Cop fucks girl and yet still love my wife episode lp cop was highly satisfied with the

Cop fucks girl and yet still love my wife episode lp cop was highly satisfied with the
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Libba Mae Chapter 1 "Tell me how this one looks, daddy" My twelve year old daughter, Libba came out of the dressing room wearing the three piece bathing suit she had fallen in love with the minute we had walked into the Junior section of Simmon's Department Store.

The top of the swim suit was pink stripped with two strings that tied behind the neck, the beauty bows down for a hard fuck hardcore and blowjob was all pink v-shaped with strings that tied at the sides. She even put on the little skirt that came along to wear over it.

Libba stood in front of me, striking a few poses looking breathtaking in the swimsuit, Since she was developing well in the chest area she filled the top half rather nicely with a little bit pouring over, She was naturally thin with softness in certain areas like her hips and stomach.

"I think it looks very nice" I responded nonchalantly catching the sales lady looking over at us from the behind the register. Who even knows what she might be thinking.

This was usually the sort of thing Libba was be doing with her mother but she passed away three years ago from Cervical cancer. It was a difficult time for Libba and I but at the end it only made us stronger and brought us closer together.

" Can we get it, daddy? I want to have a nice swimsuit for when I go on Haley's Pool party." Libba was talking in code, something I had taught from the very beginning of our relationship, not to arise any suspicions. Actually we were going on a retreat with my brother, Nathen and his family in a few days it's for people into the family love lifestyle.

My brother had been going for the past couple of years he finally convinced us to go this year. "If you really like it sure I'll buy it for you." I got up grabbing the handful bags we obtain in our shopping spree at the mall. "Thank you daddy" Libba gave me a hug before running back into the dressing room. Before she closed the door she raised up the skirt giving me quite a surprise.

Libba wasn't wearing the bottom of the two piece as I had thought giving me a view of her little pussy. She sat down on the chair spreading her legs apart so I see the soft pink pedals of her flower. I licked my lip, feeling my bulge awakening in my pants. Wondering if I would be able to keep it in control till we got home. I knew Libba well enough to know why she had chosen that specific swim suit, it gave me easy access to her as well as being easily removable. Those are the main factors she keeps in mind when picking out her clothes.

When Libba came back out she was in her sundress again, holding her purse and the bathing suit in her hand. "Ready kiddo we still have to find out what we are having for dinner" We had eaten already, at a little restaurant outside the mall. I was just anxious to get her home "Yes, that all I really wanted" I reached into my pocket, taking out my wallet, the bathing suite cost thirty five dollars. I gave her two twenties heading to the nearest exit. "I'll wait for you outside kiddo" "Okay I'll be there in a few" Libba ran off to the cash register to pay for her swimsuit.

I walked out of the store, waiting for her off to the side. We were trying to get some last minute shopping out of the way before we left for the retreat, It had pretty much taken the whole day but I didn't care I cherished every minute I had with her.

And having her model for me in her different outfits wasn't bad either. I didn't even care how much I spent of Libba as long as she was happy. Libba came out of Simmon's running over to me, with another huge bag at toll. walked to the nearest exit leading into the parking lot once out of the eye shot of camera's, Libba took her hand in mine.

We walked hand and hand like the couple we are to our van parked far out of the area of the mall. Libba and I have been involved incestuously for the past four years but just this past Thursday we celebrated Libba turning twelve in a special way.

By consummating our relationship, taking it to the next level just as we had planned earlier in our relationship. Libba was not only my daughter, now my lover and life partner and hopefully soon mother of my children as well. I took my time savoring every inch of her before I popped my baby's cherry making her mines in body and soul. At the end leaving inside her a very special present as I filled her womb with my baby making cream. We rested for awhile before going at it again several times in that day.

We didn't get out of bed till late in the evening to have a late dinner. That is why the retreat was important it was a chance for us to really be together none of this pretending like we have to do now, To enjoy our relationship as we should be without worrying we will be caught or get in trouble because we will be surrounded by others in the same situation. The retreat was going to be on a property called Blacwater Ranch, it's a community of brunette czech milf deep fuck from eastern europe also involved in incestuous relationships, a haven really with everything we'd possible need to have little to do with the outside world.

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I was thinking it was a good idea if Libba and I lived there now that we were officially forming a life together. Especially since Libba and I are trying to start having a family it was important we got accepted before that happens. Apparently it isn't that easy to get in, they are very careful who they let, which I can see why. All it takes is one poser(undercover cop or anyone involved in the law) and many lives can forever be shambled.

The fathers will go to jail and the children go into the system. From what Nathen told me, it's a long process of background checks, interviews, surveying (publicly and privately) even a clinical evaluation. After a ten minute walk we finally reached the van I loaded all the bags in the back while I thought that Libba got in the front instead she came around the back where I was. "Daddy I have to pee really bad" "Why didn't you go when we were inside the mall, Libba." "I don't know I was too caught up in shopping I guess." Looking around there was no one around but large overgrown bushes and our van was enough to provide some privacy.

"Well then go right here." Libba looked at me unsure but knowing how small her bladder was knew she wouldn't be able to hold it for long.

"It's okay no one will see you." Reluctantly Libba hiked up her dress, squatting in the grass. It wasn't long before she was squirting a yellow stream. I couldn't help but watch afterwards grabbing the container of wipes from the back, cleaning her.

It would be no accident that my fingers traced the soft pedals of her flower. "Daddy you are getting excited" Libba pointed down to my pants, blonde babe salvaggia enjoys strangers big cock she was right the bulge was very noticeable. "Will you take care of it strong fuck with one massive dong we get home." Libba nodded, as we composed ourselves getting in the van.

Turns out neither could wait till we got home Libba had my cock sticking out of my pants giving me a blow job that whole way I drove us home. She laid across the front seat of the car buck naked, while her head went up and down over my cock.

It was well past eleven when we got home, not bothering to unload the bags headed straight up to our bedroom, I threw her down on the bed stripping the dress off her naked body underneath, Holstering her underneath me I slipped inside her delicate pink flower hammering my hard cock in and out of her.

"Fuck me daddy" Those words were music to my ears, I loved to hear my little girl talk dirty, it always drove me over the edge in a good way.

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"Do you like the way daddy is fucking his little girl?" "Uh-huh" Libba responded tilting her head back so we kissed passionately as I continued hammering her. She was enjoying this as much as I was moaning and groaning playing with herself. Her hand was done there feeling where my cock was going in and out.

"Oh daddy I can feel you inside me" I brought her legs up, lifting her butt off the bed in the process going even deeper inside her.

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Her legs dangled at in the air as our bodies made smacking noises when they meet each other I felt the orgasm building up inside me, like a roller coaster just as it was riding it 's steep hill. In return it only made me hammer her even harder till she was moaning even louder. "Daddy, cum inside me. Fill your little girl with your hot cream" That was it I came in convulsions as her pussy milked every last load inside her womb. She came at the same time screaming "I'm coming.

I'm coming" I tilted her pussy up just as when I was fucking her, making sure my deposit stayed inside her.

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I leaned over kissing her passionately on the lips. "You have no idea how you have made me the luckiest man in the world becoming mine." "I'm going to make you happy, daddy and give you what you have always wanted- children." As you might have guessed already Libba wasn't our biological child, Her mother and I tried for years to have children, but couldn't.

Finally we just gave up and went a different kristen jordan bbc dp double penetration dogfartnetwork in the end adopting Libba Mae.

We were a happy family up till the day we found out that Jan was dying. She got sick rather fast the cancer took over her whole body. At that time I was lonely not to be selfish but I had needs. I thought about prostitutes but never went through with it. Till I realized why should I have to go outside for what I have right in front of me. I wasn't even sure if Libba would go through with it. I started slow, having her sit on my lap while I was naked from the stomach down, then it was tickling games and riding horsy all which she was perceptive to.

Then one night I woke up from a deep sleep to find Libba playing with my cock and even put it in her mouth, I taught her how to give me a blow job and hand jobreturning the favor by fingering and eating her pussy.

From then on it just naturally evolved, She moved into my bed, sleeping naked aside me. A year later on her ninth birthday I started to have anal sex with her, I could have easily had her pussy but wanted to save that for a special occasion, It was exciting for her to have a secret only Libba and I knew about, hiding it from the rest of the world.

Gril and boy doctor xxxx out there was a sex nymph inside her, willing to try all sorts of things including Bestiality, I didn't find out till I saw her with our German SheppardJaxx.

Having Libba helped me get through the hard times, made hurt not so painful. Don't get me wrong I love Jan, but since her illness took her away our relationship was fading along with it.

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Between the cancer and the medication she stopped recognizing us after awhile, becoming virtually strangers to her. And that time Libba and I were getting closer and closer. We talked a lot about our relationship, somehow our love for one another grew from a normal love between a child and it's parent to something more. We both wanted the same thing a life together as a couple, a house full of children. And after Jan finally did die, I at least had the consolation that I would not be four pregnant sex videos tube porn and there would be someone there to love me.

Once my load was safely inside her I was going she stopped me wanting to keep it in so I did. I pulled her against me, sliding even deeper inside her making us both moan.

That was how we remained watching TV in bed till we went at it again a few hours later. We were like horny rabbits going at it every chance we get.

I know Libba really wants to have my baby that was why she was working so hard at it. I am more then happy to oblige Libba any way I can.