Sexxy thick gf toys her pussy on web cam

Sexxy thick gf toys her pussy on web cam
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Brad looked over at his sister sitting beside him on the seat of the convertible. The top was down and the wind was whipping her hair around her neck, though she had it tied back in a pony tail. Her oversized T-shirt bubbled and swirled over her stretchy top, and her bare legs were spread slightly apart, the lycra of her shorts hugging her hips tightly.

He had to admit she was a real looker, and her nineteenth birthday was coming in less than two weeks. Idly, he wondered what to get her, his thoughts distracted by the T-shirt that fluttered across her chest, occasionally exposing her tights-covered breasts.

My sister's a real babe, he thought. Cindy looked back at him, eyeing his muscular legs bulging under his workout shorts, and the ripples of his biceps as he maneuvered the car casually towards the gym. She liked the blondish wisps of hair she saw peeking out the top of his tank top and the swell of his chest and taut stomach. His short hair curled cutely over his ears and his blue eyes sparkled in the punish fingering ryland ann loves it rough light.

Quite a hunk, she thought. Aloud, she said, "So, what should we get him?" "Get who?" Brad asked absentmindedly. "Uncle Mark, of course. His big four-oh is coming up next weekend.

Or had you forgotten?" "Of course not. Well, how about a naked girl in a birthday cake?

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Wouldn't that be a trip?" "Yeah, and do you think Aunt Josie would go for the naked girl too?" "Mmm, I don't know. Maybe a naked guy to go with the naked girl?" "Yeah, maybe.

But anyway, even if they would go for it, it's too expensive. How about something a little closer home?" "Well, you could be the naked girl. I'm sure Uncle Mark would go for you. You've turned into such a babe," he added, wondering what her reaction would be. To his surprise, she took it calmly. "You're not so bad yourself," she said. "Maybe Aunt Josie would like to jump on you all covered with icing and lick it all off." Brad instantly felt his dick start to get hard.

Uncle Mark and Aunt Josie were about the same age as their parents, and their mother's sister was definitely a hot number, with swelling breasts, long legs, and a dynamite ass. He knew he'd love to get a chance to sink into her sweet pussy, and he remembered how good it had felt to fuck his mother in the mouth a few nights ago.

She had hinted at even more pleasures in store, and he thought about how it would feel to fuck both his mother and her sister, and his own sister's hot talk beside him had already got him aroused.

He moved one hand to reposition his swelling cock. "Maybe," he said, "at least we'd save money, and I know Uncle Mark would like licking that sweetness off you.

Maybe as much as I would. Maybe it'd turn into a family picnic. Everybody eating out," he added with a chuckle. Cindy's thoughts turned to Uncle Mark, his dark hair, smooth skin and boyish face, and her session with her father two nights ago. She wondered who would be the better lover, her father or her uncle.

She glanced at Brad, lustful thoughts running through her mind, licked her lips, and said, "Are you going to exercise that muscle at the gym, or don't they have machines for dick-cercises?" Brad's hard-on sprang to hard fuck brother or sister pushing boobs alertness as he saw his sister's eyes glued to his hand rubbing against his erection. "I thought we'd save that for some private sessions," he said, his voice sinking to a whisper.

"Sort of a primer for the birthday performance?" "Hell, I'm already primed," he said, grinning lasciviously at his sister, making no effort now to conceal his raging hard-on. But they were at the gym and Cindy leaned over and gave him a quick kiss on the lips, her fragrance filling him with added desire. She gave his dick a brief squeeze and whispered in his ear, "Later brother, lover." and slid out the door, her ass bobbing invitingly across the parking lot.

Brad quickly trotted after her, but stayed back just enough to enjoy her ass bouncing sexily ahead of him, and as they raced up the stairs he could smell her cunt just inches from his face. As they worked out, he watched her tits bouncing as she jogged on the treadmill, smiled as her buns worked up and down on the Stairmaster, and held his breath as she pressed against the Nautilus machines and pushed up the bar weights, each new exercise bringing a thrill to his loins as her body strained at the thin elastic covering it, sweat trickling between her breasts and ass crack.

Finally they were finished, but Brad didn't feel cooled by the shower and change of clothes, but hotter than ever as his sister again sat beside him in the convertible, her white shorts bunched tightly at the crotch and her nipples clearly showing under her tight tank.

He could feel his dick beginning to swell again. She perched one leg on the seat between them, spreading her legs farther apart, and Brad reached to touch her thigh. The contact brought his erection back full force, something not lost on Cindy. "I see you're still primed to go," she said, staring at the bulge in his pants and covering his roaming hand with her soft, twining fingers. "I can't help it with you. You were so hot looking during your workout. It just made me want to." "To fuck me?" she said, and Brad almost ran off the road as his temples began to pound with an uncontrollable passion at his sister's obscene words.

"Better pull over here," she said, "before we have an accident." Brad wheeled the convertible under some trees and shut the engine off. He was trembling with desire for his sister, wanting to fuck her more than anything else in the world.

But he looked around at where they were, too exposed to public view. "Let's go for a walk," he suggested, pulling the gym towels off the unfathomable pounding for marvelous darling homemade hardcore seat. He put his arm around her waist as they walked aimlessly into the small woods. Finally, able to stand it no longer, Brad pulled his sister into his arms, feeling her breasts pressing against him through the thin fabric of her tank top.

He pulled her up to him, his mouth grasping for her lips. She opened her mouth and darted her tongue into her brother's mouth, feeling the passion swell inside her, remembering what it had been like to fuck their father. Like father, like son, she thought hopefully. She melted into his arms, draping her tongue around his in a paroxysm of passion, lost in the heat of desire. Her brother's touch aroused her unbelievably and she ruffled her fingers in his hair as he kissed her deeply, moaning into his open mouth.

His hands cupped her ass cheeks, lifting her off the ground, then moved up her back, sliding around to her breasts, which she kept plastered against his manly chest. He gasped for breath. "God, you're so hot, sis. I can't wait to fuck you. I'm gonna love this." "Yeah, and I want to taste your cum," she said, remembering the sweet taste of her father's jism as it filled her mouth to overbrimming.

Just the thought of it sent shivers racing down her spine. Brad dropped the towels onto the ground and eased his sister down on top of them, grasping the edges of her tank top as she slid down toward the ground. She raised her hands over her head and as her ass touched the ground her top sprang into Brad's hands. He tossed it away and stared at his sister's gorgeous tits. They were firm and high, not too big, so they weren't floppy, and the delicate pink nipples were already starting to stand at attention.

He grabbed one tit and lowered his face to the other, teasing the one while kneading the other. He sucked voraciously, jamming the wonderful taste and feel of it deep into his mouth.

When he came up for air and switched to the other, the blood was pounding in his ears, and Cindy was saying, "Oh, you suck my titties so good. Suck them just like a baby at your mother's breast. Yeah, suck your mommy's tits." He was flushed with the sweet taste of his sister and hearing her goading him awakened the remembrance of sucking his mother. He thought he's cum in his pants before he ever got a chance to get his dick out. Brad lifted off his sister enough to rip his own T-shirt off, then unbuttoned her tight ass attack with gia malone and spicy j bootylicious and twerking shorts.

He saw moisture beginning to spread at her crotch and knew she was as turned on as he was. He dragged the zipper down, thrilling to the sight of her silky panties underneath, then he unzipped his own shorts.

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He leaned back and stripped her shorts down over her luscious hips, his mouth watering as her wet panties wriggled into sight. He tossed his own shorts aside and pushed his hand into his sister's mound, rubbing it through her thin panties. The smell of her wafted up to him, making his brain fuzzy with desire. He slipped his hand under her panties, feeling a finger slide into her slit. She let out a gasp of pleasure as his digit slid into her moistened channel.

He worked it in farther, feeling his knuckle grinding against her ass, then withdrew it and yanked her panties off her hips, followed by his own.

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His dick was standing out stiffly, throbbing with desire to fuck his lovely sister. As he looked down at her squirming form, he thought how much she looked like his mother, then he buried his face in her beautiful pussy, his tongue searching for her love button.

As his lips closed over her erect clit, Brad gulped in the love juices flowing from her oozing cunt, and worked a finger back into her grinding hole. She moaned and writhed against him, pulling his face harder against his probing tongue. "Suck that clit," she nearly yelled. "Eat my pussy. Eat your little sister." Her lust filled cries urged him on to greater thrusts, and he felt the pressure building in his balls.

He shifted his weight, moving into a sixty-nine position, and brought the tip of his dick close to his sister's mouth. As he refastened his mouth to her dripping pussy, she responded by lifting her head and sucking his dcik greedily into her mouth. As she grasped him, he felt her starting to shudder and knew her orgasm was near.

Just as she started to cry out again, he felt his dick starting to spurt and he thrust it deep inside her, feeling the hot cum start to pump down her throat. She gasped around his swollen cock, and pulled back a little. He saw a few drops of cum guzzling out the sides of her lips, and heard her wild sucking sounds as she strained to get every drop into her beautiful hungry mouth.

"God, I'm cumming right in your mouth. Drink it up. Eat my cum, sis. Suck my cock." The added words were just enough to drive Cindy over the brink and her juices flowed out of her pussy as her own orgasm shook her while she blonde facefuck and anal watch part on warmcamcom to eat up every bit of her brother's cum.

As the juices flowed out of both of them, they hardcore slut doing two cum loaded shafts to eat each other completely. Cindy fell back as Brad continued to lick slowly at her pussy. "Umm, come and kiss me now, she said. I want to taste that pussy juice in your mouth. And I want you to taste your cum in my mouth." Brad's dick was shrinking, but his sister's wild talk gave it a last spurt.

Then he shifted to meet her request. Their tongues met and he tasted the sweet cum in her mouth, mingling with the delicious aftertaste of her flooded pussy. It was an indescribable sensation, and Brad's cock started to jerk up rhythmically as he kissed his sister deeply, tasting the combined juices of their lovemaking.

"Where'd you learn that trick?" he said, "Not that I'm complaining." "Which one?" "The kissing and licking each others juices out after cumming." "Do you like it? Doesn't it taste just too good?" "Yeah, like I said, where'd you learn it?" "From Daddy." ---By Darklord