Blonde gets two whips on her hot ass

Blonde gets two whips on her hot ass
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Hi I'm cody martin Zack's brother. He told you his side of what happened now it's my turn. I will start from the beginning. Another night were Bailey wanted to give into her orgies. I told her no and she left to go to her room.

I could not understand why she would want to do this. It is wrong to have sex before you get married. We both know the chance is high for her to get pregnant.

Now we are in Paris the city of love. Zack as all ways is hitting on girls. Me and Bailey were at the Effile tower. I was interested in the historic place we went more then Bailey is. As we finished a tour of the tower we went back to the ship.

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We got are bathing suits on and went to the hot tub. There we saw London and Zack. I reminded London that she nearly drowned the last time she wore that bikini.

We talked awhile the longer we were there the more I wanted Bailey. I just starred at her I got a herd on. I made up a project I had to do but of course I finished it already and Zack asked for me to put his name on it like always.

Once in my room I quickly jacked off and went it to the city with out anyone knowing. I went to a couple of stores aunty saree strip boob suck buy a present for Bailey. I went into a country store like cracker barrel. I got her some old candy and flowers. I went in a 18 under club to relax and have a drink. In France if you are 16 and over like me you can have wine so I had a few glasses. I then remembered there was a party up at the sky deck.

So I went back and wanted to see if Bailey wanted to go. I usually don't go because someone spikes the punch and all the fun goes down hill from there.

One time I all most said yes to do it with Bailey. Once on the ship I went to Bailey's cabin but only London was there trying to count her money.

So I thought maybe she was at the party. I went down but could not find her. I had a few cups still I little light headed from the wine. I was defiantly drunk after three or four cups. Not realizing what I was doing I started to hit on some girls. I was blacked out for a while the next thing I knew I was in some hot girls room.

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She was topless asking me I wanted to do it. Still really drunk I said sure and we were naked in front of each other. First she started to give me a blow job. She pulled away once I shot a load in her mouth.

Sexily she swallowed all me cream. Then licked all that was left on me 6.5in tool while rubbing her cunt. Then we heard knocking and her room mate walked in. the first thing she said was when you are doing it with some guy leave a neck tie or two if you want me to join.

Not knowing what I was doing I got up saw two neck tie opened the door a crack and hung the two up. The new girls said well your bold as she stripped making me now hard again.

The two hot girls noticed and started to go to work on me again. I ate one out while the other bounced up and down on my cock. The girls climaxed at al most the same time sending bright joy during rough sex smalltits groupsex throw my whole body.

One they recovered the switched spots and went to work. The new girl in a cowgirl position went faster then her friend. As I came close to my own climax I warned I was close and started to thrust in a rhythm with this cc cup and tight red pussyed girl.

And the must have been double the sized tit girl over my face with pussy juice all over my face I came harder then I have every done before. Once the girls finished they licked there juices from my face.

Dressing and leaving in a hurry I ran to my cabin regretting never doing it with Bailey. The next day I wanted to Tell Bailey I was ready to do it with her. I bought some candy and stole a condom from a room I had to bring towels to.

I had to work since Zack spent on girls. Hoping London was out buying who knows what I went to see if Bailey wanted to finally do it. As I walked in I saw something I will never I see. My brother, girlfriend, and friend were in a trisect. I could not believe my eyes. As they got up really got a good look at Bailey and realized want I have been missing. London had to have been the most beautiful arises in the world with her double dDs, perfectly shaved pussy and flat stomach. Bailey was defiantly the hottest girl I have seen naked beside the pronos I walk in on Zack watching.

Zack tried to explain getting dressed and running out so I would not attack him. Bailey tried to explain but I was to attracted to.

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She quickly asked London why she was not dressing and she said because it is to much work and now I have already seen her naked now so there was no use.

This just made me hard and I told her how I chanced my mind about sex. She confessed to having sex with sex with zack the night before and with out her getting mad I told her how I got drunk and did it with two girls the night before. Instead of getting mad she said my story of what happened made her really wet. She then walked of to London said something and started to make out giving me a boner right away. As I pulled down my pants down bailey said she was on the pill so the next time she asked I had no reason to say no.

as she suck me London was fingering her self. I told her to come over and showed her what I did last night.

I blow in Bailey's mouth and she to swallowed it all. To get me hard again she and London went into ava adams sex full story lesbo 69.

As they collapsed into each other I stared to fuck bailey doggie style. She was rubbing the top of her clit and London carefully played with my balls. She sucked them grope them while I fucked her friend. I played with Bailey's boobs and I could feel how hard her nipples got.

I was close to cumming so I sped up and Bailey got in a nice rhythm with me. She said she was close to. Once she climaxed and her tight little love hole griped me it sent me over the edge. Her pussy milke me till there was nothing left.

Once I pulled out I mix of our cum poured out and on the ground. London asked if it was her turn but I told her I had no energy left. I said I will have to take a rain check. Bailey said it only seemed far. We crawled into bed the three of us. Completely naked we all fell a sleep with me in the middle London spooning my back with me spooning bailey. Plz rate and leave helpful ideas for next one and plz I know I don't have good grammar and I don't care what are teachers.

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