Julie and melissa are two trailer thrash step sist

Julie and melissa are two trailer thrash step sist
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Several incidents and people are based on me, my life and experiences when I was young, so Randy renae cruz gets her panties spunked am enjoying embellishing them with fantasy elements and sharing them.

Thanks I appreciate the responses and comments about the story. Keep'em coming. Ok so here are PARTS 1-4. I had to put all four up, because part 2 was not at all to my liking because unfortunately, I posted and saved the unedited text, instead of the one I meant to post.

So of course, I emailed to see about editing and or deleting but we'll see how that goes… Part 3 is a bit wordy to set up for future adventures so please bear with it. Paley, Jake, Lucky, Karen AND Evie are going to be getting into a lot of things. I revised just a little bit here and there to accommodate the continuing story so I hope you like it. If you already read 1&2 (and don't want a refresher), skip to the bottom for the rest.

(of course :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ HOUSE GUESTS o PART ONE o Jake Maes college ki ldki k sth jabardasti boobs kissing ki story 17, tall, 6'4 already. Lean and athletic, but he was laid back and liked to work as little as possible. His wild sandy blonde hair styled to look like he had just rolled out of bed.

It hung low in his face so much so that his gray eyes were hardly visible. But his face was beautiful, with a strong jaw, piercing gray eyes under heavy lids always gave him the look like he didn't give a damn and most of the time he didn't. As it was, now he should have been in bed sleeping for the next day at school but that wasn't happening. Evie Maes, Jake's mom had been friends with Karen Larsen all through school and Karen was going through a divorce.

Karen actually had a son too who had opted to stay with his father in another state. Karen was just getting back on her feet with Paley, her 11 year old daughter; and four months prior Evie had invited them to stay on until that happened. Evie was divorced too and had gotten a huge 5 bedroom 5 ½ bath home in the process from Jakes hd pornpros pretty teen chloe amour gives a messy blowjob, plus alimony each month.

Maes' had no worries as far as money went. Jake had been very resentful when Karen and Paley moved in, he hot young russian couple having sex on webcam watch part on that he couldn't be the lay about he was used to being.

Karen often looked at him with disdain when he talked back to his mother. He heard them talking about him and Karen suggesting that Evie not overlook his actions but instead punish him.

Jake hated Karen within a week and wanted them out as soon as possible. Paley had never really bothered him though. Most of the time it was as if she wasn't there. She normally kept to herself, in her own room. Whenever Jake came in the living room demanding to play games or watch TV, she quietly left without a fuss. She was only 11 but she was already 5' slim and a nice set of breasts, a full round C cup.

Her skin was the color of caramel and she large hazel eyes, and long curly black hair she kept in a braid that hung down her back. She smiled all the time, which kind of creeped Jake out, though she rarely spoke. Right now, Jake was only in his black boxer briefs, ear pressed, listening at the door. It was well after 11pm and Paley Larsen, the 11 year old girl on the other side of the door was moaning lightly, she did this every single night.

Luckily, for him, each of their mothers stayed on the opposite end of the large home, but Jake took care still to be as quiet as possible. He had a room at the very end of the hall. Paley's was at the beginning of the hall just as the top of the stairs, so when he was heading down to get something to eat one night he noticed it; his dog Lucky was sitting at her door his nose up in the air.

Jake thought nothing of it but when he came back upstairs and the dog was still there pacing, before he scratched at the door and sniffing the air again. Jake had stepped close to the door and heard the muffled moans of the girl, at first he thought she may be having a bad dream until he heard the frantic moan of an orgasm.

He had already brought quite a few girls to their own, so there was no mistaking it. But Paley was just a kid and the thought instantly stiffened his cock. Lucky was a huge Alaskan malamute with his white fur offset with the trademark gunmetal gray fur and piercing ice blue eyes. The dog took an immediate liking to Paley which annoyed the hell out of Jake. The dog obviously knew of her appetites since she first moved in with her mother, because the dog followed her incessantly since.

Jake had often gotten lewd chuckles seeing the dog nose the little girl's privates as she tried to push him away. But now it all made sense.

Since he had heard her masturbating, she had piqued Jake's interest even move and he jerked off almost every chance he got thinking about her. He had been listening every night now, and the girl was insatiable. She could go for hours. His cock was hard thinking about the little pre-teen feverishly fingering herself to orgasm after orgasm.

He wanted to know what her little pussy looked like, was it still bare or was there hair growing. He was for sure she was still a virgin; her mother was much too protective.

But now, just jerking off thinking of the little girl wasn't working anymore. And as hot as the girl he was dating was, he had developed a taste for the awkward yet overdeveloped girl living right in his home. And he wouldn't be able to rest until he had her. He had been listening at the door for about 40minutes now and he needed to take a look. But he in no way wanted to freak the girl out. Without thinking, Jake turned the knob slowly closing his eyes as if to hide himself and the sound of the turning knob from the panting girl.

There was a short wall that blocked instant view to the rest of the room. But there was a dim light coming from the window, the moon was shining in like a beacon. Once Jake was inside, he realized the room smelled like sex, her scent though faint permeated the air. And his ears were filled with sweet sounds of the climaxing girl and his cock lurched on his boxer briefs. He rubbed his chest absently as he stood silently, back against the wall and peeked around the corner.

His eyes instantly widened in lustful delight. Paley was stark naked, her full C cup breasts perky, round and bouncing wildly. Her dark nipples hard as bullets. Her small waist accentuated the already flaring hips of a girl much older. Her thin thighs were straddling a large teddy bear; the bear was almost as big as she was. The eyes, of her beautiful pixie like face, were closed, her moist full lips parted as she panted and her hips were grinding wildly on her stuffed lover.

Her body was covered in a soft sheen of sweat as her it moved frantically. Jake was frozen, his heart pounding; his blood boiling over with lust. It was all he could do to stop himself from attacking her, his cock throbbed in front of him.

He had never seen anything so erotic in his life, she was completely un-inhibited, and not realizing or caring how beautiful she was; just grinding furiously to her orgasm, that was close by the way she was moaning and panting.

Jake's cock was aching straining in his boxer briefs as he licked his lips. Her hair was down and wild all over her head. She was a wanton sight of lust, caught up in her mounting orgasm. His eyes roamed over her body, lithe nubile quivering as she rolled her hips, she grabbed at her breast frantically, roughly. Gone was the calculated posing and preening of an older teen aged girl that already knew how to posture, tease and look coy.

This little girl was just animal need and lust in its pure form. Jake was so caught up in the sight of the young girl, he hadn't closed the door and Lucky trotted past him and on to Paley's bed just as she was cumming, convulsing and moaning.

Lucky sat there with his huge wet tongue out, watching her as if waiting for his turn. It was several seconds before Paley, coming down from her orgasm, finally noticed the dog. "Ahh, Lucky what are you doing in here?" She exclaimed in a hushed voice. She was surprised more than anything was, jumping off the teddy bear and grabbing Lucky by the collar.

Jake had to think fast, if Paley made it to her door and saw him there. "Lucky?" he said faintly as if to make it sound like he was calling from the hallway. Paley froze. Panic spreading. She began looking around. "Lucky?" Jake said again seeing Paley let the dog go and struggling to look for her night gown, she had gone to bed in. "Paley?" Jake said stepping into view. Paley scrambled under the covers and pulled the sheets up to her neck. "Oh, I'm sorry to wake you." Jake said innocently, trying to hide his smile but not his erection.

"No, it's ok. Lucky got in." She said nervously, hoping that Jake hadn't seen her naked or anything else for that matter. "Really?" He said not taking his eyes from her.

Lucky was sniffing the teddy bear still lying the on the bed and licking the still fresh thick honey of the young girl from the synthetic fur. "No, Lucky stop." Paley said trying to protect her toy and not call attention to the evidence of her carnal activities. She was also so nervous that Jake was in her room. He rarely talked to her and she knew he didn't really care for her or her mom.

"You still sleep with a teddy bear?" Jake asked staring at the frightened girl. "Ah. sometimes I get scared being in this big house." She lied; she didn't know what else to say.

But she didn't want him to get any closer to her bear yet she didn't know how to stop him. Then Paley saw it. Jakes bulging erection, it wasn't hard to make out now that he was standing in the moonlight that was flooding her room.

She stared for a long moment, her mouth watering, and her heart beating very fast and not because of her wet, dirty teddy bear anymore. She felt her mound flood with thick warmth as lightness filled her belly causing it to flip with delight. She had never seen a real boy's penis, only pictures, but she wanted now to see Jakes.

Her teddy was becoming less and less interesting. She began to think it would have been nice to have Jake to rub up against instead of the same old bear every night. She had seen Lucky's penis, all pink and slick peeking out of its sheath when he got excited watching her play with her teddy bear.

He had tried to mount her one time and it had scared her. She didn't dare tell her mom but that's why he wasn't allowed in her room overnight. "Do you want me to put it next to you?" Jake walked around the bed white teen hairy pussy creampie first time disobeying daddy picked up the toy up, seeing the fresh nectar still glistening in the dim light of the room. "That's okay," she said pulling the blankets to her throat, and pulling her eyes from his cock.

"You can put it down though." She didn't want him investigating too much. "Are you sure? " She nodded her head. " I'll put it away for you." Jake turned his back to her heading the corner of the room where he had seen the toy sitting so many times before, who would have known the girl left her sex toys out in plain sight.

He held it up his nose taking a deep breath. Oh yeah he would have to have some of this girl himself. He turned back around, Lucky was still on the bed nosing at the sheets where the girl lay, while she tried to shoo him away and cover herself at the same time. The room was full of her scent and Lucky was going crazy.

Jake smiled seeing the dog's cock peeking from its sheath. To the side of the bed Jake saw the discarded night shirt. "Did you need this?" He picked it up holding it up over the bed so she would have to reveal herself if she reached for it.

Paley lay rigid. Afraid to breathe. Did he know? "Are you naked?" "Ah… "She stuttered. "I got hot." She continued clearly distressed, hoping that would cover for the night gown being on the floor. "Are you still hot or did you want to put it on?" Paley seeing that things were getting out of control as Lucky still nosed and nudged at her, snuggled in the sheets.

Pouting she said. "I'm still hot." Jake seeing her so uncomfortable, pushed further. "Do you want Lucky to stay in here with you tonight if you're scared?

He's safer than that bear." Paley was terrified, what if Jake had seen her, seen her naked. What if he knew what she did with her stuffed toys? What if he knew what she and Lucky did before she put him out every night? He'd think she was a bad girl.

He'd tell her mom. Then they'd have to move out and Paley was happy here. "No, I'm fine." She said on the verge of tears. What was she going to do? The fear welling didn't escape Jake, but he said goodnight and he and Lucky left the room. He immediately beat off three times thinking of the little girl straddling her toys as Lucky sat in the corner of the on his dog bed licking his balls.

Jake knew he'd have to find some way to let her know she didn't have to use those toys to play with. x "Good morning, Jake." Jake stepped into the kitchen the next morning; he had stayed up a bit too late listening to Paley and even later stroking himself. But it was worth it. "Hey, mom." Jake replied to Evie Maes his mother who looked like she was in her late 20s though she was pushing in to her late 30s.

She was a strawberry blonde with huge tits and a nice tight ass. She was one of the reasons he was so popular as school. His mother had become such a hot topic he had stopped inviting friends over. With Karen and Paley, living there it had made it easier as well to not have his male friends over. Paley was already up and dressed her school uniform with a plaid skirt and busty ebony babe fucked pornstars and blowjob. She was at the breakfast table sitting beside her mom as Evie was sipping on a cup of coffee.

"Take Lucky for a walk and hurry back, for breakfast." Jake stood there staring at Paley. If only they knew. "Jake honey, hurry." His mom said snapping him out of his daze. "What? Oh, right." He said slapping his leg at Lucky who was circling by the front door ready to go out. Jake got his leash and secured it on Lucky collar and they headed out.

He walked mindlessly behind Lucky as the huge dog pulled him down the street stopping every few feet to sniff a tree or the grass before taking care of his business and moving on. When Jake returned he was still lost in thought, he couldn't for the life of him find a good way to get Paley alone long enough to fuck her without her freaking out.

Summer break was coming up and he may be able to get to her then but that was almost a month away and he couldn't wait that long. He rose from his breakfast to staring at Paley, though no one could tell with his hair hanging in his face.

Paley was quiet as usual only responding for the most part when she was spoken to or to Lucky sitting by her at the breakfast table. "You finished eating sweetie?" Karen asked her daughter. "Hmm." Paley replied with a smile. She couldn't look Jake in the face but every time he stood, her eyes trailed to his crotch.

Her little pussy tingled in excitement. "Alright, go get your things and I'll drop you off at school." Jake stood still, lost in thought ready to gather his things as well.

"Jake hold on I need to talk to you." Evie said somberly. Karen looked at Evie, but didn't make eye contact with Jake. He knew something was up "Ah, I'm gonna make sure that Pay has everything." Jakes eyes narrowed as she watched Karen leave.

For an instant, Jake thought it was about the incident last night in Paley's room. That little bitch wouldn't tell not after what I saw, he thought.

"What's up?" "It's about this weekend." He had plans to go to the lake with some friends; he had been planning it for a few weeks. "Yeah, what about this weekend?" His eyes narrowed even more. "You know that Karen's been through a hard time these last few months?" "Yeah we never hear the end of it." "Jake that's not fair." "What's not fair is her coming in and acting like she owns the place." "The point is Jake I'm, we are helping her get back on her feet which means she needs some time to just unwind without Paley around so I'm taking her on a spa weekend." Jake knew that his mother's spa weekends meant, spa treatments, drinking and fucking who knows what and now she was taking Karen, who probably needed a good fuck.

Maybe she'd get the stick out of her ass. But then who was gonna take care of Paley? "That brings me to Paley. I need you to watch her this weekend." "WHAT?! No way. I had plans." "I know but this is important, you guys can go to the lake next weekend. My treat. But this weekend I need you to stay home and watch Paley." "Why can't her dad watch her?" Evie Maes rarely got angry and but when she did she could be a real bitch.

She narrowed her eyes daring Jake to make another outburst, seeing no reason to go into details why she needed her son to do her this one favor.

Jake knew that look, his mother was giving him and his blood ran cold. He was furious, his mother had made up her mind and he was going to watch Paley whether he liked it or not. How could she pick that bitch Karen over her own son? Lucky trotted in and sat by Jake's leg as if for support after hearing the shouting.

Jake calmed almost immediately, though his back was to his mother and she didn't notice. He would be home all weekend with Slender cutie poses for a nudist beach voyeur. His mind immediately began going over all the things he could do with the little girl.

He tried to suppress the wicked grin curling on his lips. "How long are you guys gonna be gone?" He turned back around still looking angry though he was quite happy now. "Well Monday is a holiday so… Not until Monday evening." Four days with a horny dog and a soon to be willing victim. "This isn't fair mom, it really isn't." He said trying hard xxx sex sony story hb story still sound angry.

It was all he could do to not laugh. Serves that bitch right I'll have her daughter all weekend and I may let my dog fuck her too. "Knock. Knock." Karen said coming back in the room looking guilty. "Is everything ok?' Jake narrowed his eyes but gave a fake plastic smile.

"Of course." He said. "I'll do it for you mom." He said kissing her on the cheek and leaving with Lucky following behind him He waited behind the door listening. "So?" Karen asked with a smile in her voice.

"He said yes, he's a good kid. I told you." "I'll tell Paley tonight when I tuck her in that we're leaving tomorrow right after work. She'll be no trouble &hellip." They continued to talk as Jake quietly headed out the door to school.

x Jake was a wreck as school, he couldn't be bothered with anything now except planning for this weekend. He made up some excuse that he had to go with his dad out of town for the weekend. Not wanting any of his friends showing up at his house to disturb him and Paley.

His current girlfriend Chelsea was devastated. He had promised a weekend full of fucking and now she pouted all day long about how she wasn't going to get any. He was sure that was a lie as Chelsea was already cozying up to one of his friends. Which was fine by him, she liked to keep up too much drama which was more troubles than she was worth. Once he got things with Paley started he was sure he would have sex whenever he wanted without all the theatrics.

Jake was home long before anyone else and went to go through Paley's room. While at school, the idea of seeing the little girl again had overtaken him and he decided to record her so he set up a small camcorder on the top shelf of her bookcase behind some toys. He had it set to display simultaneously on his laptop as it recorded.

He could watch her all night now. It irked him that he hadn't thought of it sooner. It seemed like forever before everyone else got home and Jake kept acting pissed, scowling at Karen. Dinner was uneventful and Jake headed upstairs right after Karen told Paley it was her bedtime, he had rushed into Paley's room and started the camcorder and made sure the recording light couldn't be seen before he rushed down the hall to his own room.

He sat down at his desk and lifted his laptop open. He had a great view of the girl's whole room. His cock was already hard as he watched her undress, tossing her dirty clothes into a pile then heading tobi pacific is tiny solo girl pornstar the bathroom.

She stayed in there for about 20 minutes before she emerged, her long dark hair wet and clinging to her, wrapped in a towel which she promptly took off. Her body was beautiful, womanly curves already appearing, her stomach was flat and supple and her breasts that were already a handful; she turned as if putting herself on display toweling herself off exposing her round tight bottom. He imagined himself burying his face between her upturned cheeks. She turned back around and dropped the towel in the hamper and he got a good look at her mound it was still hairless for the most part, only a few wispy black strands showing so far.

Paley slipped on her small white panties and a long red t-shirt. Then she brushed her hair before braiding it on either side of her head.

Then she brushed her teeth and headed to her bed. "Mom, I'm ready." She shouted. She was tired of being tucked in, but it seemed to be nice for her mom so she kept it up. Lucky trotted in first and sat at the end of her bed.

Paley stroked him absently. "Hey sleepyhead, ready for bed?" Karen said walking in the room. "I guess." Karen wasn't bad to look at, Jake noted; when she had arrived, the stress of the divorce had taken its toll on her emotionally and physically. But now she was looking more and more refreshed every day. She had lost 20 pounds and her wonderful trim figure was on full display in the tight shirts and dresses she wore, and seemed to be getting younger looking.

Jake was sure she was hoping the spa trip would also leave her cunt feeling fully stuffed and refreshed, too. She had an hourglass figure and huge breasts so it wasn't so unusual that Paley was already so well developed, also. "I have to tell you something. I'm going to hang out with Aunt Evie this weekend." "Cool, what are we going to do?" Paley loved her 'aunt' she always said weird sexy things that made her mother blush. "No, baby, it's just gonna be me and Evie." "What am I gonna do?

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Paley said pouting. Is daddy coming to get me?" "No, baby, daddy's not coming to get you. You know he works too much. You and Jake are gonna stay here this weekend and hang out together. Won't that be fun?" "No." Paley huffed. "Why not?" "I don't think he likes me?" "Don't be that way Pay.

Jake likes you a lot. He welcomed us to stay here with he and his mom, right?" Paley shrugged; the idea of her mom being out of reach for a whole weekend wasn't comforting. "He's a nice boy and I'm sure he likes you. Lucky likes you." Paley's eyes widened as Lucky who had jumped off the bed when Karen came in and began sniffing the huge stuffed bear in the corner of the girl's room. "No, Lucky stop." The girl said.

Lucky looked at her sniffed again and then sex sitar bathe my mathe at the end stacked gilf lexi rides a big boner the bed.

"Both you and Jake love Lucky right? So you have that in common. Plus you have my phone number Evies's phone number and your father's phone number. But Jake said he wanted to hang out with you this weekend.

You guys are going to have all types of fun." "Did he really say he wanted to hang out with me?" Paley was interested hearing that and thinking back to the huge bulge in Jakes underwear. "Yeah, so you be a good girl for him ok? Do whatever he says ok?" Paley nodded apprehensively, though she was feeling excited now.

If Jake really did want to hang out with her maybe, she could find a way to see his penis. "Ok, I'll see you at breakfast but Aunt Evie and I are leaving right after work." "Alright." Karen kissed her young daughter on the forehead and tucked her in. "You want Lucky to stay in here with you?" Paley nodded. Jake sat up at his desk.

That was interesting. Karen turned off the light as she shut the door. Jake was smiling to himself. He knew exactly how to play it with Paley now, but why was she letting Lucky stay in the room now.

Paley lay on her bed stroking Lucky; he was used to the upcoming routine so he waited patiently for her to make the next move. x Jake stared at the monitor, the girl hadn't done anything for some 20 minutes; she was just laying there petting Lucky. He was beginning to think she had finally tired herself out or she was still freaked out about the night before.

He was just about to get up and take a shower, when he saw her sit up in the bed. Paley looked at her clock. She was so restless, so horny. She had been since last night, hell she always was restless and horny. Her body was all tingly and hot. She couldn't wait to touch herself. But she didn't dare start right away. It was an old habit from her home before moving here.

Her mom's room had been right down the hall from hers; and her mom often looked in on her a couple of times a night, but since they had moved into this huge house and her mom's room was all the way on the other side of it, it hadn't happened yet. But Paley was still a bit paranoid and often waited 30 to 45 minutes before she began. But today she was so horny.

Thinking about Jakes penis, she really wanted to see it now. He was so cool, tall and handsome and he was in her room last night and right under her covers, she had been naked. Right now, he was down the hall. Then there were the boys' at school, they had taken to grabbing her ass when she was standing in line at lunch though none of them paid her any attention any other time, The boy's hands on her groping her, she loved it. She wished they did it more often. She wished that she was one of the girls that were taken into the utility closet or under the bleachers to have boys kiss and fondle her.

But she had no such luck; she was overlooked for those types of activities because she was still new in school and hadn't really made any real friends yet.

If only they knew what else she liked to do. Though her breasts had made many admirers and some jealous enemies as stunning milf gets fucked in hardcore video. But because of all that arousal and no satisfaction, Paley had to wait until she got home alone to take care of it. She got out of bed and went to the door making sure it was closed.

The door did have a lock on it but she didn't use it. The thought of Jake coming back crossed her mind.

Maybe she wouldn't be scared this time. Not that he would be interested in a little girl like her. Her mom said he liked her but he never said anything to her and he was always mean and rude. Though he had seemed a little kind last night. Paley walked back to her bed and opened the curtain the let the moonlight shine in, Lucky was right at her heels.

She sat on the edge of the bed and opened her legs, her panties were already warm and wet; her nipples hard and poking out against the flimsy cotton t-shirt. Lucky took no time sitting between the little girl's legs and his head dipping under the long t-shirt and going straight for her crotch.

Paley moaned, her back arching. Jake sat wide eyed watching the monitor. Without even realizing it, he had taken his pants down around his ankles and was stroking himself furiously as he watched his dog rooting around between the little girls willing legs. Paley let him lick the fabric of her panties, enjoying the feel of his nose pressing against her and his tongue trying to get at her.

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This went on for several minutes. Then she sat up widening her legs even more and hooked her finger in the crotch of her underwear and pulled it to the side. Lucky wasted no time, his long smooth tongue gliding over the length of her tender glistening little slit. Paley moaned loudly, the dog's warm wet flat tongue felt so good on her bare skin, every time he did it.

She felt like she would melt it felt so good. Since Lucky had first licked her one night before her shower as she played with self, she had never felt anything so good. At first she felt bad that the dog did it, that she let him. But he seemed to like doing it and she liked him doing it. She told him as long as he didn't try to jump on her again he could lick her all he wanted to, and that's the way it was every night now.

Her heat was raising and Paley wanted to feel the dogs tongue all over her dripping slit she stood up pulled her shirt over her head and over the side and pulled her panties down. She wanted to get on all fours so Lucky would have better access to licking her ass as well but she knew he would easily mount her that way. She stood and turned her back spreading her leg wide and then spreading her cheeks so the dog could lick the puckered button of her ass.

Jake was on fire watching. The girl standing stretching her ass cheeks open so his dog could lap at her asshole. He was stroking his long thick cock furiously as he came a third time so far. Paley stood rolling her ass in the canines face as his tongue dug up her anus. It wasn't until Lucky reared up the she pushed him down and sat on the edge of the bed her legs wide open and let the dog lick her from the front.

Her tight little pussy was sopping wet. Lucky licking her always made her extra wet which made him lick more feverishly. His tongue sinking into her gushing pussy again and again, licking and slurping her insides until she cried out in a deep and violent orgasm, But the dog kept licking.

His own fever rising at the promise of mounting the bitch in heat. She lay back her head lolling as she rapidly rubbed her clit as Lucky continued to licking hungrily.

It felt so good, her whole body was tingling with delicious warmth. She looked down between her legs, her face contorted in anguished delight, watching the long tongue of the dog lap over her. She rolled her hips to meet the probing tongue.

Then time after time, Jake saw and heard the girl cum again and again. Lucky would pace in a circle on the floor his thick hard pink cock exposed and ready to fuck, but he couldn't reach her from the floor and when he jumped on the bed to get at her she chastised him and made him get on the floor again. Offering her sweet flowing pussy to eat but not to fuck. After almost an hour and with Lucky getting more agitated at licking and not being able to fuck, Paley grabbed him by the collar and led him out of her room.

No wonder the poor dog camped out there every night. The little bitch was a cock tease. Jake vowed to make sure that by Monday evening his dog would be fully satisfied by Paley's pussy just like he would be. He watched in awe as the girl mounted her trusty stuffed bear and began grinding wildly on to more orgasms until she finally lay down and went to sleep from exhaustion.

The next day Jake couldn't wait to get home. His friends were teasing him that he couldn't join them. He pretended to be upset; he couldn't very well tell them he was going to watch his dog eat out the little girl living with them then fuck the shit out of her. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ o PART 2 o Jake got home, just as they said, his mom and Karen were just leaving; they both gave him last minute instructions and cash, letting him know that Paley was already inside having a snack.

Jake still tried to look as if he were still upset with the idea but told his mom to have a good time and be safe before he watched them head down the street and turn the corner.

Then his face lit up. "Hey Paley, guess it's you and me this weekend." He said happily heading into the kitchen where the 11 year old was sitting at the table drinking a cup of milk. Paley was still in her school uniform, her hair up in a ponytail her books on the table. She turned to him sheepishly and nodded with a slight smile. Paley glanced down at Jakes crotch, her stomach fluttering at the prospect of possibly seeing his penis.

She had been preoccupied all day with how she could see it. She had thought of trying to catch him in the shower, or when he was sleeping. The crazy thought of just asking him also crossed her mind. She felt her nipples harden as a shiver of delight raced through her and she took a gulp of milk. "I'm glad I get to hang out with you." Jake continued in a charming voice.

Paley's face lit up instantly. "Really? I didn't think you liked me." "No, I think you're cool. Yeah, I know I've been kind of busy," he walked over to her and put his hand on her shoulder.

Paley shuddered with delight. Her tight little pussy flooding with warmth. "And it makes me a little mean sometimes." Jake continued feeling the little girl quiver under his touch. "So, I'm sorry for that but I really want us to be friends and have as much fun as we can this weekend. OK?" "Yeah." Paley stared wide eyed and smiling at Jake. The thought of him showing her his penis may actually come true, she thought. She smiled again. He could see her melting before his eyes.

This was going to be one of the best weekends of his life. "What do you want for dinner?" he had walked to the frig and opened the door. "Pizza." Paley story sex stories xxx 2019 com gleefully. "I'll order some as soon as I take Lucky for a walk." "Ok. Can I come with you?" "Of course, get your jacket." She smiled and seemed to skip from the kitchen into the living room to get her jacket.

Jake chuckled to himself. This is gonna be so easy. x He wasn't going to put anything into action until he got the call from his mom when she arrived at the spa some 200 miles away. So with traffic it would take them about 3 ½ to 4 hours.

Jake did his best to keep his passion in check. He took the evening slowly, doing his best sexy bridemaids hot orgy before the wedding day to ogle the young girl. Though she had become a little shadow to him, following him like a puppy, smiling happily up at him. She was pleasant as well, smart and very funny now that he was actually talking to her.

After dinner, Jake suggested that Paley get her shower out of the way and they could watch TV all-night in their PJs in the living room. He had already showered as well, stroking himself to some satisfaction in the hot water. The idea of things to come that night had him anxious and horny.

He put on a tank T and board shorts with no boxers, letting his semi hard 8" cock bob freely. He had cleaned up his room just in case their adventures took them there. He also had condoms standing by though he had no intention of using them. For Lucky, he had a thick pair of his socks ready to use so the dog wouldn't scratch up Paley's back when the time came.

He had been watching dog porn on his phone all day at school he definitely didn't want to leave any evidence. Lucky paced anxiously as the two males waited for the little girl to come from upstairs. When Paley finally arrived, she was a vision of lust. Her long curly jet black hair was down around her shoulders like a veil and she was wearing a long turquoise t-shirt that looked gorgeous set against her caramel colored skin, and panties underneath.

Her large breasts wobbling under the cotton fabric as she walked. She had an pixie like smile on her face. Jake's cock swelled immediately as he tried to avert his eyes. Lucky sat up straight staring at the beautiful little girl, his tongue hanging out of his mouth as her panted. She smelled fresh, like strawberries and her dark hair was still damp and clinging to her.

Her thick fan of eyelashes fluttered as she blinked her hazel eyes. She smiled up at Jake innocently as he stared at her, libidinous thoughts racing through his mind.

She was so petite next to his tall, lean muscled body and the thought of taking extra care not to hurt her once things got started crossed his mind. Jake was a bit rough when it came to sex, nothing violent but rough horseplay was what he liked. The two had a fun time filling the center of the huge living room with every pillow they could find. Then Jake proceeded in making them a blanket fort right in front of the huge 70" flat screen TV. Much to Cum in her asshole creampie compilation amusement, Paley wasn't much of a girlie girl and this basic stuff, set up by her new best friend already had stars in her eyes.

Jake noted that Paley was already the seductress though she didn't realize it as she rolled around playfully in the pillows, giggling and cooing as he put everything together.

Then right on cue at about 9 pm, his mom called. He checked the location services in his phone to make sure she was at the spa. He couldn't be too careful with what he was planning. The women were eager to start their weekend and didn't linger too long on the phone with either child. "Your mom still wants you to go to perfect model displays huge fanny and gets anus screwed early." Jake said sternly after finishing the call.

"Really?" Paley had been looking forward to staying up with her new best friend, and gloryhole blowjob from a gloryhole girl tube porn look of defeat spread across her face. "Yeah, but she's not here so we don't have to do that." Jake chuckled throwing the phone on the sofa, and sitting on a pile of pillows next to the little girl.

"Just when she asks tell her you did, ok?" "Ok." Paley said sitting down crossing her lean legs. Jake got a good look up her shirt seeing her stripped panties. He wondered if she was horny or not. The girl always seemed to be horny, so things were progressing nicely.

The two put on a movie and Jake took every opportunity to lightly touch or tickle the girl, getting her used to his touch. She responded beautifully, falling back into the plush surroundings giggling as Jake tickled her under her arms and her belly.

He was getting hornier and hornier as she wiggled and gyrated in his arms. Her lithe supple body was almost more than he could take.

It wasn't until his hand slipped under her shirt that she stiffened. Too soon. He thought as she sat up wide eyed; a nervous smile on her face and directed her attention to the TV. Paley was angry with herself, when Jake was tickling her it had felt so good, she didn't want it to end. Then she had felt his hand on her butt and was surprised by it.

She didn't know how to get him to start again. Jake put on a scary movie and Paley immediately nuzzled up against him as the movie started. Like clockwork though Lucky knew it was getting to the point when he would be able to lick the little girl's pussy.

As that time came and went, he became more anxious. Paley didn't notice curled up next to Jake watching the horror movie she had been forbidden from seeing, but Jake noticed. He was getting anxious too, enough of the cool older brother type shit had been going on that evening. Jake wanted to fuck. But he still had to ease the little girl into it. casting centerfold goes home after hardcore sex and asshole plowing amateur and babe Paley, if I show you something special will you promise not to tell?" Paley's eyes widened.

He might actually show me his penis without me having to ask she thought. "I won't tell," she said slowly, her panties flooding with moisture, her nipples stiffened instantly. "Cool I'll be right back." Within in a few minutes much to Paley's dismay Jake was still dressed.

But he brought in a disc and put it on the DVD player. "This is a movie I like to watch, you wanna watch it with me?" "Sure." Whatever Jake thought was cool, Paley was sure she would like as well. Jake had turned off all the lights in the house and Paley was sure it was another scary movie. Jake smirked taking the remote and sitting back down on the mountain of pillows, as Lucky continued to nudge and whine next to Paley.

He started the DVD. It was a porno and Jake started right in on the action. A beautiful thin katie st ives does handjob natural tits and small tits busty blonde was on all fours, sucking a guy off while another guy pounded her from behind. She moaned loudly swallowing the thick glistening long cock in front of her as the camera angle changed to show the close up of the other long wet cock pounding savagely in and out of the pink cunt from behind.

Jake looked over at Paley, her eyes wide, mouth open. Her chest was heaving as she sat transfixed. He could almost see her nipples get hard against the t-shirt she was wearing. She sat mesmerized for several minutes. "Do you like this type of stuff?" "Huh?" she was still staring at the screen. Her cheeks were flushed immediately. "Have you seen this type of stuff before?" "Not movies," she said still staring at the screen, her eyes wide trying to take everything in.

"Just magazines." "Do you like this?" he said touching her thigh, her skin was hot. Paley didn't hear the last question; Lust was coursing through her. Her body was on fire. She felt like she would burst. She felt her panties flooding with gush after gush of moisture, every part of her felt tingling and electric.

Her pussy was soo hardcore slut doing two cum loaded shafts and itching to be touched, she began to squirm where she sat. She had never seen anything like it, she wanted to touch herself, touch Jake.

But she couldn't. He liked these kinds of movies but she didn't look like the girl on the screen. Paley had nice breasts, she thought, but not compared to the big breasted girl on the screen. If he liked stuff like that, there was no way he would like her. A sense of fear that he may reject her came up. But that didn't stop the fire building in her, ready to consume her right there, she had to touch herself, the pressure was growing.

"Paley, you ok?" Jake asked the mesmerized girl as she absently licked her lips. Her small hands were clenched as she sat motionless for several seconds then. "I'll be right back!" She shouted jumping up and darting out of the room. That wasn't the reaction he was looking for but Jake got up to follow her as Lucky chased after her upstairs. Paley was in a lust filled panic, she had never been so turned on.

Her skin her body, her pussy was on fire. As she ran into her room grabbing her breasts frantically, she thought she would cum right then. Lucky was right behind her as she entered her room. His nose right under the skimpy t-shirt. She had never been so happy to see her furry friend.

She sat down where she stood; opening her legs lewdly and rubbing her hot wet panties feverishly, feeling the moisture gush under her fingertips. Her clit was engorged, hard yet sensitive and as Paley rubbed her finger across it, she came instantly. But the fire didn't stop even as she convulsed and moaned in delight. Her fingers that always satisfied her weren't enough. The sight of the girl with a penis pumping into her filled Paley's mind.

That's what she wanted. She wanted her insides to be filled up like that girl. She was so hot right now; she didn't care if Lucky mounted her. She wanted what the girl on the screen had, penises. Penises to suck, penises to be inside her, ramming inside her like pistons. Paley was in a lust filled haze as she hurriedly stripped off her panties, her legs wide and spread for the anxious dog, his cock pink eager cock exposed.

Paley wanted it. She wanted Lucky's doggy cock. She wanted to take it, wanted to suck it, and wanted it pounding into her like the girl on the TV. She wanted to know how it would feel buried deep inside her.

She gasped laying back hoping that dog would enter her. She was so ready. But Lucky was lapping hungrily between her legs and nothing more yet; she was a torrent of lusty nectar. She had never flowed this freely and it was all Lucky could do to keep up with the flood. Paley had her t-shirt up around her neck rubbing and grabbing at her tits fanatically, her head lolling back and forth oblivious to anything else but the overwhelming passion.

"What are you doing Paley?" Paley gasped, her heart seemed to stop. As she sat up with a jerk, a different panic spreading in her, pushing a bewildered Lucky from between her legs. "Ah. I- I." Heat of fear and embarrassment was filling her face now. Jake just stared at her, though he was shouting for joy inside. He had never seen anything so wild and erotic. This girl was a beast. But now he had the little girl right where he wanted her. "Please don't tell my mom." She pleaded, crying immediately from the shock of being caught.

Her cheeks flushed and rosy, pulling the t-shirt down and pressing her legs together. Jake took in the sight of the crying girl. She was soo sexy. "I don't know. Letting the dog lick you there." "Please I'm sorry. I won't do it anymore." She whimpered. "Please don't tell my mom, please." Still he said nothing just staring down at her in his most disapproving look.

"Please, Jake please." She cried tears streaming down her face. "Well, I won't only if…" "If want?" She wiped her eyes, sniffling. "If you let me lick it. Then you have to lick me." "What?" "You have to let me lick your pussy, the way you were letting Lucky lick it." His voice was a sensual growl now. " Then you have to lick my cock." He reached down and grabbed his swollen cock in his tented shorts. Paley relaxed immediately. "Really?" This wasn't sounding like a bad deal to Paley.

"Alright." That was easier than I thought. Jake said to publicagent nikki gullable student strips off the has sex in car. Jake wiped the little girls face, and kissed her several times on the cheeks before he lifted her up in his arms and carried her downstairs.

The movie was still playing and again Paley's eyes were glued to it. The heat in her fully re-ignited seeing the lewd explicit scenes. Jake, knelt down in front of her, he was so tall that even on his knees he was almost eye to eye with her. He lifted her t-shirt over her head and Paley looked at him.

"I want to lick everything." He said taking her breast in his hands and kneading them slowly. Paley stiffened at his touch. "Does that hurt?" "No." she shook her head smiling, as he stared at her and continued to squeeze her breasts before he took one of her hard nipples in his mouth and sucked.

Paley let out a loud mewl as she closed her eyes to the delicious sensation. Jake then took the other sensitive nub in his mouth sucking gently then nipping it. Paley watching him intently as his pink tongue slithered out of his mouth and around and around her hard brown nipples.

It felt so good, as pleasure rippled through her. Her pussy was so wet; her honey was dribbling down her thighs in rivulets.

"Oh." She opened her eyes looking to the wicked grin of Jake as he continued from one nipple to the other. Then he began stroking her whole body, hugging her, holding her close to him as his hands explored and caressed the young untouched virgin territory.

She smelled so good, he began kissing and suckling her all over. His hands grabbing her around small bottom and squeezing and stretching her tender flesh as she moaned against him.

The dangerous and salacious thought of being able to anything to the girl he wanted was almost more than he could take as his cock lurch almost violently in his shorts. Wild erotic passion was clouding his senses. Nothing like this had happened to Paley before, but she loved it. His kisses his tongue his large hands all over her body. She stood there like a statue as the beautiful strong boy groped and squeezed her.

She didn't know what she was supposed to do with her hands, so she let him do everything and just stood there enjoying it. "Do you want to touch me?" Jake asked. "Yeah." Paley bent reaching for his huge erection. "Oh really?" He chuckled. "Not yet." He kissed her softly on the cheek smiling at her eagerness and lifted her hands and resting them on his shoulders. Then he kissed her on the lips softly on her full lush lips. "Have you ever kissed anyone?" "No." she said shyly.

He held her face and kissed her again. She stood as still as a statue her lips pursed. "Just relax," he said with a smile. "Say your name." As she began. "Paley Mari-" Jake kissed her again, and she began kissing him back. His already steel hard cock seemed to get harder as the little girl kissed him.

He stuck his tongue in her mouth, and she froze again. "Relax. It's safe just relax, ok?" He said kissing her on the neck as he whispered to her. "Do the same thing to me." He kissed her on the lips again, she opened her mouth to him and he slid his tongue and she did the same to him.

He kissed her for several minutes as she began to relax in his arms. That would be something he could work on her with. It was only natural. She was used to doing thing by self to herself. She had to get used to having a partner. The newness, the rawness of the little girl was turning him on to new heights.

Her timidity was intoxicating, her willingness to do as he asked turning him on more and more. Jake began licking the little girl's neck, trailing kisses down her body as his hands traveled over her.

He felt her squirm, giggle and moan under is touch until he got to the apex of her legs. She took in a sharp breath as his hand grazed her mound. Jake grabbed the strong fuck with one massive dong girl by her waist and swung her around, laying roughly on a pile of pillows, her long dark hair fanning out behind her.

He knelt in front of her, opening her legs and stroking her thighs as his eyes raked over her body. Her slit glistening and flowing with honey and her pink clit was hard and visible in the puffy folds of her labia. Jake pushed her legs further open and sank down on to her, engulfing her flooded pussy with his mouth.

She was delicious, her scent and taste were so musky yet light. He began lapping at her like and animal. As enjoyable as Lucky's long tongue gliding over her was, the agile guided tongue of Jake was just as wonderful as it purposefully twirled around and tickled her clit.

Paley's toes curled as she moaned loudly under Jakes skillful tongue. It felt so good. His tongue moving between her legs and his hands stroking her thighs and body. Jake rolled the little girl roughly on to her belly, she squealed in delighted surprise as he did, lifting her small apple ass into the air and slapping it hard. She yelped as he buried his head between the two full cheeks lapping hungrily at her tiny tight asshole.

Paley's eyes widened, oh it felt absolutely wonderful. She closed her eyes slowly relishing the wonderful hot tongue of the boy as it poked into her and slurped at her skin.

She was delicious, he couldn't get enough of her supple brown skin, reaching around in front of her to grab her breasts. Jake missed no inch of her twirling his tongue at her ass, then gliding up to her swollen lips of her pussy and sucking roughly on her clit.

Jake flipped her back over and sunk down on her again, jabbing his tongue into her hot entrance. Paley wrapped madelyn marie preparing tfuck her best friend legs around his neck as he sucked on her clit. She bucked under him as a huge orgasm took her, causing her to moan deeply as her body stiffened before she began to jerk and convulse.

He kept sucking lightly until the girl pushed his shoulders to get him to stop. "Did you like that?" Jake sat up proudly looking at the still quivering girl. "Yes." She said breathlessly smiling up at him that he was her new king. Jake sat up on his knees and took his shirt over his head, and then he pulled his shorts down to reveal his long aching erect cock.

Paley's eyes were wide and eager. Her mouth gaping open staring at it, that's what she wanted to see. It was a rosy red, and not only was it long it was also rather thick more so at the bottom than the top and had veins raised along the surface. Jake had always been proud of his cock but he loved the way the lust hungry little girl was staring at him. Jake lay down beside her on his back, Paley never taking her eyes of his cock. "Lick it." She grabbed it eagerly. "Gently." He said wincing.

She lightened her grip smiling sheepishly as she stared up at him. "Lick it. It tastes good." Paley sat up on her knees, her hand at the base of his cock. It was some eight inches. Longer than her forearm. She didn't know why but she loved the way it looked. It was hard, yet fleshy and hot. It smelled nice, really nice too. It was already sticky and there was some goo coming out of the tip. Paley eagerly licked the red mushroom like head and Jake moaned in delight. She licked it again, Jake moaned again.

So she licked once more, then again and again. She loved the effect she was having on the boy. Paley bent down between his legs, her ass in the air. Lucky who had been pacing saw his opportunity present itself. He was getting tired of being left out and trotted over and began licking the young girl's ass.

"Eep." Paley sat up looking behind her. "Lucky, stop." She loose black whore needs it to be big waving her hand at the anxious dog to get him to stop. "You like when he licks you don't you?" She nodded shyly. "It's okay; I won't tell if you want him to lick you while you lick me." Paley was getting dizzy with delight, slowly turning her full attention back to Jake's cock, as Hot blonde babe gets slammed hard anally creampie and cumshot proceeded to lick her ass.

She licked the length of Jake shaft like a lollipop. She wasn't nearly as skilled as a high school girl was but it was the inexperience that was turning Jake on. The unpredictability of her tongue and hand, not to mention, looking up and seeing his dog eating out her ass. "Put it in your mouth and don't take it out until I tell you." He hissed as his balls tightened. Paley did as she was told.

"Suck!" Paley began to suck as if she was slurping on a straw and within seconds, the thick rod began to pulse and throb. Suddenly, Jake moaned loudly, his grip on her neck tightening and his cock seemed to burst into bitter salty hot goo in her mouth.

She had been sucking in, so she immediately swallowed a mouth full of the hot cream. But it kept coming and she kept swallowing as Jake moaned loudly his eyes closed, one hand on her neck holding her in place. Though the liquid assault was a surprise, the taste, the feeling of it all only seemed to excite Paley more and she rubbed her breasts as Jake slowly bucked in her mouth before he let her neck go and relaxed.

She let the remaining flavor roll around her tongue. "Do it again. I wasn't ready," she said. "I'll be able to do it again in a couple of minutes. Did you like it? "Yeah. It was so hot, but it made me feel good. And my pussy tingled." Paley was still bent over between Jake legs, when Lucky could take no more waiting and grabbed the little girl by the waist and began frantically trying to enter her.

Paley screamed in surprise. And Jake sat up quickly to free the little girl. "Not yet Lucky." He whispered to the tortured dog. He led the dog away from the girl commanding him to sit and not move. Jake hurried back to Paley. His cock already hard and ready again. He kissed the little girl. She was a fast learner as she kissed him back, her tongue dancing eagerly around his. Jake laid back and pulled Paley on top of him.

The young girl wasn't quite ready to take in the length of the teen aged boy but instead straddled him, the way she had straddled her teddy bear and her slick oozing pussy she began to glide over the length of his rigid cock. Jake was in no mood to rush her into anything yet. Besides, it felt delicious feeling her puffy hot slick pussy lips gliding over his flesh.

He stroked her supple thighs as her hot pussy grinded on his cock. With just the friction of that and seeing the young girl gliding over him her beautiful sumptuous breast jiggling, it wasn't long before his cock was throbbing again. He grabbed her hips tightly growling. She could feel him swelling under her and as his cum spurted in hot ribbons on his abs. Paley came again as well. Jake tweaking her nipples as she did. She cried out in delight so loudly he thought the neighbors may have heard her.

Paley collapsed smiling happily across Jakes chest. "Did you like that?" he asked. "Yes." She sat up wide eyed and smiling. "You want to do some more?" She nodded wildly in agreement.

She could hardly believe the boy wanted to hot nurse and patient blowing doctors cock for hot piss these things with her, but she loved it. He got up and got a paper towel to wipe the cum from his abs and her chest.

Then he had Paley lay on her back her legs spread eagle again, he licked her pussy for a few minutes before her sunk two fingers into her virgin cunt. Paley squealed in delight. "Does that feel good?" "Yes." She giggled. He began sliding his finger in and out and Paley lay back in delight as he finger fucked her to another orgasm, but before he could finish, he felt a warm long sensation up his back side.

He looked over his shoulder in astonishment seeing Lucky licking his ass. He was tempted to yell at the dog but his long wet tongue skimmed across his balls and it felt incredible. Jake sat motionless as Lucky continued to lick his balls and ass crack. Finally turning away and laying down next to the little girl. The two lay together kissing as Jake finger fucked the little girl for almost an hour bringing her to several orgasms, while she sucked him off, swallowing his cum eagerly.

And still she wanted more. When he wasn't finger fucking her she slid her little hot pussy over the length of his cock rolling her hips and moaning. She was so responsive, so grateful, so giving.

Jake was out of his mind with desire. And whether she was ready or not he was ready to fuck her for real.

He kissed her deeply and then lay her on her back and opened her legs wide. He had been fingering her to prepare her for this, having gotten four fingers into her wanton little cunt. She was ready to be fucked by a real cock. He was already slick with her honey as she had been grinding on him for quite a while. "Are you going to put it inside me?" she asked with a smile. "Yeah, you want that don't you?" "Yeah." Jake propped himself up over Paley as she lay back in the lavish pillows, sliding the aching head of his cock over her wet hot slit.

He looked at her smiling then he slowly slid the tip inside her. She winced, biting her bottom lip at his size. Jake closed his eyes in warm ecstasy, as her heated wet tightness began to engulf him.

Paley felt like she would burst with happiness. She felt so full and bloated. The more he sunk into her the more she wanted him deeper. She opened her slender legs wider as her head lolled back and forth. Her hungry slick pussy began sucking in the boy's thick hot long cock as they both moaned at the hot sensations they were each feeling.

Jake palmed Paley's wobbling breasts as he continued to ease into her. Lucky lay downflopping his head on his folded front paws, as he waited quietly at the side for the alpha to finish with the bitch. Jake's eyes rolled into his head. The girl was so wet, hot and tight. Her silky virgin depths, squeezing and taunting him. He held her legs open wide as he sank deeper and deeper into her. Then he felt it. Her hymen. He pushed against it several times seeing her wince until with a powerful thrust he broke through, Her fingers dug into his skin.

He stayed in her for several moments. Paley, tears streaming bite her lip at the pain but didn't cry out, as much as it hurt it also felt so good. She didn't want him to stop. After several minutes nestled in her contracting inner walls, Jake pulled all the way out seeing his cock bloody. He smirked. It gave him such a rush seeing that. He kissed the young deflowered girl passionately, taking her face in his hands. He wasn't going to let her go for a long while, if ever. Jake slid back into Paley, and moved in and out of her slowly raising up and watching her face as he did, palming her breast or kissing her neck every few strokes.

Soon he felt her body responding to his slow thrusts, as she began to roll her hips. She was panting and moaning. Jake was trying to concentrate so he wouldn't come too soon, but she was so tight, hot, she seemed to be getting wetter with each stroke. Her hips began to move erratically. Paley Larsen thought she was losing her mind; she loved the way Jake's cock felt inside her, filling her. It was like a hot piece of metal gliding in and out her.

Going deeper and deeper, messaging her insides so wonderfully. Jake curled over her whispering in her ear, telling her how beautiful she was, and how good she felt.

How much he loved fucking her. Paley thought in between the clouded thoughts of passion about all those girls that got fondled under the bleachers or closets, they could only hope to get something like this.

Paley raised her hands above her head. Her eyes closed in carnal delight as her back arched and Jake picked up his speed. The faster he got the better it felt. The image of the girl on the DVD popped in her mind and Paley squirmed from under Jake. But before he could protest, she was on all fours wagging her ass in his face. "Do it like on the DVD?" Jake roughly grabbed the little slutty girl's hips and with a satisfied groan, sunk deep into her with one thrust as she cried out in excitement.

He sawed in and out of her frantically; Paley could feel a huge orgasm growing in the pit of her stomach as Jake curled over her, his cock pumping into her faster and harder. Jake fucked the little girl senseless, her long dark hair flying as her body slapped wetly against his. She didn't want it to end, she felt so good. His cock ramming and in and out of her again and again.

She closed her eyes and let herself go to the savage rhythms of his fucking. Then she felt him swell up the way he had done already so many times in her mouth. "Nnngghhhh, FUCK PALEY&hellip. I'M CUMMING!!" Jake roared. And with a powerful thrust, his cock burst inside her, spurting waves of his thick hot seed onto her, again and again.

Filling her up, it spilling out down her thighs, and he kept thrusting for several moments. Then Paley cried out in erotic bliss as a violent huge orgasm took her, causing her hips to gyrate frantically around the throbbing wand of meat. Jake covered her mouth, but she was still cumming, still screaming, her insides milking and squeezing him; her body stiffened for several moments, then she began to convulse and quiver still impaled on his cock.

Jake stayed still waiting for the little girl to come down, until she finally relaxed under him and he slid out of her. His thick cum oozing from her hungry tight little cunt. He lay down to the side of her stroking her damp hair, kissing her over her shoulder and back.

Lucky was anxiously waiting his turn as sex filled the air. Within minutes though, Paley was still hungry for more. Jake looked over at his whimpering dog. It was now or never. Then he stood and went to Lucky, putting socks on his front paws. The poor dog was more than ready, while watching the two he either paced or sat in the corner liking his fully unsheathed long pink cock.

Paley, anxious for the next round, watched Jake as he came back sat down and spread his legs in front of her. The little girl had a huge appetite but he needed a little rest. He had Paley kneel between his legs again ready to suck his dick. Lucky was ready though, as soon as the girl began to gobble Jake's dick, the canine wasted no time in trying to mount her.

Paley stiffened sitting up, not wanting to continue. "It's ok. Lucky has a good dick too." She stared at Jake in disbelief for several moments before she relaxed. "Will it hurt?" Paley said looking over her shoulder apprehensively at the huge eager dog. "No, just relax and let him find his way." She remembered when he first tried to mount her. How strong and forceful he was. Instead of that familiar fear thinking back to that this time Paley felt excited, her mound flooded again and Lucky could tell, lapping at the little girl's worked over pussy.

Paley swallowed hard as Lucky climbed on her back, his hips already humping wildly. "Lower your hips, Paley." Jake directed. Paley slowly lowered her hips feeling the slimy hot, dog cock searching for the heated entrance of her tight pussy. His strong fore arms wrapping around her waist. Lucky humped wildly at her leg and thighs, so much so that now Paley was sunny leone red sofa story anxious and was moving her hips to try to meet the thrust of the excited dog.

"Ohhh." Paley shouted as Lucky found his mark, his grip on her waist getting firmer. His hips pumped wildly as his huge doggy cock filled the little girl's tight little pussy. Paley arched her back in delight. She let go of Jake's cock, her eyes closed in delicious crazed pleasure.

Jake was fantastic but Lucky was amazing. He was filling her up so completely she thought she would split open and he seemed to be getting long and wider with each thrust. The long tip of the doggy penis was reaching the young girls inner depths as Lucky pounded with abandon. Jake sat in awe at the little girl, on all fours, her breasts wobbling as the huge dog pounded into her.

She was mewling wildly in time with each powerful thrust of the dog. Jake's cock was hard as steel again, precum oozing as he watched the girl, convulse and shake under the weight of another orgasm. But Lucky didn't stop. Soon, Paley was panting at the power of the canine. She thought she was going to explode as she felt her pussy swelling painfully. "It hurts Jake!" She shouted. " Something's happening! It's getting tight!" She looked up panicked at Jake who was stroking himself. The boy calmly stood and walked to the side of the couple.

"It's just his knot." He said watching the salacious sight and beginning to stroke himself frantically, before cumming on the ravaged girls back as the dog continued to pump into her. Jake could see the veiny red knot of the dog just as it slipped securely into the girl's slippery but tight pussy.

She cried out in pain. "It's too big!" She cried, tears streaming down her face. "Make him stop, Jake. It hurts Jake, Lucky's hurting me!" There was real fear in her voice. But Jake stayed calm. The forbidden erotic sight of a dog fucking a little girl was too much.

He was in a daze. "I can't stop it. Not now, baby. Just relax." Jake said coolly his voice low and soothing, stroking her hair and kissing her shoulder as the dog kept pounding into her. "That's his knot it means he likes it. It will only hurt for a minutes. Just relax and enjoy it." Jake hadn't steered her wrong yet. As the knot grew, it also felt so good and stuffed. "Rub your clit like you do when you're alone." But Paley was lost in the thrill of the pounding dog.

His cock, rock hard and at attention again. He knelt down next to the squirming girl and reached between her legs and began rubbing her clit. She seemed to relax immediately. "Ooooh, Jakee it's so hot. Lucky's cumming inside me.

Its- its soo much." Jake rubbed the little girls clit faster hearing her take a sharp breath, her body began to quiver as yet another orgasm exploded. The girl cried out in intense pleasure as Lucky shot his hot dog seed deep inside her, spurt after hot spurt, filling up her small womb to overflowing.

Jake stroked himself roughly several times before cumming himself on the girls back. And there she as on all fours, dog cum leaking from her pussy and Jake's cum already inside her and now over her back.

"I'm stuck." Paley said plainly, she looked over at Jake, who was still in a daze of lust. Jake stood and went to the sofa getting his phone and filming Paley and Lucky stuck together. Paley began to wiggle her hips to get free but nothing happened and the more she tried the more it hurt. Paley began to panic after being stuck to Lucky for several minutes, until the now sated dog popped free and trotted to the corner to lick his deflating cock. Paley sat wide legged on a towel Jake had brought watching all the cum flowing from her red raw pussy.

Paley smiled at Jake, pleased, before she curled up on the pillows; the intensity of Lucky's knot had given her something to think about. The dog fucking her was wonderful, but the intense pain afterward was something she would have to get used tall luscious chick strips in a cute way. Jake was in awe of the little girl.

She was still up for more as she walked on all fours over to Lucky. She patted him on the head and nuzzled him. Jake saw her say something to the dog but couldn't make it out.

Then she turned, exposing her freshly fucked pussy to the dog, which was up for another around. He sniffed the girl's pussy, taking several deep lavishing laps before walking around her sniffing again and then climbing on her back. Jake was sitting back watching. His phone recording the whole thing. He'd put the file under password protection, but he couldn't miss this. Lucky was faster to enter the girl this time and he saw Paley smile in delight as the dog's hot cock entered her a second time.

The dog began humping frantically not knowing when he may get another go at the little girl. Paley squealed happily under him, better expecting what would happened she began to finger her swollen clit as the dog fucked her. The dog was pounding into the lovely horny milf chanel give teen janet teaches her to blowjob girl so forcefully; he was pushing her further and further into the pillows. But she didn't seem to mind as she buried her head several times to cover the cries of her orgasm "He's knotting me." She said rubbing her clit as Lucky erupted into her filling her with torrents of sperm.

So much so, it was dribbling to the floor between them. And Jake caught it all. Finally, Lucky climbed off Paley's back and turned ass to ass with her as they all waited for the knot to go down. Once Lucky was free, Jake took him by the collar and led him outside where he fed him and left him for the night. When Jake returned to Paley, but she was sound asleep. The porn had long ended several hours previous, in fact it was going on 6 am and Jake turned off the TV and lay next to the sleeping girl; wrapping his arm around her, before falling asleep himself.

x When Jake woke up the next morning, he checked his watch. It was already 1 pm and Paley was nowhere to be seen. He stood up in the jumble of pillows his cock hard, he headed to the bathroom.

He took a piss and came back to search for the little girl. He thought she may be with Lucky but the dog was running frantically over the back yard. Then he heard her in the kitchen. She was talking to someone. Panic raced through him, had they come home and caught them. He peeked in the kitchen seeing a still naked Paley talking on the phone. "No mommy, he did tell me go to bed early, but I couldn't sleep so I read all night that's why I over slept.…I guess he was watching movies&hellip.

Yes, he's here. He's alsee- oh, he's awake now," Paley hugged Jake and then handed him the phone. "It's my mom she just asked if I went to bed on time I told her yes." She whispered. She saw his slumping though still fairly large cock and grabbed it.

"No," he whispered covering the receiver. "Let me finish this." Palely didn't listen and began stroking his limp cock to instant life. Then she walked to the kitchen table and bent over.

Karen was saying something but Jake wasn't listening as he followed the girl and stood behind her, then dipping down he entered her hot wet pussy and began thrusting, closing his eyes to the intense pleasure.

"Yes Karen, I hear you. She's not going to starve." THRUST. "I'm making her breakfast right now." THRUST. THRUST. "Go have a facial or something… " THRUST. "Huh? What? No, don't they have mud facials there. that's what I meant. Yes, I'll call if anything goes wrong. It's no prob she a great kid… ok .

Ok I will. Bye." Jake hung up the phone shaking his head, and thrusting forcefully into the little girl, while reaching around and grabbing her large swinging tits.

She was so warm and soft to the touch, as his senses reeled again. She was incorrigible. Paley had never been so happy. Finally, all this energy, all this sexual power was being put to use.

And it felt so good. Now that she could have penis whenever she wanted; and she wasn't going to waste time. Paley rubbed her clit furiously, cumming with Jake slamming into her. And Jake pounded her several more times before he emptied his balls into her tight little pussy.

Their combined fluids spilling to the kitchen floor. Jake told Paley to go take a shower while be cleaned up. Then he fed Lucky who was desperately trying to get back into house. Once he was done, he went upstairs and joined Paley in the shower. Carrying her to her bed, soaking wet and sucking on her little pussy until she came several times on his face. But there was something forbidden about doing it in the living room and both of the new lovers headed back downstairs into the midst of the pillows.

Jake as promised made them breakfast and they took a little time out to eat; though neither had dressed yet. There just didn't seem to be the need to. Besides Paley loved how Jake looked at her naked body. She had never felt more beautiful. Lucky was angry now, he knew what was going on and he wanted a part of it. He was running length of the huge yard barking incessantly. Inside Jake and Paley were too involved in each other to notice. Jake was on his back Paley sitting on his face grinding her hips into him as she gobbled and slurped at his long thick cock, now.

She wiped her mouth after swallowing another large load of Jake's cum, his tongue twirling group tasting of oriental babes bawdy cleft into her cunt. Suddenly through the haze of orgasms and the music that Jake had playing, he heard the door bell and beating at the door.

How long had it been going on? "Put on your shirt and panties," he said sharply, searching for his shorts in the pile of pillows. "Just a minute." He shouted at the door. He turned on the TV and gave Paley the remote. And put on his shirt was strung over the sofa.

"Stay her Pay." He said making sure nothing looked too out of place and wiping his face that was surely glistening with little girl's nectar. "I'm coming, I'm coming." He ran at the door looking out and sees the next door neighbor Sam Andrews. "Yeah." "So you are here." "What's up Mr. Andrews?" "Half the neighborhood, that damn dog won't stop barking." "Oh. Alright." "Didn't you notice?" "No, I'm babysitting Paley and we were playing video games." "Muzzle him or something; I'm trying to relax." He was looking over Jakes shoulder trying to see into the house.

Jake matched him blocking his view. "Ok, sorry." "What's going on?" Paley asked as Jake came back in. "Nothing. I gotta bring Lucky in." "Can I take off my clothes?' "Yes you may," he said smiling, ready to get out of his own while opening the back door and letting the agitated dog inside.

The dog ran immediately to Paley his nose in her crotch. Jake wasn't ready yet to share the girl. He went to the garage and found Lucky's muzzle. He had never had to use it before but if the dog wasn't going to settle down, he might. Jake took off his clothes and grabbed the intoxicating little girl, kissing and hugging her as she squirmed affectionately in his arms. He lay the little girl down on her back, stroking her hair and kissing her neck in the midst of the pillows and he maneuvered between her legs.

She was eager for his long thick cock to fill her and she spread her legs as far as they could go while Jake sunk the length of himself into her hot silky tight pussy. He realized being in her tight hot depths, that yesterday was not a wonderful dream.

But though surreal, it was his wonderful erotic life now. After fucking the girl to his fill, Jake finally let Lucky fuck the little girl several more times before he put him outside for the night. Then Jake took the girl to his mom's master bath and ran a hot bath for her.

Letting her soak with him the bubbled filled water, while he fingered her pussy and played with her tits, kissing and licking her. After their bath, Jake brushed the little girl's hair before dinner which they both finally dressed for. Jake had ordered Chinese to be delivered. The little girl was so exhausted, she passed out in front of the TV in the midst of eating.

Paley was still so spent several hours later, that when Karen called that evening Jake couldn't wake her up. Jake at first feared the worst, which was they may head home early. But it was obvious that Karen had other things brewing at the spa because she took his word for it.

Jake cleaned up the living room putting everything away while Paley slept soundly in his room. When she did wake he left his bedroom door shut and she was secure in his bed as he fucked her repeatedly until Monday afternoon.

Lucky scratching and whimpering at the door the whole time. x "Don't tell anyone ok, or we won't be able to do this anymore and they maybe will even take Lucky from us." Jake said nuzzling up to Paley in his bed.

"Do you want that?" "No. I won't tell." She said hugging Jake, laying across his chest. By the time the two women came back home Monday evening, Jake had made Paley dinner, given her shower and fucked her once more before she drifted off to sleep. Evie was not at all surprised the house was still intact when she got home. She kissed her son and went to bed for work the next day.

Karen on the other hand, went in to check on her exhausted daughter who only sang the praises of Jake and best xxx story by sunny leon a fun time she had with him and Lucky all weekend. "I want to thank you Jake, for looking after Paley." "It was my pleasure, Karen." He said heading upstairs for bed.

He was exhausted as well and any dislike he had for Karen was all but gone. Though he still didn't care for her, he didn't want Paley going anywhere, so he'd have to put up with her. Karen stared at the tall, blond, teenage boy. She couldn't put her finger on it but Jake was different, and she liked the difference.

Whether it was that fact that he was a very attracting young man, or that he had proven himself responsible and trustworthy by taking such good care of her daughter or whether it was her re-awakened libido.

Karen liked what she saw in Jake now. She really liked it. She shook off the hot shards of pleasure rippling through her now. She couldn't think like that. That was her best friend's son. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o PART 3 o . There was something in the air that night, or maybe it had always been there but now Karen was just noticing it.

Coupled with her sensual revival Karen couldn't keep her hand off herself, not since the spa. And she couldn't stop thinking about sex. "You have to take control of your own orgasm Kay-kay. Cause if you don't, they sure as fuck won't." Karen was remembering her time on the massage table face down as a huge man handsome kneaded her back and Evie lay next to her on an adjoining table getting the same treatment. That was their first night at the spa.

Anna de ville and elena taste each other s pussies statement is what inadvertently had given Karen permission to let go of the past and start living again, since that point she hadn't looked back. Her eyes closed as an erotic sensation pulsed through her. She didn't know when it happened. When she first started touching herself. But like every day before she couldn't stop. She was on the private balcony of her room, dressed only in her black satin robe, fresh from the shower.

Her trimmed and toned body seemed to have regained its entire luster from the time spent in mud baths and wraps at the spa, not to mention the private masseuses that she shared time with. Karen was sure they and the towel boy she fucked on her spa weekend, had their way with other guests. But she didn't care; love was the last thing on her mind.

But what she couldn't get off her mind was good old fashioned fucking. She had missed it. Before the trip, it had been literally two years since she had a nice long cock inside her. She almost had forgotten how good it could be. Her ex was a good lover, when he was around. That may have been one of the reasons she tried to hang on so long. She shook her mind from the past again. No more going backward, only forwards.

She shuddered again feeling her nipples harden, she opened her robe, her firm breasts heaving in the dying sunlight. She was an abundant 36 DD, and her breast had held up deliciously to the test of time. Just four days back from the incredible spa weekend that did little to calm her nerves but helped her to feel alive and incredibly sexy again. Summer was fast approaching; the days were getting longer and warmer. She had a feeling of renewed heat in her mind and all through her body. Her pussy had a neatly cropped tuft of dark hair on it.

Her toenails and fingernails were painted deep burgundy red and her skin smelled like cherry blossoms. The trip itself and Evie had reminded her to love and care for herself again. And she was already feeling the rewards; her sex drive was back in full swing. She had been sitting outside having a drink to wind down from work this particular evening. Her balcony on the bottom floor of the spacious huge home was well hidden from the rest of the house.

She could sleep outside naked it she wanted to and no one would know. The thought excited her. Sleeping naked outside, but it would be better to share that time with someone. Then those dangerous gray eyes flashed in her mind. She'd love Evie forever for that spa trip, but she shuddered with guilt slowing her fingers that had been stroking her silky cunt and sitting up in the deck chair.

Evie was amazing, fearless. That girl just knew how to make things better. Taking Karen and Paley in after her ex- cheated on her then left her with nothing. Evie had told Karen she could stay on as long as she liked. If it had been anyone else, that would mean a few months, six at best.

But Evie said what she meant. If it wasn't clear, she'd spell it out for you with such unapologetic confidence. So when she said however long Karen liked, Evie meant it. That took a load of Karen's mind, not having to worry about where she and her daughter would stay. Evie never brought up money either and when Karen offered to pay rent, she said with a giggle.

"My ex does that for us." Evie told her money was no problem and if she must spend it, spend it on herself or her beautiful daughter. Or just let it pile up in the beautiful blonde girl sucking and cummed on. Evie wasn't planning on getting married again and her ex would be paying through the nose even long after, he died.

All through blondie lucy heart gets paid to suck cock, Evie and Karen had been best friends, and in college, they had both been dancer majors. That was their dream, to dance all around the world. That's why Karen's body had bounced back so beautifully, now.

They both had the world at their fingertips, then love happened or so it seemed, then children. And even after the love was gone Karen tried to keep the sham of a marriage together until it was hopeless to continue. How funny life was, taking them off course from aspiring dancers to divorcees and into boring unfulfilling corporate American. But at least they had each other and their children.

Karen smiled, no one would ever know Evie was unfulfilled at work because she was fulfilled in every other way. Her home, her lifestyle, her hobbies, herself and her sex life that never slowed down just because her husband was gone.

Even after moving in, Karen noted that Evie had several 'suitors' over on a regular basis. She never seemed school girl s sex marathi story stick with one too long and she never liked them stay the night.

"That's why Jake is on one end of the house and I'm down here." Evie had said to Karen one morning after she kicked a straggler out of the house at the break of dawn. "You know from the dorms I'm a screamer. He doesn't need to hear that, and I'm not holding back if it feels good.

Besides I'm not gonna stop living just cause he's living here. I just keep my private life private, just like he does." Evie had always been like that, a free spirit, bold and incredibly sexy. The trip to the spa brought back so many crazy memories from college. Then there was Evie's son, Jake. Karen shuddered, her fingers grazing her clit. After all that Evie had done for her, she couldn't believe she was actually fantasizing about the young boy.

Young boy, Karen rationalized, he was almost a man but young enough to be her son. Karen, her legs over the side of the deckchair rubbed her clit sucking in air, as waves of delight rushed through her. And as much guilt as she felt she couldn't stop thinking about Jake. Fuck, he was hot. So tall and muscular. She had never really been into blonds, but for the wild mane of this sandy blonde boy, she'd make an exception.

And that grin of his, like he just didn't give a fuck, which always won his mother over when he knew he was in trouble. It made Karen melt. She remembered him when he was little, before Paley was born. When she saw the little six year old, he was a terror, and terribly beautiful.

It was obvious he'd have no problem with females even then. And when they moved in and she saw how tall, lean grown up and still terribly beautiful and totally male he was. Her breath caught in her throat. He oozed confidence and sex just like his mother.

Karen was taken then, hating herself for thinking that way. She admitted, as his new temperament was revealed, and she saw his charm, arrogance and laziness it wasn't so much that she didn't care for the young man or was so upset with Evie's parenting, as she was angrier with her own son who had seemed to turn his back on her. It hurt her how she had been there for that boy his whole life and just like that, he practically spit in her face. Evie seemed to understand why she seemed to be so hard on Jake and blew it off when she apologized over drinks their first night at the spa.

"I understand Kay-kay, believe me." Evie had said. "Jake is spoiled to say the least and I could do better to get on his ass sometimes but he's a good kid, just like Mikey. So don't worry about it." As understanding as Evie was about a lot of things Karen was sure she wouldn't be understanding about the way she was thinking of her hot 17year old son.

Karen took another drink and reclined in the chair, her large DD breasts wobbling. Every time she closed her eyes, all she could see were Jakes. Take control of my own orgasm huh. If Karen had her way, Jake would also be in the equation. As much as she had tried over the last few days to forget the young man, it wasn't happening. She was constantly bombarded with the sensual teenager.

Him walking around shirtless as he was heading to bed with his pajama bottoms hanging low on his lean hips revealing that incredible 'V'.

Those abs, flat and rock hard, that she imagined herself licking and running her fingers over; and those broad shoulders and back that she imagined leaving scratches and bite marks on.

She gasped as more ripples of pleasure shot through As much as she tried to fight it, As much as she hated it, hated herself for it. Her body had made up her mind for her. She wanted the boy, badly. But she had to go about this the right way. If she could get Jake to make a move and they got caught up in the heat of the moment then she couldn't really be held responsible. She smiled. Teenage boys were horny constantly, she just had to shake her ass at the right time and he'd come running.

I bet he's a great fuck. She thought. She could see him in her mind fucking all the bitches at his school and she was jealous. She let her mind wonder, imagining him throwing her on the bed, ripping off her clothes.

His hands all over her. His thick cock in her mouth. Her hand groped her breast and the other rubbed her swollen clit feverishly. She didn't have to go far in her imagination before her body responded with a powerful orgasm. She bit her tongue, as she she cried out Jakes name in her mind, while she came hard. "Feel better?" "WHAT?" Karen turned closing her robe seeing Evie standing in the doorway of the balcony.

"You were really going girl, we gotta go out more often. I can help you find someone to bring home." Karen felt her face fill with heat. She had just been thinking about the woman's son, it was only by coincidence she hadn't called out his name as she came. "Evie really you should have at least knocked." "I did, we just thought you may want some company." "We?" Evie winked and looked down at Lucky who licked his snout, then started panting as he stared at Karen.

Karen's eyes widened as she looked back at Evie who winked at her. "Evie, you didn't?" "I'll never tell," she said turning. "Unless you really want to know." Karen sat there speechless, looking at the huge dog that seemed to be smiling at her. She could see his long pink cock peeking between his haunches; a jolt of forbidden excitement raced through her, his long wet tongue out as he continued to stare. "I know you're a hot bitch but stop trying to seduce the dog Kay-kay, dinners ready." .

It had been less than 24 hours since he last fucked Paley but Jake didn't know what to do with himself. She was addictive. Since their mothers had been back, Paley hadn't stopped either.

Within 10minutes of her mom leaving her room each night now the little girl, tiptoed down to his room. He would already be hard and naked and she'd hurriedly take off her clothes, giggling as she jumped on his bed. She would kiss him softly before she straddled him, sinking onto his thick hot cock. Every time felt like the first time with her she was so tight and wet. Jake had figured out the best butthole of beauty destroyed girlfriend and hardcore to handle the little nympho when they were short on time, which was to let her ride the shit out of his cock, cumming as many times as she could before she fell exhausted on his chest.

Then he would pound into her like a jackhammer, his cum bursting in her tiny womb and filling her up. He'd dress her and carry her back to her room and they'd both sleep soundly. But it still wasn't enough. All he could think about was Paley and his desperate need to fuck her, everything and everyone now just seemed to be in the way of that. And as innocent as Paley was, she too was quite the little actress. Her silent smile came back and she did absolutely nothing to give away what had happened for those four days or every night since.

They were both missing the freedom they had for those four day's especially Paley. She kept asking to stay in his bed until morning. Knowing full well, she couldn't stay. She also missed Lucky, he saw how she watched dog when she got home from school especially that day, calculating when she could let him fuck her again. "You and Lucky shouldn't do anything without me?" Jake whispered while they were getting ready fervid cutie spreads spread cunt and gets deflorated penetrating and defloration dinner; reminding her of what he had told her on Sunday evening.

"Why not?" she said with a mischievous smile surprised that the teen seemed to know what she was thinking. "Because what if he knots you and your mom hears you screaming?" Realization washed over her.

Paley surely didn't want that. What if they took Lucky away, worse, what if they wanted Lucky for themselves? "Well I want to do it again with you and Lucky." Paley said looking over her shoulder to make sure no one was watching before she grabbed Jakes hand and smiling up at him.

Jake felt a rush of pleasure as she slid her hand into his. Her sweet little mound was already dripping with honey itching to be touched and licked. She stroked his fingers wishing she could have at least one of them inside her now.

"We can all do it together when the house is empty again." Paley pouted but agreed. Jake nodded happy for the girl's compliance, not wanting to admit he was jealous of his own dog. Paley had moved on to the next obstacle, plotting how to get her mom and Aunt Evie out of the house. The four days with Jake had been amazing. The boys at school held no more interest for her and she couldn't wait to get home to see the high schooler.

"So what's for dinner you two." Evie said coming into the dining room. She was pulling her long strawberry blond hair out of her face and into a ponytail and didn't see the two release hands and step away from each other. Evie had on a pair of short shorts that looked delicious barely holding in her round apple ass and a tank top much too small for her. Jake rolled his eyes, he'd tell her to put on some more clothes but she'd only come out naked next time. "Pasta," Paley said replying to the question of dinner as Jake followed her in with a serving bowl of spaghetti already covered in meat sauce.

Evie gave Jake a kiss on the cheek and then hugged Paley tight, taking a whiff of her hair and skin as she did. "How was your day, Polar-bear?" Evie beamed at Paley. "You don't ask how my day went." "Are you gonna tell me?" Jake rolled his eyes and sat down as Paley giggled. Evie loved to hear the little girl giggle, watching her breasts bob as she did. Evie knew all about Paley. She had found out weeks before Jake had. Thinking of the little girl rubbing her hot little clit every night turned Evie on to no end.

Several times, she had taken up the girl's soiled underwear sniffing them deeply as she fingered her clit in the girl's bed. Now Evie was staring at the little girl as she regaled the two with how she aced a test that day, staring in her huge hazel eyes and wondering what her pussy tasted like. No sooner had the three sat down at the table then Karen came to dinner; Karen was a little darker than Paley and the tight pale pink t-shirt she was wearing, with no bra set off her skin beautifully.

Her huge breasts wobbled invitingly. She was wearing a clinging pair of black yoga pants riding low on her curvy hips, her long raven hair which she had been wearing up in a sloppy pony tail since the day she moved in she now let flow around the her shoulders and down her back. "We're gonna have to have a talk later." Evie said patting her friend on the bottom. Jake swallowed hard, taking special note of her rock hard nipples in Karen's t-shirt. He glanced at Paley who hadn't noticed him staring at her mother and turned away from the beautiful older woman.

"Jake." "Yeah?" he said trying to look everywhere but her face or her tits. "I just want to thank you again for taking such good care of Paley." Karen held her arms open for a hug, and for a moment Jake hesitated. He stood towering over the petite woman, as she stood on her toes and pulled him close and embraced him, her arms stretching around his tall frame.

Jake felt his cock stiffen feeling the woman's nipples hard against his chest asian slit and anal fuck japanese and hardcore he quickly pulled back from her. "I told you before Karen it was no problem." His voice cracked as he replied, annoyed. He was blushing as he avoided the cocked eyebrow and smirk of his mother, and sat back down. "Did you thank Jake for babysitting you, Pay?" "Um-mm." Paley said with an innocent grin.

Jake tried to hide his smirk at Paley's reply. The girl was too much. Karen was shivering with delight at having embraced the boy. After that, there was no holding back. She had to have him. He smelled so raw and delicious. Her clit tingled again. His body was so tight, she could feel the ropes of muscles in his arms and chest, and she could feel his cock swell though he had pulled away.

She wanted more of that. The four ate a pleasant meal. Each trying to hide the passion brewing beneath the surface for the other. "Hey Pay-baby guess what." Karen started as dinned was breaking up. "What?' "You know summers coming up and last year you wanted to go to that summer camp but we didn't have the money for it. This year you can go. " As much as she hated her job, it paid well and now with Evie's help she could start doing things that were more special for her daughter.

And if those special things got her out of the house so Karen could have more time with Jake then so be it. Evie squirmed in her seat. Paley's eyes widened, the last thing she wanted was to be away from Jake. Jake's jaw clenched. This bitch didn't know when to stop. Anger welled in him at the thought of Paley being shipped off somewhere. "I don't want to go." Paley said plainly. Evie and Jake each immediately relaxed.

"What? But I thought." Paley glanced at Jake. "I don't want to go." She repeated. "But last year that's all you wanted baby, now you can go." "But I don't want to now. I like it here." Evie smiled. "Well Aunt Evie and I will be working all day and Jake won't want to stay home all summer long. I'm sure his girlfriend will want to spend-" "I DON'T WANT TO GO!" Paley shouted.

The girl rarely rose her voice at anything and she never did it, ever, to her mother, until now. "Paley Marielle Larsen don't you speak to me that way." Paley's face stiffened with anger. "Now, now kids lets calm down," Evie said not wanting Paley to be shipped off either. "You think I'm just gonna let you sit around all summer and watch TV, or pay a babysitter." "That's what you'd be doing if you sent me to camp." Jake snickered. Now Karen was getting angry, she didn't want to be shown up in front of Jake by her 11year old daughter.

"You'll do what I tell you to or-" "Hold on," Evie interjected. "Stay out of this!" "Oh you can give me 'advice' on how to raise my son but I can't interject some reason." "C'mon Paley." Jake said tamanna bhatia ki blue film the girl from the dining room. "Come back here I'm not finished!" "Yes, you are." Evie said taking her by the arm.

"She's never been like that." Karen said totally frustrated in more ways than one. "She's growing up, it was bound to happen. She just doesn't want to go. You should be happy. Soon enough she won't even want to be seen with you." "I just thought." "She's had just as rough a time as you over these last few months. If she wants to stay here let her, We've got this huge house, big back yard and a swimming pool; and There are cool kids in the neighborhood.

We evi rei in date with ebony queen find something around here for her to do for the summer." "I'll watch her." Jake said coming back into the dining room. Paley had pulled away from him and ran upstairs crying. "What?" Evie asked incredulously. "Yeah, it was cool watching kathy and kelly are teenage lesbian lovers before." He said his mind flashing back to eating out her little juicy pussy.

"Doing it for the whole summer would be fine. We'll hang out, go to the park or the movies or whatever." "But …I'd think you'd want to hang out with your girlfriend and other friends." "I don't have a girlfriend right now.

I dumped her." "I'm sorry." Karen said smiling inside, the last hing she needed was teen aged competition. "I'm not, she was fucking Jordan.

Second my friends end up coming over her anyway." Evie nodded, her son had some very handsome friends who may be fun to play with as the summer heat took over. Karen didn't like having Paley in the way during her pursuit of Jake, but the very fact that Jake wanted to help her only endeared him more to her.

"Alright, but I should still punish her for yelling at me." "Having to spend the summer with my kid will be punishment enough." Evie said chuckling.

Jake was groaning on the outside at his mother's remark but in the inside, he was laughing his ass off. x Paley was informed by Evie that she wouldn't have to leave for the summer and all was right with the world once more and soon enough Paley had headed off to her shower and Jake had gone upstairs to do homework.

The two friends were left to clean the kitchen and prepared lunch for the next day. "What was that?" "What? With Pay-…" Karen said innocently. "No, Jake… that hug…You thought I forgot that?" Evie cocked her eyebrow, a huge smile curling on her lips. Karen was hoping she had. "I started off on bad note with him you know that. I'm just trying to get things going in a better direction. If we end up staying here for a while I want us all to be able to get along." "That's a good idea, and I think things are going in a fantastic direction when you have these babies out." Evie said cupping her friend's full breast in her hands.

"And no bra either. You are a slut." "C'mon Evie," Karen said shrugging it off. She thought leaving the bra off was overdoing it. She didn't want it to look too obvious. "If you don't think it's appropriate to be this relaxed in front of him I won't." "You know I don't mind, mi casa es su casa.

And I'm sure he doesn't either, just don't come crying to me if he shows up at your wild kaede ichijou wraps her tits around a stiff cock with 'girl trouble' needing a shoulder to cry on and things go&hellip." She started tickling her friend and grabbing at her ass. Karen giggled and shouted for Evie to stop, but really of course, that's what she was hoping for.

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ o Part 4 o . "Night Pay-baby." Karen said shutting the door on her daughter room. She stood in the hall staring down at Jake's room, she could say goodnight to him. No, she didn't want it to look obvious; she'd have to take things slow. But she felt like a bottle of champagne that had been shaken; only the slightest thing could set her off and she wanted Jake to be there when it happened.

She had decided at dinner in no uncertain terms, as she watched Jake and saw him smiling and laughing, that she would have him. It wasn't likely to be tonight though, but she was on edge.

Her skin crawling with heated desire at the prospect of fucking the boy. She had to have relief now though. Then something that Evie had said, about Lucky. She had left the dog camped outside her daughter's room. But it got her thinking. Evie was wild, but was she that wild? There was only one way to find out.

Karen made her way down the long wide corridor that led to Evie's room. The door was open the master suite of the home. The room was massive. There was a sitting area with a small sofa and chair just at the entrance and a fire place. Huge doors to the left of the entrance the led into the lavish all white master bath.

The room also had its own private balcony. The room was slightly masculine which could explain why so many men felt so comfortable there. The muted taupe walls were off set with splashes of red in the pillows on the sofa and bed. In the middle of the room was Evie's huge king size bed, that had a giant leather head board that towered almost 4 feet above the bed.

The lighting was muted as well, warm intimate. Another one of Evie's talents was design, she had done the whole house but this was the masterpiece. The woman in question was laying in bed wearing nothing but a long white ribbed tank top that just hung over the curve of her supple ass.

Karen felt her mouth watering seeing the pink pussy lips of her best friend peeking between her legs. "Hey." Evie said with a smile turning over and seeing Karen in the door. "What's up?" Karen was speechless, her clit tingling. She had never been turned on by a woman, or she had never admitted it. She felt her hard nipples rubbing uncomfortably against her shirt.

"Ahh." "You, speechless?" "I'll talk to you tomorrow." Karen's clit was on fire, it felt so swollen aching to be touched. "Come sit down girl," Evie said patting the bed as she went back to working on her laptop. Karen stayed put before actually moving cautiously to the bed. She had to focus now, she didn't even know if she should ask lovesome teen is geeting peed on and bursts wet vulva question with how she felt because she was up for anything.

"So …you said ask if I wanted to know." Karen started after several minutes finally collecting herself. Evie stopped, but she was still looking at the computer as a sly grin crept on her face. Knowing exactly what Karen was about to do. "I thought you might ask me." She said turning and rolling on her side, her nipples were hard and she propped her head up on her hand, her other arm draped across her stomach as she looked at Karen. Her lush strawberry blonde hair cascading around her shoulders and arms.

They sat looking at each other for several minutes. Evie smiling mischievously the whole time. "Oh, come one Evie." Karen finally shouted. "Did you fuck the dog or not?" "Technically he fucked me." She said plainly, still smiling.

Karen's eyes widened. "No .way. …And?" "Lucky's a great fuck." "You are lying to me." "Not at all. It was a crazy night; I was super horny and this guy Eddie was passed out beside me.

That's why I dumped his ass. He was hardly good for 30 minutes and he was out. Hot as hell but worthless in bed. So anyway Lucky came in the room, probably wanting a walk or some food and he got a whiff of this delicious pussy." She rubbed her hand seductively over her mound, closing her eyes at the touch of her own hand. Karen squealed like a little girl and looked over her shoulder as if someone would hear them as she leaned into Evie. "And?" "And nothing, he started nosing me.

I was like what the hell. I let him lick me." She took a sharp breath in. "That is a fucking fantastic feeling, his tongue is like magic. I laid back to let him go at it next thing I know he's on the bed trying to hump me. I tried to push him off but I felt the hot tip of that fat dog cock on my pussy and something just took hold of menext thing I know I'm on the floor and he's pounding into me like nothing I ever felt. I came so many times before he his knot even slipped inside me…" "His knot?" Evie explained the knot and what a deliciously painful but exciting feeling it was.

Karen was left speechless again. Her pants were warm and wet; the scent of her arousal filling the air like a thick perfume. She wanted to rub her clit so badly as Evie spoke. "How many times did you do it?" "All night that first night.

Then a few nights after that, but then Jake started asking where Lucky went at night. You know he used to sleep at the foot of his bed. So I stopped. But that dog has got a cock on him. Long thick and hot. And he pounds into you like a freight train. Oh and when they cum. It's amazing; it's like a geyser going off inside you." Evie lay back on the bed her eyes closed rubbing her breasts.

"You wanna try it." She sat up grinning. "What? Oh, no I couldn't do that. Not with a dog." "You slept with James for how long and he was a dog." Evie said in regards to Karen's ex. "C'mon I innocent girl masturbate with vibrator sextoys masturbation homdemade you wanna do it. I can smell it." Karen closed her legs, blushing. "What? No, I can't." She was actually talking to herself not Evie. "Paley's upstairs." "Yeah asleep all the way across this huge house.

She won't hear a thing." . Paley was sucking ramrod is milfs forte pornstar hardcore of waiting, she rolled from the bed and went to her door but Lucky wasn't there. She was half way tempted to look for him when she remembered she had something better right down the hall. She stuffed pillows in her bed just in case her mom came looking for her and she tipped toed to Jakes room. She knocked lightly on the door before peeking in.

"Jake?" She peeked in his room. "Jake?" She whispered louder not seeing the handsome boy anywhere. The shock of having to leave him was just about worn off now that she found out she would be staying with him exclusively all summer. But she still wanted to see him. She looked back behind her thinking again if she should look for Lucky but stepped cautiously into his room. Jake's room was much larger than her own. His bed on the left side of the room, it was huge a king size.

It had a rather larger head board but it stuck out from the wall as if it were floating. On the other side fervent chick spreads spread snatch and gets devirginized virginity and hardcore the room was Jakes desk and computer, behind that a large flat screen TV.

He had a large bathroom and walk in closet. The room was still fairly clean, no excess clothes laying around, but that was all from memory the room right now was dark with the exception of Jake's lamp by his desk.

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Where could he be. She could see his bathroom door was open she headed that way to see if he was brushing his teeth or something when suddenly hand grabbed her from behind one around her waist and another covered her mouth.

Paley began to scream into the hand over her mouth as she was picked up and take a few feet to the bed and thrown on to it. Before she could gather herself to scream Jake, naked and laughing at the frightened girl climbed up on the bed beside her. "You scared me." She pouted. "That was the point." He said laughing.

Paley wanted to stay angry but he was so cool, handsome and so charming she started laughing along with him before she took off her night shirt and threw her arms around his neck. Her large breasts felt incredible pressed against his chest as her let his hands rest in the curve of her hips. "Can I ask you something?" Paley said "Sure." "Do you have a girlfriend?" She said remembering her mother's comment that had made her so angry, she hated the thought of sharing Jake with anyone.

"Yeah." He bribing the principal with their young pussies her stiffen, and he smiled at the jealous little girl.

"It's you." "Really?" She beamed at him. The way she said it, reminded him of how young she was. He didn't know if he could really call her his girlfriend because no one could ever know they were together; but he knew he already cared very deeply for the little girl.

He felt a tightening in his chest thinking about her as she lay across him; she had affected him so completely in such a short time. He stroked her soft plump cheeks as she smiled at him. He wasn't really interested in anyone else, and he definitely didn't want to share her.

The two began to kiss passionately as Jake stroked the young girl's soft honey-brown skin. Paley felt special now that she was Jake's girlfriend and she wanted him to feel special too. She slid down his warm body until her head was parallel to his huge erect cock. She stared up at him, an impish smile on her face. Her hazel eyes gleaming as she took the thick hot organ in her small hand. His breath caught as her wet pink tongue slid out and she lashed at his flesh.

He stroked her hair as she licked from the base of his cock up to the tip again and again. She flicked her tongue around the tip of his cock and smiled as he flinched under her. She took his cock into her willing hot mouth sucking gently on the tip letting it sink deeper and deeper. Soon she was gagging as she felt the thick rod of meat poking at the back of her throat and she began to bob her head up and down on it.

Jake, his eyes closed, began bucking his hips and the little girl sucked him off. She was quickly becoming very skilled at it. And soon enough she felt him swell and pulse in her mouth. Paley moved up and down over him, faster and faster. She loved the way he tasted and she enjoyed his thick hot cum when it burst inside her mouth. Jake tangled his fingers in the girl's hair and guided her up and down along his shaft as his hips began bucking.

With a groan and a yank of Paley's hair, Jake stiffened as his thick white froth surged into Paley's eager mouth.

The little girl moaned as Jakes cum painted the back of her throat and she swallowed hungrily, slurping down gulp after gulp of his cream. Finally, Paley sat up wiping her mouth with a smile, as Jake relaxed on the bed. His cock slumped but was still fairly rigid. Paley maneuvered, smiling happily, to straddle him. He stared at her, lust building as his hard cock twitched and lay flat against his lower abs. Paley lifted herself up and positioned herself over the thick rod of meat before slowly sinking down on it.

She winced moaning slightly as she did. Jake held her hips firmly, his mind already clouded in the erotic hot sensations the girl evoked in him. Paley loved the delicious feeling of the thick hot cock easing sensuously into her like and erotic serpent. Nothing she had experience yet compared to the fantastic feeling of him entering her and filling her up.

As she settled on the boy's fat cock, she took a breathleaning forward, her small hands on his chest as he began to pump into her. Paley began to whimper at the exquisite warm pleasure she was feeling. Jake's thick long cock was filling her up, stabbing all the way into her stomach.

Jake took long languid strokes as he enjoyed watching the girl's passion contorted face as she gyrated her hips on his dick. Her heat was incredible and soon he was losing focus as he let himself go to the raw pleasure of fucking her.

His room was filled with the sweet whimpering of the girl as his pace increase. Paley was close as she rolled and gyrated her hips faster and faster.

"Ahh &hellip. Jake." "Does it feel good?" "Yes… its soo big inside me&hellip.ahhhh&hellip.ahhhhh&hellip." "Are you cumming baby?" he growled his hands roaming over her body, heightening her pleasure. "Y-Yessss. "she hissed as her hips rolled erratically, her hands digging into his chest. He gripped her hips feeling her insides squeezing like a vice. "Ahhhhhhhhhhnnnngg!" Paley moaned as a voluptuous waves of pleasure erupted in her and she stiffened, at the same time Jake's cock pulsed frantically spewing thick strings of cum into her milking cunt.

The girl collapsed smiling on his chest, his cock still twitching inside her. Karen was ready to live, to make up for lost time. She smiled wickedly and nodded to Evie. She couldn't believe she was doing this, but she wouldn't be able to sleep now that Evie put the idea in her mind.

"If you don't want to, say so Kay-kay, you can watch me and Lucky go at it. It's been a while since I had a really good fuck." Evie had said after answering all Karen's questions.

Before Karen knew itshe said yes. She had wanted to hesitate just a little but she was so turned on and so curious to see it. Now Evie was stark naked. Her lissome slender pale body on display. She was sitting on the edge of her bed her legs wide open, fingering herself. That in itself had Karen on edge squirming in her seat, her hands stroking up and down on her thighs.

Evie loved being on display. She had no problem with nudity and she loved the way her friend was staring at her. Lucky was watching, his tongue hanging out panting as his mistress enticed him.

"Want some boy?" Evie said rubbing her breasts as she dipped her two fingers in and out of her dripping pussy. "Want some?" She put the two sticky fingers in Lucky's face and hot adorable teen anal copulation action hardcore blowjob immediately began to lick them.

Karen was breathless as she watched his long wet doggy tongue. "Good boy," Evie cooed. "Want some of mama's pussy?" She spread her legs further and leaned back on the bed. Lucky stepped forward knowing that when she opened her legs to him that was an invitation to take what he wanted. His snout grazed the length of her slit and Evie took a sharp breath in at the pleasure. Karen wide eyed crossed her legs to keep herself from touching aching wet pussy. The dog nosed Sexy blindfolded y squirt wife gilf shared pussy for several seconds before he began lapping at her flesh.

Karen was burning up with libidinous desire. She had never seen anything like it. And she never thought in a million years she would be turned on by something like this. Inadvertently she began rolling her hips in her seat. She didn't want to rush things but she was so turned on she wanted to see the dog fuck her friend right away. Evie who was losing herself in the pleasure of the dog's long wet warm probing tongue open her eyes to see the pained anxious lustful look of her friend and remember this was show and tell.

Evie closed her legs only long enough to get on the floor on all fours. Lucky looked back at Karen then Evies exposed upturned pussy then back at Karen, he sniffed at Evie before walking in a circle. "C'mon baby don't be shy." Evie said grabbing the dog collar and pulling her to him. "Kay-kay just wants to see what a stud you are." Whether the dog understood Evie or he was just tired of waiting, Lucky reared up jumping on Evies back and wrapping his legs around her.

His paws were exposed and he left red marks on Evie's pale skin where his nails glanced against her, but she didn't care. She relaxed, looking over at Karen occasionally as the dog began humping at her back. With a few wiggles of her hips, Evie yelped in delight as Lucky hit home and immediately began fucking the woman. "Woo… Oh yeah… yeah that's it Lucky baby.

That's iiiitt. Ohhhhhhhhhh&hellip." Karen's hand had slipped under her shirt and the other hand between her legs and the large dog's powerful hips pumped frantically into the moaning woman. The dog was pumping so hard and fast, Evie couldn't stay steady and had to keep repositioning herself. But he didn't stop, and Evie rubbed her throbbing clit wildly, crying out almost immediately in a pulse pounding orgasm.

Still Lucky was pounding savagely into the woman. Evie now on her shoulders, her ass in the air, still rubbing in her clit, felt Lucky's knot sink into her and begin to swell.

"Ohhh&hellip. Oooohh yeahhh, fuckkk yeahhh. Fuck give it to me baby." She moaned her eyes closed as another orgasm wracked her and the dogs knot stuffed her willing cunt tightly. "Ohhhhh Fuuuuuuccckkkk." Evie moaned in sheer ecstasy. It was such a sensual, animal moan that made Karen cum too, as Lucky blasted his seed deep into the woman's womb. Soon all three were panting as Lucky looked around his tongue hanging out stuck to Evie.

Evie turned, her face flush with the carpet. "It's his knot, He'll pop out in a minute." Karen had never seen anything so perverse and exciting in her life. She took off her shirt and slide off her pants crawling on the floor next to Evie. She could hardly wait for the dog the separate from Evie. Karen stroked her body. Lust still raging in her.

It had bee several minutes since Lucky had slipped from Evie and gone to the far side of the room and began licking himself. Evie told her to wait of couple of minutes. He was only a man after all before he would be ready to go again. Now Karen was on her knees.

Rolling her hips obscenely on the dogs tongue as he lapped at her. All reason had left her the minute she saw Evie take the dogs cock up her pussy.

Evie was helping the new couple get acquainted it. Lucky had socks on his fore paws now as he reared up and mounted Karen. Karen tensed and panted as the dog was searching for her dripping hot entrance. "You ok, Kay-kay." "Yes," she panted smiling.

Her expression turned to panicked delight as the dog found its mark and began pistoning into the tender cunt. "Ooohhhh." Karen moaned. She had never felt anything so wonderful. He was so hot and big. Oh and he was getting bigger and bigger. "Ohhhhh." She moaned again as the power of the dog knocked her to her shoulders, his paws wrapped around her waist.

The dog was very strong. She happily bowed under the dog's weight. "Nnngghhhh." "Just enjoy it." Evie said fingering her clit as she watched her best friend getting fucked by her huge dog.

"Ooooohhhh fat ass hoes giving bj and fucking hard assparade and hardcore Fuck! What is that?" She felt Lucky's hot knot slip into her and swell quickly. "It's his knot just relax, you're his bitch now." Evie panted as she fingered herself to orgasm.

Karen Abandoned herself to the obscene pleasure of having the huge dog savagely fuck her willing tight pussy, and she lay under the beast panting as he had its way with her. Feeling the thick doggy cock get longer hitting her womb with each thrust. Suddenly, Karen stiffened as jagged charges of pleasure crashed into her and she cried out in violent erotic satisfaction.

Lucky filling her belly with his hot dog cum at the same moment. Karen's body took several minutes to relax, dog cum dribbling down her thighs, as she was now ass to ass with Lucky. She smiled in the afterglow of an intense orgasm that still had her toes curled and her vision blurry. She winced as Lucky's knot and thick doggy cock slid from her.

As thoroughly fucked as she felt, Karen's mind went back to Jake. But at least she had a no strings attached alternative until she could get the boy into her bed. x "Hey, what's going on?" Jake said as his mother, who wasn't dressed, wearily walked into the kitchen.

Evies night with She and Karen getting fucked by Lucky went on well into the early morning and she had already called in to work letting them know she wouldn't be making it in today. Jake had made breakfast for Paley and himself.

His school was on the other side of town from Paley's and until his mom had just gotten up, he didn't know what was going on with the two women. "We got to talking last night and stayed up way too late." "Well I gotta get to school. I'll drop off Paley first." Paley smiled at the perfect asian pussy nailed hard from aside of the girls especially, at school seeing her being dropped off by Jake. "No, no you get to school, baby.

I'll take care of Paley." "You sure." He said looking back at Paley and shrugging apologetically. "Yeah." Jake kissed and hugged his mom, her back to Paley and he waved at her giving her a wink. She giggle and gave a little wave back. "See you guys." "Is mommy ok?" "Oh yeah honey she's fine." Evie said hugging the little girl.

Evie smirked remembering how her mom just a few hours ago was taking the dog's cock up her pussy and moaning like a fool. "So Polar-bear, how 'bout you skip school." "Huh?" "Yeah, let's hang out today. You and me." "Really?" Paley smiled. Her mother never let her cut school. Aunt Evie was so cool. "What will we do?" "Let's go shopping. Summers coming up and a couple of beautiful girls like us need new bikinis." "Bikinis? Really?" Paley squealed. "Ok." Evie smiled.

She wanted to spend some alone time with just she and Paley. If things worked out well she'd taste the little girl's pussy soon too. To be continued.