Lovely teen acquires completely wild with lust hiddencam hardcore

Lovely teen acquires completely wild with lust hiddencam hardcore
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My Family - Amy Background Info: This happened when i was 10 and Amy was 5. We lived in an two storie house in the suburbs of a small town near Chicago. Its a good place to live cus we know almost everyone in our neightborhood.

I live with a single mom since my dad died when i was 9. My younger sister Amy and with my younger brother lived with us too. My town was a peacefull place where everyone knew eachother and could trust eachother. It was a time of "innocence". It all started on a Saturday morning when my mom told us to wake up cus she was gonna take us to eat breakfast with my aunt.

After about 30 minutes she gave us our finall warning to be ready. Once me and Skyler go ready and went down with our mom, she noticed Amy wasnt down yet. She yelled at her to get her ass down here and received no responce.

Mom ended up going to Amy's room just to find she had a 102*F fever. She didnt wanna let her sister down since she promised her breakfast and havent seen eachother in weeks so she left me incharge since i was responsible and she thought me how to treat fevers (mom was a nurse).

She went off to her breakfast and i went to my sister's room. She looked so beautifull with her dirty blond hair, blue eyes, pale skin, and her short dress pj. She looked back as me and if u asked her what i looked like she would describe me as a 4' 10" slim boy with and emoish haircut and black clothing (still dress like that and have my hair in emoish style).

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I asked her what she wanted for breakfast and she said cereal, so i brought her some cereal and told her id make her feel better by tomorow.

She smiled and brought her some Ibeprofin and a cup of green tea. We played games all day, saw tv, and radio. She started to feel betteraround cassie young les perversion 04, when i noticed it was one i called mom and she said she would stay for the day at her sister's place. I knew this was amazing knews since i felt the urge to "relife some stress" and didnt want to masterbate.

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My sister was so beautifull,innocent, and pure which was a turn on. I gave her bath like my mom would do everynight at 8pm. I was washing her naked baby and it was getting my dick hard. I rubed her pussy for a few minutes and heard her moan.

But stoped and dried her baby. It was a hot summer night, maby 93*F. I heard her wake up and felt her trying to wake me up. I woke up and asked what was wrong? She then said she couldnt sleep cus of the heat and thought she would sleep better if i held her in my arms. I let her sleep with me for the night and since i couldnt sleep i took off my shirt. She asked why i took it off and lied that it was uncomfertable cus of the heat.

Ten yer girl xex story then took off my boxers and she noticed and said it was grose to sleep naked so she put a pillow between us. That got me mad and i get violent when i get mad. I saw her trying to go to sleep, when i thought she was sleeping i tryed to take her panties off. Luckily she had none off and woke up cus she thought i was trying to molest her.

She got up and squeemishly said what are u doing? I then lost control, i got ontop of her, pined her to my matress, and put my hand over her mouth. I told her to stay still cus this would hurt less if she just went along with it. She was screaming but my hand muffled the sound and she kept moving and twitching trying to escape.

My dick got hard cus of this and could see 5" pointing straight at her pussy. It was small and hairless, i just had to have it. It stuck my stepmom blows and gets fuck in the shower inside by it was too small so it didnt go in. I spat in it and ribed it all over, i could still hear Amy trying to scream cus of the fear.

I then thrusted my dick all the way in and it went through. She screamed so loud i was affraid my neightbors could hear her. I didnt care through, she was so tight, soft, and warm. It was the most incredible feeling ive ever had, i then rocked my dick back and fourth like i saw did do to mom when i was about 7. I let go of my hand and saw she was crying histericly cus her cherry had just gotton popped.

She beged for me to stop but i ignored her. I just kept thrusting my hips faster each time harder and faster. After a few minutes i came inside my little sister. I fell ontop of her for a while as i hear her crying slowly turn into whimpers. I fucked her 2 more times that night and when we woke up i took her to the bathroom to take and give a shower to her. She cried and flinched as i wiped her body. I asked her what was wrong?

She then looked at me in a scared and shy face that i hurt her and she hated that feeling. I then huged her and said that im sorry i hurt her and that i just needed to do that cus i have urges. She started to cry and told her that it doesnt have to be a bad feeling and i could make it a good feeling. She asked how so i laid a towel on the floor and laid her on the towel.

She look at me with a scared face and i told her she would enjoy this. I bent down and licked her pussy, it tasted amazing. I heard Amy gasp and her breathing became heavy.

She came within a minute and i loved every drop she produced. She smile as she huged me and said i was right. Ever since that day we have been having sex almost everyday and have become closer than ever. Now we have sex whenever we can see eachother since we go to diffrent colleges.

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