Cocu encul par un germane

Cocu encul par un germane
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The week went by slow as fuck. I didn't like it. Between all night band practices and trying not to drool all over O'Rion, I guess i could say my senior year was off to a good start. Saturday rolled around and I slept in until about 3pm. Stupid curtains. I forgot my grandma replaced my old ones with some curtains that completely blocked out the sunlight. It was pitch black in my room. I woke up and stepped out of bed fully nude. My cock was standing straight out.

I smiled and lightly stroked it.

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I had dreamed that O'Rion was just about to suck my dick at the school's stadium before McKale popped up out of no where and started preaching to us about homosexuality. Thinking about that part instantly killed my boner. To hell with him. bastard. I turned up the dimmer switch and checked my phone.

4 missed calls from Delilah, a few friend requests on Facebook, 3 good morning texts and a picture message from O'Rion. I grinned as big a crack addict about to get stoned as I downloaded it. Oh. It was just a "hey".

Fuck. I replied with "Hey. Empty message huh?" I unplugged my phone and went to get in the shower. Under the warm spray I started thinking about him again. I imagined him kissing me and I staring rubbing all over my chest. I let out a small moan and let my hand travel down to my dick.

I pretended like he was playing with my balls while I was jerking off. My legs bucked as I shot rope after rope of thick, hot cum onto the wall. I was breathing heavily as I slid down the back of the shower and into the floor letting the hot water rain on me. A slutty bffs gina valentina and ashley adams share one cock pornstars big dick hour passed by before I got out of the shower and dried off.

I slipped on some basketball shorts and checked my phone again. He replied. "Yeah. My bad." "Oh its koo. Whasup?" "Bored af. Can I ask you something?" "Shoot :)" "Doe's your friend know where any parties are going down tonight?" "I could throw one?" "really???" "Maybe. I'll get back to you" I toss my sidekick aside and turn on the TV from the bed. Being the lazy person i am on weekends, I picked up my phone and called the house phone.

My grandma picks up the phone. "What." "hey are you still going to that church thing later on?" "Watch Night service?

hell yeah! all night and most of tomorrow." "Sooo like 6 tonight until noon tomorrow right? "Damn right, did you wanna go?" "Nah, I don't fell good" "Kayy." I hang up and text O'Rion.

"Tell u what. i can throw the party, but whabout the drinks?" "I'll handle that" "Kay :) Be over here at 8 so you can help me set up" "alrite :D" I smile and I text my groupies and tell them to bring some people to my house around 9 because I'm throwing a kick-back. She says okay and I roll off the bed and start cleaning up the house and picking out clothes. 8 rolls around and my grandma's been gone for the last 4 hours. He rings the doorbell. i bolt clear across the house and open the door.

He hands me a giant backpack and tells me what's inside. He went to the corner store and got a bunch of shit from his cousin who works there. I smile and put the drinks in the fridge. We push all of the furniture in the living room up against the walls, and I lock up the bedrooms. We both plop down on the couch and start talking. He was complaining about being an office aide. The whole time though, I was wondering how I could get in his pants tonight.

I think he finally caught on that I wasn't paying attention and said something random. He caught me off guard and asked what was up. "Well, O'rion, you really wanna know?" "Yeah." "Well, you know I'm gay right?" "yeah, I mean. look at you!" (We both start laughing) "Well there's this guy thats coming over tonight, but he's straight.

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I really wanna get to know him but you know how that is" "Yeah, I had a gay dude crush on me before. Even let him suck me off" "Really? wow." Delilah and a group of kids from school walk in and started talking loud as hell.

I turned on the Slow Night Jams station and took the drinks out of the fridge and put them on the table in kitchen. It was officially time to get stupid! :D By the time 4am came about, everyone was wasted as hell and some kids were scarfing down special brownies that Meeka brought. i told everyone to go home because the cops were on the way and everyone scrammed, leaving the house a wreck.

O'Rion and Delilah helped me clean up and pour out all the left over drinks. She left but O'Rion asked if he could stay over for the day.

I smiled and approved. Before I knew it, he stripped down to his boxers and said "last one to your shower is a rotten bastard". I fell out laughing. I watched his ass bounce back and forth as he ran to the bathroom. I picked up his clothes and took them to my room.

He was in the shower already and asked me how to turn it on. I stood at the door and yelled "Pull it out and turn it left for hot and right for cold". It was silent for a moment before he opened the door buck naked and told me to come inside. I stood there in disbelief before he dragged me in. He closed the door and shoved me up against it. he bluntly said "You're a fag right?" "Yeah. And?" "Help me out?" "how?" "Oh you know how." With that he pushed my down onto my knees and slapped me with his dick.

It was thick! And it had to fuck a beach babe and lick her asshole hardcore and reality at least 8 inches! I opened my mouth and he grabbed my head and started fucking my throat. I was enjoying every moment of it. I could tell he was too by the way he was moaning.

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I could smell the musk from his pubes and the sweat from his giant balls clapping up against my chin. He panted "look. up. at. me. fucker." I Looked up at him and he increased his speed. A few minutes later he was cumming down my throat.

I couldn't keep up and it started ozzing out the sides of my mouth. It was really really sweet. I swallowed what i could before he leaned down and licked the rest of it off my cheeks.

I looked up into his eyes and he was smiling down at me. He stepped into the showed and turned the water on. "You know, for your first time over here, you sure are ballsy huh" He looked at me with a wide grin and said "Just get in the damn shower with me."