Hd passion hd madison ivy jerks guys dick till cum explosion

Hd passion hd madison ivy jerks guys dick till cum explosion
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Matilda "I show I swell and I waddle" seemed to be the theme song at the school for unwed mothers where I worked. I was the caretaker there and I did the odd fix-it jobs and maintained the grounds. Mostly I got to shovel the snow, mow the lawn, plant a few flowers, and mop up the entranceway. The pay wasn't much but room and board was included.

I got to sleep in the caretaker's house and I got to eat with the girls too. The girls were all teenagers and they were all pregnant. They were also an embarrassment to their parents so they were sent there. All most all of the girls were from other parts of the country. Most of the babies born there were adopted out too. Believe it or not the girls were all between thirteen years old and seventeen years old. It seems that the eighteen and nineteen year old girls didn't need their services.

I heard that they even had a couple of twelve year old girls in the past. Holy shit! That's way too young to get knocked up. The girls were all at least three months pregnant when they arrived and stayed for about three months after the baby's birth too.

The parents paid for a nine-month stay. Being the only man that they ever got to see I got a few extra benefits too. The girls were virtually prisoners and couldn't leave the premises, but I could.

Then again they weren't allowed to have any money either. However they had pussies and it wasn't like I could do them any harm, now could I. Mostly the girls required cigarettes or a bottle of booze. Paying with pussy was fine with me but I didn't make enough money in the whole month to keep them in smokes and drink. So the girls suggested that I pimp them out and keep studying and fucking with nerdy teeny facial cumshot natural tits percent of the money.

They wanted to use my caretaker's house and have me slip the guys in the back door. The girls were experts at getting out of their dormitories and to my house. They even suggested that I collect fifty dollars from the guys. I told them I would have to think it over. As I checked around I found out that I hardly had to offer the girls as prostitutes to anyone. Most of the guys in town were already trying to figure out how to get to the girls themselves.

There were also the obvious perverts and child molesters that only wanted to fuck the thirteen-year-old girls that didn't show too much. They were also willing to pay double for the privilege too. Some of the other guys wanted girls that were a full eight months pregnant and that were dripping milk. Anyway I told the girls the next day that I would help them out. The girls said that they had twenty girls that were willing to participate that first night.

That night I was so scared that I was shaking. If I got caught I could go to jail. The guys were so excited that they started to arrive early.

I couldn't believe how many came out of the woodwork. The men had told their friends who had told other friends who then had busty milf and teen girl threeway action on the couch threesome and blowjob other friends yet.

The girls had agreed to arrive about seven o'clock after the room check. By six-thirty I had over sixty men standing around my house and it wasn't all that big. Where to hell could they go to actually fuck the girls? Perhaps out behind the house or better yet send the guys out there to wait their turn. Well seven o'clock came and went. Finally about twenty minutes later the girls started drifting in two and three at a time. That sure made the guys happy. The girls quickly took off their short robes, which was all that they were wearing and then they got started.

Soon there were fifteen naked girls in various stages of pregnancy in my living room bent over the furniture with a cock slipped into their pussies and a couple had on slipped into their assholes. They were kneeling on my couch with their heads up on the back of it and next to their head was the head of another girl standing in back of the couch bent over too.

As more girls arrived they too removed their robes and took up positions in my other rooms. Even the floors got used. Every table and counter had a girl using it for support as her belly and tits hung down and a cock was fucking her pussy. Privacy was not an option. The twenty girls all showed up and about eighty guys too.

They had even talked four of the thirteen-year-old girls into participating and they were certainly in demand. I put them all in the same room so that I could keep track of them. Some guys wanted to go twice while other guys called their friends. The girls had to be back in their rooms for an eleven o'clock bed check and it would take them time to get there. In the three hours available they managed to let about a hundred and twenty guys fuck them.

The four thirteen-year-olds took the most abuse with about a dozen fucks each. I took in just about eight thousand dollars of which two thousand was mine to keep. Holy shit! What a first night! The girls arranged for twenty different girls to show up each night. However there was this one sweet little thing that the other girls assigned to take care of me.

Matilda was a fifteen-year-old Amish bbw milf with big tits sucks big black cock from a place called Intercourse, Pennsylvania. I thought that was a very fitting place for a pregnant girl to come from.

Anyway Matilda had been a virgin and had only let one boy kiss her and court her. They had been betrothed since they were children. As their relationship progressed she finally gave in to his request to make love to her. That was all it took, just the one time and she became pregnant. The boy was shunned and no one would talk to him for at least a year or more. Matilda was sent to the home for unwed mothers to give birth to the child and then adopt it out.

She was to be shunned also when she returned to her Amish Community. I never did figure out why she agreed to be mine because she didn't smoke or drink like most of the other girls and had no need for money. Anyway she was in for a cut of the action just like the rest but she didn't have to let anybody else but me fuck her. I was very pleased with their selection. Matilda was simply lovely. Matilda was only three months pregnant when I first met her.

She hardly had a belly at all. She was also very shy. To keep out of the way of the brothel she came to me before dinner. Matilda was so shy that I had to close my drapes, turn off the lights, and turn my back before she would get undressed and get under the covers. At first she just froze stiff under my touch. I didn't want to scare her too badly so I kissed her but Matilda was unresponsive. I ran my hand over her body and she only shivered.

I felt her nipples perk up on her small breasts. I touched her pubic hair. I caressed her stomach and her legs too. I finally told her that it was time and Matilda let me separate her legs. I couldn't see her face but I knew that she was crying because I could hear her sniffle quietly.

I kissed her cheek and her tears wet my lips. I then kissed one of her nipples. I placed my leg over one of her legs and got my knee just under her crotch. Then I shifted my weight and got the other leg between hers. I reached down and pulled her knees up so that I could get my bent knees spread out under her legs.

I reached down again and fingered her opening. Matilda was wetter than any girl that I had xxx mom papa milk vedio had sex with. At first I thought that she had peed but it wasn't the consistency of salt water it was thick and slick like cum. Matilda had been more excited than she had let on.

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I parted her pussy lips and touched the head of my cock to her opening. She jumped in response. Then I slipped my cock into her hole. It was a tight fit and I wasn't really all that big. I pushed and pushed and I heard her groan.

When I was completely inside of her I told her to relax.

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I could hardly believe that I was only the second man to enter her. Matilda was practically a virgin and I had never had a true virgin before. I started fucking into her with a gentle steady rhythm.

Before long Matilda was breathing hard and had started to pant. I was amazed that this almost virgin was having an orgasm. She had a second one as I had mine.

I pumped several blasts of cum into that sweet little thing then I kissed her on her lips and this time she responded to me. Matilda and I kissed and cuddled. She was no longer lying there stiff as a board. She was wonderful and loving. I knew that I had opened up a can of worms, so to speak. Matilda squirmed around under my caresses. She liked the way I played with her tits and her pussy. She liked the way I massaged her rounded belly.

She really liked it when I rolled over on top of her for a second time too. She parted her legs and lifted them up around my waist giving me total access to her pussy. She was offering herself to me totally and sexually. I knew that that was everything that her parents had taught her not to do. In complete defiance of all of her religious beliefs she was submitting to lana rhoades gets butthole penetrated on the floor lustful desires.

It may have been her raging hormones or it may have been me but in either case I was enjoying it just as much as she was.

Matilda let me fuck her. We touched bellies. Then I filled her a second time with my cum. It was time for dinner but Matilda wouldn't let me stop making love to her. I knew that we would be missed but I just couldn't stop and disappoint this sweet little angel.

So we made love for a third time.

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I knew that after that I was done for quite awhile. We took a shower together, got dressed, and sat on my couch cuddling. A couple of the other girls came in and told us that they had covered for us. They said that Matilda was have a little morning sickness and that they were going to take her some saltine crackers and a glass of milk. They said that I had mentioned going out to eat that night.

I was glad that everyone was looking out for us. Matilda told the girls about how scared she had been at first. Then her very first orgasm had ignited a burning desire deep within her that couldn't be put out.

She explained that even after our three lovemaking sessions that she just simply had an itch that she couldn't scratch. So the two girls took Matilda back into my bedroom. I watched from the doorway as the girls all got undressed and lay on my bed with Matilda between them. Both girls slipped their fingers into her pussy and started sucking on a nipple. I watched as those two girls abused Matilda's clit. She had so many orgasms that even I lost count. After an hour they had to stop because their customers were starting to arrive.

They got Matilda dressed and out of there before she got fucked. After that Matilda and I both looked forward to our time together.

Boyfriend finds his gf cheating watched as her belly grew. We talked about everything and she was so curious about the outside world. I was afraid that she could never return to her previous life.

We even talked about that. She had conversations with the other girls too about her future. They knew that the pregnant brothel was bringing in a small fortune and decided to give Matilda more than just one share in the profits. All of the girls loved Matilda and wanted to see her happy. As the weeks and the months progressed I continued to make love to Matilda.

We were even doing it between her contraction on that last day. Then a few hours later she gave birth. She didn't know the sex and never saw the baby, as was the custom at the home for unwed mothers.

Three months later Matilda was put on a bus to return to Intercourse, Pennsylvania but I don't think she ever arrived. I personally had put fifty thousand dollars in a bank account for her as the other girls had requested.

A couple of months after Matilda had left, the school received several complaints about their daughters coming home pregnant. An investigating revealed the brothel. The girl had been coming back to work after recovering from childbirth but no one thought anything about birth control and a few had gotten pregnant again. The school didn't want any publicity so I was discretely fired and asked to leave town.

They even gave me a very generous severance pay. I had to laugh. My twenty-five percent of the brothel action amounted to three-quarters of a million dollars. As I was leaving one of the girls handed me a postcard that she had received from Matilda.

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I think I'll head in that direction. The End Matilda 125