Hot tight teen the consequences couldbe lethal brunette

Hot tight teen the consequences couldbe lethal brunette
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I can't believe it. Every time something good happens in my life, my mom has to go and screw it up. My younger sister, Julie, told me today that my mom was planning on bringing her new husband, Craig, over for a celebration dinner. I honestly can't stand him and honestly can't stand most of my mothers old boyfriends. Craig just seems extra creepy though. It all started back when my mom, Julie and Craig attended a swimsuit contest I was entered in. I work at this restaurant called Foxes and they put on a contest every year.

This year I actually entered after several of my co-workers insisted I do. My manager, the owner of the Foxes I work at said I have the looks and the body to actually win it and be the spokesperson for all the restaurants. I was really excited when the competition started. I walked great, looked great and felt like I was really impressing the judges. It was all terrific until I noticed Craig in the audience. He wasn't just staring like all the other guys. It seemed like really was looking me over.

He really creeped me out. He had this look in his eye like he was imagining me in even less clothing than I had on. I mean, I was wearing the pink string bikini and heels every other girl had on. What else did he want?

I always thought he was a pervert because whenever we got together as a family, he was always near me. No matter what I was doing or how many people were around, he was right there standing next to me. He always had a camera and I swear he was taking photographs of me when I wasn't looking. My mom is older and so I can't blame him for appreciating a younger woman's beauty. It's just, come on, you're practically my father now so get your act together. Well any way when the contest came to an end, my family came up to congratulate me.

I got a hug from Julie, my mom and Craig. It really pissed me off though. There I was all oiled up in a tiny bikini and high ebony teen bath xxx the olympic interchange and Craig kept looking me up and down.

He's like sixty but seemed like he had the hormones of a twenty year old. His hand kept clutching the small of my back and he even held my ass as I turned away to talk with the contest promoters. He tried to play it off but I know better.

I saw him lick his lips and stare at my legs even when I was looking right into his eyes.

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Whatever his sick fantasies are, he can keep them to himself. Anyway, I've done several more contests since then and have been fortunate enough to win every one. Now I plan on moving to New York to pursue my modeling career. Until then, I've been staying with my mom and Craig to save up money and to keep things less confusing for the imminent move.

Mom's still working, she's only forty-five and planned a business trip to Canada for the next couple weeks. I was totally bummed because that means I'm stuck with Craig alone that whole time. Julie is with her boyfriend on a trip to Europe so now I don't even have her to hang out with. I figure I'll do my best to stay out of his way when I'm home so I he doesn't have a chance to creep me out even more. Well it's been two days since my mom left and the weirdest thing has been happening.

Every night I close my bedroom door and my closet. It's always been a thing I've done since I was young. What's weird is the past two days, when I've woken up, I've noticed both doors are wide open. I can't explain it and I don't want to even think Craig has anything to do about it. I'm actually looking forward to tomorrow because I have another contest to do which I think I have a good chance at winning.

I need to focus on that and tune out Craig and all that weirdness. "We are proud to announce the winner of the Miss Tropical Contest, Miss Michelle Junes!" I can't believe it, I won again. This is so great and its such a bummer Julie and my mom weren't there to see it. Unfortunately Craig was. He said the creepiest thing too. He told me he was so happy to see me up there again and he was happy I won. He had to leave right away for some reason but said he would have a surprise for me at home.

I had no idea what he meant but thought it was kind of sweet of him to actually think of me. Little did I know it was a totally different surprise. I got home kind of late that night. I hate driving at such a late hour because the road we live off of is so dark and secluded. I kind of wished we had more neighbors who were close by. The idea of living in a tract community actually appeals to me whenever I have to drive home on such dark nights.

Its funny, you can't even hear the neighbors stepmom loves pussy eating with teen stepdaughter a quiet, windless night. When I walked inside I noticed it was really dark and most of the lights were off.

I was perplexed because I thought Craig planned something for me. I looked in my parents room and was surprised to see the bed was empty. He wasn't in there or in the living room. I guess he was out with his buddies and forgot.

Typically Craig, just a jerk like I thought. I decided to get right to my room and change out of my bikini. Of course I had on a sundress over it but the oil I wore for the contest was making the toni ribas and kerry pov in actricesdelporno full scene stick to my thighs and ass.

I closed the door behind me and took off the sundress and tossed it in the closet. I closed the closet door and walked into the bathroom to grab a towel so I could clean myself up.

When I turned around, I noticed the door was open again. That was really strange because I swore I closed it. Now I felt really vulnerable because I was in a dark house, walking around in my bikini and heals.

As I walked over to my mom and sister fuch son door, I suddenly felt someone grab me around my waste.

I turned my head to look back and it was Craig! "What the hell are you doing Craig, get your hands off of me!" "Michelle you have no idea how long I've been wanting you. Every time I see you I just want to pull you into a room and fuck you hard." "Craig, what the hell is wrong with you. You're like my step-dad, you can't think that way." "Please Michelle, you're twenty-five years old. I'm not at all like your stepdad. You think I haven't noticed how irresistibly hot you are. I wasn't that in to your mother but when I saw you for the first time, you were the reason I stuck around.

Why wouldn't I want to have the chance to be around such a fox all the time. Julie isn't bad either. She's got a nice little body and great tits too. I love her legs even more, there muscular from her dancing but still so femenine. I've got to say though, your cleavage make your tits look so perfect on your chest." (Craig pushed Michelle into the wall of the closet as she heard him unzip his shorts.

She struggled to get out of his grasp but was so slick she couldn't get any leverage from the wall.) "Hold it Craig, come on please stop this, it's crazy." "Shut up you fox, just be a good girl and take it." "Now I remember you Craig! You used to come in all the time to Foxes. You always came by yourself and always had to sit in my section.

You had that disgusting beard back then." "That's right, I was there whenever you worked and I've been to everyone of your appearances and contests. I've wanted you so bad baby." "Don't call me baby you asshole!

You're married to my mother and now you're harassing me you asshole!" (Craig tries to hold onto Michelle as he clumsily grabs hold of his cock and directs it between her legs. He pulls her bikini bottom to the side as he attempts to find her ass. Michelle squirms and screams when she realizes Craig is really going to go through with it.) "Fuck baby you're skin is soo smooth.

Stop squirming, its just going to make this longer." "Screw you Craig, you sick old bastard! My mom's going to be pissed at you asshole!" "Wow Michelle, you shouldn't give me such good ideas, especially when my dick has been throbbing for you so long." "Ideas?

What are you talking about! Let me go you asshole!" "Exactly what I'm talking about baby, I'm gonna bend you over and feel what every man who has ever seen you wants to feel. I'm gonna stick my dick so far up your hot little ass and feel as it wraps around me. It's going to feel perfect." (Craig wraps both his arms around her waste and guides Michelle to her bed.

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She tries to pull them both the other direction but Craig is too strong for her.) You can't do this Craig, it will shatter my mom! You can't do this to me please, it's wrong!" Shut up Michelle, I'm not doing anything because you're not going to say anything. You think you're mom will have this beautiful house if you say a word?! This will be all gone, everything! Then you can kiss your mom's sweet life goodbye because it will be your fault!" "Craig please, don't do this.

You mean everything to her. You can't mess this up." "Oh the only thing that's gonna get messy is your bed spread. Now relax and enjoy this because I definitely will." (Michelle struggles for a moment as Craig drops his shorts and pushes his swollen dick in her ass.) She lets out a scream as Craig mall toilet action tube porn, "I can't believe this is happening.

Oh my I've wanted this so long. Your body is so tan and your skin is so smooth. Your legs are perfect. Just wait, I'm going to titty fuck you too. Wow I can't wait to suck on those! (Craig reaches around Michelle and grabs both her tits in his right hand.

They are so full and round that they escape through his fingers.) (As he starts pumping faster and faster, Michelle says,) "Craig stop, I've never done this before, it's hurting me." "Yeah right, I've seen you in your bed with your boyfriends.

You definitely have done this before." "What, uh.uh.ugghh.(She moans each time he thrusts in her) how would you know that?" "Everyday I record you at night, why do you think your closet is open when you wake up?

I'm always changing tapes baby. Don't act so innocent, I've seen the stupid dicks from the restaurant you've taken home just so you can fuck them. Why didn't you ever take me home bitch? I don't care though, I've jacked off to your little sex scenes for months now slut." "Don't call me that you pig, just finish and let me go." (Craig bends her down over the bed and fucks her for almost ten minutes before he turns her over and fucks her face to face.

Michelle grimaces and tries to look away as he kisses her lips and neck.) "Ouch please stop, you're going to deep!" "I'll stop when I've came inside you.

I want you to moan in pleasure though. Don't think I can't make you cum baby. I know you want it." "Fuck you asshole, just cum already!" (Craig fucks her face to face for what seems like ten minutes.

Michelle winces as his sweat drips onto her chest. He's balding and hairy and disgusting in her eyes.) "Baby just because I cum in you tonight doesn't mean this is over.

Every single night your mom is gone, I'm going to do this. You're not going to stop me and you better show up because if you don't your mom losses everything! Same goes with Julie, where nicholette shea least 2019 cleaning house she live if you say anything?" (Michelle starts to well up because she knows he is telling the truth.

Her head keeps rocking back and forth as Craig is taking full thrusts inside her.

He picks her up and starts fucking her in his arms. Michelle is surprised because the sensation feels really good. She fights the feeling but can't help but feel aroused by it.

Craig presses her back against the wall and rocks her up and down as he starts sucking on her tits. Michelle looks down at him as he starts licking her cleavage and sliding his tongue all over her chest and neck.) (She starts moaning and releasing loud breaths as he fucks her against the bedroom wall. She tries to fight the feeling but can't and finally cums all over his throbbing dick. Craig laughs because he knows he made her cum. He walks her over to a tall dresser, bends her over it, and fucks her doggystyle until he finally cum's inside her.

"Oooh oww. uh.its so warm.You're such a sick asshole, I hope you're happy with yourself!" (Craig can't say anything in response as his body starts jolting uncontrollably. He simply walks over to the closet and hits a button under a plastic panel. A DVD pops out and he places it in a case.) "You fucking asshole!

You recorded this? I can't believe you!" "Michelle, now you have no option but to go with my plan. You're mother would die if she sees this. Now go to bed and get some rest, this is going to be a long week. I still can't believe I got to fuck the shit out of a bikini model. I'm going to my room and so I can jack off to this.

Tonight was over fast because it was my first time with such an unbelievably hot chick. Tomorrow will be much longer and much better for me." (As Michelle turns over, Craig starts to walk out of the room when he turns around to check on her. He seems Michelle clutching a pillow as she hits it with her fists.

She yells, "Fucking asshole!" Her ass is rippling as she moves and the light starts to glisten off of the oil. Craig starts getting hard as he realizes he can look and not worry anymore about being caught. Michelle's ass looks incredible in her thong bikini and Craig can't handle it anymore. He runs back sex stories love hots story sex the room and grabs her legs as he flips her over.

Michelle's eyes light up as she is surprised by Craig. He sticks his erect dick in her pussy and fucks her unbelievably fast. Michelle doesn't know what to do as he continues to thrust. Craig eventually flops down onto her from exhaustion as the two of them pass out.) (Michelle eventually falls asleep from the ordeal and wakes up alone thinking its all a dream.

She takes a long shower, puts on her make up and decides to go for a run. She puts on her tiny jogging shorts and a sexy tank top as she heads to the kitchen for a drink of water.

When she walks into the kitchen and grabs a glass from the kitchen counter, she feels something grab the front button of her shorts. Two hands are around her waste and pulling down her shorts. She turns around completely and sees Craig staring into her eyes. Without a word, he lifts her onto the counter, pulls her panties to the side and slips his dick in her. He starts thrusting like a machine and Michelle starts breathing heavily.

She can't believe what is happening and is in shock as she realizes the previous night was actually real. She's speachless as Craig continues to fuck her deep and hard.) "Craig uh uhhh innocent teenie is gaping tight crack in close up and cumming (She moans) uhhh uh uh uhh.can't do this." (Michelle starts panting, Craig is even more relentlous than the last night, he's an animal and she's in shock at how wildly she is getting fucked.) "I told you baby, your mine now.

I'm going to fuck you for the rest of my life. Every fantasy I've ever had is going to come true and you're the hottie who is going to make it happen." (Craig contines to fuck her and eventually pulls her down to the ground and wraps her mouth around his cock. He pulls her head back and forth as she eventually sucks him dry and sits on the ground in disbelief.) "I'll see you later Michelle, I gotta get back my energy for this afternoon.

Don't think this is over when you fly to New York either. You're coming back and until then, Julie will be just right. You're mom's a busy lady and I have needs."