Darkx teen tourists thank host by sharing his bbc

Darkx teen tourists thank host by sharing his bbc
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"Amber no I don't want you to do that right now. Nelson pulled her up an against his chest. "What's wrong ?

You don't like me? Do you ?" She asked. "Its not that I think your so beautiful I don't ever want to hear you say that to me again." He said it in a deep demanding voice. I like you a lot I just don't want to take advantage of you that's all. She looked at him in a questionable chap seduces legal age teenager beautiful girl what do you mean by that ?" "I mean we are both drunk an last thing I want is you pissed off at me for something you an me weren't ready for" now let's go to sleep okay she nodded.

Within minutes she was fast asleep resting her head up against his chest, he laid there thinking to himself. I care about her so much, I just feel so happy right now.

I don't just like her I love her an I intended to show an tell her. But first show then tell her when the time feels right I don't want to say it to early then her freak out on me an leave. He started thinking about how beautiful she was an how he loved her smile an little nose. His thoughts were interrupted. He could hear gabby crying really bad. She was so truly hurt, gabby cared about cody just as much as he cared about her and that's a lot.

Cody loved her, all of a sudden gabby yelled. "Cody why did you make me look stupid out there in front of all those people ?" Why" huh she asked over an over.

I love you an only you I swear to god !!! He yelled I mom and son sexy vi thought it was youit was dark an then next thing I no we are in the hallway. I am sorry so sorry please please he begged. I care I really do care about you he said in a shaky upset voice. Gabby laid down an cried herself to sleep, cody held her tight up against himself.

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He laid there thinking about how he loved her so, they grew up together an thru the years he fell madly in love with her,but he never showed her how he felt.

He always tried his best not to start fight with the guys she dated but thank god those were just crushes, but he loved her an he needed her.

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He dreamed about how beautiful she was her face had a little scar on her right cheekbut he didn't care he loved her smile an her long curly red hair( she dies her red).

He loved how tight an toned her body was her slim waist, she had a nice big heart shaped ass her nice perky titts were big she like a D but he didn't care about how big they were he loved them.

Monday 8:30am Gabby, amber some guy yelled bad ass party you guy threw Saturday night best part was Kim getting her ass handed to her he laughed an they waved an smiled at him. " man amber I am sorry for hitting your sister I just lost control I don't know what happened I promise it won't happen again". Said gabby. "Its OK buddy" amber said with a smile on her face. So what did you an Nelson do ?

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she laughed an winked at amber. Haha nothing happened we went to sleep she sighed. Oh well that's good I guess she smiled an amber nodded. Yeah what about you an Cody how is that going? she asked she looked at gabby, she could see her try he best to hold back the tears as she said "its going OK we are friends I guess".

She felt so bad she wished she could take gabby pain away but she can't. Amber hated to see gabby sad she had no reason to be sad she was full of life an stuff she thought.

Seeing gabby Savoy was hard she was like her sister an what her hurt her hurt amber. They both said see you later to each other an went to class. That afternoon Nelson an cody were running track, they had been running none stop for 45 minutes.

There where heading back to the locker room when there friend Joel told hey hey great party gabby threw right we loved how she kicked Kim's ass bro. ",that whore deserved her ass kicked but thank god me an Nelson stopped gabby because she would have really killed her an you know that joel" cody looked straight at him with those shut the fuck up eyes or else.

Joel slowly walked away rolling his eyes, cody got so pissed an started punching an kicking his locker. Nelson big ass wife cummed inside " Cody its OK everything is OK relax man, you need to chill out bro. an focus in a few weeks we graduate an then me an you have a month an then we go to boot camp. So we need to focused deal bro.

He hated seeing his best friend so upset but, hey Shit happens an when need to move forward with our life's. Bro your right cody said let's go an shower get dressed an meet up with your chick an gabby. He said it in a sad voice. An hour later they caught up with them cody saw his cousin Allen hitting on her as she was waiting for cody, he almost lost his cool he couldn't just swing at his cousin that's his family but he was going to have a talk wit him.

"Nelson over here" amber yelled she ran up to him say guess what he laugh an hugged her tight what is going on hunny she blushed when he called her that. Oh nothing just wanted to get you excited she taan xxx story full full sex stories he loved how random she was he thought it was cute. Cody pulled Nelson aside an told him hey let's take them out this weekend I mean" I got off this weekend an I no you don't work on weekend s "he laughed, Friday we take them to a movie Saturday bowling an Sunday we can go swimming deal Nelson agreed.

That weekend they had a blast they took pictures an made memories Nelson an amber where in love with each other an so was cody an gabby the week they all graduated the guys started a prank war its get crazy gabby got glued to a chair, amber got milk an flour all over her an of course she bet Nelson an cody but its was like the harder she hit the more they laughed. Cody got sprayed with pink paint which he kinda thought was funny an scary gabby hide for 3 hours in his closet waiting for him an he was impressed.

Nelson got chased by cats amber sprayed him with water an it had the juice from the tuna. Nelson an cody were happy they could make there girls so happy an full of life they needed them this way because they new in a few weeks they were leaving an they need the memories to keep them going.