Attractive hottie likes passionate fuck a lot

Attractive hottie likes passionate fuck a lot
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Cowboy Meets New Slave We met on an on line dating site and chatted for a couple of months before deciding to meet in person. We agree that you will come spend a three day weekend with me at my home in the South Texas country side. You question what is going to happen during your visit. All I will tell you is that I have a surprise for you that will make you want to stay with me and never return to your home. It is 10:00pm when I meet you at the airport. I take your bags telling you I parked across from the terminal in the covered parking area.

You follow me from the terminal visibly shaking with nerviness. As we approach my truck out of sight of the public. I point to my quad cab pick-up with dark tinted windows and let you move toward the truck in front of me.

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I drop your bags and grab you clamping my hand over your mouth whispering in you ear I tell you to "keep your fucking mouth shut you fucking slutty whore and put your hands behind you." I bend you over the tail gate of my truck, tie your hands and arms behind you, pull your short skirt up over your ass and rip your panties off. I rub your pussy and push my finger in you finding you are getting wet. I pull you up from the tail gate by the hair and push the wadded up panties in your mouth putting a strip of duct tape over your mouth to keep your pussy wet panties in place.

I force you to walk around to the back door of my truck turn you around pushing you against the door and rip your shirt and bra open. I slap your tits a few times watching them moist mother id like to fuck is obsessed with sex hardcore blowjob red. I grab you by the hair and pull you away from the truck and open the back door.

I force you in the back seat on your stomach, blind fold you, rip your skirt up the back exposing your naked ass and pussy.

I pull my cock out I push two fingers in your hot wet pussy and finger fuck you getting my fingers covered with your juices. I feel you nearing an orgasm and pull out making you moan with disappointment. I use your juices to lubricate your ass hole pushing one finger in your tight little pucker.

Your scream into your gag at the sudden intrusion to your ass. I push a second finger in and work them around and spreading you ass to take my cock. Satisfied you are ready I pull my fingers out and press the head of my hard eight inch cock to the opening and press the head into you making you scream into your gag.

I stop with my cock two inches inside you opening letting you adjust to the size when your ass muscles tighten on my cock. I press deeper in you when I feel you canal muscles start to relax. I go easy on you until my big hard cock is balls deep in your ass. Your protest change to pleasurable moans and you push back onto my cock. I begin fucking my cock in and out of your ass. You grunt and push back to meet each thrust and I slam deep in your ass and hold with my balls pressed against you pussy while I shoot my pent up load of cum deep inside you.

You scream and tense up with your first of many orgasms forced on you by me. As my cock begins to go limp in your ass I pull out letting my cum drip from you ass down over your wet juicy cunt. I put the Hitachi between your pussy lips pressing on your clit. You try to scream. I mom force son for fuck her xxxstory your naked ass telling you to shut the fuck up you dirty worthless fucking slut. You are a piece of fucking fresh meat for me to enjoy and that is all.

I turn the Hitachi on medium speed and force you to clamp your legs together holding it in place buzzing in your cunt and clit. I tie your knees together tight enough to hold the Hitachi in place. I force your ankles up toward your ass tying them together and to your wrist putting you in an effective hog tie. I slap your ass telling you to enjoy the trip home you worthless fucking whore.

What you just got is just a small sample of what you are going to get all weekend you fucking no good for nothing slut. I am going to keep you tied up and cuming all weekend just like the fucking slave whore you are. By the time I finish, you fucking filthy cunt, you will be begging me to let you please me.You hear the truck start up and pull out of the parking area. The Hitachi is buzzing on your clit just enough to keep you aroused but not letting you cum.

I watch you in the mirror as I drive the two hour drive home. You are moaning, squirming and hunching on the vibrator trying to make your self cum for some relief.As your moans get louder I tell you to shut the fuck up you worthless fucking slut whore and be still or I will have to spank your fucking ass. You don't want me to pull over. I will tie you in the back of the truck where any truckers passing can see your naked fucking cunt whore ass.

We get to my place about midnight. When we arrive I untie you and leave you blindfolded and gagged force you over to the four rail pipe fence to japanese mom son dad sex vidoes entrance.

I force your head between the top and second rail pulling your arms straight out to the sides tying them to the underside of the top rail forcing the back of your neck to press against the bottom of the top rail.

With you bent over at the hips and you tied in cross position, tits pointing down at the ground, force your legs apart tying them apart with a spreader bar, tie small strand rope around each of your tits making them swell up like large melons. I tie the tit ropes to the bottom rail of the fence putting tension on your tits holding you in the bent over position.

I get my 30 inch flogger from my toy box in the house while you are tied naked to the fence in the dark as oil field trucks and traffic passes by less than 75 yards away from you knowing if one passes slow enough they can see my new naked sex slave tied to the fence waiting for what is to happen to her next.

I stand on the front porch about 30 feet from you watching you tense up and moan into you panty gag each time a truck passes. You hear me move off the porch to the truck and open the door making you wonder what I am doing.

I get the Hitachi vibrator off the back seat where I left it when I untied you from your hog tie. You tense up and start to scream into your gag as you hear me approach wondering what I am going to do to you.

You think is he going to fuck me or hurt me. Your back muscles tense up when you feel the cold steel blade of my skinning knife as I run the flat side down your back from the shoulders to the ass.

You are whimpering now from fear of me cutting you with the knife. I continue over your ass cheeks toward your cunt and you begin to cry and try to plead for me not to hurt you. With the knife resting against your cunt I land a blow across your back with the flogger. You scream and jerk away from the blow as much as you can. "You better not move you stupid worthless whore there is a knife against your cunt and it is razor sharp and I land another blow across the top of you ass cheeks.

You scream but don't move. Now your learning you worthless cum sucking cunt. I land five more lashes with the flogger on your ass and naughty petite babe zoe parker gets a spectacular fuck. Laying the flogger aside I replace the knife blade with the Hitachi vibrator set on high speed. As I pressed the vibrator to your cunt and moving it up and down over you clit I noticed your pussy is dripping wet.

You sorry filthy little slut whore you are enjoying this shit. Hey you fucking cunt you better ask permission to cum or you will feel the sting of my cane on the back of your legs. I move the vibrator back and forth on you clit watching you hunch against each stroke trying to get in time with the stokes.

You are moaning, crying and pleading into the panty gag. Are you asking for permission to cum bitch? You franticly nod your head indicating yes. I remove the tape and panties from your mouth. You immediately beg " may I cum." A good slave knows how to ask her Master for permission.

You ask "Can I cum, Master" the vibrator working on your cunt and clit making it hard for you to breath or speak. Not until you ask properly you fucking slut. "May I ashley adams getting wet with ashley, Master" "May I cum please, Master" " Master, please may I cum please please please Master"? I do not answer you but keep working the vibrator on your cunt driving you close to insanity.

"Please, Master, let me cum. I will be a good slave for you, please let me cum". OK you can cum fucking whore cunt. You may cum, bitch. Your body jerks and spasms in your bonds as you scream loud and long.

If there had been traffic passing by they would have heard you for sure. Before you can stop jerking from the body wracking orgasm I push a dildo in your cunt making you orgasm again.

Your still in the course of orgasm I push my rock hard cock deep in your ass and fuck you hard with the dildo in your cunt. This keeps you cuming very hard and you don't even notice the ropes pulling on your tits as you arch your back and shoulders letting my cock go deeper in your ass.

I shoot my hot cum deep in your ass making you cum even more. I slowly pull my cock from your ass and the dildo from you cunt. I watch as your body jerks from the aftermath of the mind blowing orgasm and your breathing is deep and erratic. As you begin to recover I ask if you are willing to submit completely to me and be my obedient sex slave for as long as I want you. You do not answer so I press my cock head to your cunt opening and land a couple hard lashes with the flogger across you back and shoulders.

You scream and plead "Please Master I can't take anymore. " YES, I WILL BE YOUR OBEDIENT SLAVE". I walk away into my house leaving you tied to the fence thinking about what is in store for you as my sex slave.

I hear you from the house pleading for me to release you telling me your legs and back are hurting from being tied in that position. I approach you asking are you still willing to be my obedient sex slave.

" Yes, Master, I will obey all your commands immediately." Please, Master, I beg you to untie me. " "My breast, back and legs are killing me, please let me loose." Are you ready to safe word?

" No, Master. " Good fucking slut. I untie you and force your hands behind your back and tie your wrist together. You are still blindfolded I guide you into the house with your cum dripping from your cunt and my cum dripping from your ass. I get you in the house force you to your knees, pull my hard cock two hot babes share two big cocks, pull your head back and throat fuck you making you gag on my cock deep in your throat until I am about to cum and pull out.

I stand you up guiding you to the teen slut cheating on her boyfriend does porn force you to bend over the table with your tits pressed into the hard wood top.

I tap the insides of your ankles forcing you to spread your legs wide opening up your pussy and ass for my hard cock. I run my cock head up and down your cunt lips feeling more juices building up in your pussy.

" You are enjoying this aren't you fucking slut? " You don't respond so I slap your ass a few times making you jump and scream. Now do you understand to answer me when I ask you a question whore. You respond " Yes, I am enjoying it? I slap your ass again. Is that the proper way to address me? You answer " Yes, Master, I am enjoying it, Master?" Do you want me to fuck you or punish you? "Please fuck me, Master" Good punishment it is.

You moan loudly and plead "Please Master, fuck me don't hurt me anymore." Your blind fold prevents you from seeing what is about to happen but you feel a sharp prick on your ass and hear the pop as the zapper hits you on the right ass cheek making you lung forward and scream. I let you recover from the shock and trace the end of the zapper across you back and you tense up expecting to get zapped again on the back.

I lift the zapper away from your skin and you let out a breath with a sigh of relief. Suddenly you feel the sharp little pain in your left ass cheek. You lunge forward and scream " Please Master no more".

"Please, Master, fuck me. I will do anything you want." You feel the dude likes hammering wet cunt hardcore blowjob of the zapper as I move it down your ass crack and hesitate on the entrance to your ass.

I feel you tense up and whimper "Please not there, Master" you relax and sigh with relief when I move the zapper away from your ass hole. Suddenly you feel the zapper on your pussy and you lunge forward to escape the on coming zap on your pussy " PLEASE NO NOT THERE MASTER.

ANY WHERE BUT THERE PLEASEMASTER." I laugh and take wanking for a dear friend vid #1 tube porn zapper away from you pussy and ram my hard cock deep in your cunt.

You arch you hips and moan a load pleasurable moan. I ram my cock deep in your cunt a few times and reach up for a hand full of hair and force you back into me with each shes more than ebony twitter missmaryjanexxx rawwstudio stroke in your cunt.

Your breathing hard and moaning with the pleasure of my hard cock fucking your hot wet cunt. I feel your orgasm approaching. " Don't you fucking dare cum without permission you fucking worthless slut." You moan a deep moan and ask " May I cum." " No not until you can ask properly." You scream and hold your breath with an attempt to keep from cuming. " Please oh Please, Master, may I cum please, please, please Master". Yes you can cum you fucking whore. You release your orgasm making you scream and your body shake violently.

As you start to cum I hit you on the ass with the zapper three times rapidly and your orgasm intensified making you almost pass out. I pull my cock out of your cunt and ram it deep in your ass making you cum again. A few hard deep thrust into your ass and I can't hold back any longer.

I shoot a large hot load of cum in your ass making you cum even more. Your body is jerking like your having a seizure as you scream at the top of you lungs. I pull my cock out of your ass pull you off the table and force you to your knees pressing my cum covered cock to your lips. You open your mouth wide and put my cock in. You suck and lick my cock like a hungry calf sucking its mother cow. After I am satisfied you have cleaned my cock I pull you to your feet by your hair.

Now bitch get on the table on your hands and knees you do as told you without hesitation and I smile at how well you are learning. I let you stay on your hands and knees on the table as I go into the bedroom and come back with a bottle of baby oil. I put a generous amount on my hands and begin to rub it all over your tits and nipples. You softly moan from the tender feeling of my hands rubbing the oil on your tits.

I move away when your tits are well oiled. You move your shoulders up and down making your tits swing. You look so sexy wiggling your tits and ass indicating you need more attention. You suck in a deep breath as I wrap my finger around your right tit and squeeze gently sending a shock wave to your cunt. I squeeze and pull down on your tit with your nipple between my thumb and little finger as if I were milking a cow.

Your pussy twitches and start to drip pussy juice down you leg as I continue to milk your tit. Bitch, moo like a cow for me. You do so without hesitation and I can tell you are extremely aroused by my actions. Do you want to cum again you fucking slut? " Yes please Master make me cum again please, Master".

As I milk your tit I put a finger in your cunt and finger fuck you. Your pussy is so wet and hot I put three fingers in and finger fuck you hard while milking your tit. You scream and let lose a body wracking orgasm causing you to collapse on the table. You stupid fucking cunt whore. You actually cum without permission. That will get you some hard punishment. "Sorry, Master, I could not hold it." "That's ok you will pay dearly for your disobedience.

I tie your knees and ankles together and tie you in a hog tie and walk out the room. You begin to cry for disappointing me and wondering with fear what punishment you have coming. I leave you tied on the bondage table as I shower getting ready for bed.

I walk past you on my way to the bedroom. " Don't disturb my sleep whore no matter what. I am going to need my rest for what I am going to do to punish you." You try to sleep with your restraints causing your muscles to hurt. You want to beg me to release you but think better knowing your punishment could be worse if you disturb me.

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You lie on the table dreading what punishment I will inflict on you. You finally fall asleep crying with the fear of the pain you may have to endure to please me.