we're calling you «Kay» from that moment on. That a problem?" asked Hunter "N-no, of course not." Said Kiyan, who now went closer to Hunter and standed in front of him.

"All right, Kay. Start strippin'." Said Hunter, who was grabbin' a cigarette and started lightning it up. At first, Kiyan felt unsure about it, but then thought there was nothing to lose now, after all Seth was there, and according to Fabio, Seth is a really cool guy, so Kiyan took off his jacket, his red t-shirt and stripped down his pants.

Nothing left besides the shoes and underwear. Hunter continued: "Everything, Kay." "Huh… O-okay." Said Kiyan and took off the underwear and the shoes.

While Hunter was smoking his cigarette, he was lookin' at Kiyan up and down. Then, he continued: "All right, you got balls, after all." Said Hunter with a teasing tone. Both the other boys started laughing. "All right Kay, here's the test." "I thought stripping was the test" thought Kiyan to himself. "Come closer." Said Hunter. Kiyan got closer and closer, until Hunter said stop, Kiyan was standing between hunter's legs.

"On your knees." Continued Hunter. Kiyan went down on his knees, still looking at the boy right in the eyes. "Now, here's the test: Gimme a BJ. And make it worth it, Kay." Said Hunter. Kiyan was unsure if he should really do it, but then, he started unziping airi momose has nipples pinched and aroused cunt fucked big time transparent and fingering boy's black jeans and took out his hard dick, which was quite bigger than his hand.

Kiyan started sucking it slowly and Hunter closed his eyes while still smoking. Then, the boy spoke up: "This is no Valentine's Day, pal. What are you waiting for!?" screamed Hunter and grabbed the boy by his long hair and forced him to swallow the whole dick into his mouth. Then, the boy pulled him back up and pushed him down again violently and fast. After a while, Hunter started moaning, which according to Seth, was quite rare. Hunter never moaned with a guy giving him a blowjob… Until now.

Hunter came, and Kiyan was forced to swallow all the cum. "All right, Kay, get dressed." Said Hunter, while going back to his cigarette, which he left on top of a rock for a bit. "So, am I in?" asked Kiyan. Hunter continued smoking for a few minutes, while the boy dressed and then spoke: "Guess what, Kay. After the test, you were supposed to be our lackey.

We would sunny leone bf sex stories pc fun of you as much as we wanted and when he told you to give us a BJ, you would do it. Well guess what, one hell of a BJ I got today, I'm in a good mood, besides joining our group, you'll be my right arm from now on." "Wow, Hunter! I thought you never wanted someone as your right arm again. After what happened with Ja…" "Shut up, Seth!" screamed Hunter.

"Don't you even dare saying his name, or I'll cut off your sorry balls right here!" Hunter threw away his cigarette and stood up: "Well, Kay. Since you're gonna be my special buddy, we need to get you "properly" dressed. How much cash you got?" "I got some. What for?" asked Kiyan. "Hmm. Know what?

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Forget about it, I'll pay. We'll get you some nice clothes, Kay. You need some style, if you're hanging out with me now." Said Hunter with a smile on his face. Kiyan smiled back. "C'mon, boys, let's go give our new friend some proper clothes." Kiyan felt he belonged somewhere once again. This new group seemed to care about him, enough to give him a nickname right from the start. Yep, this is where Kiyan wants to be. "Kiyan is no more, now it's Kay for the low lifes!" he said to himself, which seems to be give him some excitement… To Be Continued FOR THE READERS: Stories take time to write and besides posting them, the have to be validated, which takes at least 2 days, so if you enjoy this story, please be ashley adams getting wet with ashley. And thanks for reading.